2002-05-19-Holy Words & Holy Spirit

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Topic: Holy Words & Holy Spirit

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



Music: Dorenda playing, "When Morning Gilds the Skies"

TOMAS: Good afternoon, I am Tomas, your friend and your teacher, your companion in these afternoons of mind-expansion, soul-searching, spirit-enhancing, and in creative expression. In terms of creative expression, I will share with you the picture that I see through the perception of Gerdean's sensibilities as my instrument here. The fan is a tropical breeze and the waterfall is an Hawaiian waterfall which gives us a tropical paradise arena in which to gather this afternoon. Our blue lagoon of tranquillity is a fine place to sit and wile away our hour in contemplating the world in which you live infused with the spirit in which we all live.


Spirit of Truth, Words

The review of our meeting last week, with your discussions of human liberation, male and female, is a titillating topic that ears eagerly embrace, and yet I would like to spend a moment on the mortal holidays that you again are celebrating today, and I say holidays because with your Judeo-Christian background you have two holidays in your frame of reference, and that is the holiday which earmarks the receipt of the holy words of the Torah, as well as the receipt of the Holy Spirit of the Day of Pentecost. In fact, the gifts of spirit are abundant and unending, as the waterfall and the winds testify.

Holy words written in books are a very important part of the human ascent from the primordial ooze to the high planes of crystallized thought that allows for an understanding of how far you've come in your attainment of your respect for the divine. In ages past, divinity was indeed feared. And now it is revered. But as it becomes fixed so that you can study it, so that you can respect what has gone into your evolution as ascending sons, you must not eliminate the power and importance of the Spirit of Truth which is ever revealing yet new levels of spirit reality for your further comprehension.

As words in books are reference material that can be returned to again and again, that can be savored and appreciated, that can reiterate those truths which you enjoy and respect, they offer a springboard for advancement. And this is the unending endeavor of our creative Spirit, that Spirit which was poured out upon all flesh on the Day of Pentecost, which your churches celebrate today. When Jesus left your finite world and ascended to his throne On High, he loathed to leave you unattended. And so he promised to send his Spirit into all the lands, that your spirit would not go alone, but in company with that energy which always is a reflection of his reality.

The Spirit of Truth is indeed a gift which is given to all humanity, and yet as with most spiritual gifts, the bulk of humankind are unaware of its existence and/or unaware of its purpose in your own soul growth. Last week we talked about the Mother, and about her ministry to the children of time and space. Her ministering spirits include the circuits of the seven adjutant mind spirits, spirits of intuition, knowledge, courage, understanding, counsel, worship and wisdom, which serve the developing soul in its human ascent until such time as the Spirit of Truth is able to operate as a consistent and over-riding reality.

The Spirit of Truth is much misunderstood and much maligned. But you might come to recognize the Spirit of Truth in your life when you have an awareness of a reality which is so profound and so personal as to instill in you a sense of such divine reality you cannot question, you cannot argue, you cannot not be filled. It is very, very difficult to proclaim the Spirit of Truth.

All of you however, in your desire to be a witness to the divine will in your life as you understand it, attempt to impress upon others the Spirit of Truth which you understand in your relative perfection. And your attempt to express your perception of the Spirit of Truth is no more nor less than the testimonies of the Torah, Urantia Papers, the Holy Bible, and other words of wisdom which have augmented humanity's appreciation of the spirit from time immemorial.

It is something that resounds within you and which cannot be explained. Nor can it be justified, but if you listen, if you get past the ministries and prejudices of your human experience as reflected in the adjutant mind spirits, and trust the Spirit of Truth, you will find your path unfolding in front of you as the day follows night, as the dawn breaks each morning.

It is glorious to see dawn coming, to hear the morning birds. The heartswell that comes from honoring a new day in which to worship and serve is an experience to be enjoyed, appreciated, and understood as a common joy with others. And yet to attempt to reveal such joy in words is to reduce the miracle of morning to a matter of mortality.

The Spirit of Truth is so compelling in its impression upon you, upon your soul, it is what you look for when you ask for guidance, spiritual guidance. It is that true font of spirit reality which will always lead you into further spirit awareness. It is the divine compass that points you Godward, that persists in leading you home. It will always answer your sincere pursuit of the divine will by revealing "This is the Way." And so there is a celebration today for the icons of the spirit and the flesh, the dove of peace and the holy book, the spiritual and the material, all in search of and in honor of our divine inheritance.

And so it goes. How are you all today? I can see that you are well. However, I enjoy hearing from you. The floor is open.


Spirit, Holy Spirit

ESMARELDA: Tomas, I have to read your lessons over afterwards. I love listening to you, but I do need to study them. That's when - thanks to Gerdean's transcription and getting the lessons to us in print - it makes it an awful lot easier for me to go over, and to appreciate and to understand. Not that I understand every bit of it, but it makes it much easier.

