2002-04-29-Challenges Prepare You For Paradise Career

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Topic: Challengs Prepare You For Paradise Career

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Nebadonia, Michael

TR: George B.



Jerry: Dear Father in heaven we bow before you this evening with grateful hearts for the opportunity that we have to meet as friends and as fellow co-workers; for the love that you instill in us all in abundance, so that we have the opportunity to convey it to others. We pray Father that you are with us this evening as we listen to the messages to be delivered. Help us to understand them and apply them in our lives and share them with those with whom we come in contact. Thank you again Father for the blessings of life, for the knowledge we have of you and of all the celestial personalities who are working and striving so hard to assist us all on this planet to live in peace. These things we pray in the name of your son Jesus Christ.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to see all of you here tonight gathered again as friends. I want to express to you how happy I am to see you. I look down into this group and see those who are faithful joining together in harmony to receive a message. A message that you believe in your hearts and for that I thank you and I am happy.


Energy, Manipulation

I would like to go once again into this energy manipulation. I want you to get used to sending out this energy into the world. All of you know how this works, therefore, I expect only the best from you. Once again gather your energy, the energy that you bring down through you. Concentrate it to the center of the room. Try to draw as much energy as you can from the Universe. Draw as much as you need or as much as you feel you need. With your minds and yours hearts, give this energy a purpose, an intent, a message. Encode it with your thoughts, encode it with your desires and with your purpose. Give it a designation, a destination, a direction; there is much you can do with this energy. There are many miracles that you can produce. Now that you have an idea of what this energy can do, help it to leave this room, help it to go beyond these walls, beyond this city and beyond this state and this country. Now that it is in space around this earth, see as it travels at lightning speed. It is zig zagging its’ way in and out until it arrives at its’ destination. Wherever you have intended it to go, it is there. It is healing, it is giving hope. Let this energy settle, let it fall, let it gently glide down into the hearts and minds of those who need it. Look into your mind and you can see as this energy arrives at its’ destination. It is being received by these people and in their hearts they are beginning to feel something different, something new, something good and they are beginning to see hope in their lives. Their pain is receding and their hearts are mending. Imagine this and it will be done. Now bring this energy back, back into this room. This energy has been transformed, it has been changed by your intentions and purpose. Now that it is back in this room it is pulsating with life, it is laced with the power of God and with your good intentions. This energy will be used to give all of you in this room new strength, to improve your lives, to improve your health and to improve your relations with one another. Now imagine as this energy reaches every single one of you in this room. We shall now go into a moment of silence.

In this spirit, you have done well. Now I shall take this energy to me so that I may in turn give it to each of you. Receive it from the goodness of my heart.

Challenge, Connectedness

I would like to talk to you tonight about the challenges that each and everyone of you faces at certain points in your life. It is true that many challenges that are put in your lives are there to help you grow, help you change and to help you to become better citizens of the Universe. If it were not for these challenges you would not be tested citizens. You would not be well-equipped to handle a life time career towards Paradise. It is better that you have these challenges here and now and that you resolve your problems before entering the universal career of Paradise. These challenges are difficult and from your point of view they may seem impossible to overcome, but those who have faith in God know full well that there is always a solution to every problem, there is always an answer. Though this answer may take years to come, it will come. Sometimes it takes years for you to understand the problem at hand and that is why it can take years for you to solve the problem and to overcome it. Approaching a problem with love, the love that you have inside of you, helps a great deal, because it helps you to understand beyond, it helps you to see past the differences that you may have with one another. You shall be connected even into the far distance future. Perhaps at this moment you may not fare well with another individual, but you are connected nevertheless. You have a stronger bond that connects you for all eternity. But if you have decided that you do not want to be connected to this person, at the same time you are deciding that you do not want to be connected to God. What does this say about you? Is it not your intention to follow this Universe Career? Is it not your intention to one day see the face of God? If this your intention then it is in your best interest to come to the realization that your brothers and sisters on this world are connected. So deeply in you, so engrained in your very soul that you have no choice but to love them, no choice but to extend your hand out to them and tell them that it is alright, I do love you, I do care for you, I do not wish you any harm. Make this your intention and all will fall into place.

