2000-11-17-The Magisterial Mission

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Topic: The Magisterial Mission

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Sophia

TR: Bill K.



Prayer by Daniel (Bill): This circle of friendship is very important. It extends from your experience tonight on out into eternity. You are joined by concentric circles of celestial beings and your human circle radiates out into your human society. The circle represents the First Source and Center, the Second Source, the Third Source and expands well out into the universe. Greetings my friends. Let us pray.

Lift up our hearts when our hearts are heavy; open our eyes when our lids are heavy with the dullness of discouragement; open our ears when our minds are tired of listening that we may behold reality, that we may see and hear and do your will, Oh God, to whom be praise and glory forever. Amen.

Daniel (Bill): Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your great admirer. I always look to our times together with the fondest anticipation. I respect you all with great respect. I am fascinated by your conversation and I am pleased by your enlightenment. Your have grasped the message that has been given to you over the years very well, and you continue to understand the necessity of keeping lives in industrious service and vigilant hope covered over by undying love.

Of course to wait for a coming event in idleness is foolishness. No Olympic aspirant would sit around without training, for the seriousness of the event requires constant practice and top conditioning. To get yourselves in order to welcome the next celestial Son requires that you be alert and ever ready to follow the lead of your indwelling Spirit. I assume that, to you, this is self-evident.

Tonight we have two quest speakers, one of whom is known to you, and the other is a new comer. I ask for clarification questions before their speaking activity begins should there be any remaining confusion or doubts about any teachings in the past, which you would like to clarify now. Are there any left over questions, as it were, or have my brief words clarified any uncertainty?

Ken: Your words this evening, Daniel, confirmed our talk we had about being in readiness and recommitting ourselves to the Father's will. Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): Yes, Ken, and that was my sense too.. that you really were very clear so I will take no more time then with that topic; and, now, here is Tomas.


Knowledge, Faith

Tomas (Bill): Hello, my dears. I am Tomas your former teacher, your constant friend and your guest speaker #1 this evening. I am here, as has been explained in the past, as a teacher from another group as currently I am holding forth in Spokane.

The concern for faith confirmation, which surfaces ever and anon amongst you and others, has my mind tonight for the purpose of commentary. It is a complex subject, this matter of dealing with marginal doubt which cries out for remediation.

The mind of the materialist scientist demands rigorous empirical proof as essential to the methodology of factual acquirement. It is integral to the scientific process that theories be able to be substantiated by their application to the phenomenon presented empirically. If the empirical evidence does not fit the theory, then that theory stands in need of revision. I will not discourse further on the methodology of science. It is from this background, however, that you 20th and 21st century Urantians come to the experience of faith knowledge and attempt to embrace it. I am not speaking primarily to you in this room for you have moved beyond this to some degree. I am merely stating that it is a presupposition of most people's understanding of truth verification that there be an empirical contact with material reality to substantiate spiritual truth. For this reason you desire to see with your human eyes that which is invisible at the present time. For this reason you wish to have physical contact which you can touch and feel. You are in this regard like Thomas of old, who swore forcefully that he would not believe the resurrection of Michael until he could see him and touch him. But Jesus reminded Thomas, the scientist, that more blessed were those who could believe without seeing.

Why did Jesus say more blessed you may ask yourselves when like Thomas you might prefer to see and touch in order to know? The answer lies in the fact that spiritual knowledge is the result of spiritual experience, not the result of physical, material experience. No amount of "miracle", no amount of visions, no amount of physical contact can create spiritual reality. You know God not because you argue from creation, or from personality, or from any other material basis. You know God because you have had personality contact with him within you, in your soul. When you know God from personal experience then all the other arguments from creation, from design, from purpose, from greater to the smaller, etc., all have the force of persuasion but by themselves can never lead to spiritual knowledge. Without the initial faith contact, no material experience is persuasive. Therefore those who believe without seeing are more blessed because they experience the spiritual reality of God.

You will never persuade the skeptics among your friends by argument or any other means that you are truly in contact with us. They can come and observe this phenomenon and attribute it to various causes, but until they experience in themselves the presence of God, the presence of our personalities will not be necessarily persuasive. Occasionally, though, some have come to believe in the reality of God as a result of our contact with them for they have tasted spiritual reality and then upon looking into the well of living water have discovered that this water does indeed quench thirst.

The solution to doubt is to come back home to touch your soul with your indwelling Spirit and to kneel in joyful acquiescence to that great love which flows through you and washes away your anxiety and your doubt, your existential orphan-hood, leaving you with that wonderful sense of belonging as a child of the living God and a brother and sister to every other human.

My friends, these words are not new ideas to you, but nevertheless I am hopeful they will sustain you this evening and throughout the week with spiritual nourishment. I thank you. I have enjoyed greatly being with you and working with my friend Isaac here. Both he and I learned this process of TRing better here because of our companionship. And now I step aside for our second speaker. One moment please.