TOMAS: Your words are another reflection of the lesson, for the Spirit of Truth can speak to you and you feel and sense it's effect on you. You embrace it and honor its Source. However, it is difficult to express what you heard without seeing it in print, without putting it into the conscious mind such that your mental mechanism can grasp what it is the Spirit would say to you. Understood.

ESMARELDA: You express it much better than I, Tomas.

TOMAS: I have every confidence that in time it will also be your blessing to focus on and reveal that which is Within you and you will find the Way to let your Voice be heard. And no one can do it quite like you.

ESMARELDA: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: This is another reason why each of us have our own appreciation for the Spirit of Truth, for what may appear to be true for you, may not necessarily be true to another.

And this is a part of the faith path, for when you ask to be made a part of the greater reality, your personality is guided to learn what it must learn in order to teach what it will teach. And maybe you will go to a university in the east, but your sister attends a university in the west. In this way, you each have your own perspective from the Spirit of Truth that has guided you both. But the end result is that you have learned, each of you, what you need to learn in order to best serve, in order to be the best you can be - ALL you can be at any given time.

It's the Spirit of Truth which makes your faith path so personal, and your relationship with the Master intimate.

THOROAH: Is it like the iron chord? I've heard a reference to an iron chord that's inside. Evidently whenever something strikes that chord, it resonates in a certain fashion. And I think of the Thought Adjuster, the indwelling Father Fragment. I think of the Spirit of Truth, even as something else, at the same time. I guess that's two different things I'm talking about.

TOMAS: It is, and yet they are related. The indwelling God Fragment is the personal gift of the Father in Paradise, yes. There is a direct connection between you and the First Source and Center, and there is a definite drawing power. The Adjuster works ceaselessly to lift you up. The Spirit of Truth is a tether to the Son, and it too has a drawing power, which is as a compass, a roadmap, that provides the direction that you must take in order to traverse the path to Paradise.

Of course, they are related, and it might be petty to quibble about how they differ, but they do each provide their own energy impact on you, as does the influence of the Infinite Spirit, the Holy Spirit, minister to you also.

ELENA: Tomas, can I get in here just a second, just to make sure I have terms right. The Infinite Spirit - the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and the Divine Minister -- these are all Mother Spirit, right?

TOMAS: Spirit of Truth is from the Son.

ELENA: Oh! Got that wrong.

TOMAS: That is not to say that you are lacking. These are elements of the spirit that, once meditated upon, gives rise to a reality which is best understood when a tag, a title, a name is put to it, and these words are wrapped around the spirit much like scripture is wrapped around inspiration. But spirit lives. It is bigger and greater than the words that are used to identify it, and cannot be encompassed or constrained by words.

It is important only in terms of having an understanding of how it is that you are individually, each of you are, a microcosm of the pattern of Paradise, in that you each are a reflection of Paradise Trinity because you are, even now, today, able to reflect the value and reality of the Universal Father, which is the First Source and Center, and that through your Indwelling Adjuster, His fragment which resides within you. And the Eternal Son, the Second Source and Center, as it is understood by you through the Creator Son, Michael Son, and his gift to you which is the Spirit of Truth; as well as the Infinite Spirit, also known as Universal Mind and the Daughters of that Spirit, the Creative Spirits, Divine Ministers of the worlds of time and space.

Each have an influence, each have expression, and as you identify with divinity, you also reflect their reality, and their influence. The Father has commanded you to be perfect in your realm as he is perfect in his, and so to the extent that you can realize that you are indwelt by the Father and that God is love, you can reflect love. As you understand that in your faith path you are an extension of the son, you know mercy and so you reflect mercy of the Son, the Son is Mercy. And as you go about your life in your relationships with others, you minister, and this is a reflection of the Mother, the Third Source and Center, the Divine Minister.

And so as you love, as you have mercy, and as you minister, you are reflecting in your realm perfectly, to the extent and capacity that you can. You are perfect in your realm, as they are perfect in Paradise. And this is the reasoning behind our impressing upon you the nature of God and his Son and the Spirit. It is an on-going and growing comprehension. It is as the dawn, increasingly made lighter and more dynamic as the day goes on, as you reach for the Son, as you find fulfillment, as all the shadows come to pass and you stand illuminated in front of the Father of all things and all beings.

And thus we say, "Life is but a day's work. Do it well." And those of you who are in the dawn of your identity are as precious and dear to our divine parents as those who serve in Havona. And each of you in your own right are able to reflect their perfection in your life and to the extent of your capacities as they do On High. Has this been helpful?

ELENA: Very helpful! Thank you.

ESMARENDA: Oh, very!

ELENA: It was a perfect answer!

ESMARELDA: It was really enlightening. You make it so much more understandable.

TOMAS: If we can now just get the commas in the right place, it might even read intelligently.

ESPARENDA: Gerdean gets them in the right place, I think.

TOMAS: I have "whipped her into shape." (Group laughter.)

ESMARELDA: Well, you've done a beautiful job, Tomas, and one which we all appreciate.

