1998-06-04-Sexual Energy

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Topic: Sexual Energy

Group: At Large


Teacher: Marleena

TR: JoiLin



[The Marleena Group was connected on the “physical” level through e-mail postings. Student/Mary wrote the following in her post to the group:

“I was going to edit this transmission with Marleena for a number of reasons. I was going to take out my personal questions but then felt that wasn't fair in light of the fact that many of you are sharing yourselves fully. I couldn't discern an honorable motive in withholding anything personal... I just didn't want to be so vulnerable, and yet, this may be exactly what it takes to open my heart fully. The next thing I wanted to edit out, for those not going to Spirit Fest, was the part about the Grizzly Tree which we are calling the Seraphic Redwood. I felt bad for those who couldn't join us and didn't want to make them feel they were missing something... but, it is not my job to protect others, so to speak... this is a pattern I must break.”

For purposes of the Archive Project, personal information is edited out when perceived as not being of value to the general reader.]


Greetings children, it is Marleena, here to answer your questions. Begin please.



Mary: How important is the set time for the circuit work? Is it still beneficial to do it at odd times?

Marleena: Overall it is most important to do it in concert with your fellows. That is the design, that is the hope. However, during this time of training, when it is impossible, then another time is somewhat beneficial.

Mary: Should we try to better organize a set time?

Marleena: Indeed. That will come at the end of the month when you are asked to once again reassess your commitment. But, when we begin in earnest, beyond your training time, it will be of utmost importance that you become synchronized at exactly the same time each day.

Mary: Could you give us more of an idea of the direction this group will take in July?

Marleena: Once each person has reconciled their difficulties and made a true commitment to this work, we will begin orchestrating a movement of this energy out beyond your immediate circuits. You will be connecting with other groups across the world to effect healing, both physical, emotional, and indeed spiritual.

Mary: May I ask some personal questions?

Marleena: Certainly, child.


Mary: Is my sexual energy disruptive or damaging to this work?

Marleena: That is a rather broad question. Energy, as you understand it, sexual energy, is closely related to spiritual energy. And, in that application, it is not disruptive. They are as I said, closely related, however, there can be some misapplication, if you will; it is a double-edged sword. In one sense it may be helpful to effect another’s healing, in another sense it may become detrimental for one who is not ready to accept their sexual energy.

Mary: Accept their own?

Marleena: Indeed.

Mary: So there are benefits to sexual energy?

Marleena: There can be, yes.

Mary: Is my smoking detrimental to our work?

Marleena: Smoking, beloved Little One, is detrimental to the human tabernacle. Any poison, and nicotine is most definitely a poison, is detrimental. Not only does it change the energetics within your physical system, but it also acts on one hand as a suppressor, and on the other hand as... it scatters, if that is the correct word, your energy and so does not allow it to be used at its optimum level.

Mary: Does Vern have anything to do with our work?

Marleena: Not as you understand it.

Mary: Is going to see what we call the Seraphic redwood, have anything to do with it?

Marleena: Oh, indeed!

Mary: Oh, I'm so excited!

Marleena: Indeed!

Mary: Would you elaborate?

Marleena: There will be energy available to you, circuitry that you will plug into that will increase your ability to move the energy out from within your own heart, if you allow it. It is my hope that we will have a session, at least one while there, but it is important that it be only with your group members and not with outsiders, and so I understand that the opportunity may not present itself.

Mary: Another personal question. Are you aware of each persons efforts in the work that we are trying to do on an individual basis?

Marleena: Indeed.

Mary: Can you give me some guidance on how to do a better job?

Marleena: In regard to?

Mary: The circuit work... energy... Sometimes I feel real connected and at other times I don't...sometimes I feel selfish... sometimes my mind is wandering....

Marleena: That has to do primarily, Child, with your harnessing your own will. That is one of the most important aspects of this training in which you now partake. There must be a concentration of will in order to maximize the work we will be doing in the future. I understand that it is not a simple task I ask of you.

Mary: I just feel very incompetent.

Marleena: You are not alone in that. This work you are now training for, the work we will be doing in the future is a pilot program, if you will, and has not yet been tried. We play it by ear. In some ways, you are being tested in order that we might discover whether or not cats can be herded... that is JoiLin's term, but I rather like it.

Mary: I do too. What if our desire as it applies to being part of this group is there, and yet you, with your broader perspective, and knowledge and understanding, see that our desire is not enough... do we need to realize that that's the situation?

