2002-10-21-Your Faith Is A Growing Vine

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Topic: Your Faith Is A Growing Vine

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening. This is your Father-Brother who greets you. Come into my presence. Bring me the gift of yourselves, for this is what I truly value. Embedded deep within your awareness of your self is an innocent, simple and child-like quality of faith. Call on this faith now to come forth within you. It is there. It has taken a few blows. It has been tested. But it is there, and it is real. It is alive, and it has been guiding you to me all of your life, although you may not have sensed the direction of where this hand of faith was guiding you.

But now, you can grow more dynamic in your faith; and now I join with you to take this faith and to will it into new life, to supercharge your faith. Is this something that each of you now desire in your life?

Students: All agree.


Michael: Find that kernel of faith now. And when you have at some level discerned it, in your mind's eye place it in your hand, extend your hand and offer it to me and I will activate it within you. (long pause)

Your faith is a growing vine that allows my grasp to reach you and bind you closer to me. This vine has sprung forth from the small kernel that has been placed within you to grow strong. But it has been broken and scattered within your being. It has many times lay dormant under fear and mistrust. But now as you sense these kernels of faith within you, I can find them. I can bind them to me and give them back to you renewed and whole and fortified with a greater resiliency to withstand the trials and challenges that you still must face in your life.

But you will have greater resolve, determination, hope and confidence to withstand these tests. You must make decisions in your life that will place you on the ledge of unknowing, where you venture out onto a path of unseeing. When your faith is broken, buried or scattered within you, you do not feel that lure, cannot feel my hand reaching out to you, to pull you to me and to the truth. And so, my children, in offering your faith to me you allow me to collect that which has been fragmented and give it back to you strengthened, unified.

I am wrapping these cords and these seeds and these vines of faith around you, to encircuit you in a bond so strong that surely you will come in the days to trust that which is now beginning to solidify within your being. These are spiritual currents that are all being added to you. You only have to ask, my children, and everything that is of faith, of hope, of trust in my love for you will be added to you. You only need to ask. (pause) Do you wish to be tethered to me?

NOTE: Students agreed to be tethered to Michael. We went around the room focusing on one individual, while Michael tethered each person to Him in spirit. This was approximately for 20 minutes.

Michael: Some of you will notice an intensity in your desire to come to know me, and to follow me in the coming days. Some of you will gain a greater sense of renewal in the time to come. It is not so important that you sense what has happened this evening, as you allow those changes to reveal themselves in time. Your mind will adjust. Your senses will adapt to that which has been placed within you this evening as a tighter bond to me.

Make no mistake about this. This is real. It is a faith fortification of an actual spirit unifying force presence that is necessary to grow strong souls. Each time you allow me to work within you, you are actually being knit into my body. We are becoming one and you are learning my ways.

You are my children, and it is right that you should be and live with me. You live in my house, in my universe. You are under my dominion, and as my children I lay before you the treasures of the universe for your use, for your learning, for your enjoyment, for your service.

As you come to feel this faith bond grow stronger, relax into it more. You may want to test the bond by pulling on it and seeing if I respond. And that is fine. That is as it should be, for the child always tests the parents' love. So you must, for a spell, until you become so secure that this bond is there, that it can never be broken. No matter how far the bond stretches, it can never ever be broken.


I take my leave, and I ask that you spend some time in prayer now with your brothers and sisters. Pray for those individuals near and dear to your heart. Pray for the stabilization of your planet, and for the political and spiritual leaders to gain a new foundation in me, so that I may offer the divine guidance in their lives. Good evening.