That is why we have these challenges in our lives. Constantly challenging us to come up to par and become the citizens that we are destined to become. The more we procrastinate, the less we are connected. This is why it is important to meet these challenges, to battle and to expect these challenges to be hard, because your soul needs a lot of hammering out. At this moment your soul is growing, it is becoming, it is not yet there. You need these challenges to hammer out your soul so one day you will be worthy enough to fuse with your Thought-Adjuster, worthy enough to enter the gates of Paradise. I not saying that you are not worthy, you are children of God, of course you are worthy. What I am saying is that you are not connected with your brothers and sisters. You are not treating everyone as your brothers and sisters. You should treat everyone as you would treat yourself, because in the end, you are all a part of one thing and that is God. You are all connected.

Which is why these challenges appear, because many of you try to pretend that you are individuals, separate from one another. You go through life without a care in the world, without care for your brothers and sisters whether in pain or suffering. You realize very little of what may hurt, a part of you inside hurts as well. You come too little too late to this realization because you have missed out on this connection. You have missed out on the idea that there is piece of God inside of you and that there is a piece of God inside that person and that means that you are both connected with one another. If you have missed out on this, you have missed out on the compassion that you could have felt for that person. You have missed out on an opportunity to grow and the opportunity of becoming someone better in your life. You missed out on the opportunity for your soul to be much closer to God and then you die and you reach the Mansion Worlds and you look back and you wonder why didn’t I do anything to grow, why didn’t I take the opportunity then to learn everything that I needed to learn? Because now it is much harder, now I have lived a lifetime in bitterness and now that I am here it will take me much longer to learn this.

I am not telling you this to scare you or make you afraid. I am only illustrating that you may miss opportunities in your life that you may later regret. It is true that there are always more opportunities at hand, more opportunities which are given to you by the Universal Father. It is time for you to awaken. Awaken to the realization that the opportunities are here and now in front of you, many to take full advantage of. Don’t let these opportunities go to waste. Many of you here are not wasting the opportunities and have taken full advantage and that is good and I praise you for that. I praise you for the goodness that you all have in your hearts, I praise you for the feeling of being connected with one another, your understanding that you are connected with all of your brothers and sisters.

I know that you will take this message that I give to you tonight and express it to all of your brothers and sisters in the world. I know that one day you will set aside your personal ego and allow yourself to connect to the Universe, with the World and your God. I am connected to all of you, you are my bothers and sisters. I say here and now that I love all of you and that I will always love you, because I love myself as well and I love God. I took me many years to accept myself, but when I final accepted who I was, it became so liberating because it allowed me to love everyone else. It allowed me to express my deep feelings, and allowed me to have God enter into my heart. I ask you to love yourselves as well and give yourself this opportunity to be connected, to have this connection spiritually. Through the Spirit you will find the way.

Even those who do not believe the way that you do, through the Spirit you shall connect with them. Even those with no faith, through the Spirit you shall connect. Even those who have committed heinous crimes, through the Spirit you shall reach them.

So when life gives you challenges, do not worry, look deep inside of your heart and feel the Spirit moving and helping you to come to a solution. There is always help and there will always be opportunities for growth. It is time that you awaken to these opportunities. I will now let others speak.


