1998-05-10-Experience & Relationship

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Topic: Experience & Relationship

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, children, I am Ham and I thank you for journeying here today and also for contributing so much to this experience. Each one of you contributes to the experience of all. And helps to broaden the experience of all others attending. So don't think of your attendance here just in terms of learning from me. Think of it as contributing to the enrichment of the experience for all. When one is absent, the others are poorer for it.


Sharing, Inner Life

Tonight, our lesson will consist of discussion concerning experience and relationship. As you experience the Father, you are developing a relationship with him as you do with other people. I know this is difficult to envision because God is so far beyond your experience and is at the same time the most intimate experience. But very much of your relationship building is conscious communication with the Father. Conscious sharing of the inner self. Sharing of the true emotive self.

Your willingness to open your hearts to him, to share yourselves with him, to communicate with him largely determines the extent of your conscious awareness of him. So when you cry out to the Father, in times of desperation or speak to him the truth of your heart in quiet, he hears and responds to every conscious reaching for him. And as this experience is strengthened, deepened through repetition, gradually your conscious awareness of his presence and his response comes into being.

Jesus even as a child would talk things over with his Father in heaven, communicate with him, consciously, and could feel and experience the Father's replies. You as adults are far too busy, too in control, too much feeling like taking with God is just talking to yourself and feel like you have to wait for something really important to talk to Father about, before you do.

This is incorrect. It is most important to discuss your day, your feelings, your inner life with the Father in a purely personal manner and as you do this and begin to feel closer to him, and begin to feel secure with him, then many wonderful things will occur in your lives.

The Urantia book emphasizes the role of the Father as Thought Adjuster or Thought Controller, and this is one view of him. One that Jesus had was confidante, intimate friend. As you talk to the Father in your everyday experience and you consciously bring him into all your day to day decisions and work, you are opening up your own heart and mind to a greater awareness of the true importance of all the little things that you all take for granted and put aside and wait until something important, in your estimation, comes along.

The Father will show you that this is erroneous, that it is rather all the little things that are important. And often the little things that create a sturdy character that can then tackle larger issues and dilemmas. It is the little things that are your training ground. It is the little things that are important.

I am always perplexed by the human attitude that your problems are not important enough to bring them to the Father, or that the Father isn't interested in your daily life. When at the same time you understand that he has sent a piece of himself to be with you day in and day out. Experience every little thing that you experience.

As you learn to talk things over with the Father, you will find that a great burden is lifted from your shoulders. Know that the Father desires this kind of conscious sharing and don't say to yourself, "Oh, he knows everything anyway. What good will it do for me to tell him, when he knows?" It is as I am telling you. You are bringing him consciously into your life. You are confiding in him, you are opening your hearts to him. And he will more and more become a part of your everyday life. A constant friend, a part of every scene, every situation, every decision. And this relationship of trust will build and grow and become closer and closer. And his guidance then will extend further and further into your lives.

And this is all a part of getting to know God and becoming increasingly like him. God is a person. God is personal. This must be done in a personal way. In the little things. Are there any questions?



Q: Ham, I've been having some unusual things going on in my body and I was wondering is there is anything that I should be concerned about?

A: Yes, your health could improve. Yes, you could use more exercise of an aerobic nature to exercise the heart and blood vessels. There is some fatty tissue buildup beginning around the heart, some numbness in your arm or hand, perhaps, that is caused by poor circulation. There is nothing wrong with nerve tissue or nerves, this is fine. Also there's a fatty tissue deposit on the brain that could be causing some vision blurring and weakness in the arms, or something, kind of. A feeling of general weakness. This can all be relieved by aerobic exercise, fast walking or jogging. To get the heart rate up. As often as you can, say 15 minutes a day to begin with. Is there any other symptoms you can tell me.

Q: Yes, I've dropped a lot of weight, almost 20 pounds in a month. And a soreness in the tongue.

A: The weight loss is good, not harmful, but will return quickly without exercise. The mouth soreness is a symptom of poor blood. You are not taking in the proper https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamins vitamins] and minerals that you need.

Q: Any suggestions as to what I might lack?

