2002-12-15-God's Love Made Visible

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Topic: God's Love Made Visible

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. For you each to be present here this evening you are surely making a statement of faith. When I am with you gathered in this setting I feel so fortunate to see God's love made visible. Everyone here this evening has something to give and along with that also a need to receive. Your loving ministry to one another is a beautiful sight to behold. Yes, God's love made visible.


Last week we made effort to focus on gratitude and the fullness in our lives. This certainly draws positive things to us. This is certainly a tool for reinforcing faith. Faith is why you are here. Faith is why you continue to support Michael's cause. Faith is why you live not on surface levels, but have courage to face life with it's altering realities. Your faith brings me here each week.

This season of celebration is usually a time to focus on the birth of one who brought so many changes, so much upliftment. This time for many is a time for rebirth, not so much a focus on perhaps dying to the old ways, but newness and wonders to come. As your faith matures you find each day is a new birth, a time for old things to fade away and readjustment to things new.

The blessed Adjuster is our life's Conductor that without flaw orchestrates newness and directs us toward meanings and values. What a perfect Parent to be at hand to assist us in a new 'birth of thought' every day. This Parent is our foundation, our guide, our comforter, our key to all things new, and to think that this wonderful Parent is only the beginning to all the assistance that is ever unceasingly standing by.

Focusing on what is good is to focus on birth and newness, drawing those things that we truly need toward us. This is definitely enhancing our attitude toward everyday occurrences and whatever may befall us. Focusing on gratitude is not so much about concentrating to die to the old ways or letting go of old patterns, but seeing life with the eyes of a child.

Life is wondrous at any age. The possibilities with God only increase as time goes by. As your faith matures you definitely are better able to recognize God's love made visible. There will always be challenges. There will be times when you truly believe nothing will ever change. There will be times when you may feel stuck or unable to see a new light in any direction. Return to that faith foundation and the beloved Parent. Review your life's blessings and open your heart and mind to receive His loving presence. Be willing to be reborn every day. There is not any one mortal who has seen and knows all things. Life is a wondrous adventure at any age. The experiential possibilities are endless. To commit to being reborn in all ways every day is a literal opening in the personal mind circuitry to that ever expansive cosmic circuitry.

When we review the life of the Master how can we deny that Jesus was indeed God's love made visible. His first step was always having to do with faith, an unshakable faith that Father was indeed in control of all things. The Master had naught to worry about. He was with full confidence that Father overseen His every need. His example of self-forgetfulness was indeed a show of faith. He could be about the Father's business, knowing full well that all was in the safe hands of the Father. The Master had naught to worry about.

He had certainly subjected His mind to the Father's continuous evolving truth, yes. The Master did feel that freedom of allowing His mind to be in a continuous state of rebirth, always new, always watchful of Father's guidance, always trusting that everything with value is truly safe, everything with value is truly lasting. Even in the worst of circumstances the Master could maintain a sense of peace, knowing full well that any and every outcome would end up in an ultimate good.

This week think about what it means to be reborn everyday. Ask yourselves if you still have that wondrous heart of a child? Be watchful for examples of God's love made visible. Look for opportunities to be God's love made visible. Think about your faith and where it has led you, and how it has matured or changed over the years. Think about how your life's experience has provided you with the faith you have now. Again, be aware of your levels of gratitude and what you may draw to yourself. Also for conversational purposes have some discussion on the Master's faith aspects. What perhaps did you admire most about His faith examples in the flesh?


No questions this week. Know that I am always at hand to assist any of you at any time. You are ever growing with love in my heart. Until next time, shalom.