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Topic: Forgiveness

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I am happy to be among you this evening. At this time, we shall discuss once again the act of forgiving.



Forgiveness is not something which is passive. It is not a concept which the understanding brings peace. Rather, it is an action, a conscious movement toward the Father. Often times, unconsciously, human beings turn away from the Father through the inability to forgive.

Forgiveness is not an action of accepting injustice. Forgiveness is rather the act of putting aside the sin or injustice and loving the sinner or perpetrator in spite of these actions. The harboring of vengeance is destructive whether this occurs in an individual or a society. The seeking of retribution is never satisfied. It is an unslakeable thirst leading only to a kind of madness.

As you grow in the spirit and seek to do the Father's will in all things, it is a requirement that forgiveness be an active duty. The Master talked that his followers should not only forgive a slap on the cheek, but to turn actively the other. To do something that goes beyond a passive statement of forgiveness.

This next step, this next act, shows not only forgiveness but acceptance and an honest effort to change the situation. In fact, this effort changes the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed. During the second mile, the oppressed one becomes the leader. The active engaging of someone who has wronged you gives you the spiritual power to affect that person in ways that retribution never can. When you forgive, that is the first step. The second step is demonstrating your forgiveness. When you demonstrate forgiveness, you are reaching for spiritual power and receiving it.

The Master requires his followers to demonstrate their ideals. He requires that you live up to those highest thoughts and grandest longings. It is not the easiest thing to do at first, but actions breed habits and soon you will find the habit of forgiveness and the demonstration of forgiveness to be your greatest joy.

People naturally respond to goodness and you will find yourselves getting out of the old patterns of recrimination. Forgive each other, but go the second mile and demonstrate how good it is to forgive. The little problems of life will seem to be swept away.

Always it is best to reach for the highest thing in your natures. It is habit to reach for the lower and these habits must be changed. It is automatic to be put out or angry or irritated by the behavior of someone. But this is not the Father's way. The Father calls out what is best within your hearts - Forgiveness, laughter, love, self-acceptance, accepting other, and love, most of all love.

Where there is anger or hurt so often automatically putting up the barriers. But the Master said, take down those barriers instead, walk cheerfully the second mile, forgive and demonstrate your forgiveness. It does not require all that much to forgive and to do something that demonstrates your forgiveness. But it does take a mighty force of will to check your old reaction patterns and to change its direction.

In this way, my children, all your relationships will improve and you will free yourselves of old patterns of thought, behavior, which lead to sorrow. So have no thought about what you should have received from this or that person. Do not seek to require them to do anything. Seek only to find those little moments of forgiveness. Check your own reaction and do some little thing that breaks the cycle, the pattern.

So often, in close relationships, patterns arise that recur almost on a daily basis. If you just wouldn't do such and such, if she would just not do this or that, why do you have to do this or that? And it's in these little things that relationships can be gradually broken down. When you forgive the little things and demonstrate your acceptance, you go a long way toward recapturing love, respect, and joy. As your children get older, it's important to break those patterns as well and to demonstrate your confidence and acceptance of them just as they are whether or not they conform to your good advice.

Every human being longs for acceptance and longs for love and forgiveness is the mechanism with which you can demonstrate loving acceptance. Give to each other freely the gifts of the spirit. Those gifts are not to be hoarded or held in trust. They are not to be portioned out or divided up. The gifts of the spirit have freely been given and you must demonstrate your acceptance of them by your giving. Do you accept the Father's forgiveness? Then you must forgive freely and fully. Do you accept the Father's love? Then you must love completely without reservation.

Let peace be upon you as you discover the ever greater gifts the Father bestows upon you daily. Are there any questions at this time?

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter. You do very well. You are finding a great deal of personal freedom and happiness. Remember that you are a liberated daughter of God, that the Father's love is so strong as to bring you safely through anything and everything without fear. The decisions before you are to be made in time. Do not rush into any decision right now. For things have a way of working themselves towards a solution, especially if we do not press too hard.

Q: May I have a personal message please?

Ham: Yes my son, you do very well. You have come far over these last few years. Do not fear the future for you are doing just what you should be. It takes putting one foot before the other to walk any distance. Often your impatience gets you in trouble. Find patience and a steadiness to life, a calmness, as you move forth. And continue to pray, thy will be done. In this way you will find true self acceptance and the beginnings of a really deep self-respect. So, don't be in a hurry. The way will be shown.