Nebadonia: TR, Nel. Good evening children. I am here, your Mother, longing to give you my deep love. Ever since you were conceived, I have known you and my agencies have made ready for you, to make ready your coming into this world. Your path was laid out by the Father, Your Father. It was a great joy to see each and everyone of you come into this world as a human baby. Your uniqueness was evident and we had great pleasure and joy to see you, being you as you are, full of innocence, receiving this world, full of eagerness to live in this world. Being born on this particular world, seemingly difficult, and yes it is, to live here. It is also a great gift of opportunity to grow to your fullest potential, as a human being and beyond. You are well cared for and you are all very much aware of that. It is a great joy to me when you reach for me or Michael and when you know that my daughters the angels are with you, around you, guide you, protect you. You are always safe, always encouraged. You raise a great sense of pride on our part, your parents, to see you reach and long to grow towards your talents and desires. It was a great day for us when you came to that ripe age of coming to your first choice in finding the Father’s Spirit Fragment that came to indwell you and with that you are forever sacred. You are forever held in His care. You have all answered His call. So dear children be of good cheer, we are proud and full of admiration for the way life on this planet unfolds in harmony as you move through it, growing and learning, each giving of yourself. These are just words that I wanted to say to you. Know that you are so loved, cherished and special to us, as are all of our children. You answer the call, as we are calling everybody, by taking another step forward, to trust and to being the love that you are and extending it forward and being in that oneness, in that connection of one spirit, the Father of us all. So receive my love and be cheerful, full of faith, all is well. Good night children.

Michael: TR, Nel. I would like to say a few words, too. Such solemnness, that’s all. Enjoy! You know who I am. It’s important that you look at life around you. This is a beautiful time of year. The gardens are blooming. The birds are singing. Fruit is growing on the trees. All is well, all is well in the control of Father’s overcare. You are all beautiful, striving hard to be my faithful, dutiful warriors in this time of correction. You are so willing and I am grateful for that. You are a great help to me. I rejoice when you come to me. Put your hands in mine and let’s walk together.

All that you see around you and you hear about, yes there is great suffering. There is confusion and there is strife, but have faith, all is under control, it needs to be this way. Send out your love and be in full faith, surrendering yourself to trust in the Father. He will set you free from fear, from anxiety, even anger about what is happening. When you are free from all of that, you will be instantly energized by the Father, by myself and by Mother, to walk with me and shine forth your light and allow me to speak the words of wisdom and encouragement.

I am very happy with all of you here and beyond this room, all over the world, wherever my children give love and do the right thing and are walking with me. Some of them don’t recognize me for who I am but my voice is heard, they hear my voice, they know the truth. I appeal to them and they follow and so the great army of love is forming and will change and improve this world. Be patient, it will take time, but it cannot be stopped or turned back. Trust in me my children, I’m going before you, I love you so much. I am proud of you, I admire you, you are my brothers and sisters, you are also my children. My great desire is to give you peace and confidence and rest. To energize you to only see the light, follow it with great love that is in your life. You must know that I need you always. I leave you with my peace, we will speak again whenever you want to.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, I just want to point out that perhaps the fathers here on earth have failed you at times, they were not as perfect as you wished them to be. Let me tell you this, your Fathers in heaven shall be forever perfect and shall always love you and from that you shall make all comparisons. Are there any questions or comments?



Jerry: JarEl, I have a question to ask you to comment on. It is puzzling to me what we see occurring with seemingly contact with departed beings. However, from all that we have been instructed from the Urantia Papers and other transmissions that sort of contact doesn’t occur. Would you please comment on this phenomenon that seems to be occurring? It gives the appearance of contradicting what we have been taught.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Jerry, the contradiction exists because we have crystallized something that should never have been crystallized. The truth is constantly changing and scriptures should always be updated, including The Urantia Book. What was said in 1931 in The Urantia Book was true for its time. However recent events and recent changes have allowed for certain individuals to make contact with friends and family that have been left behind. They have been given permission to do this. However their duty on the other side is to continue to learn and grow. So they become occupied with other things and they worry less about their family and friends because they are assured that their family will survive and that one day they will see them again. To some individuals it is given permission because it is believed that this contact will help them in their transition. It is rightly so, for many have been healed through these communications with their loved ones. There are many allowances that are being given to Urantia, for it is a very strange planet. Do not hold tightly to words that were written a long time ago. This will only cause confusion and chaos in the future. Live in the now and keep your mind open. Does this answer your question Jerry.

Jerry: Yes, thank you very much, it very heart-warming and comforting to know and the seeming conflict is solved.


JarEl: TR, George. Good. Are there anymore questions?................... That is all for tonight, I would like to wish you all a good night.

All: Good night JarEl.