1998-03-02-Forgiveness Is Our Father's

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Topic: Forgiveness is Our Father's Business

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. We would welcome you here again. You are beginning to see the value in your group discussions. Worry not time wise, we have all that we need. Your discussions are an important part of these lessons.



Last week we spoke about Michael and Mother, and their divine relationship with us. I need to teach on certain topics such as forgiveness, and yet, I endeavor to also teach with positive techniques. To dwell in the negativity of forgiving defeats our purpose. I choose to reveal the relationship between Mother and Michael to provide an outstanding example of a successful relationship.

To learn forgiveness experience is necessary. You will be experiencing situations where forgiveness would be used. Your faith and trust in Father, and the divine support team will be called upon in situations calling for forgiveness. Forgiveness is our Father's. It is His divine overcare that knows what we need to complete our path to Him. It is altogether wise that you would initiate His judgment, His all knowingness, to say what results will be produced.

For you to take forgiveness upon yourself is to be burdened by making judgments on another, and you would agree with me when I say that none of us is qualified to make such judgments. You can see when forgiveness situations are given to Father that the outcome is much better than you could forecast. In His all knowingness there is resolution for you and your offender. There are lessons that will be used throughout your eternal adventure.

It would be inconceivable to imagine Michael or Mother having needed to forgive one another because of the supreme mutual love and respect they both have for one another. It is entirely perceivable for us to understand Michael and Mother. We can view however Michael and Mother having no need for forgiving when there is such mutual love and respect. They enable each other to be at their very best always. When Mother has reached a seemingly impossible goal Michael's heart soars with great delight. Mother also finds in Michael's accomplishments His joy is also Hers.

In the meetings to come we will hear more from Mother, and Her understanding of the universe, its upholders, and the Supreme Being, but for this week I would ask you beware if you are being an upholder or one who holds back? Do you bring out the best in those you know or the worst? What can we learn from the relationship of our divine parents? How can it be put to practical use? If time permits next week I would ask that you discuss these questions. Now I would take a few questions.



Miriam: Abraham, I was wondering if you had any words of guidance for Zachery, Ellanor's son, on his experience.

Abraham: I am receiving information that his experience will become common occurrence to our young people today. These circuits are more easily accessible to non preconditioned children. Children have such excellent faith, and it has been said, "you shall see it when you believe it." Zachery is one of open faith, and it would be wise to provide a bit of guidance. An open ear to children is a wonderful comfort for them, and also an excellent teacher for those who listen.


Miriam: Abraham, do you have any words/advice to me regarding conference activity, in packages that haven't arrived? You said that this is an exercise for this Teaching Mission of working with the teachers and the supernals. So if there is something that I am not doing or should be doing, would you please turn me onto it? Thank you.

Abraham: I am aware of your difficulties, and yet, I cannot guarantee a positive outcome. I am aware that your material difficulties are in divine hands at this time. There is a delay, but not to worry. All will be accomplished according to Father's will. You will be instructed on various duties if need be, but as for now, know that your efforts are well worth the time spent, and will not go to waste. Another question?


Rachel: Yes Father Abraham. You said that we are moving to a new and expanded level in our teachings, but this would create some discomfort. Would you mind explaining that a little more thoroughly? If I am going to be discomforted I want to know.

Abraham: Certainly. Discomfort, meaning doing things you have not done before, taking actions that you would be surprised by. New things always bring a certain hesitation, a certain analyzing, and there will be strength where there hasn't been before. There will be courage, audacity, and boldness, that you have not exhibited before. This is due to the spiritual forces that are so readily available to you. This discomfort mostly stems from the reactions your friends and family reflect to you. This discomfort though is always to produce positive results, and not to be worried about. The discomfort signifies Father's mysteriousness and adventurous personality. Yes. One more question.

Children, Mansion Worlds

Calvin: Abraham, in the discussions we have had with people this week, in The Urantia Book, it talks about children who die and go onto the mansion worlds, a nursery world and await a surviving parent, but it doesn't seem to address, that we can find, a child who dies before receiving a Thought Adjuster who doesn't have a surviving parent. Some are of the belief that a child does not re-personalize, and other have a belief that not a parent, but someone else close to the child, or someone who not had parenting experience, then has the opportunity. Most though in The Urantia Book family there believe that the child becomes as though it never was, a part of the Supreme. Would you have anything to add to our dilemma there?

Abraham: Each child born, being part from the mother, has every opportunity to survive. Every soul is offered a chance to grow. There are endless caretakers for these seemingly orphaned children. There are those who see parenting as a great honor, as well as an excellent educational opportunity. Those who would volunteer are mostly mortals from the realm, such as yourself. These spirit children are such a joy to behold, and their caretakers outnumber the children. There are guardian seraphim, and other divine personalities, who wish to assist, and find themselves with little to do because the once mortal parents would wish to do everything for them. Is this answering.(Yes. It is very comforting to fill in that apparent mis-information in the Urantia Book. Thank you.) You're welcome.


I must say to you each that my love for you still grows, and I would be so delighted to partake with you the essence of our Divine Parents relationship with you. To be an upholder to you would be my most joyful honor. If you decide to call upon me next week, I will be available. Peace be with you. Shalom.