2002-07-08-God Is For Everyone

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Topic: God Is For Everyone

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer by Lucille: Dear Father we thank you for this group. We look forward to hearing from the Teacher JarEl, who has been so inspiring to our group for quite a few years. Each time we learn something new and different. The important thing is that we live the life we believe. It is often hard to get rid of our old habits, but may we truly love one another and be of service. This we ask in our love, amen.



JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. I am happy to be in your presence again and to unite with you so we may share a common desire and common goal; to achieve oneness with God. I am your Teacher. I am here to help you in ways that transcend all other instructional institutions here on earth. The knowledge that you receive from the Teachers of the Teaching Mission is advanced knowledge to be dispersed among progressive minds like yourself; those who are willing to contemplate these new concepts and ideas and are willing to make changes on this earth (which requires so much change and so much love). There are people out there who would like to stop progressive thinkers. They would like to undermine your minds so that you have little effect on others. They cannot harm you, they cannot stop you and they cannot deter you from your destiny. You are protected by God. You are given strength by Michael. Since the Spirit of Truth indwells you, when you speak others listen and understand that what you say is true. So those who try to undermine you are viewed only as false teachers. Your words, the message that you give to these people, it is buried deep within their hearts and their mind begins to change and begins to accept this new and better concept of life, a new progressive life. That is the key for advancement to Light and Life, a progressive way of thinking.

At this moment, if you will, there are lots of hungry souls out there who search for some light, for some living water, for some truth. Inside of you is this truth. In your very being you have the understanding of this new and powerful truth. Dispense all that you want to these hungry souls who need it. Become the light givers, the messengers, the brothers and sisters that you are. In such a way you help bring this world into Light and Life.

Two weeks ago, I talked about the search for God and finding God within yourselves. The search for God wasn’t hard at all. This week I would like to express upon the fact of finding God within you. What do you do afterwards? Do you keep it to yourselves? Do you keep this knowledge of finding God to yourself; like a prize, like a treasure that you found in the sand, something for you and nobody else? Is it this way? Or is God like a lamp, like a candle, like a bright light or like a piece of wood ablaze with fire and you ’ re the only one that carries this fire while all others are cold and shivering in the dark. Do you keep this fire to yourself so that only you can be warm? Even if you try to keep it to yourself, the light from the fire will be seen by others and will attract others to you, and they will come knocking. They will gather around you, wanting to be near you so that they may share the fire, this warmth that you have acquired. At this point do you deny them the right to be next to you? Or do you say welcome, come sit next to me so that you may share with me this wonderful and brilliant fire. This is the way that God would have you proceed. As something that, if you find it, must be shared with others so that they may enjoy the Lord and a righteous God. You rightly do so by organizing your various projects, publishing your various books, sharing this among others, among your fellow men and sisters.

Remember that God is for everyone. God is for all of your brothers and sisters, all the children in the world, all the women and all the men. God is not exclusive to one nation or one people. This you must understand, to get beyond your differences that exist on your world, that you are all brothers and sisters. You all deserve to share in one destiny and you all deserve to share in the right for life. At this moment on your world there are great discrepancies between the rich and the poor. However, at this point more people are aware that things can be much better than they are. These voices are slowly but surely coming to the surface to speak out and demand change. God gave you voices as well, unite your voices with this progressive movement as well and you will see the great tidal wave of change that you shall produce.

Are there any comments or questions?



Jerry: JarEl I have a question, it relates to the Buddhist Religion. When I think about the ways of uniting the people of the world and the major religions, the one that seems to lack a concept of God or a Universal Father or anything about a Supreme Being, is the Buddhist Religion. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions or recommendations on how one would best approach a person from that belief system?

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly Jerry, it is not so important that you think alike, but rather that you promote their highest ideals and their highest concepts. The Buddhist Religion has very good ethical and moral ideals that you must promote and you must nurture as well. Let them decide. For you, try to unite with them spiritually. This concept of God will not go well with them, for they have a long tradition in believing otherwise. However, within their traditions they have developed extremely ethical and moral ideals. These are the basis and structure of their religion, which holds everything they believe in together and keeps them moral and ethical citizens. Simply support them and try to understand them. The bridge that you build with them will be built within their hearts not within their minds. Does this answer your question?

Jerry: Yes, a part of what you said resonates with me and what I think. This is something that I have given quite a bit of thought to as a project: to identifying the beliefs, principals, ethics and moral codes of the major religions of the world, in order to identify how they have so much in common and focus on their commonality. When that is understood then ultimately it will likely lead to a common perception of God.

