1998-04-19-Agondonter Status

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Topic: Agondonter Status

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Rantarason

TR: Jonathan



Patience, Growth

Rantarason (Jonathan TR): I have a topic to present to you this day; it has to do with patience and its application.

Over the course of the development of civilization on your world your rulers have made errors which disrupted the evolutionary process. This has retarded growth on Urantia. The very intention to circumvent the mandates of revelatory procedure and accelerate progress on this world resulted in its exact opposite, retarded growth. All of us today engaged in this mission of uplift are likewise constrained to the orders of our supervisors regarding what we may present and what must wait for your growth in order to accommodate. So, we have all made the pledge of patience. However, this patience is not passive; it is active. It is a patience which seeks to accomplish the goal, which considers the time-connected difficulties. It is a patience that keenly observes the difficulty and aggressively applies remedies.

Working as you do, conscious of your value to the spiritual efforts being wrought upon this world for the betterment of all mankind, you are ever enhanced; you are self-enthused. This enthusiasm has brought you much personal growth in light of your goals to help this world. This desire to be of service has hastened your own growth. You are not impatient to be continually striving for a better world or a better being that you are. Evolutionary creatures are not required to adhere to revelatory mandates. You are encouraged to become perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect. This can be approached with diligence and direct action, certainly not with complacency. The patience you apply toward yourself and your projects and your endeavors at growth should always be active. It is when you are engaged in help toward another for their betterment that patience can and may appropriately contain passivity, for you have gone beyond your freewill arena and must acknowledge the right of our Father's other child to decide when a lesson is for them to adopt.

So, you will help each of us who is in the role of bringing new light to this world if you remain busy about the Father's business. Then we are able to proceed. Our patience must apply to the rate that you proceed. If you are willing to receive more, we are cleared to present more. If you find yourselves satiated and need to reflect upon prior reception, we are able to wait ages.

I am Rantarason, and I have finished today.



Evelyn: The question of agondonter status came up at our Wednesday group. I understand it as something inevitable; we are agondonters because we live here. The other view is that it is achieved through having faith in the face of rebellion. Could you clarify that?

Rantarason: I would express it as a parallel pattern to my words on patience. All on this world have the potential to be agondonters if they apply their faith. Once faith is active, agondonter status is a reality. Not one of you will fail to achieve this status when you engage your will power in the effort to attain the Father. Ignorance does not provide the status. Conscious awareness of lack in your world and life of the spiritual values you hunger for does initiate the full label.

On a world of normal circuitry and planetary procedures, such a status is not even a potential, in a global way. However, any individual who finds himself isolated and endeavoring to enlighten one's understanding will embark upon the agondonter adventure. So, here on this world all of you are at the doorstep of this status. On a normal world few and rarely do any attain this status.

Does this clarify?

Evelyn: If someone comes from this or another rebel planet and doesn't activate their faith during this life, but then on the mansion worlds does proceed with faith and reach for God, would they still qualify for agondonter status?

Rantarason: Much of this applies to the psychic circle attainment of the individual, for often creatures of isolated worlds bring much that is lacking in their growth into the morontia experience, and the potentials of agondonter qualities are activated. But, some individuals have simply approached life without any consideration and now face the morontia worlds as if they were born on a world in light and life. They are starting so new and so fresh to their career that there are no qualities that apply to being an agondonter.

Does this help?

Evelyn: Sounds like it isn't a simple yes or no situation but depends on individual circumstance.

Rantarason: One of the talents of an agondonter is the ability to function without the guidance of superiors, to pursue truth on one's own initiative. If these traits are exhibited on an evolutionary world in isolation, then you have that status. If you are resurrected without ever applying yourself this way, you have not set the conditions for being able to function in agondonter roles in the future.

On the heels of my presentation to you today, I must restate that you who value this agondonter quality must be active. Do not let the cherished status of agondonter class lull you into thinking that preventing celestial contact is improving your standing. To simply be without the guidance of your superior ascending creatures does not immediately qualify you. What qualifies you is your intended application to live truth in spite of its apparent absence.

I hope this has been helpful.

Evelyn: It's amusing when people express that fear of losing their status. It reminds me of someone not wanting to leave prison because they will lose their benefits. Thank you and I appreciate the lesson on active patience.

Elyon (Mark): Greetings, my friends. This is your friend and associate, Elyon. I always welcome the opportunity and view it as a privilege and a pleasure to come among you, my eager and earnest students. I would address you today on a shift in emphasis that you are becoming increasingly aware of.

Melchizedek Schools

As has been stated previously, you all here today are, and have been, members of the Melchizedek training schools. This has been accepted by you for some time as a statement of fact. I would offer you more complete understanding of the conditions of this role in which you find yourselves engaged. As you may have deduced by this point, your Melchizedek friends and brothers are in a very real sense your immediate custodians, in that they are most similar to you in your makeup, in your dwelling place, in that they inhabit the same space that you do. They are intimately familiar with your history and have equal familiarity with your destinies. It is their purpose in the scheme of the divine plan for them to monitor and oversee, initiate and coordinate your learning experiences, and they remain with you constantly and are aware of your fluctuating capacities to assimilate their teachings. We, the other teachers including myself, accept assignment from these Melchizedeks and then are given some degree of latitude in how our assignment is manifested.

Every being in the stream of progression has an order and a proper place within this plan to function in the most potent arena of their expertise. The Melchizedeks, in turn, take their mandates and directives from their superiors, from Michael, from the Mother Spirit, from Gabriel and those above them in standing. We all realize our position in the affairs of the unfoldment of your world and function quite interdependently in that we each seek to expand and increase understanding on your parts on a variety of different techniques and approaches.

