2001-01-07-Love Power

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Topic: Love Power

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, children. I am Ham speaking. You are each going through some exciting and also some difficult times which we can give you some comfort and guidance which is helpful at times. The future is full of possibilities, some which you see, and some which you are not aware of yet. These are times of a little stress and also times of opportunity.Let us speak concerning the power of love.


Love is the essence of all power, as we have discussed. Love is what opens the window. What allows you to see beyond the stresses and strains of the moment. When you use your stillness time, you reach out toward love. And love, indeed, reaches toward you. When you achieve this comfort, then the minor trifles of life seem to come into a greater perspective, and you do not feel that overwhelming sense of fear or guilt or shame or whatever emotion that can overwhelm the person and cause great stress. It is only love which is strong enough to banish fear. Nothing else can do it.

Fear and anger cause you to pull inward and to block off the possible. It is love which opens and allows all things to become new. Even as we speak, the old things are passing away, and you are emerging into a greater life and a new awareness. When the Master said: "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid," he was reaching out to all. He was reaching out to all of you, when things appeared to be bleak, and even hopeless. He was reaching out to give you comfort and peace. Once you have found a way to achieve comfort for yourself, then the vagaries of existence, the things which work or don't work, the ups and downs of human relationships are much less rocky, much less difficult. For you have found a place within which gives you something that you truly need-not something which you think you need in the outer world.

Life is always filled with difficulty, never is there complete evenness in life, for if you had nothing to grapple with, you would have no stimulus to growth. And this is what is of the utmost importance. It is hard to see each of you succumb to old patterns of fear or self- doubt, when I know you have moved much beyond these things. And yet these patterns seem to recur, albeit with less frequency and less intensity, throughout life. So, do not be hard on yourselves when these things come up and you feel nervous or irritable or afraid over something which you think you should be able to handle, for this is simply a part of how you grow. As the plant grows upward, it is still rooted in the same soil. You are still subject to, like, hormonal changes in the body. Still subject to other types of chemical responses that come from having a mortal body. These things are to be expected. But you must begin to recognize that for what it is--and not that you are flagging in your intention to go forward with the Father's will.

Mortal beings are fragile beings. It is hard to be such fragile beings in such a harsh world and not to feel overwhelmed at times. Children, be kind to each other, and to those around you. Try to be aware that your feelings are not always known to others. That you must have communication. That you must have understanding for each other. Life is very short. And sometimes humans tend to compound their difficulties and pile up regrets over simple misunderstandings. Simply be gentle with each other, even when you are feeling stressful or feeling hurt yourself.

It is hard to go forward in life when things are very uncertain, and you are uncertain as to decisions or what is the best thing for yourself, let alone others. But it is that uncertainty which builds your faith and your trust, as we have spoken so often. Grow in your capacity to love. Love the Father with all your hearts and all your souls. Give him all you have: your will. Let him guide you in his own gentle way. Sometimes it is not necessary to know the future. You all want to know the future, and are sometimes very frustrated when you cannot see too far in front of you, but let that frustration soften and ripen into patience, so that you can patiently forbear the tests and trials of living this life.

You are all doing very well. And should be unconcerned with your spiritual status and standing, for you are all quite secure. Learn to exist in love, more and more. Appreciate the good that is in your fellows. And do not be so impatient with their or your personality differences. Accept each other, love each other. There are times when you will be together, and times you will be apart. Always this is so. Enjoy those times together, and do not threaten them with your own anxieties. Live more completely in the now. Draw the strength of love to you with every breath. Feel your hearts expanding in love, in acceptance, and in forgiveness of yourselves and others. Each of you is precious, more precious than you will ever know, in the Father's eyes. Learn to use his eyes when you look upon your fellows. The Master counseled to love even more than a brotherly love-love each other with a Fatherly love. A love which accepts and forgives all things.


