2000-08-06-Co-dependence, Truth

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Topic: Co-Dependence

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Beatrice, Tomas, Elyon, Malvantra, Veronica

TR: Jonathan, Gerdean



Abraham (Jonathan TR): I greet you in fellowship.



Today I wish to bring focus upon the word "confidence", for it is a useful trait in proper application. It is likewise useful even while uncertain, for you can use a confidential approach to your uncertainty in order to gain needed input, insight, or skill of what you lack that brings uncertainty. This confidentiality I refer to is that "confidence" in the presence of the Father for that strength, for the assurance, and for the understanding that all that is the Father is resident to be applied on your behalf as you are ready and able to receive.

But confidence also is gained through association with your friends, for a true sense of ability is not simply had through being capable of accomplishing a task on your own without reference to anyone or anything else. It is through association that the greater wisdom of your collectivity can be applied through any one of you singly. To share with each other gives assurance. It is in this community that you perceive the safety net, that collective set of arms that will assist any one of you as you head into territory of inexperience. The greatest confidence gleaned for oneself is through experience; there is no greater teacher. All your preparation will bolster your enthusiasm or will embolden you to attempt your feat. However, having once passed through the trial of experience, true and lasting confidence is gained. Up until then it is valuable and worthwhile to seek counsel from those who are experienced, be it your friends in mortal form, be it your celestial companions, be it the Father within you. Across this entire spectrum of others there is experience that may be researched by you and applied as you face the episode that brings your confidence.

Never once let yourself be stalled in your forward work for the kingdom, waiting to become confident before you begin. You must go forward first; confidence will follow. This is where it becomes important to be in association with one another, for you all are in gradation of advancement, and each can pass to one another the preparatory viewpoint and information to begin your progress and the acquirement of the confidence for the task you wish to be put into use for the sake of the Father in the outworking of truth upon this world.

I am Abraham and I am finished.


Beatrice (Gerdean): I am Beatrice. Abraham will never be finished, but it is my turn.

I have been hearing Abraham in his dissertation having to do with confidence in the Father. I am reminded of you mortals who have a word also, co-dependence. My little friend here says, "Oh, but does that not instill a state of co-dependence upon deity?" And I say, "Yes, my dear, it certainly does, the most divine kind of aberration." Indeed your every thought is focused on deity, and your every move. You cannot go to the bathroom without taking God with you, for in truth you cannot go unless He takes you. So, yes, it is a matter of not being able to breathe without Him. So I say let yourself soar in your need for His divine nature. Let it be the hunger of your veins and let it be your only food.

This too I would like to bring to you; this is a new toy, a new game. It is for you children who play in the field of our Lord. This is an old art, a skill for some. It is in the realm of healing phenomenon, and it is one of phrenology. Phrenology is having to do with the skull, with the formation of your head. It has this reality, bear with me.

Inside your head is where you live in the main. In your head is where you look for that superconsciousness. In your head is the mind, the plethora of minds that make meaning possible for you. In your mind is the language center where you absorb communication and where you find your tools of expression, personality expression and physical expression. This compartment wherein you keep all these wonderful things including your imagination is a wonderful toy. "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him." It is a globe, an orb, of history and archaeology, and it identifies a mortal being from other sentient creatures. Honoring the head would perhaps be like, an equivalent of, the totem, the top of the totem pole. So it is a very primitive art form, but within your mind are all the tools that will enable you to meet God that He will be able to spring forth in your very soul that will activate your very being. That will bring your being to life in and through your limbs and into your world so the I Am lives in there.

When you can get people to focus on their heads in spiritual terms you have given them a key to unlock many, many doors that live in there, that reside in there, besides the realm of reason and the tower of the intellect. Thus you might find it a new toy, a new tool, to entertain your flock or to understand these creatures who seek to know our Father.

How beautiful you are, children. How resplendent are your souls, indeed!

Tomas: Good afternoon, I am Tomas the opportunist. I am here with my fellows, and we are at one with you and in enjoyment of your company. Are there opportunities for discourse today or questions?


Evelyn: The lesson on confidence was about drawing on each other for assistance rather than thinking of confidence as ourselves against the world, only me, stand back while I do it. Yet I think of The Urantia Book's reminder not to pin your hopes on others' cooperation; our happiness will be greater if we count on people less. I'm guessing the way to balance those two views is if you turn to the community rather than to a certain person to be trusted to come through on a particular project. Drawing on our fellows whoever it might be.


Tomas: Let me jump on that first and then I will open the floor.

The discourse about co-dependency upon divinity is indeed the solution, is where the understanding is in your concern. Let me show you this afternoon how you sat around the table outdoors, even without leadership, such that everyone allowed themselves to be. Everyone depended upon an understanding of the I Am within. Yet with the connections, with the relationship, the very tangible connections between you as trusted confidants of each other, you were given the time and opportunity to develop your statements and to shine and be individually plugged in to that real source of power. But it was made more because of your interconnectedness. You did not depend upon each other for your essential existence, your essential being, for that is your personality. That is your having come to life by and through your own mind and your own decisions that enabled your personality to flourish. In company with one another as you flourish you are replete. As a society you are one. Yes, that is all.

Free will

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, Elyon present. I wish to comment on the derivation of happiness in conjunction with plans and purposes put forth with others included.

