2002-07-02-IC 02, Don't Think Apocalypse, Think Growth

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Topic: Don't Think Apocalypse, Think Growth

Group: IC 02 TeaM


Teacher: Tarkas

TR: Jim Cleveland



Good evening my friends, this is Tarkus, a teacher for these blessed ten years or more in this Teaching Mission, and still wondrous every day of the magnificent vicissitudes of this growing, evolving planet learning to live and love during chaos and the horror and joy. My colleague, Welmek, (speaks?) states of many paths on the Father's majestic mountain. So true - each of you climb your own, seek the joy of achievement and as you come together in meetings like this, eight hundred or more, and my multiplication is correct, you may go home to the aura of your loved ones, and spread love in so many, many, many, many ways. And, this is the way the Mission works. We don't seek to change the world; we seek to inspire you to change, to become loving creatures, joyous givers of love, joyous seekers of Truth and Beauty and Goodness. And you have found many of these beautiful nuggets of wisdom today.

We meet with you, of course, in one of our numerous organizational and planning conferences and, of course, meeting with you, we are able to observe and somewhat measure our progress. I can tell you that we are all proud to the point of near hilarity in celebration to see how far you've grown. It is so joyous to behold. And yet you have so far to go, and we're getting there. That's the joy. The joy is not getting there so much for the next billion trillion years, anyway, for it's going to take all of that. So, the true joy is in getting there. Go on to be perfect and to become cosmic citizens, to climb your own majestic mountain, and then take joyous, graceful pride in being atop and a little closer to the Universal Father.


Apocalypse, Growth

I would speak tonight about apocalypse, the lesson beyond apocalypse. Truly apocalypse is something that frightens the fear-based religions, and so, the end times become powerful drama of struggle, fear, power, and they're quite inspired by it. However, as you know, there are two great motivators - fear and love. There's a place for the love based religion to eventually become the over encompassing mighty, joyous, spiritual force on this planet. In the meantime, the fear based religions get you through this next apocalypse and beyond. For, it is dirty work to make the world safe from the horror, the evil terrorists who kill the masses and spread plenteous destructions. This is work that must be done in the Correcting Times. Best fear based religions think upon this responsibility, as you are to spread love and bring forth the joy that will replace the great struggle that they call the apocalypse - Armageddon. Of course, it has been repeated many times through the centuries as great and beautiful cities and civilizations have been destroyed to rack and ruin, pillaged libraries burned to the ground, and so, apocalypse is ever present as good and evil play out. This force breeds a stage upon which you are players.

And so, what is the onerous apocalypse and why would any one believe that this beautiful planet would be laid to rack and ruin when all the evidence points to the opposite? The world of the cross- here, Michael brought down the Lucifer rebellion - Victory - a great achievement, the magnitude of the Lucifer rebellion taking more than thirty planets down into rebellion against God. He triumphed. But, the biggest thing is that He triumphed in the guise of you, as a human. He showed the way. He brought forth the faith in you that He always had in His children, lived through life in this land incarnation and sent the dark prince falling, screaming in ruin, and in discredit. And so, it was not only the victory but also the style in which our magnificent Creator Son set Himself apart. And in like style, He will not only get you through apocalypse to the rebirth of this planet to light and life and the others, as well - all of the others, as well, - but He will do it with a cleverer and cleverer twist. It was mentioned last night that Godless power structures are beginning to self-destruct. I think it an appropriate irony that they destroy themselves as we watch, as we thoroughly survive. But, we build forth a new civilization full of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and beyond that the hallmark of our special, and clever, and resourceful, and creative Creator Son. So, as you read about massive accounting scandals, corporations stewing in their own corruption, evil vying itself out, death and destruction infuriates and brings forth to higher spiritual service all the good and honest and beautiful people on this planet

As you see all these things happening before you, do not think of apocalypse, think of new growth. When I first visited Cincinnati ten years ago there was fear of just these things: economic collapse, nuclear destruction - fear, fear, fear. I said then that these kinds of destructions would be seen. Disintegration is always seen before new growth. That is my story and I'm sticking with it. And so, we continue to play out this grand scenario on life's stage on this little planet in this local universe -the struggle of good and evil, and there's a purpose for that, which we certainly don't have time to get into. Thus, simply reach beyond apocalypse. What do you have to fear? This is Michael's planet. This is Jesus' planet. This is your planet. You are empowered. You are emboldened. You are full of love. Can you see the destruction? Or, can you not see redemption?

Redemption. Would Michael fail? I think not. Would this mission fail? No. And you have nothing to fear from this Teaching Mission. It is relatively simple. We are Morontia teachers coming back to teach people who supposedly know less than we, although, on occasions we may question that. Nevertheless, we stick to our stories, even repeating them endlessly, 'til you actually do go into the stillness every day. Do you understand? We nonetheless maintain our good humor when you do not. It's rough just living in this place. It's rough in so many ways. And, you are getting through it, and you are getting through the apocalypse in grand fashion. And, you will get through the next apocalypse the same. However, let evil be destroyed and it can be brought down in our lifetime by evil's own hand, as Jesus wants them to destroy themselves. And, don't invest your currency, your time, and your efforts to institutions that are corrupt and dishonest. It's time to make a choice and find those strong institutions that can withstand, or new ones that you can build in the glory of a new beginning. It is not an end. It is a new beginning. It's a beautiful story and it's true. I thank you for your time tonight. I love you all.



This Mission has been joyous for us and we certainly have learned as much as you have, and probably much more, since teachers usually do. We are here for the long haul. We are with you. If you want a teacher, you simply ask. You can simply sit down and put words on paper once you encircle yourself in the loving light of the Father, through worship, or prayer, or whatever. When you ring God's telephone, God will answer. How could you go wrong in the circle of love? Transmit your words, write down your words and then read them back and see what you think of them. Practice makes perfect as you speak through and learn to release yourself. Just release and don't try. Speak words without even thinking about what you're speaking. You perform a good secretarial service and that's what they need on occasion. But, the key to this Mission is not to go to readings and listen to people like me transmit so much as it is doing this yourself, and, yes, you can. You all have indwelling spirits, Thought Adjusters, who are always, always in charge, especially in liaison with morontia teachers. There's nothing to fear. You are so in good hands - the same, loving enfolding arms, the everlasting arms of the Father that lives within you. The teachers are here to help. We are here to help, and I pray that we do. We are certainly enjoying you and we are enjoying this beautiful setting with you. Good night.