1997-12-23-Faith Is A Price You Consent To Pay

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Topic: Faith is a Price You Consent to Pay

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. It is always my pleasure to meet with you. I am always interested in your weekly findings concerning these lessons.


It is indeed at times a burden to be hindered by the flesh. There are so many limitations within the mortal mind concerning spirituality. Yes, it can be difficult to integrate the material and spiritual, but I can say it can be done, not all at once, but gradually through your continuous efforts to attain self-forgetfulness. Over and over are you each tried and tested. Repeatedly are you given those things essential toward attaining divinity.

In my short journey to this present date, I can confess that the material mortal form was the most difficult of all my spiritual stages. The limitations of the material body make faith mandatory. I can say that the transition from mortal to morontial is indeed a bit more easily understandable concerning things spiritual. The limitations of the mortal body no longer exist, and the faith factor is just existing, and almost without effort.

You are tested by dwelling in flesh, and I can say this is a test that all must take, all ascending beings on a material world. You, having relinquished your old life for a life led by the spirit, will find more meaning to your trials and testing. You, having been born of the spirit, are consenting to pay the price to continue your spiritual learning. There is a force within you that continues to drive you to desire to pay the price, pay the price of laying down your desires, your will, to take up the will of our Father in Heaven.

This is not much more than what we would call faith, to have faith that there is a Supreme Caretaker and associates that care for each step you take on your journey. To have faith that all you do matters, how you affect others matters. To have faith that your testing is no more than a lesson is a price that is paid by you. To set aside your 'self' in favor of Father's will is a price that is one that you'll learn to continually pay upon. Your faith is your foundation. Your faith is what your whole education rests upon. Your faith is a price that you consent to pay and whether it is easy for you or not. Your faith is a work in progress.

With each test you are given the foundation of faith is made more sturdy, or the foundation of faith is made to chip, perhaps crumble. Do you see your education rest upon your consent to pay the price of faith, believing without seeing, and your continuing education also rests upon your ability to stand aside and allow Father to teach. Do you see to be self-forgetful?

Many do battle for their faith and ride an emotional roller coaster. Many do forsake their faith with the thought that there is no hope. Why make an effort? Many who are self-forgetful find faith to be simple, and often note Father's fingerprints in their lives. I can say the fight of faith is certainly worth whatever wounds you may receive. The fruits of the spirit can still occur even when one is weak. One of those fruits--being patient, to have patience that this weakening in the foundation will be temporary. The tests that you must take to strengthen the foundation are well worth it to maintain connection with the source of all there is.

I am understanding some to find these lesson difficult, the lessons on self-forgetfulness to be a real test. I can say that through your continued efforts will you find the rewards to be astonishing. You will find yourself in amazement at the transformation of all that you know, a positive transformation. I would ask that you continue to journal and have discussion on these topics. For now I would take questions.


RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, I don't feel like we are paying a price to have faith. I feel like it is a privilege. Sure, some of the times we don't take advantage of that privilege, but I certainly feel like it is a privilege to have faith in Father. Maybe I am misunderstanding it.

ABRAHAM: Yes, it is a privilege to maintain a steady level of faith and find the joy therein. It would not appear to be a price to you at this stage in your spiritual development, no. However, in your early years when there was times of struggle, and the foundation of faith was first being established, there were times when there was a bit of chipping or crumbling of the foundation. Do you see by your experience your testing, your price that you have paid, built your foundation of faith to be able to withstand any and all struggles. When adversity befalls you, you are upon a strong foundation in which you take comfort thereby knowing Father's love and ways of turning adversity into something valuable. Many without such valuable experience are apt to feel this rocking of the boat, the paying of the price, the need to stand aside and allow Father to work. Those building upon their foundation with each adversity do experience quite a bit of crumbling and dare not stand on this foundation of faith, or within the Father's comfort. Many tend to lean upon their own understanding, exercising the muscle of faith, or the power of choice. Does this help? (Yes it does, and age has its advantages doesn't it? And Merry Christmas to you.) Thank you. Merry Christmas, and age does have its advantages when one who is so devoted to our Father such as you Rachel, my daughter. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, it has been quite a struggling week for me-these testings you are talking about in a particular way to me, which I am sure you know about. I take huge stock in your lessons on how I can regroup, reconsider, and turn a new direction where I need to. I appreciate very much your help, and having your lessons in the past. One thing that crosses my mind this week is if I am going my direction or Father's will direction. I think that is kinda what you are saying. Let faith dictate where you think you are going, make that choice, and when you stumble be willing to use that as experience laying a stronger faith foundation. I surely don't want to get caught up in my own direction. I would appreciate your insight and help when I do.