Q: Ham do you have anything for me?

Ham: Certainly my daughter, you do well. You have also come very far relatively quickly. But you also are finding the benefits from slowing down a little and finding your own rhythm and listening to it. So often your lives are overly structured and there must be some time for simply being without worrying about what isn't being done. But, you also are doing very well and are finding time for yourself more and more. Don't be afraid of alone time with God. Let him be beside you and may you be increasingly aware of his presence at all times. Again I say, knock and it shall be opened, seek and you will find. Be at peace my daughter, you do very well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly. Daughter, you do well. Find peace and comfort even as you strive and worry. Take those feelings of guilt and put them aside for they do not serve you. Accept the Father's good gifts. Be unafraid to take them.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do very well. You have grown tremendously and you continue to bear fruits of the spirit in your daily life. Be unafraid of walking into this new phase in your life. Do not worry about trying to change. Think rather about becoming more and more who you are. Be at peace with yourself.

Q: Ham Neiley wants to know if you have any counsel for him?

Ham: Yes, certainly. My son you have often impulses for action in different directions and the same time and this gives you a difficult way to feel certain about yourself and your feelings. As a child, you were very sensitive to the different ways your parents were pulling you and these feelings have remained to a large extent. Do not worry so much about who you are. Think instead of about where you are going, who you want to be. The secret to life is understanding that where you are in is not so important as where you are going and who you are is not so important as who you are becoming. Set your sights high in both these areas and much of the troubles of the moment will vanish.

Q: Marije would like you to comment on the health of her mother and father.

Ham: My dear you do well. You have much before you and you must tackle the future without fear or worry. Your parents are both doing quite well. Health problems will come and go during this stage in life. It is not something you should worry about. Think rather about your own health and well being at this time. Have courage as you go forward with this great adventure and be at peace my dear, you do well.

Planetary Government

Q: Rebecca received an e-mail from Duane Faw which is a message from a celestial named Virgil. There was a discussion of a meeting of celestials at which momentous happenings were to be discussed and big decisions affecting the future of the planet were to be made. Can you clarify or comment on this?

Ham: Certainly. The planetary government periodically hosts meetings to discuss progress of your world. This could be referring to one of those meetings. Be assured that the overall planetary direction and governance is steady and secure. There is always room for discussion and for minor changes to be made. But the overall plan of action was decided upon many hundred years ago and is ably put into place by the wise stewardship of Machiventa Melchizedek who acts in Michael's stead as Planetary Prince. All decisions are made jointly between Michael and Machiventa. And these plans and decisions are in accordance with the will of the Universal Father. So, do not feel for a moment that there is some uncertainty concerning any major direction or decision. There is not. Rest assured that your world is progressing as it should despite the seeming set backs and suffering in certain parts of the world. I hope this is helping the questioner.

Q: Yes, I would like a personal message please Ham it has been so very long.

Ham: Yes, certainly my daughter. You have very much to be thankful for this day. You have a great tendency to always fear the worst but the worst seldom arrives. Things are usually quite different. Be honest, of course, about your fears, but don't dwell upon them. Move on. Do the things which can be done that day and then let go of any extra anxiety which tends to hover and remain quickly at arms length able to be grabbed up and used any second. Don't worry my daughter. You have much to do in this life, much to be a part of, much to contribute. The way will open that allows all these things and your spiritual growth will be the key that unlocks everything else. Some times it is best not to over analyze and better just to experience. Have peace and comfort as you move forward. Remember that the Master's spirit is ever at your side. His ear is open. Talk to him and find comfort there.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes, my son, you also do very well. The way will open for you. Do not worry or be concerned about your direction right now. Let the Father take the helm and show you the way forward. You have grown much in your ability to release control to the Father's great hand. Don't forget the lessons of your recent past. Let go and the way will open.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week Ham?

Ham: Yes, of course. My son, you do very well. You also are a person who takes comfort in controlling your environment and there are times when this is appropriate and times when it is best to let go and to trust. And know there are no set rules, these things are always overlapping. It is best to find comfort in the releasing of control and in this your spiritual power will be increased. Be at ease with surrender. Most of life is out of our hands. We just don't like to acknowledge it.


Very well my children, is there anything further? Very well, as always, my prayers and my love go with each one of you. Be at peace as you fight the little battles of life and the great battles of self. Have comfort in the Master's presence and be mindful of him.