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Topic: Witnessing

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, my friends, I am Ham and I am happy that you have decided to attend this evening’s lesson. Tonight we are discussing what is commonly called witnessing. When you speak of your own experience with God in complete sincerity and truth, your message is amplified. People hear the sincere witnessing of experience of the true believer.



One who has unwavering faith has great power to effect the lives of others. Those who proselytize with great fervor and passion sometimes in truth have the weakest faith. Those people who are strong in faith have need of few words and when they speak to another believer, regardless of that person’s home base of faith, there is complete communication and understanding. Great men of faith have always understood each other across the boundaries of their faith. It is those who are weaker in faith who cling to the trappings of faith as an anchor. Those with true faith soar above all these things to grasp the spiritual reality of each individual.

Jesus, as he walked on this earth, encountered many different types of people. The trappings of faith, the traditions, were very strong in his day. He respected the traditions without being trapped by them. He spoke to men’s souls directly, not to their philosophies.

Philosophic orientation is not so important as the soul's openness to the living spirit of God. Two people can be diametrically opposed philosophically and be complete equals spiritually. It is not so important that you should impress someone with the rightness of your philosophy, as to bear living witness to the spiritual reality of God. Human beings tend to cling to the lessor thing, defend it, to hide within it because it is easier and takes less real faith than to soar upon the wings of that faith into the thrilling unknown spiritual adventure that awaits all human beings.

Jesus was a courageous man in that he defied tradition and he was a meek man in that he followed the leading of his Father in heaven. He was always true to the meek side and this is what gave him the courage to be at odds with the authorities. Spiritual courage is born of meek obedience. Once you have tasted this path, you cannot return to that which is lower, that is to the safety of religious convention. Bear witness to the truth of spiritual reality with a meek and humble heart.

The Master did not flaunt his power or give into the calls of "show us a sign". Always did he bear witness to the Father’s spirit and this he calls all his children to do. Are there any questions at this time.



Q: Is it possible for a person to describe themselves as an atheist and agnostic and still be open within themselves to spiritual realities?

Ham: Yes of course. Often this is unbeknownst to the person himself. Sometimes the Father can quite easily influence and lead those people who have been turned off to traditional religion. The philosophy of the mind is not so important as the sincerity of the heart.

Cognition, Spirituality

  • Cognition: The BRAIN Documents Response To The Non Physical

Q: I was reading in Newsweek about research on spiritual experience and the brain looking at how certain areas of the brain are activated when people meditate or pray. How important is this research and can you help me understand its significance?

Ham: The body is a temple of the spirit. It is the spirit which animates and gives life to that which, without the spirit, is a collection of chemicals. The body is like a tuning fork that gradually is adjusted and becomes more and more attuned to the spirit and in the process the mind, the mortal mind, is more spirit conscious. When your scientists measure electrical activity in the brain, they are in a sense documenting the bodily response to that which is nonphysical. The mind is more than the brain, and the spirit more than the mind. It is unfortunate that some scientists wish to reduce spiritual experience to electrochemical changes in the brain. The tip of the iceberg that is described is not the iceberg. It is only that part which is seen. Is this helping.

Q: Understanding the physical response to the spiritual experience, will this help us tune the tuning fork better?

Ham: Yes, certainly so. Simply creating those types of responses in the brain does not create real spiritual experience nor is it a substitute for true spiritual growth involving moral growth and character growth. It is similar to monks who spend years in isolated meditation. They may be very good meditators, but crippled socially and unable to help their brethren.


  • Symbols: Symbol of The CROSS

Q: I have a question about last weeks lesson, I did not want to pose it with the young girls here, but your lesson on symbols. Over the years I have thought long and hard about the cross as a symbol of Christ Michael’s life. The cross is emblematic of the excruciating death but not the joyous life. If I had my way, I would pick another symbol.

Ham: Yes, the cross was embraced because it symbolized the doctrine of atonement, that the Master was a sacrifice to God, redeeming the sins of the world. This is a very deeply rooted and powerful idea that came out of Judaism. It was perhaps a more potent symbol for that time. Today, the symbol of the cross has become more removed, more symbolic of Christianity and all that that entails, the atonement doctrine being only a part. As time goes on, this symbol will come to represent the Master’s life more than his death. But, it is doubtful, that the symbol itself can be replaced. The meaning will gradually change, but the symbol will likely remain.


  • Science: Science Beyond Earth Helps Uncover Mysteries

Q: When we get past this life, is there still a need for scientists or are all the facts known and we are simply taught them rather than having to discover them?

Ham: There are scientists and no the Father’s infinite creation is not completely known to his creatures. Always is there the voyage of discovery for most all of his created beings. There are new worlds to explore and to understand continually being created. So, there will always be the need for those who are excited by the wonder of discovery.


  • The FATHER Does Not Neglect His Children

The Father does not neglect his children. Sometimes, when you feel like nothing is working, it is easy to feel abandoned by the spirit. But, this is not so. These are the times when he is working most intensively with you. For you must be prepared for the door that will open. Spiritual preparation is no small thing. It is the entire essence of life. It is easy to become impatient and to wish that this had happened or that and to bemoan one’s situation at the time. But if you could see the wider picture, you would understand the necessity of preparation time. Only in hindsight will this be clear to you.


  • Control: NO MAN Controls His Destiny

No man controls his destiny. Control is an illusion. It is not given to man to know what will happen in the next hour, let alone the next few years. No amount of planning can steer a person’s destiny. The one who is in control of your destiny is your Father in Heaven. He will give you that which is necessary for your personal spiritual growth at any given time. Sometimes, his lessons are painful and pain is a part of growth. It is best that you simply relax and enjoy the ride of life rather than trying to steer that which is not steerable. A child sits on his Father’s lap while driving the car. The Father allows the child to think he is steering and controlling the pedals. But, that is an illusion.