1999-10-03-Drink The Cup

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Topic: Drink the Cup

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am so appreciative of your conversation on this lesson. It is helping me to minister to one of my students who is learning to drink the cup with grace.


My student and friend was a hard working, loyal, and dedicated employee. He was a wonderful and thoughtful father. He was a loving and caring husband. He almost never missed church service on Sunday. He embraced Father's high ideals and did his utmost to live by them.

Approximately one year ago he was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer. The surgery did little good. The months of chemotherapy and radiation only prolonged his agonizing pain. He is now most definitely financially ruined. It would appear all that he had worked for was in vain. He most certainly worried about his family's well-being. It has been quite a strain on them.

His physical pain has literally put him at the brink of insanity. At first he asked, "Father, how could this have happened? Was I not a loyal son? Why would you punish me in this way?" His physical pain had made him to scream in anger at Father, and make either promises or threats to Him in exchange for painlessness.

My friends wife also wonders at their plight. Her endless hours of care-taking wear on her mentally, emotionally and physically. The children also are bound in fear and unknowing at their father's pain. The emotions pour uncontrollably as they come to terms with their situation. Mental acceptance is setting in, and yet this is still not enough. There is still such restlessness. Should this man not move into a higher mindedness will be cheated out of a grand spiritual advancement.

Yes, he is now within the realms of reason. He is asking God for logical answers. Father is not punishing him. No. This is the results of an imperfect time period in history. This is a part of life in which many must experience. Should he die embittered, should his family live with the regrets that their loved one's death was just one of life's hard knocks? No.

The family has united in a spiritual quest for value and meanings. The man is grateful in every living moment. He imparts his wisdom to his children. He teaches them of the life beyond this life. He bestows upon them his faith and enables them to be participating in life as well as death. He empowers his family to take value from this experience and minister to others.

My friend has made a great deal of friends in this community. He can teach and show his faith in Father's abilities to provide the glory and victory over all things, even death. He can look at others with illnesses and know their thoughts, understand their plight. He can touch the lives of those who are hopeless because he understands hopelessness. He can teach endurance for he has endured great pain. He can exemplify patience for he has been made to wait.

This mans sensory awareness has increased manyfold, for he knows his days are running out and lives each moment to the fullest. He has learned within one year what it might take others a lifetime to learn. He has seen the victory in his adversity. He has watched Father bring value out in everything.

Even in his pain there is a process of finding and accepting the Father's will. He can blame Father. He can be angry at Father, but in all this Father patiently awaits the passing of these random emotions to the stage of reason when He can be by the side of His children and provide love, comfort, answers.

My student, friends, wife, and children are now being encouraged by their loved one's brave example to carry on. They can go forth to find reason, meaning and be comforted by the fact that this terrible plight was all made to work for the glory of God and the overall good of everyone involved.

Jesus did understand this experience to its fullness. In His mortal state He had to allow the Adjuster to sustain Him for a period. In these moments of pain there is naught else to do except reinforce your faith by prayer, worship and being observant.


As our time draws to a close I would ask that you put into writing a prayer, letter of sorts to my friend\student who will shortly be leaving this mortal state. What have you learned from him? How can you also utilize his experience to help others. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.