A: Trace minerals. You could experiment with colloidal mineral drinks. Something of this nature. Also you need vitamin A. And C. Spiritually you are doing very well, son, and are making good progress. The children are a great good fortune, blessing for you are learning many lessons from them and are understanding the child within yourself as it responds to these children. Yes, this is good and a wonderful thing to see.

Q: Ham, would that grated orange drink to dissolve plaque in the arteries be good for him?

A: At this time, arterial plaque is not a problem. This is not so much of a concern.

Q; Ham, you know for a long time I have concentrated on my association with the Master, rather than the Father, what should I be doing now?

A: Developing your relationship with the Father does not exclude the Master. You would do well to develop your relationship with the Father at this time.


Q; Ham, I really appreciate your lesson tonight, I really needed it. But if one has had an uncommunicative father on the earth this time, it's very difficult to learn to have personal gives and takes, it's hard to imagine confidence with a farther reaching father when one has had a lack with the closer interpersonal relationship.

A: Yes. Often the earthly father colors how humans feel about their heavenly father. This is inevitable, but unfortunate. The heavenly father is perfect love and no human father, no matter how well intentioned, gives perfect love to his children. The human beings are imperfect and are therefore incapable of reflecting or conveying perfect unconditional love. The child is always confused as to the difference for some time. And is unable to take nourishment from the heavenly father in those areas where the human father was not nourishing. Sometimes it takes many years after the earth parents have passed on for the child to understand the difference between earth parents and the heavenly parents. Sometimes the word father denoting god is more limiting than enlightening. Therefore, you must reach beyond the earth parents to establish this connection and to bring it deeply into your life. You can, of course, address God the Father in any term that helps facilitate this. Something you never called your earth father, perhaps. Because this relationship between you and the heavenly father is the most important relationship in your life. You must make an effort to strengthen this bond. And at this time it means by-passing the earthly father. This relationship with the earthly father is troubling because it's so unsatisfying. You have not received what you've needed from him. And this unrequited need has left you feeling like there is something wrong with you. So. You must understand that the relationship with your earthly father is not likely to change and you must also understand that your real father desires to give you all the things that your earthly father could not. Unconditional love, attention, complete understanding, complete help without requirements. You will find secure and complete love in the Heavenly Father. And once you really realize that the earth father can in no wise duplicate that or replicate that, your feelings of hurt and resentment will fade toward him.

Q: S. wants to know if his spiritual name is Lazarus?

A: Yes, this is a close approximation of the sound that is best describing this man, yes.

Q: I wanted to ask for a message for Esmeralda, and if it's known, what's causing her illness?

A: It is a number of things. A viral infection and the gradual readjustment of the body to not having nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal. This is a purging and a readjustment that is taking place as well. This can happen even six months after the person quits smoking. But mainly she has had a viral infection.

Q: Any other messages?

A: Daughter, these have been trying times and yet ones of great revelation as well. Be of good cheer, you are loved by many. And have been a great example to many as well.

Q: Elena?

A: Daughter, you are continuing as always to make good progress and are learning to balance and to stand with two feet firmly on the ground. In your own space. Feeling your own feelings. Don't be confused about what way is best, do as your heart tells you. Do what feels right for you. And let go of always trying to please others. That is all.

Q: Rebecca?

A: Yes, daughter, you are experiencing inner changes that are growth promoting and are completely necessary. You are learning to be joyful amid all circumstances and to relish challenges and new experiences. Continue to open your heart to your own potential and self-worth. That is all.

Q: Myself!

A: Son, you are very courageous and are very inspiring to many people. You have great gifts that are yet becoming apparent. As you grow and grow out of old patterns and fears that restricted you, you will truly bloom and blossom with the rays of the Lord beaming upon you. Go in peace, my son. You are progressing well.

Q: A message for Dan?

A: Yes, son, you are likewise allowing yourself to be restricted and held within certain limits of who you think you are. Who you have decided to become. And likewise as you let go of those old barriers, those old restrictions, you will discover that as now you are like a bud. You will bloom into the greater you. Let go of these old anxieties, that extend so deep into your past. Let go of expectations and ideas that you have decided on and that others have placed upon you. You are just beginning to discover yourself.


Thank you all again, until next week, my prayers and love are with you, each one. Farewell.