TOMAS: I apprecite her malleability, her willingness. This is a quality I truly appreciate.

Your mortal tendency toward stubbornness is akin to arrogance and it is extremely difficult to work with and through the arrogant personality. They will not follow directions. They cannot be still in order to hear and see the guidance of the Spirit of Truth. They think they have all the answers, you see. They live in their own reality bubble and disallow the influences that will elevate their thinking in letting them lift up like a balloon on a beautiful May day in spring, to waft among the clouds in sheer delight of freedom. Children understands balloons. Childlikeness is a valuable attitude which is encouraged, and not for your excuse to be foolish, but to be genuinely malleable, so that you can be formed, so that the Father and His agents are able to utilize you to His purpose. How we enjoy good kids.

There is a question, speaking of kids.


THOROAH: Yeah, I have a question that was sent in here.

I also have another question along with the Spirit of Truth. Jesus said that he would leave his Spirit of Truth, when he was talking to his disciples and some of the followers. He said that he would leave the Spirit of Truth and, in the Urantia text there is a very profound three or four paragraph thing about this, and then at the end he says "I leave with you my spirit of truth and I leave with you my peace." Since he was not a person who went through formalities, and I would assume that "my peace I leave with you" is like a greeting, like an Aloha, perhaps, but I also thought that perhaps Jesus did leave his Peace, that it was actually something that he left with us, because if we had the peace that he has, that would be another element.

TOMAS: This is a wonderful question. This is a perfect example of how it is that Christ Michael is a good kid. He has complete and total confidence in the Father. He has no conflict about how he should think or how he should act. He is in complete readiness to follow the divine will. In this there is sublime peace, for you know you are doing the divine will by your very being, in your attitude. This is the gift of stillness. In stillness is where you find peace. In the presence of the Father there is peace. Following the divine will engenders peace.

Intellectual peace is an appreciation of the knowledge of universe order. Emotional peace is a result of the peace of mind which comes from knowing that God's omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence are upholding the universe and all therein, and that you are aligned with this perfection. This is peace. The Spirit of Truth leads you in to peace. You know from your studies that the Father is. And the Son reflects that which is. In this same way the Indwelling Spirit is, and the Spirit of Truth reflects what is… but it is not what is … it leads you to what is. Is this clear?

THOROAH: It serves as a translator.

TOMAS: Yes. Jesus left his Spirit with his followers so that they would be led to him and to the Father, so that they would not be alone in finding their way home. So that the Spirit of Truth could say, "This is the Way," so that you children, as you seek the divine, will not become lost.

It will say, "This is the Way," and by following the leading of the Spirit of Truth, you are led into the presence of divine perfection. Even your own faith path is made a path of divine perfection in the degree to which you are able to express it in how you love, and show mercy, and minister.

I am inclined at this point to hold off our question, for it will entail a visiting Teacher, and so I will hold off inviting our guest until next week. Next week also is a new configuration. Our friend Matthew will be here.

ELENA: Deborah and Don, too!

TOMAS: And others, yes. We have a good time planned. Are there other questions, now that we are not going to have company?

MYRA: I'm not sure there is another question. I think I want to say a formal thank you, Tomas for an accumulation of lessons, and because we are addressing the spirit and the spirit working within us, and I think that I would like to say "thank you" directly to you.

A few weeks ago I had some personal concerns of finding out where I needed to be in the following year, and I think I was given an answer, and I had to address that decision and tell someone else why I was moving. And at the time that I had to give the direction, I was very firm in why I gave it, and I really, at the time that I was addressing, felt the spirit, and I really appreciate it, and I think that some of it is from the direction and strength that I have gotten from your lessons.

TOMAS: Precious daughter, I am happy to receive your gratitude. However, I share with you a mutual appreciation of the ways in which the Divine Parents unfold our lives and offer us opportunities to be of service in our field, as you have been led to your new engagement and I have been led to mine. Your words are gracious. Your willingness to follow divine guidance is appreciated, and will lead you to avenues of service. I am glad to have been able to encourage you and affect your confidence in such a way as to allow your heart and mind to open to the potential that was in you and which now you are actualizing as a result of your own choices, your own will to follow where the Spirit leads.

Yes, we are embarked, and we will enjoy many assignments in our sojourn here together and in the many fields that will rise up to meet us as we advance, even into the new life that lies ahead for you in the many mansions that have been prepared.

But lest we get in a hurry to cross over, it behooves us to bring to bear on our life here, all these wonders of learning and loving that we are given, just as we have enjoyed this afternoon an opportunity to dangle our feet in the warm waters of this blue lagoon of learning, in our tropical paradise of creative imagination in company with that reality which oversees all our comings and goings, and even our vain imaginings. It is a creative adventure indeed to be in the army of the lord.


Anything else? Then let's look forward to next week and each day en route as another opportunity to further understand and reveal that which we are becoming. Farewell.

GROUP: Thank you, Tomas.