2003-02-23-Contact With Father's Personality

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Topic: Contact With Father's Personality

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, my children, I am Ham and I am happy to be among you this evening. We are very happy with your overall rapid progress of the spirit. Each one of you is moving toward greater spiritual expression. You are each coming into greater and greater spiritual awareness and spiritual comprehension as your progress.


Personality, Unity

It is through the mind, by the operation of the mind, that you can perceive the spirit just as it is through the mind that material things are perceived. Mind perceives other mind and with this when you experience the presence of the spirit, you are also perceiving the mind of spirit. But more than that, through the agency of mind, personality perceives personality. And so the experience of the spirit becomes the experience of the Father's person.

The Father is truth, beauty, and goodness but he is more, he is all those things unified in personality. When you experience the Father, you experience perfect personality and that perfect personality, by his presence, transforms and heals areas of your own personality and creates unification of your own goodness, truth, and beauty. Each one of you is in process of unification. As your potentials become actual, these things must be unified in the personality and by contact of your finite personality with the infinite personality, unification is assured. The Father is infinite and eternal and he has planted those potentials within your soul. As these potentials actualize, they must balance and unify with all the other actuals of your personality. The Father exists in the infinite past and the infinite future. He exists in the now of every moment, past present and future. The finite mind perceives beginnings and endings. The infinite mind perceives no beginning and no ending. As your minds expand to include his person, he becomes your perception of the infinite past and the infinite future in the now time. Gradually, it is beginning to dawn in your consciousness that you are a tiny part of that which is everything, but you are not a passive part. You have the capacity to have a contribution, a addition, a piece of the great puzzle of all eternity and infinity is you yourself. Not what you do, but who you are gives this contribution.

The Father's personal presence as he is grasped by the human consciousness is infinitely personal, wonderfully tender, eternally understanding, and completely supportive. The Father's presence supports and nurtures your own growth. He does not require you to go here or go there. It is not required that you should do this or that. But he does require that your intention should remain ever more focused and dedicated to growing toward the Father personally.

The Father requires not so much that you should love him, but rather that you should know him and in that knowing, love will naturally bloom. Then still further, he requires not so much that you should know him, but that you should strive to know him and intend to know him. For in that knowing lies all potential and all future growth. As you come to know God, you come to absorb him. As you come to know him, you naturally want to be more like him. His drawing power is so intense that once you have decided to become like him with a whole heart, that process is assured over eternity.


Now, many times human beings desire to sacrifice for God, to give God something that they value and this has led to all manner of strange even repugnant religious practices. But the intention is give full credit. What does God desire from you? Only that you are willing to walk with him, to share your life with him, and to hold nothing back. When you pray that the Father's will be done, you are praying for the utmost good, the highest truth, and the most and noble and exalted beauty should prevail. When you say, as the Master did at the end of every prayer, "nevertheless, your will be done", meaning no matter what your personal desires may be, you are giving that up for the Father's greater will to be done. This is the mark of true God-knowing. For those who know God trust him, and when you trust God that much, you want to desire what he desires.

Human beings have a narrow field of vision during a short life time. You do not see all the implications or all the ramifications of your actions or your lives. But the Father does see and you can be sure that when you pray for his will to be done, and you align your will with his will, that you can do not wiser thing, no more courageous thing, no more farsighted thing, and no more humble thing.

Bring him into your lives every day, every moment. Surrender the ego driven desires for those of the all-knowing, all-seeing Lord. Trust that his way for you will be perfectly and completely what is best for you and those around you.

As you go about your daily work, bring the Master and the Father into your minds as often as you can. Align your wills with that of the Father by surrendering your will to his through prayer and worship. Have peace and comfort as you move forward in life. Let your unknowing rest in complete assurance in the Father's all knowing. Are there any questions at this time?


Thought Adjusters

Q: [the] Urantia book describes the Thought Adjuster as prepersonal, Is that mechanism that the Father uses to make himself personally present to you. Is there a paradox or something there?