ABRAHAM: Yes, you are understanding very well. You have consented to take the tests that build upon your spiritual foundation. To continue in your divine understanding you have made an effort to pass the tests. You have vowed to pay the price. This topic of discussion would tend to frighten many half-hearted souls who would chance to come our way, those who would rather receive in a manner of ease. You, my friends, have made that decision to take your lessons in whatever form they come in. At times there is still a bit of stubbornness, but eventually you go back to the core of your belief, and find your way to Father's will. It is a wonder to look back upon your life and trace those steps that you thought you would never survive, and yet, you survived, and went beyond that. Lessons were learned, meanings and values were attained and stored in your memory, and again there was consent for a new lesson. Yes, do see how Father is a Father of mercy, and would not burden you with something He would not believe you could challenge and meet with success? Yes, the battle of faith is well worth the injuries one may sustain. This is not meant to be frightening, but to empower you each with the confidence that Father has in you to meet life's challenges, and feel His presence in all of them. Does this answer?

CALVIN: Yes. A quick second question. I asked that the Foundation could consider, which I know they are antagonistic, but the Urantia Foundation consider producing, being a focal point--like the Urantia Book is for people--to order transcripts and lessons by. That has been offensive for some, but do you have any comment to make right now?

ABRAHAM: Only that a--(TR: Okay, I think he is going to say something rude. I am trying to make his reword it. Laughter.) Only that a thorn in their side is bound to need attention. I am meaning that is it highly unlikely this would occur, but it lets the Foundation know that this Teaching Mission is not going away, and perhaps does have some validity to it. Does this answer? (Yes, very clear. Thanks.) Another question?

ANTHONY: I have been struggling with this. Sometimes on one hand I think its being self-forgetful and giving up my life to help the people I love. On the other hand I think it is somewhat selfish in not wanting to be lonely, and helping people that don't really care about it to the point that my life boat is sinking. So can you help me draw the line between how much to help?

ABRAHAM: It would appear to me that you have already drawn that line. Where you would help others to maintain companionship or help others for their own benefit. You are knowing well where you heart lies, and I could only recommend that you view honestly those aspects of loneliness, the fear that may be therein. It is well that you can come forth with honesty, and this is a good step in the right direction. You are in understanding that maybe helping is really not the issue, but certain material prices you would pay to maintain good relationships. Do you see these are not lasting? These are not coinciding with positive things of the Kingdom, not aligning with what you have learned. You are only to benefit by allowing this problem to be released into the Father's care. There is great benefit in admitting you are unsure of what to do. Allow your foundation of faith to uphold you in your decision to allow Father to show you His will. Does this help? (Yes it does. Thank you.) One more question.

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, I have a little something here you might kind of enjoy. It came out of the funny paper, and yet, it has a lot of truth to it. It says, " a birthday card to my sponsor.

It seems to me that since the fall, without even thinking it odd,
that man has no trouble at all believing that he can be god.
How he would do this I cannot conceive, though he certainly thinks he can,
and yet, he cannot bring himself to believe that God can become a man."



ABRAHAM: Very fitting and quite appreciated by us here on my side. (How many are here on your side? Laughter. I'd like to wish them a Merry Christmas.) Noted. Quite a few. We are in appreciation of your humor and willingness to be outgoing. I would express to you each my abiding love and warm wishes for this season. Remember those recent words from our Master. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.