2001-04-26-Welcome Father

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Topic: Welcome Father

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, children, yes--I am Ham and I am happy to see you here this evening. Tonight, we shall discuss welcoming the Father into your life. The Father's spirit is never one to push or force his acknowledgment. He is ever patient and ever waiting upon the invitation allowing him to enter.


When the Master said, "behold, I stand at the door and knock," (159:.2) he was referring to his oneness with the father. He waits for your invitation, he waits upon your will, allowing him greater and greater function in your life. Welcoming him shall eventually become a rather constant process. We counsel that the correct attitude toward the Father is one of welcome. Like your best friend, he is welcome in all states of mind. Sometimes your house will be disorderly, sometimes you will appear disheveled and disinterested, but you must remember always to welcome your friend, allow him entry--and he will do the rest.

Did not the Master say that the Father knows what you have need of, before you think to ask him? (140:6.11) Welcome him into your hearts every morning, breathe his spirit into your body throughout your day, feel his love surrounding your hearts and comforting your souls. Welcome him again in the evening, before you sleep, in this way keep opening your mind, your heart, your soul, and your body to his healing power. Let him comfort you when you are afraid. Let him dry your tears before you even shed them. Let him give you peace of mind and tranquility of spirit. And to do all this, you must only have an attitude of welcome.

Are there any questions at this time?


Q: For Jim, and any prospect that he might be set free?

A: Yes, of course, he will be set free, this is coming soon. But in the meantime, my son, you must realize that there is always a reason, perhaps the reason you are brought in contact with these people is for their benefit. You have come through much in your life, you have great wisdom and counsel to give to others. Already you have unknowingly changed the course of a life. The Father has brought you to this place, so that you may serve him there. And this you are doing. When this service is complete, then your assignment will change. There are many who say that the Lord works in strange and mysterious ways--and so it is. You are a testament to the human spirit, to the change a man can make when he loves God with all his heart and all his soul. Be confident, my son, that your assignment will soon be at an end, and you will be returned to a more normal life, but forever changed by this experience.

Have complete faith my daughter, your work so far has not attained results because it was the Father's will that certain things should transpire, but very soon, even by the action of angels, will this situation change and things that were impossible will be possible. Your steadfast dedication and loyalty is truly wonderful. You two will be brought closer by this experience. Allow this to strengthen your faith and to bring you closer together. Don't worry, my daughter, this will soon be at an end. So be at peace, that is all.

Q: Lately I've been seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Like someone is there, then gone. I see someone in a room, then they are gone. Is this an angel or my imagination?

A: This is difficult to evaluate. Sometimes human beings are given opportunities to see midwayers, but most often these things are a product of one's own imagination. Midwayers are very real, they do come and go. Usually, their work does not directly imvolve human beings, but sometimes it does. They are truly your cousins and it is well to have warm and welcoming feelings for them. Should they wish to make contact, they certainly can. That is all.

Q: Ham, we were wondering if Goddess night on Thurs, the 24th, would be okay?

A: Yes, of course. We can switch the lesson night to Wednesday that week. Yes, Rebecca, it would be wonderful for you to participate, yes.

Personal Counsel

Q: Message for Nancy Davis?

A: Certainly. Daughter, you are doing well. You have had many difficulties to overcome and have come through, as always, even stronger than before. Do not have anxiety concerning your family or your relationships. Allow the Father's healing love to penetrate all things. Do not try to control outcomes. Rather, be open to love and understanding, and true tender, deep feelings for all. All is well, you'll see.

Q: Keri Pisapia?

A: Of course. Daughter, you are doing well. Much better than you think. Sometimes with spiritual growth, it seems like you are going in circles--like, progress is not being made, but look again. And you will see a spiral staircase, and every step leads upward and only seems to retrace old patterns. Grow in love for yourself Accept that you are just a tiny human being on a tiny world. And that you don't have to have all the answers all the time. Don't worry about the thing you are concerned about. For already there is change occurring, and movement in a direction you should go. Be at peace, my dear. That is all.

Q: Marije?

A: Of course, my dear. Your life has been full of ups and downs. Extremes of emotion, extremes of feeling about life, intensity. But now is the time to relax and allow. Pull back from everything a little bit. Allow some perspective. Don't worry about anything, you are coming through this period very well, and are growing from your experiences. Life is preparing you for new and greater experiences, never forget that. So, be at peace my dear, that is all.


A: MY son you do well. There are many things in your life that make you question the Father's wisdom. But remember that life is designed to bring about spiritual growth and many of the puzzling aspects of life can be understood when you understand the Father's final aim. Keep opening your heart to his love, loving your fellow man, that is your friends, more and more. You are doing well. Be at peace.

Charlie Beyer?

A: yes, my son you have also had some difficult periods, times when life seems to spin you around. Always ask yourself what does the Father want me to learn from this? Then go a step further and ask the Father himself: what do you want me to learn? The answer won't come all at once. But over time, you will find that it always comes. Don't worry my son--you do well.

Q: Jarad?

A: Certainly son--this illness is not lasting. Rest and you will recover completely. Don't be concerned; you have many strong, productive years ahead. It is well that you have a season of rest.

Q: for me?

A: my son you are doing well. You go in many directions at times. And have trouble focusing your energies. Use this time to be creative, to rest, to fertilize the soil so to speak. Don't worry about producing so much as just preparing the ground. Rest and relaxation are in store.


A: Daughter your growth is wonderful. You are beginning to bear the fruits of the spirit. And even to enjoy your opportunity for service. Old wounds are healing. It is a beautiful thing to see. My love is with you.


A: Dear you are doing well. Be careful of spreading your energies too thin. Life must have a rhythm of work and rest. Pamper yourself with a long restful weekend. This will do you much good.


A: Daughter, do not fear the little challenges of life. Relax and enjoy your abilities without feeling constantly driven to work. Rest and be at ease, for you do very well.


That is all.

My love and prayers are with you. Farewell.