I would like to impose another exercise. Ricallo and Joan, take each others' hands and look into each others' eyes. Ricallo, say: "You are my beloved sister, in whom I am well pleased." And Joan say, back to him, "You are my beloved brother, in whom I am well pleased."Amalayne and Jared, take each others hands and look into each others' eyes. Jared, say to Amalayne. "You are my beloved sister, in whom I am well pleased." And Amalayne, say the same to Jared. Wonderful. The love that is in this room transcends all else. Allow this love to banish all anxiety, all fear, all worries, for the moment that is now. Imagine that the love in this room is like a golden ball that is expanding, enveloping you, expanding, it fills the room, expanding, it is taking up a city block. breathe deeply. Open your hearts as the love is expanding, it is taking up the neighborhood. expanding now, it is enveloping each of your homes. Visualize it expanding and enveloping the homes of those you love. It is keeping everyone safe, as it expands and envelopes all of the city. All around you as far away as 20 miles in all directions. This love has expanded. Now it is expanding further. Imagine it expanding and expanding to envelop the state, and all surrounding states. Imagine it expanding to envelop all those that you love in every corner of the country. And you are in the center here. This room is the center, and it is expanding outward, outward. down to the tip of Florida; up to Canada; enveloping both coasts where you have friends and loved ones. Now imagine it expanding to where the whole world is enveloped in this love that is centered in you and in this room. You are sending love to every person every place in the world. And even that cannot contain it. Imagine this love expanding enveloping your solar system; it's expanding so much it is reaching to the mansion worlds. And all the beings there, all the departed, all feel your love. Now imagine this love extending all the way to Salvington, to Michael. And imagine his love and all of the beings in his mighty universe, joining your love, as you all expand it. Expand it. And now you are sending your love all the way to Paradise, all the way to the Father of Light, to the Father of Love. Now imagine Him accepting this love. This love that is amplified from this room throughout all the universes, and imagine him sending his love back. Now you are beginning to receive this love, which was amplified and amplified and amplified, and this love banishes all pain, banishes all fear, banishes everything but itself-so that you are Him and He is you and you are Love.

You have touched the essence of your being. You have given and received the essence of what you are to the essence of all creation. Now, as you bask in this essence, as you give and receive divine love, give thanks for the knowledge of who you are: that you are love. That you are a beloved child of the universe. Special, precious, irreplaceable. What are your questions at this time?

Personal Counsel

Q: Yes, Ham. May I have a personal message, please?

A: Of course, my son. Yes. Have strength and fortitude and courage for the times ahead. Remember that when a man gives to God all that he has, his will, then does God make that man more than he is. You are finding your way toward this ideal. And the stresses and strain that get you there are part of the trip. Not to be despised, but welcomed. That is all.

Q: May I have a message, please?

A: Certainly, daughter. You are doing well. You have much to give and much to contribute in this world as you grow in the spirit. Even now, you are continually discovering yourself anew. That you are continually changing and growing and becoming more and more your own person. And finding that you love that person very much. Which hasn't always been so. You have made great advances in self-understanding and self-acceptance over the past couple of years, and this is wonderful to behold for you are truly coming out of your cocoon and beginning to stretch your wings a bit; and this is very, very good. You still have a lot to do in this life. You have resources within which you still have not discovered, or begun to tap. But you will. That is all. May I have a private session?

Thursday, 3:00.

Q: Ham, may I have a message tonight, please?

A: Certainly, my dear. Yes. You have truly come far, even though perhaps you feel like you're running on a treadmill, not going anywhere. That is not actually so. You are actually making a lot of progress and are letting down the old barriers and things built up from childhood which had kind of cut you off from other parts of yourself. These old problems are starting to soften and change. So that your feelings are coming out instead of being just bottled within. And this is very healthy and necessary for your health. Do not fear the letting go, the putting everything in the Father's hands, for when you are able to truly release everything, you will find yourself. You are doing very well in coping with the many stresses that you are under at this time. There is a bridge coming up that you will be crossing. When you get to it, you will know, and at the end of this bridge will be new opportunities which have not been available to you at this time. The old will be passing away, and the new will be beginning, so prepare yourself for these things. Do not allow the worries of the moment to eclipse the greater truth: that you are spiritually moving forward. Be at peace with yourself. Do not struggle with who you are, but be and accept, and be again and accept. There is nothing more important than learning to love yourself. All the rest will take care of itself in time, my dear, and you are doing very well.