Marleena: At the end of this month you will each be asked, as was mentioned before, to reassess the level of your commitment, and at that time, you will recognize whether or not your commitment is strong enough, clear enough, whether or not your human will is dedicated enough to get over the difficult times... you will know.

Mary: Personally, do I really have inner child issues to work on? Or is that really serving on other levels? I don't sense inner child issues... I'm aware of them…

Marleena: That depends upon what your understanding of “issues” is. You have clearly understood some of these issues; you have verbalized them. And, understanding them, knowledge, brings the ability to find a means of releasing, in concert with a means of letting go of these patterns, once you have recognized [them]. You are doing well, Little One, do not short change yourself. I am most pleased with your progress.

Mary: I really appreciate that. In regard to the inner child...could you respond to JoiLin...if she were comfortable in asking questions for herself... about the work she needs to do, could you give her some direction?

Marleena: JoiLin's greatest obstacle in the past has been in recognizing her own self worth. She clearly understands now that the patterns set down upon her as a young child, and indeed throughout her life, have been detrimental to her growth in that they did not reinforce her value, her worth. She is recognizing this and again, knowledge becomes strength. She too, I am most pleased with.

Mary: I think we are both working hard.

Marleena: Indeed, indeed you are!

Mary: What a wonderful exercise! It wasn't personally... because I don't really associate pain with my inner child stuff, stuff from my childhood, however, I sense that it was very healing for many people to unburden.

Marleena: Yes.

Mary: I want to thank you for nudging us in that direction.

Marleena: I thank you for responding

Mary: When I'm given directions, I generally follow them. If you were to say, "Mary, if you want to be a part of this group, you must stop smoking."

Marleena: Do you understand that I would very much like to say that?

Mary: Yes, and do you understand that there's something in me that's like "NO! No!"

Marleena: Indeed.

Mary: And there's something in me that's saying I know this, and I must do this.

Marleena: Yes, and once again, that is your human freewill, in action. You can always take one path or another. You can take the higher path, or you can take the lower path. The choice always remains with you.

Mary: I do understand, but I also have an awareness of working at least on three levels... subconscious, conscious, and superconscious, and maybe it's my subconscious that does not want to do this, while my conscious says, "this is good for you, you should do this" . ..the parental should, and my superconscious says, "thy will be done." There, is no question, so I have this internal conflict....

Marleena: As always, this is true.

Mary: And so, who's going to be ruling at this moment?!

Marleena: Indeed!

Mary: I know, and that's the real struggle.

Marleena: And, that is in essence, part of the training that you are now going through, learning to harness the higher self and let that energy, if you will, be in the drivers seat. Subjugating the lower self is indeed the desired, the hoped for result.

Mary: Is there anything that you would like to share with the group?

Marleena: At this point, simply to keep on keeping on; to focus as much as is possible on your commitment and make every attempt to harness your will. That is all. Check your time, Child.

Mary: We have time. Is there something else?

Marleena: No, that is enough to work on.

Mary: This is true! Well, thank you very much.

Marleena: You're quite welcome. And again, understand how much your efforts are appreciated, for even should you, in your own mind fail, you will not have failed, for you have accomplished much, both for yourself, and for your group.

Mary: I do have one more question. For such a long time I operated mostly mindal, and not having access to the emotions, the imagery, the visualizations of the... I really want to be connected to that part of myself, I'd like to be able to experience this energy, I would like to be able to experience energy flowing through me, from me, and into me. What can I do to facilitate this?

Marleena: I cannot guarantee the result, but it is the hope that when you meet at the Seraphic Redwood tree, that the energy you will plug into, the circuitry you will plug into, will have the benefit of boosting your own ability to sense these energies. That is the hope, although, again, I cannot promise that it will be so.

Mary: And, besides doing our circuit work at this location, is there anything as individuals, that might benefit us if circumstances prevent us from doing a meditation there or a transmission there?

Marleena: Indeed. You could have an individual session, wherein you open yourselves as you do each day for your circuit work, and consciously will your circuits to meet those that reach out to greet you and connect with you. Your intent and your will have much to do with the resulting connections.

Mary: Thank you.

Marleena: You're quite welcome.

Mary: God speed!


Marleena: Thank you Child, and the same to you. Walk always in His Light, knowing indeed that His hand is upon your shoulder. Shalom.