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Topic: Mindfulness

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Abraham, Daniel

TR: Bill K.



Christ Michael: From the perspective of the Universe, you are all beautiful souls. You are united together and your flame of love glows as a great torch to all that surround you. You are the light of the world. You are my children and I am your Brother/Father. Be near me this evening, even as I am near you. Let us commence. Amen.

Abraham: Greetings. I am Abraham, your friend and brother. I have requested some time on this docket to speak with you, my good friends. I appreciate your efforts to complete the assignment I made in regard to your prioritizing of time and attention so that you could evaluate anew where you are placing your feet on the pathway to Paradise. Tonight I wish to talk about mindfulness, for that is the outcome which was wished for as a consequence of my assignment.



To be mindful is to live in the present moment. To be mindful is to give up the wearing habit of worry. To be mindful is to be conscious of the presence of God within and to welcome his Bestowal Son as your intimate companion. To be mindful is to let all stress drain from your mind and body, to relax in the certain, loving presence of all the spiritual agencies of Love which literally flood the Universe of universes. To be mindful is to listen with the ears of love to the words of your brothers and sisters. To be mindful is to be fully awake, not semi-conscious. To be mindful is to love yourself as a son or daughter of God. To be mindful is to obey the impulses of co-creatorship which come to you from the emanations of the great Supreme. To be mindful is to let go of the clambering of the ego, the need to control, and let God take charge.

My dear friends, mindfulness is a process, a long journey which will eventually result in perfected status. I have not attained it. It is yet far off in the habiliments of pure Spirit existence. But I have made great progress since my days in the mortal career; so you, too, are on the same road, the road to perfection. The world that you live in, despite its handicaps and flaws, is incomparably beautiful! Your native beginnings are a joy which you will cherish forever. Your culture dwells on the negative a good share of the time which makes you all think that goodness is slow to conquer slothful evil; but it is not so, my friends. Goodness, beauty, and truth are gaining the ascendancy.

"How does one become more mindful?", you are asking. The answer is surprising simple. It is a matter of choice. This business of God consciousness, this business of mindfulness (for the two are very closely interrelated) is under your control. This choice consists of countless choices so that when you look at it closely we are talking about virtually minute by minute awareness.

But it is not a struggle. It is not exhausting introversion and introspection that I advocate. It is the application of the fundamental choice which you have all made to do the will of God. It is to place your burden at your feet rather than carry it on your back, and walk away from it as our Mother admonished us. Spread your wings like the eagles and catch the currents of love that waft through the universe, ever lifting you higher and closer to your destination. Thank you for kind attention. I will visit with you again. Shalom.

So begins our trek on this, our eleventh year. We have begun and the secret to progress is always the same. We take it a day at a time in this mortal career and even in the morontia walk do we break up our periods of work with rest, worship and recreation. You have discussed sleep patterns this evening. While you were talking of this we were conferring about the fact that we, also, require rest and recharging. If your candles come on at three o'clock in the morning and it disturbs your sleep, we are sympathetic to those protests and urge you to return to slumber; unless you are in a wakeful condition.

[List Note: A number of years back, this group requested that the teachers light an electric candle when they wished contact with their student. It appears that this is what Daniel is talking about in the above comment.]

  • DANIEL Takes Questions


Soul, Energy

LaReen: Daniel, at the beginning after the prayer from Michael, Bill saw an energy field standing behind us and our angels. Could you elaborate on that for us?

Daniel: What is it you would like to know further about?

LaReen: What is the energy? Was it . ...?

Daniel: Isaac was given a visualization of the soul energy combined with the physical energy of your living bodies. He saw, therefore, both physical and morontial realities blending into one bright flame. You could characterize it as morontial love energy. The lesson to learn from this visualization is that your community as a group, including your angels standing behind you, amplifies your effectiveness as Michael's bestowal partners. This means that together you can do what you cannot do by yourselves. Your soul energy, as I have termed it, has been described by other teachers as the heart line. You are morontia beings, you know, housed in physical bodies. Your soul is morontia. Does this clarify for you, my dear?

LaReen: It does. So when we hold hands at the beginning of class and do stillness, does that sort of kick start it? Do you see much of a difference if we do hold hands, or if we don't hold hands?

Daniel: At the risk of sounding mechanical in my reply, I would advise you to make physical contact with each other. You can hold hands; you can put your arms around each other, but don't get on a piggyback acrobatic type of setup!

LaReen: Okay, I promise. (Group laughter)

Daniel: It is equally or more important that there be no barriers between you when you are in a group. I know at times this happens. When it does, there is a break in the lines of energy. You can actually feel those things and you refer to them in your language. I endorse the idea of stillness before prayer, whether you be seated or standing doesn't matter except for the comfort level of the group as a whole. Your getting together once a week is very important to your spiritual sustenance. It should not be regarded as semi-optional and something to do when there is nothing more pressing.


Daniel: Because of the controversy on this planet regarding abortion we have been instructed to not give any information which would influence one side or the other in this controversy. If I were to say that personality is given at the moment of conception, then would abortion be destruction of great significance. If I were to say that personality is given at birth, then the other side would argue that this strengthens their case. Therefore, our policy is not to answer this question.

Here is what is important! There is an enormous difference between the personal and the non-personal throughout the universe. If humankind was non-personal, they would only be smart animals. They would not be children of God, for God is personal. The Father is the source of all personality. So it doesn't really matter, except concerning abortion, when personality is bestowed. Certainly, from birth on, there is personality. Whether it was there before, we will not answer. Many are mistaken about the existence of the soul, thinking that it is pre-existent, or that it comes at conception. These are not correct views. The soul begins at the moment of the arrival of the Thought Adjuster in response to free will decision making. I am sorry if my answer is unsatisfactory, but that is our policy.