Q: Your answer last week about my father as a sleeping survivor upset me. Can you elucidate?

A: Of course, my dear. Every person has a soul, and also has a greater spirit, which dwells within. Sometimes it is necessary for the soul to sleep and to rest. But the greater spirit is always aware of all things. Your father's spirit, therefore, is aware of you, is aware of all others. He does understand your need for him, and does send his comfort. This problem you are having is really a matter of my not explaining in completeness. I apologize for not letting you fully understand the greater truths of the kingdom. What would be personal consciousness-when that is resurrected, then the soul personality, spirit, all are again one. At that time, then your father would be thought of as being with your departed family, with his guardian angels, with those who will love him and protect him and guide him in his journey on. That will come at a time that I do not know, for these things are in the hands of the Father. But for now, his greater spirit does watch over, does receive your prayers, does understand your needs. So do not think that you have lost your father, for he will certainly greet you when you pass over to the new shores of the next life existence.

Q: Melissa. New insights. Is this connected with spiritual growth?

A: Yes, of course it is. My daughter, you are growing in the spirit, and this growth can come sometimes in fits and starts. Times when you are very aware of it, times when you are not so aware. But always is spiritual growth taking place. There is always some danger that when the gates are open to the greater spiritual realm of the mind, that also the unconscious: feelings, longings, wishes, can rush up as well, and cause some confusion. So just be aware that that can happen, keep your feet firmly on the ground as you explore new spiritual horizons. You do well my dear. That is all.

Q: Norbert would like a message.

A: Certainly, my son, you are doing very well, and are trying some new things which are good for your spiritual growth. Realize that living consists in changing. That everyone changes day to day, moment to moment. That you are likewise changing and growing and adapting to your new spiritual awareness as well as to the world around you. Be happy that these things are occurring. Embrace with love these changes. Go forward in peace. That is all.

Q: David Harper?

A: Yes, son, you are also doing well and are coming into greater realizations as to your responsibilities and duties toward the spirit. You have always been loyal to the truth, as best you could understand that truth. And always is the truth expanding, and so must your loyalties expand with your understanding of greater and greater truth and wisdom. Allow yourself to change and to adapt to this greater wisdom which is always available, to grow just a little bit more, to understand and accept just a little bit more. Do not be afraid of that which is within you, but embrace all that you are, and love all that you are. Do not block out that which you do not wish to see, but open your eyes to all, and embrace it all. You do very well.

Q: Esmeralda?

A: Yes, my dear, you are coping with this problem very well. You are doing your duty and learning that you are coming to enjoy that duty now with your mother as you understand it may not last forever. Allow yourself to grow in love and understanding toward her as she faces this great struggle bravely and with great resiliency. Know that you have that resiliency within yourself as well. Be at peace, for you do well.

Q: Elena?

A: Yes, daughter, you are learning, growing, changing, adapting, all these things we have discussed. Be continually more at ease with yourself, continue to grow in love and acceptance for yourself and have patience with all of those around you who are not as quick or as efficient, perhaps, as you are. Understand them. And be at peace. That is all.

Q: Rebecca?

A: Yes. Daughter, you are doing well. You have much to learn in this life and you are always keen to do so. You have great curiosity and a great capacity to experiment and to try different things in life. You are not one who settles into a mold and then stays there. You are continually breaking out of that mold. And this warms my heart to observe. You do well, my daughter, all the little fears that you have will give way to love if you let this occur. Be confident and grateful for all things.

Q: Myself?

A: Yes, my son. You also are doing very well. There is much before you that will draw on your best efforts. And this ability to continue to put out your best effort, to continue to grow in the spirit and in love also is heartening to me. For I see one who has indomitable courage and faith, who has continued to develop his faith in God through all manner of circumstance. Continue therefore to put this faith first. To continue to open your heart to him and to his blessings. Resist the temptation to close yourself at any time. Be open, be continually honest and clear with your communication with the Father, even as you have been. That is all. You do well, my son.


Until next week. My love, my prayers, and yes, my faith, are with you, each one. You are all progressing wonderfully, have no fear. That is all.