JarEl: TR, George. Just keep in mind all this will come to be in the progressive, yet slow process. Eventually the people from the Buddhist Religion will accept the Fatherhood of God concept and integrate it into their own religion. However, this radical change will be made by Buddhists who are progressive thinkers, not by outsiders.

Jerry: I can certainly see that.

Urantia Movement

Larry: JarEl, I have a question from Debralee who emailed me: " There is a debate going on at UBRON about the book, Jesus A New Revelation, this is a book containing only part IV of the UP. I wonder if I could have you ask a question for me at your next TeaM meeting? (just for my personal satisfaction) Many seem to think that publishing part IV is a terrible mistake, I wonder if this could be true? "

JarEl: TR, George. There are certainly very different opinions on this and everyone has a right to their own opinion. Maybe many within her circle think that just publishing Part IV is a bad idea. However, there are hundreds and thousands who would differ, for they have discovered The Urantia Book by reading Part IV only, which is the Jesus Papers. That in itself is a great service to humanity. So in my personal opinion, I think everything which is done with good intent is worthwhile and correct. I hope this answers her question.

Larry: Thank you.

Change, Greed

Lucille: JarEl you spoke about the great difference between the very wealthy and the extremely poor people on the planet. I know there are many groups that we can contribute to, but that is a small drop in the bucket. What are some of the ways as an individual we can help the very poor?

JarEl: TR, George. You are correct Lucille when you say that a lot of causes that you may support will probably produce little benefit. What must be done, what must change is the thought patterns within the rich and the elite. The thought patterns of consuming, of looting, of hoarding, greed, self- preservation. This thought pattern has been consistent for many, many years. A thought pattern which unfortunately has left many people in misery. What you must do is try to reach these people whose minds are so thwarted and warped with greed. Try to reach their hearts, try to change their souls for the better. Everyone has a soul and everyone is a part of God. There are just some who have separated themselves so far that it may seem impossible to reach, but you can reach these people because they are human and they cry and they laugh just like you. So try to make them understand that others in this world deserve a happy life as well, a life of abundance, not just them. As far as your question Lucille, what you can do to help? Just pray, pray that these people change in their hearts, in their minds and when you run across one of these people show that you can love them unconditionally. This might throw them back a little and make them think. That is all that is necessary, a seed in their mind to flourish and once this seed has been planted, it will grow and grow until the change becomes inevitable and this person has realized all the wrong that he has caused in this world and will rectify every wrong decision that he has ever made. Pray and love your fellow men and women.

Lucille: Thank you. I have been trying to use that universal energy that you told us about. I don’t know if one person has the effect as a group has, but I have certainly been trying to use it in a situation that is very close to me and it seems to be working. I have been sending energy of love and healing to people and I thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Lucille for learning your lesson well. Now there is someone who would like to speak a couple of words to you.


Michael: TR, George. Good evening my children. It is I, your Father/brother Michael. I come to you in peace. I come to bathe you with my light and bring you close in my arms and to love you. I would like to take you, so that you may see the wonders of the Universe that await you. I would like to show you the beauty of this Universe that I have built. For you my loved ones, for you my children, this is all for you. This world that you stand on this moment is for you. This is my gift as a father. It is my birthday present to you. Enjoy every aspect of this beautiful planet that I have given you. Learn to appreciate while you are still on it and then when you reach the Morontia Realm everything will change and life will become sharper, more beautiful, more colors, more sensations, more feelings. That will also be my gift to you. The schools of the Morontia is a destination where I shall send my children to learn, to get the best education anywhere in the Universe. I will be there to guide you and to help you with your home work. From there you will graduate and you will leave. I shall be present on that glorious day. You are so precious to me my dear ones, my loved ones. You mean so much and you love so much. You have so much great potential in your hearts and in your lives. I know how you feel. I know this great desire in your hearts, ready to burst, ready to go out into the world and create change. I know, because I felt that myself. I want you to take my hand and walk with me for awhile, until you are strong. This whole time for now, until you decide to let go, I will be with you, by your side. I am ready to take on any challenge with you. Don ’ t be afraid to confront the world and it ’ s problems, because I will be there with you. I leave you with my love and with all of my energy. Have a safe and pleasant night my loved ones.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, again. I too want to wish you good night, until next time.