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Topic: Honor

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you have come this evening. Tonight, we shall discuss your human notion of honor.


Honor, Honesty

Honor is loyalty to a set of values. As such, your notions of what is honorable expand and grow throughout your lives. Many things have been done for the notion of honor that in a greater light are seen as being highly dishonorable. The word honor is also linked with honest. Honesty is loyalty to truth. When you are loyal to your highest truth, then honesty naturally flows into your life and through you. But, for the true God knowing man or woman, the noble virtues of honor and honesty are not enough for when your soul is dominated by love, both these virtues are tempered by an overriding kindness and a gentleness of spirit which can be said to be charm or social grace.

When one is too rigidly honest, one can be hurtful and eventually become isolated because of an inability to allow love to dominate truth in your personality. Sometimes honesty can become a mask for cruelty or a mask for revenge and vindictiveness.

When love comes to dominate the character and mold the soul, then honesty becomes more a matter of self-honesty and self-understanding than it is a banner to hold forth. The God knowing person eventually realizes that honesty and honor are simply degrees of understanding and are not absolutes as love is. When in doubt, always err on the side of love. If you move toward love, love will lead you aright even when it leads you to be incompletely honest with others or kind rather than completely and entirely truthful.


Eventually, you come to realize that your highest loyalty must be to your highest experience and that highest experience is the love of God. When you come to focus your loyalty entirely on him, then much of the social and personal problems you encounter are smoothed and melt away of their own accord. Truth in human experience is always partial. Loyalty to some truth as absolute has the potential to eventuate in evil if it is not love dominated. Loyalty to the person of God must become your supreme loyalty, the center around which the facets of your character are cut.

God the Father is more than an idea, he is more than your concept of truth, more than your concept of goodness or beauty. He is a person and more than a person. Ultimate loyalty from one personality can only be deposited upon a greater personality. The greatest personality is the Universal Father so when your loyalty is placed in him, all other loyalty is subordinate even that between family, friends, and loved ones. In eternity, love and loyalty are the same. The more you love the Father, the more naturally loyal you are to him and the more naturally loyal you are, the more easily you bear the fruits of the spirit and grow in the spirit toward him.

Perfection, Surrender

Human beings talk about perfection and throw the term about with ease and I am always struck by how little you understand the term. Only the Father is perfect in all things and all ways. Everything else reaches toward him and his perfection. I wish I had a better word for you to understand what I am saying but having come up through and only experienced imperfection, you have no inkling of the meaning of the word and must use your imaginations to begin to grasp it. Perfection is that He is. Perfection is eternal and infinite and complete. When you begin to ponder the majesty of the perfect, complete, eternal, and infinite Father of all things and beings, you begin in that small moment to bring him more into yourself, to make that one small part of your soul more a part of him.

The mind is the instrument through which this metamorphosis begins, for it is the mind that opens or closes the door to the Father. I often use the terms of surrender or allowing to describe the experience of the Father's love so that your mind becomes receptive and the door opens. The greatest honor is to allow this opening, to allow your self to serve the greatest thing there is.

God is a complete, loving being. There is no part of him that is not love even if you were to analyze the tiny particles of matter and reach inside to the very center of material reality you would find there the essence of love. When you surrender to love you are surrendering to reality, you are allowing yourself to experience truth and goodness and beauty. When you experience these things, your soul takes a step toward greater reality and you literally identify yourself with the essence of the universe.

Grow in love my children and attach your loyalty to the greatest reality, even to the heart of the eternal Father.

Do you have questions at this time?


Q: Yes Ham, do you have any messages for me today?

Ham: Of course my son. Welcome once more to this group. You are welcomed back even as the prodigal son who returned to his father. Know that there is much rejoicing upon your return. Remember to have patience and to allow the working of God in your life, not in your way but in God's way. Continue to open your heart to the Father's love and to the great comforter, the Spirit of Truth. Be at ease, you are doing well. Take things one step at a time and don't try to jump ahead or take short cuts, for the way of the Father is slow and steady.

Q: What did Jesus mean by honor your mother and father?

Ham: Yes, as in all his sayings there are many levels of meaning. On one level, it was a simple admonition to encourage greater family stability and to help the society he lived in and the one to come after to be stable and centered around the family. Of course, there is a greater meaning because he is your Father and the universe Mother Spirit your mother and so in another sense he was saying to honor him and the mother spirit and so to anchor your personal loyalties on greater spiritual reality. This of course creates stability for the person. And then on an ultimate level, the One Universal Father is mother and father of all things and beings and so to honor him is to cast your anchor toward the ultimate reality so that you will be pulled toward him. He did not mean it to be the ultimate arbiter in every family situation, of course, on a human level. Is this helping your understanding?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: Delores would like a personal message.

Ham: My dear, you do well. Do not allow yourself to become fearful or anxious over the unknown. Rather, find joy in the small things, the small pleasures of living. Open your heart to joy and this is the best medicine of all.

Q: Marije and Norbert.

Ham: Marije, my dear, you do well. Be unafraid and embrace new joys and new experiences. Your path is a goodly one. You are a very sincere and whole-hearted truth seeker. So long as you seek with a whole heart, you will find God eventually in every place you seek him.

Norbert my son, peace be upon you. Do not be so doubtful of yourself, even of you own motivations and abilities. Rather, trust that the Father puts into your hands that which you can do and can experience. Analyze less and experience more.

Q: Amelia?

Ham: Daughter, you are experiencing welcome change. Relax and rest . Learn that your body can heal itself very well if you give it the opportunity. Rest, rest, rest! Do not push yourself at this time.

Q: Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, be at ease. Do not be so concerned about others. Learn that the Father's calling is very quiet and very personal. Trust what you feel.

Q: Elena?

Ham: My dear, you find yourself pulled in many directions but you should not be pressured. Take time for stillness and for relaxation. Don't allow yourself to be spread too thin.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Rebecca, you do well. Gradually, your life is opening and expanding. Continue to work creatively. Make time.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, son. You do well. Your heart is expanding in love and your soul is growing. You are growing into the service that you are called to. Focus your efforts on service and all the rest will follow.

Q: Charile B?Ham: Yes, greetings my son. Your life is gradually changing as you grow in the spirit. Remember that growth is also the ability to adapt to change. Do not fear the changes that you feel occurring, they are a part of your growth.

Q: Ham, do you have feedback for me this week please?

Ham: Of course my son. You are also growing into the greater ability to serve. You have nothing to fear. As you grow in the spirit, the abilities that you require to do the task set before you will become part of your character. You must be at peace and grow contentedly as you feel your heart swelling with love.

Are there any further questions? Very well then......

Q: I have been meaning to ask you, is the global warming become a serious thing and is it the reason for this drought and all this rising of the temperature?

Ham: There are many factors involved in climactic change. Not all is due to human interaction with the environment. Humans will have to be increasingly resourceful and increasingly globally interdependent during the next century. That is all I wish to say on this matter.

Q: Thank you Ham.


Ham: You do well my children. We shall resume again the week after next. My prayers and my love are with you each, farewell.