I bring this to your attention today in an effort to, in a sense, validate your perception that the resident Melchizedeks are, indeed, largely responsible for your curriculum and the pace at which your curriculum gets delivered, that outside teachers and personal teachers often are in council with these Melchizedeks and are directed by this able band of Melchizedeks as to the most beneficial approach to take at any one time.

As you have noticed regarding all the teachers, all the unseen celestial friends you have contacted, each one has their own personality which comes through in their contact with you. Each one has a unique approach to delivering the content prescribed. It has long since been determined that varying angles of delivery are very beneficial, as there are many varying angles of reception.

I say this to underscore the importance of this ongoing Melchizedek plan; you may call it Melchizedek schools. It is, indeed, the Melchizedek course of training. You may hear more and more directly from these Melchizedeks, as in the past you may have heard from various individuals who were taking directives from these Melchizedeks. The fact that this order of beings is extremely capable of this endeavor is well noted in your text in the reference to Machiventa who was appointed representative to your world, representative of the truth of one God. They are, indeed, quite able beings to assist you in your ascension career and, perhaps most importantly, to assist you in laying a good, solid foundation upon which you will build this career.

I encourage you to welcome enthusiastically this encounter with this splendid order of beings, as they are tireless in their pursuit of bringing about positive changes on your world and within your person. They are a model of devotion and sacrifice, as they are ever willing to redefine their curriculum in conjunction with your receptivity and desires.

Do not be concerned that you will not hear from the other personalities you have become attached to throughout this process, as we all likewise have become attached to you. We will make ourselves available at every opportunity. But do come into awareness that being a member of the Melchizedek schools means more closely following the Melchizedek curriculum and being engaged more directly with these teachers themselves.

I have no lesson planned, as it was covered most eloquently by our Melchizedek friend. I just send my greetings and my love to this group as well as my desire to see us all work more closely together in times to come. I have no doubt that this will occur. I send you each my deepest sincerity.

Discernment, Truth

Jonathan: Regarding the teachers' presenting the Melchizedek plan, we are aware of TR coloring and errors. We apply truth discernment to the lessons. A criticism of the mission is that, if error is involved, how can we trust the lessons? We realize that all of life requires discernment in processing truth. Now I see it's not just truth and error but different angles of presentation. Melchizedeks are the pattern; the teachers provide meaning to the pattern. We TRs and listeners grapple with words. We are sharpening our discernment. All of this transferring is a pattern for Melchizedek presentation.

Elyon: Very well portrayed and equally grasped. I would put forward an image I have brought forward before: There is but one truth. When one asks "what is truth?" there is but one truth. If you picture this truth as the shining of of the sun, it emanates from the sun and shines down on your world and upon you. It is how you perceive this sun, whether you perceive it directly in your face, whether you are turned to the side, whether you are in the shade, whether it has reflected off another surface to you, whether you are in the dark altogether; these are merely aspects of the single truth we attempt to portray. These are the angles I was expressing. Each individual will be in a unique position to this sun, but each individual will get an aspect of this truth, will receive some reflection of this overall truth, be it directly or indirectly or by circuitous path. Nevertheless, we will keep shining this beacon of truth at you, on you, toward you, by you, around you in an attempt to so bombard you with this truth that you will get a good tan!

Jonathan: You can scorch me once in a while if you need to.

Evelyn: I hope you Melchizedeks and teachers feel at liberty to work with us in whatever creative ways you can imagine.

Elyon: That is appreciated. As was mentioned earlier in your discussion, it is also to some degree necessary. You may feel from time to time as though you may have stated this before; it is an old topic not needing restatement by you, but in fact every experience is a new, fresh experience. You may take every opportunity presented to you to restate your commitment to truth, to progression forward in evolution, to service to those around you, to healing. Every aspect that is available to you requires your active participation.

It is quite often beneficial, not so much for us teachers but to further align you to your desires, if you repeat your affirmations of sincerity so that you more clearly direct your thought patterns to pursue these avenues. It is also nice as teachers to be made completely and fully aware of your intentions so that we may have more license, more liberty to engage you as you so desire. So, never feel as though you are wasting your time repeating yourself or somehow being redundant in your desires to offer re-commitment, realignment, to seek greater purpose, greater understanding. These are aspects you get when you pursue in asking. We welcome this from you.

I would offer one more last addition to this image I provided earlier. If you see truth as the radiant light from the sun, then you may view aspects that are untrue, that are not completely true, as having been refracted as through a prism. They may have elements of truth; they may have originated in truth and have been subsequently manipulated through intentional or unintentional means and have been so altered as to no longer be accurate reflections of this original truth. This may help in your understanding of relative truths, that falseness can be a derivative of truth, of truth having been altered as light through a prism. It is still the original light that has been altered to have a different effect and therefore is no longer an accurate and true representation of the light.

I just thought I would throw that in today.

Jonathan: As listeners to transmissions, knowing that the light has been passed through a prism, our effort is not to further distort but to refocus the light for a holistic view of the lessons, rather than pick apart each point.

Elyon: Very well said. Often you find in your discoveries in regards to the search for truth, even in falseness there are many elements of truth as in separate and distinct colors emanating from the prism. They originated in truth; each one has a fragment, aspect of truth to it, but each one is incomplete when given its relationship to the whole.


I thank you all for your diligence and your understanding of the lessons. I realize your efforts in your attempts to understand. Please accept my gratitude for your efforts which enable us to place another stone on the foundation that enables us to someday build the glorious temple on top.

I leave you now. Thank you.

Jonathan: When we were introduced to you, Ham told us of your ability with words. It never ceases to amaze me how you use word imagery to help us visualize the lessons. Thank you.