2000-12-03-Stress, Mission, Curriculum

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Topic: Stress, Mission, Curriculum, Rhythm

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Rantarason, Induella, Lester, Malvantra

TR: Gloria, Jonathan, Gerdean



  • Getting rid of the burden of stress

unidentified (Gloria TR): Visualize if you will that one of your cousins is above each of your heads, and we ask that you find a burden of stress, something that has been bothering you, giving you trouble. Take this burden of stress and hand it up to your cousin and release it. Allow them to take it from you. If you feel communication, verbalization, this is okay. Go ahead and speak to your cousin; tell them thank you. If you wish to do this on a daily basis, we encourage this to further your growth, to further your enlightenment, to help you to become lighter bodies, living higher in the light. Thank you for trying this experiment today.


Teaching Mission

  • Mission is Voluntary

Elyon (Jonathan): I bring to you today the greetings of many of my associates and myself. This is Elyon. I restate that this mission is a network of volunteers. No one is required to be enlisted, and all who are engaged do so of their own free choosing. Every one of us welcomes the energy, the input, even your projections of what may transpire in order to bring correction upon Urantia. The mandates and guidelines of the Correcting Time mission are handed down to us from our advisors, but great allowance is made in the breadth of application, for the ideals and patterns of the Salvington schools do not simply or easily superimpose themselves upon the conditions of this planet. They do offer the chance to reshape existence here, but in order to fit into these ideal patterns adaptation must occur, and this is where we teachers and you alike are given the latitude to develop the adaptation, the method whereby we may adjust Urantia such that it may proceed in the direction of planetary Light and Life.

We all are patient, for the projection of Michael for the perfection of this world is one that is incorporated within a broader plan of local universe Light and Life. Such being the case, we know that much time will transpire in its outworking. Do not lose sight of the destiny, but do not overlook the instant. The point in time you are now wherein you may engage in the manifestation of a faint ray of light, it is in each one's individual manifestation that the great blazing light will be revealed. I have with me many who wish to speak, and I will not hold the floor at this time. You do well, and that is the intent of my contact with you today.

Melchizedek Schools

  • Rantarason Melchizedek: Melchizedek schools and curriculum

Rantarason (Gerdean): I am Rantarason. Greetings. You in the Melchizedek university are able to develop your individual fields of interest by and through our curriculum. The learning you assimilate in these sessions is to help you in your real life. You determine what is real for you by your acceptance and adaptation of that which rings true for you. Many service fields are open for learning and for training. Nothing can be overlooked as a sincere attempt to find yourself in and for the Father. The universe is vast. The curriculum that we provide expands and extends as you are able to grasp what you have heard and apply it in ways that these universe values can be reflected through you.

There comes a time in any growing thing that the trust factor allows for the guard to be let down insofar as what other growth may be taking place in this organism at the same time. You cannot possibly keep up with and assimilate everything that is ongoing in your universe, much less the universes of time and space. You can however begin to focus on that which feels as if it compelled you forward in your relationship with your Indwelling Adjuster. It is the case that you are lured to that which you respond to most deeply. Follow your dream.

Follow your heart. Follow that which compels you and lures you even when you are alone in your quest, when you are out on a limb, outside the box. Be true to yourself and your Indwelling Adjuster's desires for you which only you through faith can perceive and pursue. Gain power for yourselves by knowing yourselves so well that you willingly go where you are led, willfully, willingly, volitionally, volunteering to do that which is your destiny. Who else do you think you have to answer to? If others in this organism of life are manufacturing their own purpose, it stands to reason that we will all advance together. Investigate electives to your heart's content. Explore every available educational offering and appreciate all the fields of dreams that are becoming actualized by fellow faith workers. But pursue your own course always.

Allow your pilot to guide you into your uncharted waters to where you will know your greatest peace, where you will have mastered your anxieties, and where you will have more power for doing His will. I now too step aside having encouraged you and wish you farewell.


  • Induella: “an angelic being” and Lester on pushy others and stress, more

Induella (Gloria): If you will, acquaint yourselves with you own rhythm, you own inner pulse. You each have an individual and unique pace that is part of your personality. In today's society it is difficult to keep your own pace, your own rhythm. The sway from someone else that may be overbearing and controlling can grab your rhythm and try to make it their own. They will either attempt to steal your rhythm or override your rhythm with their own. This is most generally done in a subconscious way and can happen even in the grocery store.

To become so acquainted and familiar with the truth of who you really are takes practice and time, but it is there, and it is not faint but pounds loudly. Once you recognize that true beat of your personality it is hard to sway you from the beat of your drum. Acknowledge each for his beat and allow the freedom within each of their own beat. To see how everyone would flourish and grow and come into their creativity and their sense of purpose would be outstanding. It is not difficult to wonder what a world would be like in that everyone had this freedom to cover up with layers of protection knowing that you do have this true beat of your very own does not allow and suffocates the rhythm to be in complete harmony with the personality.

