2000-07-02-Intergalactic Communication

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Topic: Intergalactic Communication

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Tomas

TR: Jonathan, Gerdean



Gerdean: I have a question for the teachers in response to a message from Abraham at the conference and in follow up to our discussion today about "intergalactic" communication.

"Broadcast" is the word Abraham used. TR's are broadcasting the teachers, in a sense, but we are going to connect with our galactic fellow evolving life forms. Recently a midwayer told us that, though they are reaching out into the universe, they haven't had contact yet either. Is that feasible in our lifetime if not today?

Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I'd be happy to address your topic.


Universe Broadcasts

Yes, indeed, this contact through communication circuits is a goal we seek. As you are aware many but not all of the planets of Satania went into quarantine during the rebellion and were isolated, but there are a greater majority of worlds that have not been statused such. They have advanced and are doing well in the progress of attaining Light and Life, while these other rebellion torn worlds have suffered and are delayed, so the Correcting Time. These worlds of isolation are not all in the same geographic area of the system. I say this to clarify that your neighbors, just because your world is isolated and now being released from this condition, they are not so restrained. The rebellion worlds are scattered about, and therefore you can assume that the non-quarantine worlds have made some progress in spiritual development which will allow them the ability to contact. The break in the line, to use that phrase, in the communication circuit lies with Urantians, for you are not as practiced in receiving and transmitting.

We teachers have been using this contact method to bridge you over from your tradition of spirit reception to a modern form of receiving communication. Historically this desire to receive from higher beings has been viewed thusly: to a higher being. Now as the world has become no longer a frontier, your adventurous spirit now goes beyond your atmosphere, and you are now able to conceive the potential for communication. But you in your sciences are to the point that you recognize that the sending of physical signals over such great distances prohibits being able to reach a neighboring world beyond your solar system or much beyond your local neighborhood. How then will you communicate with your fellows? Here is where we are being of assistance in building your faith experience in contact such as is occurring at this moment.

Michael brought to the world the message of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. In this message not only are you to learn brotherhood among the races of this world, you are to learn brotherhood among the planets of this system. It is natural that this will occur. Broadcasts are being established between several worlds, and the grid has been expanded to Urantia. There is a lack of use of this grid at this time, and it is our hope that there will be more interest in pursuing these channels of communication.

In a few centuries this planet will have begun to domicile its inhabitants upon nearby planets. Your concept of world will involve several planets, and this will help to enlarge civilization's understanding of culture and society. You have only recently transitioned from culture and society restricted to a geographic location upon a single continent to existing globally, and soon it will exist multi-planetarily, on various planetoids about your world. Next will come the broad introduction. You will then be better able to grasp that life can exist all over without having to have originated from one single source, as your traditions this day about your world hold to be true.

We look to you who are forward seeking. We look to you who have sought to rid your belief systems of erroneous conceptual superstitions to help pioneer this advancement. Contact will precede visitation because of the distance on a physical level. Once you have developed some relationship not unlike your current Internet e-mail system, you will become more interested in getting acquainted face-to-face.

I hope I have been helpful.



Gerdean: Very helpful. Thank you.

Evelyn: Maybe it was Jonathan looking for the right word, but you said "planetoid". What is that?

Elyon: In order for your world to maintain the complexity of material development that it is charting at this time, you will need more resources than are available on a single sphere. There is about your locality many small planet-like structures wherein you can find these resources. These small spheres you will seek in the centuries to come in order to fulfill this need.

Does this help?

Evelyn: I'm assuming moons, asteroids, or is this something that we haven't discovered yet?

Elyon: You are on the right track.

Evelyn: Thank you.

Elyon (Gerdean): Elyon continuing here.

It would involve also the atmospheric conditions that would support life and the resultant kind of life that developed. Very much like the term "humanoid" implies a certain cellular construction, yet the differences are variable depending on the atmospheric conditions, the geologic conditions, of its habitation. In this way the universe is peppered, speckled, with an infinite variety of life. Humanoids from other worlds are like you and yet they may have severe or serious differences such as the brain types (40:5.17). Even so they are on an evolving world; they are humanoid, as the planets have differences in atmosphere and water and oxygen and so forth. They are planetoid. It is descriptive of a general milieu as compared to the specifics of Urantia of which you are somewhat familiar. This planet is unique in its own right even aside from its peculiarities because of its thwarted history. A scientist would be able to draw an analogy to a culture medium that with certain conditions was able to create certain life forms and patterns. Although there are some that are created under very controlled conditions, the experimental planets, decimal planets such as yours, are able to present an incredible variety of life and experiences that ultimately benefit the other more staid patterns. It is important, however, that in our early aspiration to become one with the universe that we develop the understanding that the universe itself is a living organism, and that, even though your corner of the universe has been quarantined because of the disease... [pause]

You are growing well through your application of the nurture that is being provided by us who have come to aid you in this correcting time. Be that as it may, as you grow, as we grow, as a real sense of spirit is developed, it will foster the health of your organism Urantia and the life thereon, thus enabling you as an inhabited world to be a part of your universe family. You are being strengthened for that day, and many other wondrous developments are in store for you as we propel ourselves into the future. But, as many of us have proclaimed time and again, the importance of today's development cannot be overemphasized. The tadpole theory (100:1.4) is necessary as we anticipate the frog of intergalactic association.

Thank you.

Tomas (Jonathan): Tomas butting in here. Greetings to you all and welcome long term friends.