Tradition, Growth

Sophia (Bill/Isaac): I am a seraphim. My name is Sophia. Some of you have heard of me, and some of you have not. I am affiliated with the seraphic government of this planet. I am working with the Angels of the Churches, the concern for the preservation of all that which is good, true and beautiful in your histories and your traditions. I bring you greetings from my sisters who often work with you when they are associated with your guardian seraphim. We realize that you are more accustomed to thinking of yourselves as in the care and the company of the Angels of the Future, but this is not all together correct for you are actually also very important to us who preserve the high values of the past.

I will not take a great deal of time, but I wish to make a commentary about the need for the conservation of that which is good and true and beautiful which your civilization has learned over these many years. What I wish to say is quite simple. Fundamentally I will use the analogy of building a stairway to heaven. Indeed is the evolution of every planet a step-wise process and each step is predicated on the previous structure. If steps were simply to placed in thin air they would fall to the earth. The stairway to heaven, therefor, requires the previous step and steps to be in place in order for the next step to reach that much higher on its way to its destination. The problem that you are presented with as evolutionary mortals is to filter and decide exactly what is true, good and beautiful from the past, and this does lead to great intellectual and personal effort.

Individual men and women will always have disagreements about what is the most important and valuable aspect of your culture to the present time because agreement is only hammered out through great effort. It will be a slow process to move forward unless there is afforded you the up stepping of spiritual pressure, which can accelerate the evolutionary process. Of course this is what has happened on this planet as a result of the introduction of the Fifth Epochal Revelation which, as you have been told, is not confined to the pages of a book nor to the limitations of the human associations of the Teaching Mission, but in fact, is unfolding right now. However, we of the angelic corps usually regarded as the Angels of the Churches have not lost our function. We are the foundation upon which the next step is built, e.g. we are the advocates of that foundation. What I wish to tell each of you is the same principle applies to growth, and that is that it is your job to individually decide in your own lives what from the past is true, beautiful and good, and should be preserved, and what in fact is scaffolding which can be discarded. More work to do, yes. I realize also that all of you do this without me alluding to it, but I tell you these things to clarify your thinking.

Know that we seraphim, along with our sister cherubim and sanobim, love you mortals with all our hearts. Know that we shall be intimate companions. We shall together perhaps be part of the mortal Corps of Finality. We shall work together for eternity. We guard you; we guide you; we love you. Farewell.

Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel. Thank you, Sophia and Tomas, for a most thought provoking time. I will now with your assistance moderate any questions or commentary which my friends here propose. The floor is yours.



Virginia: Daniel, I think I would just like to thank the angels that were watching over me yesterday with all the crazy things that happened, and no major problems, and I am sure that I kept the angels very busy yesterday. (Laughter.) Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): Midwayers are in . . . .

Virginia: You mean they put their foot on the keys? (Laughter.)

Daniel (Bill): as well as angels. I will pass along your thanks to them as well.

Virginia: Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): I joke with you, my dear, but actually there are midwayers assigned to all of you. They can move rather quickly, so they don't shadow you constantly, but our midwayer friends are of great assistance.

Virginia: Well Daniel, you know George said angels were out and midwayers were in. (Much laughter.) Should we take this literally? A couple of week ago one of the teachers said we each had a pair of angels.

Daniel (Bill): I choose my words deliberately thinking of George. (More laughter.) Are there other questions or comments to address to our visitors tonight?... and if not, that's okay also.

Magisterial Mission

(Pause.) Very well then, I have an assignment for you. I wish each of you to make a list to present to this group at the next meeting of those things which comprise your understanding of what you need to do to be ready for the arrival of the Magisterial Son. This list does not have to be complete nor could it be complete. It is just a starting point, but I do give you this written assignment because it's good for you to write things down and to think about them. And then when the list is presented I wish you to present this during your sharing time, not during transmission, and commentary will be made on your lists at that time.

Virginia: Daniel, some of us are not going to be present on December 1st which is our next meeting. Should we postpone this list to December 8 when we have a more complete group? I would like everyone to be on the spot. (Laughter.)


Daniel (Bill): My sense is that you will do the right thing. I would suggest, however, that those of you in attendance on the first begin the process. This will be most thought provoking, I predict.


And now, my dears, I have already opened this meeting with prayer. I request that one of you get up the courage to lead is in our final prayer. Let us stand and hold hands.

Ken: Open prayer. More than one may speak from their heart if they desire.

Ken: Daniel, you have been with us for nine years; in our presence longer than that. You have taught us many things with the other teachers involved. We are in deep gratitude to you and your service to the Father. To the Father, the First Source and Center, the Trinity, the Deity, to all in creation we give our love, our hearts to all.

Virginia: Father, we do not begin to understand true reality, but we thank you that your indwelling spirit is with us. And the personality that you have given us is what we are, and we thank you for that. We thank you that the reality of our future is really in our hands, and that's rather scary. Help us to make those choices that will help us to throw away the correct part of our scaffolding, and keep the truth, beauty, and goodness that will show those around us what a wonderful God you really are.

Bill: We pray for our friends known to each of us in our minds at this time who need our prayers. We thank you Father that prayer is not merely the speaking of works, but is the mobilizing of energies to transform ourselves and help to assist others. Amen.

And everyone said Amen.