2002-10-20-Upon Urantia, I Build My Kingdom

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Topic: Upon Urantia, I Build My Kingdom

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to each of you. This is your pal Elyon. It brings me delight to be assembled in this convocation of responsive souls. It engenders great hope for the destiny of this world to witness such aspiration and to perceive your aspirations transform into application. The art of spiritual living is this very transformation of aspiration into application. I will speak on the shape of spirit, the form of the formless.


When finite beings attempt a description of God it soon becomes obvious that no amount of sentence structure, no amount of precise terms, can fully describe spirit nature. So, new terms are constructed which stretch beyond the time and space frameworks in which all your typical living experiences take place. So words such as “omnipresence” and “omniscience”, “absolute”, and the like come into being, each one attempting to grasp a state of being that is not fathomable to the human mind other than through the avenue of faith, for each term in itself springs from a finite notion. For instance, “presence” typically defines the location of a being; a being is present at one place, not another. “Omnipresence” attempts to expand the sense of location to everywhere and so is breaking the constraints of finiteness, all the while relying upon finite sensibility for comprehension.

While God is omnipresent you are also taught He dwells within. You have been given the term “Father Fragment”. You understand the phrase “spark of divinity”, and these terms “fragment” and “spark” use the spacial limitations of size. So, that still, small voice that dwells within hales from the omnipresence of an absolute God.

To some it is repulsive to even attempt a description of deity, for it all falls short. To others it is frustrating to not arrive at a clear description of who God is in character and attributes and qualities. I express to you today that the Father of all has no desire to be defined and yet is all encompassingly passionate towards a profound and knowing contact with His creatures. Being aware of the limitations of our finite natures, our Father has undertaken the stupendous adventure of Supremacy, of finite growth, of evolution.

Jesus said, “Follow me”, while upon this world he dedicated the greater part of his adult life to revealing the Father. However, along with this undertaking, challenging as it was, he also devoted his time to bringing the creature to the Creator. You each are, in your own rights, shapers of spirit just as Michael was when he was in the shape and form of Jesus. He said when he was about to leave this world that, “Where I go you cannot go”. But he will send his Comforter to be with you. Why would he say that he goes where you cannot go when he also said that he goes to prepare a place for you? It is because he is a creator personality and we are creatures. However, each one throughout Nebadon is indwelt by his comforting presence of the Spirit of Truth. It is through the bestowal of this spirit that you have life more abundantly. You may not have more life, but it will be abundant in spirit presence and spirit nurture.

Although it is noble for the human mind to reach for an increasingly accurate description of deity, for it is a beneficial legacy for all the creatures to follow in the centuries that roll by to have platforms from which they may establish and stage their understanding of God, this is not the shaping of spirit I speak of today. I speak of the shaping of spirit as spirit indwells and fuses and moves through you. We may hunger for a definition of God; God hungers for the shape of finite and does so satisfy this desire of the divine through you, each one.

True, from the creature perspective we each seek to conform more fully to those qualities of divinity that we understand to be the Father’s will. This is acceptable in the sight of God. And we have another task, and that is to provide the arena wherein the Father may take shape within the finite world. That is why you are indwelt by the Father, by Michael, and by Mother Spirit; not only to bring you into their presence but for you to bring their presence into your world. While we each have standards and ideals we reach for, aspire toward, we have also the freedom of expression that provides the variety of experience sought for as the Absolute infuses itself into the limitations of the finite.

You might say we are all like carnival balloons. We each are filled with spirit, but we can be tied into many shapes, twisted and altered to reveal a different pattern. Yes, we may wish to fully fathom the content of the air that fills our balloons, but along with that is the privilege of providing the shape for that air to be manifest. What is stillness but the filling of the balloons, creating the opportunity for spiritual pressure to inflate you that you may take shape and that you may give shape to spirit within. You are in the same position as Jesus was so many centuries ago. You have a duty to your own well-being to more deeply comprehend the nature of God and to establish a strong fellowship with Him. But you also have the responsibility of revealing to your fellows precisely what you have discovered in your inner life.

Due to the fact of the intangible qualities of spirit, it is each one’s responsibility to provide the shape, just as a pitcher, a glass, or even a hose provides form to water. This is the divine partnership. And it is the Father’s will.

I pause now and remain in your presence.


Mark: I pray to be awakened to the need to ask to be that receptacle that the spirit of the Father may fill us to overflowing, that we may drip our overflowing essence of the Father as we go through our daily activities, that we be so full of the Father’s love that we can’t help but splash it on others as we make our way through this life. Thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome, and this that you express of the cup that runneth over is indeed the desire of Father. How could it run over if it were not full and there were no cup? There would be no brim over which it may flow. There is where your willingness, your asking, enters in.

Mary: You commented that God hasn’t much interest in being defined but has intense interest in being known. How do you know something but by interacting with it? We can get to know God by interacting with Him, taking into account that He is present, He is everything we believe Him to be. By acting out our faith, setting it in motion beyond just believing we will discover more than just by pondering.

Elyon: Yes, this is true. As example, imagine two glasses on a table filled with a liquid, both clear. A simple description that ended there would reveal no differences. Yet, as you have said, interacting with each glass of liquid brings deeper understanding, not simply through an observation, but through experience. If you touched a match to both and one took to flame, and the other put the match out; clearly there are two different items in your view. The more you interact, the deeper your understanding. As your understanding expands, the more intimate your interaction.

Michael: My beloved, I extend myself to be acknowledged by you through this form of audible reception. I am Michael.

Peter has been credited with being the one referred to when I said that upon this rock I will build my kingdom. Peter has pleased me greatly with his effort at building the kingdom of Christendom. Yet there is another element to this phrase that is often overlooked. I today speak to you in support of Elyon’s lesson.

When I completed my mission here on Urantia, you understand how I ended my career of vicegerency as a Creator Son and transitioned into my current standing as Master and Sovereign. Until I finished this bestowal I was preparing the kingdom. Now the preparations are over, and the kingdom is being built, built with the materials of my previous bestowals, built with the infusion of the creative powers of my consort Nebadonia. This rock, Urantia, became the starting point for the construction. What was once ages of preparation is now a vast effort and drive toward completion. Upon this rock of Urantia I build my kingdom. You will not see temples. You will not see road signs saying, “Two miles ahead is the kingdom”. So, where am I building this kingdom on this rock? I trust you know the answer. The kingdom is within you, my children.

There is much work to be done, great adventures ahead. It has been ordained from the Isle of Paradise that all is well in Nebadon, that our efforts are proceeding according to the Father’s will. You may doubt; you may be unassured at times, but the kingdom is being built, and the foundation is solid. I give you my dedication as one who has completed my training. In fullness and power with love I am with you.

Mark: Likewise, Michael, we seek your presence and love in our circle and our lives that we may be closer to you, that we may be open vessels through which your love may pour to those around us. We seek this above all else. Thank you for your gifts.


Elyon: This is Elyon. I close our meeting today and encourage you to give shape to spirit, to revive form to the formless, to let your light so shine to allow your radiance to be received by others. I leave you with one small image to ponder.

I have today used air and water to mark the sense of the formless and shapeless, intangible qualities of spirit to the creature mind. We haven’t even begun to address the qualities of light and having it take shape. Perhaps this week you can look for ways in which you shape light. Farewell.