I would like to address two points. One is that as Elyon referred to the rebellious philosophy circulating throughout Satania as a disease, this quarantine was put in effect in order to safeguard other worlds. Of the circuitry of deity and of Nebadon much never was severed. In order to completely open all circuits, these between circuits from one world to another will need to be reestablished. My second point is that -- and I will return to my topic of importance -- the fruits of the spirit are going to need to be in strong placement upon this world. You must take the mote out of your own world's eye before you attempt to take the splinter out of another world's eye. The microcosm of application will have macro implications in the future. So it behooves all to practice these fruits with your near at hand brothers and sisters. Though I may quell your enthusiasm for cross-planetary contact, this same spiritual approach will need to be more or less mastered with these other distant brothers and sisters that you are seeking to master today.

Elyon: (Gerdean): Are there other questions? [pause] Or commentary?

Tom: It doesn't sound like something that is going to happen in the really near future.

Tomas (Jonathan): Perhaps we should make some clarification in that we have spoken about worlds, but upon the worlds are pioneers. It will be a transitional effort and will begin with individuals before it becomes a worldwide phenomenon. This will take time and is already underway.

Tom: Is the thrust of the Teaching Mission to strengthen our fruits of the spirit rather than the "intergalactic" connection? Or is it all part of the same thing?

Elyon (Gerdean): Development of the organism in all its facets is the order of the day. It is a tremendous undertaking. The magnitude of this undertaking is elusive. It is not possible, in fact, for your perception to grasp the depth, breadth, and scope. But you are part and parcel of the development, and we could not do it without you. The growth of your world is the reflection of you as individuals. If you are going to become a part of Light and Life, your light and life needs to be activated and upstepped, and this is relative to the nth degree of all realities, physical, mindal, spiritual and many other areas of association that lie between perfection and imperfection. So, it is happening very quickly as you observe your very full lives. Yet it is happening slowly and cautiously as is appropriate for a major undertaking such as this. It's perspective, my son, that gives you the answer to your question. It depends on how you choose to look at it. We like to think it is moving very quickly because we see your avid responses and your urgent yearnings, and this is indeed an indication of a vital life pulse yearning for life more abundantly. But there are many on your world who remain asleep and who continue to reflect the darkness.

The circuits, the gridwork, that are mentioned are such that the spiritual circuits can carry things, information, beings, energy, light, pulse fairly quickly. But as for physical transport, that will need to be developed because the physical world is a shadow of the spiritual world and thus moves more slowly. But we are making progress, and, as you well know, we are very thrilled by the progress that you indicate by your continued . .. spiritual growth.

Tomas (Jonathan): The midwayers noted in their record of the life of Jesus that Michael's bestowal was lived on this world not only for the inhabitants here but also for all worlds throughout Nebadon. While he made a rather big splash, each one of you -- and we ourselves are included -- are likewise living our lives for all other worlds, for Nebadon is a community seeking Light and Life. What we do and how we live will contribute to one another's attainment of this eventual age. To confirm your question recall that Jesus said that the needs of today are enough therein. Tomorrow will come in its own time with its own cares.

Angus: Until Urantia becomes spiritually socialized, reaching Light and Life, we will be considered as a less than hostile neighbor, hostile out of our own ignorance. Would that be fair?

Elyon (Gerdean): By the time you attain a point of being able to socialize spiritually you will have made contact and beyond; that is to say you will be communicating regularly with your cosmic neighbors. As you advance materially and scientifically you will begin to interact with each other even materially, the latter being farther off than the former. The point is it doesn't have to be forestalled until you have reached planetary Light and Life, no. It can begin much sooner in and through these forerunners, the scouts, those who forge into the future under the aegis of the angels of progress and other agencies. But remember too there are those who are as well content to remain here and to focus on the needs and cares of a much more mundane nature, mundane to those of you who are so forward thinking. Bear in mind the value of others' contributions to the balance of the organism and think not that those who launch into the frontiers of intergalactic adventure are in any way superior; it is that they are temperamentally suited for such adventures and are appropriately accompanied in their adventures. But those who ought to remain moderate in their application of spirit reality are also invaluable sheep in the good shepherd's fold.

Tomas (Jonathan): I would like to address the term "hostility". In the history of this world when two civilizations met they often met at their borders, and the issue of land grabbing raised its ugly head. The threat of being overtaken or the lure to overtake was strong. However, this won't be the case with worlds separated by great distances of space. You will meet before there is a threat of being overtaken. However, without this spiritualized socialization you speak of you will appear not so hostile but uncouth. So, planet Earth could cease busying itself with internal bickering and begin to compose itself as a world to present itself gracefully to its neighbors when the hour arrives.


Elyon (Gerdean): It is our great pleasure to meet with you regularly as we do and with those who will. It is a double pleasure for those of us who work with you to see how you choose to augment your lives by incorporating the values and ideals of the morontia way of life into your thinking and believing and behaving in order to upstep the world upon which you walk as agondonters. It is a tremendous source of entertainment and stimuli and satisfaction to us who are assigned to this teaching effort, this contact with humanity, that is being perfected and pursued as we continue to engage in our association across the lines of material and physical realities. We are grateful to you for your involvement and delight to be of service. In this way we are experiencing with and through you, our children in so many ways, our proteges, the truths that were taught to you long ago, uppermost being that if you love one another as Jesus loved and loves you, you will enter into a new way of life, the fragrance of which will move you into a Light and Life reality which will effect all of humanity, all of Satania, all of Nebadon, all of the universe. So, you little organisms are indeed an integral part of the life that Father has created, an important part, even in your smallness.

It is a joy to be a participant in this incredible and wonderful creation.

Tomas (Jonathan): I would bring closure to this meeting by joining with you in your prayer request.

May the Father bring physical comfort, mental assurance, and spiritual communion to both Linda and Leah as they face their difficulties at this time. We as a collective family seek Your assistance, Father. May Your hand be upon them and Your love dwell deep within them. So be it.