This is all part of growth and will be more understood later on in your ascension career. This is only the beginning point in that you are starting to realize this and to recognize it. It feels good. It feels so good to know that you have this inner rhythm that is your own and that it's okay to make your own music and to do your own bidding, to come into your sense of purpose, your sense of being and know that it's okay. Recognize and accept all your brothers and sisters for their own inner beat and rhythm.

(Gloria: I'm getting a name like Induella, an angelic being.) I make my presence to you today. and send my light to each one. Stand tall. Let the metronome of each of your hearts ring true for your own inner rhythm and pulse. Stand firm and do not allow it to be taken from you. Remain steady in your pace. Thank you.


Lester (Jonathan): Lester, among you. How are you doing? It has been asked how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. It is a thought-provoking notion. But let's ask now how many midwayers can dance on the head of a pin. I would assert that they have a bit more mass to them and require a tack on which they may dance. Let me get to the point of my address to you, and that is regarding stress.

Stress is an outward configuration of events that cause you to feel the emotion of stress. When you are not feeling stressed, often two conditions cause you to feel stress-free. One, is when you are yourself pressing. When the pressure is not upon you, but the pressure originates from within you. You are pressing, and you feel less of the stress from the external environs. When your pressure from within is equal to the stress from without there is a dynamic balance that can be called peace or tranquillity. To let stress develop stability is to be forthright in your power of choice and action to recognize your stresses and to address them head on.

To return to my pondering of the pin, you can take your various elements that contribute to stress and pin them to your bulletin board. Identify them. In reality, let's call this bulletin board the bullying board. This is where you are going to press forward and counterbalance the stress, create equalization, and find in it balance and stability. In order for angels to dance on the head of a pin they must commingle and cooperate to inter-associate. They share spatial coordinates. Likewise, during these stressful times it is important to receive from your peers support, to feel the mutuality of your love and the Father's love, and to recognize through confirmation its truth from one another. Stress is fundamentally merely a perception. The events about your life occur, and stress is your recognition in relation to your desires of these occurrences. Stress does not effect one who is willing to press back upon the stresses. I do not mean that you must fight what is occurring; I mean that you must be active, forthcoming with your own energies to resolve the stresses, not necessarily the events that are occurring that cause stress, but the stress itself. I do not see any more notes on my page, so I will call it here.

Gloria: That name Induella was so weird, Indwelling Spirit. The messages today were all so connected. We each have an angel and are connected to the Indwelling Spirit all helping us because it's so important to find our inner rhythms and be strong and stable with our pulse. I got flashes of all the new helpers here. There's an Induella for each of us to help us. All we need to do is ask. Was I getting that correctly?

Lester: You certainly have. You are among many who now understand that your assistants are far more numerous than two guardian angels and one Indwelling Spirit. Because of the limitations of the physical vehicle and its sensory apparatus you are unable to witness these personalities out and about you, and it is best to discern them from the seat of stillness. Therefore these celestial friends are presenting themselves to you from the avenue of within, from the deeper, or I might say higher, levels of your mind and its contact with spirit existence.

When I lived upon my birth world I found it inconceivable that there would be anything to occupy an angel for eternity, for there appeared beyond my senses nothing whatsoever to do. However, having passed over into the morontia realms, I have discovered innumerable activities that lie in potential for any being to act upon. One of the greatest adventures there is for an angel is to be alongside you and those like you, for the biological-spirit beings that you are, are intriguing. We do not know this when we are in our first life, at least not from a planet like Urantia that has experienced centuries and centuries of orphanhood. Imagine the view in reverse of the view of the earthbound mortal who, like myself at one time, believed there was nothing else out there. To all these beings it is nearly unbelievable that a high spirit being is resident within a flesh creature. I speak not of the Father's presence, true as it is.

I speak of your own spirit reality. You are the only ones. The rest of us occupy dimensions that are contactable to each of us depending upon our abilities and skills. But it is broader; it is more available than it is for you, at least at this point in time. That is changing. There is a stir for comments from others with me.

Angelic Contact


Malvantra: I am Malvantra. I greet you today. I give you love. You have been receiving contact that contains content regarding the agenda from administrators who govern this world. Be alert to the messages and look for them to arrive from numerous contact points, for we have found through experience that your reception of our messages is more accurate if relayed to you through various contact personalities. That leaves in your lap the requirement to be on the lookout, to be gathering and collating the information yourselves.