This choice wisdom from the text is useful in understanding that free will ultimately decides outcome, and the more free will that is present the more varied becomes the potential for outcome and the greater likelihood that outcome, though initially collectively viewed as one, will fragment into various outcomes as choices are made. To make fewer plans with other personalities and that leading to happiness implies that when you make a plan, you do it as your own plan. It may be congruent with the plan of another, and you may function in association to accomplish this plan. But should any entity of volition choose to change course, your happiness will not be disrupted because you have made your plan and will continue. In other words, the goal remains the same though the participants may vary. Some will join later; some early adherents will drop out.

So it is best when you do make plans and these involve other personalities that you assess the degree to which you are willing to own that plan yourself in spite of another or others. If each one feels so possessed as a group you will find greater solidarity, for each will be wholly committed rather than simply riding in the wake of another's forward momentum such that when the course changes the one following in the wake would have all hopes dashed; the expectancy of fulfillment was placed largely upon another's selection of course and action.

I hope I have contributed beneficially.


Malvantra (Gerdean): Malvantra here. I am addressing you now as students in the Melchizedek University. You have been, of course, for some time, but my words today encourage you to put yourselves in that context, for you are learning the social skills, the socialization, that instills and fosters a condition, a condition know to you as Light and Life. It is a quantitative and qualitative reality. It involves both existential and experiential reality in and through you. It must be malleable on the one hand in order to remain alive and developing in order to allow for a constant growth, constant fluctuation as this organism develops, as its cells increase. But at the same time, by the same token, it must be stable. It must have at its very heart core a faith foundation which will allow for its growth to be wholesome and not running off like some disease in a remote corner of time and space. It is for this reason we are with you; we are observing your development; we are encouraging your growth and development.

You here on this experimental life station are yet another experiment in this correcting time, in this classroom. Yes, the love value will be that which continues to let the sun shine on this experiment. When the sun is shining we can vanquish fear. We can remain benign, and we can overtake that which might threaten our development. What I have brought is a mere reminder of your reality in time and space and in your relationship with us and ours with you.

"The disappointments hardest to bear are those which never come." You needn't worry ever again about making wrong decisions, for now you know your experiences are all part of the development of further good. Rest assured you are not alone. Even when you get a scratch or bump your head you have tenderness prevailing. How can you not know that every hair on your head is numbered as you begin to see the good that is reigning, is enveloping you? This infusion of insight and inspiration is experimental, yes, but it is real. It is your real association with divinity that makes it possible. Blessed be art thou.

Jonathan: You mentioned that every hair is numbered. From my perspective every hair on my head's days are numbered.

Malvantra: When I was a child I had things for a child. When I became an adult I put away childish things. You will not be needing hair where you are going. You might as well get used to it in advance. You will be way ahead of the game. Have no fear, Thoroah, the first shall be last and the last shall be first.


Angus: You mentioned being stable. We think of being stable we think of stationary. Now I see stability as the center of a bubble rather than rooted in the ground.

Malvantra: It's alive in a greater sense of the word than that which is finite. It is eternal. That is a foundation upon which He builds His "church". You are becoming more and more aware of this upstepped reality. You are trusting it more and yourself more and your fellows more. As you trust understanding grows. Love is fed and becomes a reality upon which you can dependably forge your way into your reality including the reality of others as you pass by.

All of you are in faith agondonters, new citizens of a new way of life. You will develop your association, remain agondonter associates, throughout eternity. It is small wonder that you recognize each other as kindred spirits in this beginning plane of reality existence for you, which will be your reality existence throughout the ascension process. You are just beginning to perceive your true family, that which will only become more real for you as time goes by.

I hear time going by in your clock. I sense the time and space of your environment. I can see the reality in your atmosphere. It has God all through it. It is reverential, harmless, sincere, and genuine. In my moment with you I afford us all an opportunity to imbed that reality into your consciousness once again in order to uphold you and feed you an understanding of that which we maintain and aspire to expand, multiply, and replenish the earth.


Veronica (Jonathan): Greetings emancipators of doctrine, forward looking souls who each day purpose to prove the viability of truth in its own authenticity. You are the brave who in a comparable manner are like the keeper of a flock of prized birds who with great love has gathered these feathered friends and yet, in the interest of the betterment of the conditions of their lives, have thrown open the door of the cage and let these creatures fly free.

In the transpiration of time the theological organizations have collected truth in order to preserve its viability only to consequentially inhibit its mobility. The instigation of the Teaching Mission will bring a resultant observation to your world, that being that these creatures of flight will not scatter to the far reaches to be lost but rather will flock and return to the dovecote, that truth emancipated is capable of self containment, will not dissipate. There are three tendencies and inclinations of the religions of Urantia. One is to cage and to preserve. Another is to free and allow, and I must supplement this view with a third not unlike the collection of butterfly wings, that is, entirely static. I would commingle these tendencies in order to emphasize that the free range of truth should in no manner force the collector to dispossess itself of truth. The fact that truth is dynamic, fluid, ought to in no way prevent the seeker from grasping, from holding in possession, if only for a brief course of time. If that were the case truth would be disastrously unhelpful. So, the collection, the categorization, the preservation of truth is worthwhile conditionally, if it is also given the ability to self-ambulate. Simply, you are at liberty to study truth, to intellectually pin it down, but you must not fall victim to controlling truth.


This is Veronica. I intend to be in this area for a while. You can expect my participation at your vehicular collectivations. As you gather I will, with keen interest, be present.

Group: Good, welcome, thank you.