2002-07-07-Truth Is Eternal, Everything Else Shades of Gray

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Topic: Truth is Eternal, Everything Else Shades of Gray

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I am your friend and teacher. This evening, let us discuss the subtle and fine shades of grey between what is truth and what is deception.


In this mission, there are many who come as wolves in sheep's clothing, those who subtly change our messages to suit their own purposes and therefore hide behind a teacher. But, I tell you so, that teachers do not accept this but in each transmission, there is some human element. The teachers, however, do not exist for the promotion of individuals. They do, however, encourage individual development and there is a vast difference.

Those who begin by hiding self-promotion behind the words of the teacher usually do not remain long, but seek to grab the spotlight instead for themselves completely. But I say to you, in these cases, the teacher was withdrawn long before. There are those who seek mass movements with buildings and human hierarchies to support, but this was not the way of Jesus of Nazareth who walked the earth as a humble teacher, who did not seek worldly fame nor riches nor worldly power of any kind.

The teachers come thus seeking nothing, offering only, requiring naught. The teachers seek not to build up human followings or human institutions. Each teacher comes as did Jesus without requirements.

Each of you humans must of course make your way in the world. You must develop your skills, you must contribute to society as you find it. And, as you do so, seek also to bring the message of the Master and with that message have also no requirements. Seek nothing but pure giving.

There are some who would make their living by speaking the Master's words to his children and for this service require of his children their support. But I say to you, that this requirement is a corrupting influence and the Master's message becomes not the first priority and his words are shaded in subtle words of meaning that lend support for this or that human construct.

It is very difficult for the children of mankind to grasp a purely spiritual message. It has been proven, time and again, that those bearing a pure spiritual message have been shunned or harmed and even killed time and again. A spiritual message has naught to do with material concerns and material concerns corrupt spiritual messages.

Those of you who record these spiritual messages selflessly year after year, those who humbly seek the higher way by becoming students even in advanced age, you are truly creating something that will last beyond your earthly lives and this is because your motivation is selfless. There can be no compromise with evil or potential evil. In this movement, there can be no compromise with material concerns, no buildings, no gathering of money, no.

The apostles were likewise thrown off by the Master's purely spiritual messages. They could not grasp in their time that the words they recorded would eventually change the entire world order. But truth is powerful, on its own terms, but truth compromised with material concerns is weakened, diluted, and even changed.

So I ask you, do you have the spiritual courage to resist material temptations? Do you have spiritual foresight to remain as humble students for the duration of your lives? Do you have spiritual trust to know that the Master and his angels will take care of what you do and find a place for it without your concern.

Yes, the mission has endured many things in these last few years and those who could not remain humble students, they are certainly forgiven and understood. But in the age to come, the way forth will not be fashioned by the hands of men and the truth that is recorded here must not be compromised.

There are other shadings of truth I wish to discuss. Everyone asks themselves the same questions. What is true and what do I believe because I want to believe it? Truth stands alone without props or compromise. Truth is eternal and when you recognize truth, it is unmistakable for the Spirit of Truth moves within you and gives you unmistakable confirmation.

Everything else is shades of grey and these shades move you closer to the truth, but human beings often cling to comfort in the grey areas, a way of seeing yourself that is comforting, a way of imagining the world which fits a mental construct and is comforting. It takes great courage to begin removing the film of grey for truth is very bright, very complete, truth shatters illusions and this is frightening.

Ask yourself, do I have the courage to move towards lighter shades of grey? The Father requires not that you move from darkness to light in one step, for this is impossible. He asks only that you have the courage to move forward, to recognize truth and move toward it. Nor does he require endless self-examination so that you can examine your so called faults and berate yourselves for them, no. The Father asks simply for movement.

It takes true humility to be courageous. It takes the ability to change and change does not come easily to human beings. Are there any questions at this time?

[Most Personal Messages are deleted]


Q: Ham I wonder if you could illuminate a little bit more of the lesson and how it might refer to me and my life?

Ham: Certainly. You are a man who also seeks truth. A person who tries always to expand your understanding of what is truth. You also seek to incorporate truth in your work and this is an admirable thing. Always seek to expand your understanding and as you do, you will help others to expand their understandings. This is the most any human can do with any form of art. Seek truth, humbly seek to expand it, and humbly seek to share it. This you do my son. Be at peace.

Q: Is it dangerous then to try to pursue monetary gain with work that has already been done?

Ham: Certainly not. You have to develop your career and that is part of the process. That is different from the creation. Keep a humble attitude toward you(r) audience. Include them and you will be fine.

Q: I am almost saying this half comically, but it would be nice if you would give us a list of the TR's whose teachers have been pulled away. I know you don't do that.

Ham: No dice.

Q: I's like to ask about my niece Elise and we are worried about her mental health and the family situation and we would like to know how concerned we should be and how hard we should try to intervene in the situation.

Ham: Yes, my children, of course you are right to be concerned. But, also be ware of adding to the drama in a family who are prone toward the dramatic. There is already action and overreaction galore and stoking the fire by some more dramatic intervention will not be helpful. Your niece will reach out to you and you can be there for her. But, you cannot replace the role of parent or change that dynamic as much as you would like to. It is important for you to be seen as an island of stability, even of sanity, and in this way she will have a touch stone to bring greater stability into her life. Be careful also not to feel guilty for not doing more. Just be calm, realistic, helpful but not meddling and all will be fine for now.