2002-12-21-Opening Yourself To Life

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Topic: Opening Yourself to Life

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak with you this evening. We have come along a path filled with all the joys and sorrows, highs and lows of your normal lives' progression. Our mission is to enhance your lives, to make the lives you live an ever greater total experience. Gradually, you are each peeling away layers that you put on over the years for your seeming protection from the unpleasantness of life--but these layers have also been a barrier to the full experience of life as well. The complete embrace of life.


For the beauty of life to be touching your souls you must also be vulnerable to the sadness of life. You must be vulnerable to the many winds of fate which blow about you ceaselessly. These things however are temporary, these blows to the soul are quickly healed when you are dedicated to living the spiritual life. Being vulnerable does not mean being foolish or childish. I mean to illustrate rather the attitude of having an open heart and once you decide to open your heart more and more to the Father's love, the more you will see that the world is also filled with his love. And the more you will love his many children with all their seeming strangeness, their differences, their fears and their failures. The more your heart is vulnerable, the more your heart is vulnerable to love. And love is the greatest experience humankind can attain.

Truly, as a people you have only begun to scratch the surface of your understanding of love. Embarking upon the journey of love is a wonderous voyage, a wonderous experience. Life becomes filled with adventure and the great satisfaction of giving and receiving love to many people. Each new person becomes an adventure of discovery and an opportunity to show forth a Jesus-like understanding and sympathy. The greatest achievement for your world will be the human understanding of the human Jesus. Your book, the Urantia book, goes very far in bringing the human Jesus into your consciousness, but this is simply the beginning. For each human can know him personally through his or her own personal experience--and this, the living Jesus will change the world. The Master is never silent. He is never removed in any way from this world. His presence here now is even greater than the matchless force of his personality as it was focused and complete in human form.

As you celebrate the miracle of his bestowal, remember also the human teacher. The man who was complete in every aspect of his humanity. And seek to embrace your own human side, your own humanity which is lovable and precious in his sight. Human beings, when seeking divine grace, often seek to set aside their own humanity and to reach out for divinity that will deliver them from their human side. But this is not the Master's way.

The Master lived as a man in order to completely embrace what is human. His love for his creation is limitless. His embrace of you is complete. He does not ask to see only the perfect side, rather does he wish to embrace you in your fullness. And that embrace is timeless. It is embracing you at each stage of your life, at each decision--wrong or right--at each moment of joy or sorrow, selflessness, or self-pity, complexity and simplicity. All of you belongs to him.

The world is filled with people who reject themselves and seek to make themselves over. But the Master calls you to embrace yourself and to allow him to make you over. Do not fear for your futures, for each one of you is secure in his arms. You have each made the decision to embrace him. And thus, his response is the complete divine embrace, the complete remaking of the old in to the new. The complete forgiveness of all the sins in the past, knowing and unknowing. The desires of your hearts are known to him. He knows all your prayers, all your thoughts, all your striving, all your work. The Master loves all these things about you. He understands every impulse, every reversion toward childishness, and every grasp toward saving faith. All the complexities that comprise your inner psyche, all of your past as well as your future are known. Receive his blessings with gratitude. Go forth into the world with love. Remove the old chains, one link at a time, and resolve to be ever more perfect reflections of your real selves, the selves created by him. The coming year will bring many challenges, many opportunities, many decisions. And I pray that as you rise to meet these new challenges and opportunities, that you will ever keep your promise to him. To be ever more fully his in all that you do.

Forgive yourselves. Let the slate of the past be wiped clean and each day be reborn with renewed spirit, hope, and a greater measure of love. Let go of your fears. This is easier to speak of than to accomplish. But this must be done. For fear is the great jailer and the key to release is, of course, the Master's love. There is nothing for you to fear in this world. The things which seem so terrible will be revealed as having very little teeth, very real or lasting damage.

To a God-knowing person, death is but a doorway and death ceases to be a source of fear. Embrace the Master's promise of eternal life and do this now. Releasing your fears of non-existence, your fears of emptiness, and your fears of loneliness. For these things are not real. As the sun rises every morning, so let the hope in your breasts also rise. Experience the beauty and the joy of life. Don't be too busy or too afraid to take the time to simply experience joy every day.

Love each other and grow in your friendships. Uphold each other and allow each other to make mistakes and to correct them. And above all--have joy in the simple pleasures of sharing your lives. My children, I will take no questions. My message is for your hearts. Go in peace. Tranquility. Mental balance. And joy. Always keep to the forefront of your minds the fact that love is never defeated. Love is the ultimate conqueror. Align yourselves with love and all the pettiness, all the sadness, all the joylessness of the past will be washed away. And your memories will be of the joy that you have experienced.


Fill your lives with joy, my children. Be at ease with yourselves. You are all doing wonderfully well. There is nothing I wish to correct or to change. Go in peace, then, and in love. Farewell.