Ham: No. The trouble is your understanding of personality. The part of the Father which eventually fuses with the human personality is said to be prepersonal in that he does not come fully unified in your personality. Meaning your personality is the focal point of unification in this part of the Father. But the Father's personality is the let's say center of gravity of all things and all unification takes place within his personality. This is so even though we can see great areas unified under seemingly separate personalities. The Father is the source of all this organization. Personality is a natural organizer. It is a pole which unifies all which grows or comes together around this focal point. So, in order to have a time when there is unification of this focal point with the Father's spirit, that spirit must join with the personality. To do that, he cannot supplant the personality or change the personality but must be prepersonal. That does not change that when you perceive the Father, you are perceiving a person for his spirit represents him and is him to you. It is just not a focal point of organization, if that clarifies.


Q: You say not what we do but who we are that is important, but doesn't what we do influence who we are and who we become?

Ham: Well, I would put it the other way around, who you are influences what you do. You are before you do. Does that make sense? I also use this to help you understand that there is not a way to buy your way into heaven, there is no trick or bribery or set of religious rituals that can take the place of growth of the spirit.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham do you have a personal message for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly my son, you do very well and have made great spiritual strides over a short period of time. You are continuing to become a humble petitioner and this practice of asking the Father is absolutely correct. Asking the Father for guidance, for wisdom, for strength, patience, and all the valuable things of the spirit is just what you should be doing. Lately you have gone through a period of reexamination of your value system. You are a person who constantly revises and examines what matters most. And this is always the correct action of a God-knowing man. Know that the Father's loving kindness will never fail you. Continue to trust in his good guidance and slowly but surely things will become somewhat easier. There have been many times when you have taken the hard road, but this has also served. The Father's road is much easier and you will find his guidance to be unfailing and generous. Don't be afraid to trust in him completely. You are almost achieving that sublime pact and over the next time period I foresee this partnership blooming as you continually and unfailingly put your trust in the Father's hands.

Q: May I ask for a message for Jim please?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you do well. You are also placing great trust in the Father as you take steps forward in many ways. You will find all that you need. The Father will lead you into the way which is most beneficial as you grow in your trust of his guidance. Do not worry but also be diligent and dedicated in your pursuit of his will. The more you dedicate yourself to the Father, the easier your path will become. He will guide your footsteps onto the way which is most beneficial to you. Believe this. You do very well.

Q: The Master is the template?

Ham: Yes you could say that. He is the perfect expression of God and man united and always will be. You are correct.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca? Ham: Yes. Yes, my daughter, you do well. You must also seek after perfect humility and that seamless alliance of your will with the Father. The way forward is through humble recognition of your own smallness, helplessness, and dependence. These things must be recognized as supremely valuable. As this occurs, your orientation will be fine tuned for no one comes to the Father or the Master from a high road, all must travel the lowly road of humility, trust and dependence. You do very well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes my son, you must also voluntarily take the humble place. Take the position of humility and this allows the Master to move your forward. In this you are finding great comfort and peace. Remember to let him carry all your burdens. Have no fears and no anxiety for you are firmly in the Father's hands. Trust him and all is well.

Q: Ham do you have anything for me tonight?

Ham: Yes my daughter you do very well. You have a very adventurous spirit and often you have subordinated this spirit to worldly obligation, but now you are spreading your wings and moving forward with your heart's desire. Remember that your deepest heart's desires are given to you so that you can find all those things which you need in your growth. You are coming into a wonderful and exciting time in your life when you will experience many changes and many new opportunities. Keep spreading your wings and trust that the Father will be there to lift you up. As you increase your trust and dependence on God, you increase your own confidence and self-respect. Be at peace my dear, you do very well.

Q: Ham, do you have a message for me this evening?

Ham: Yes of course my dear, you continue to make progress even during times when you feel like you are not. You are very much growing in the spirit, even during times which feel unbalanced, maybe especially during those times. Growth can be painful and disorienting for a while, but this quickly passes and you experience new levels of strength and self-assurance. The way will certainly open and all you do will be rewarded. Don't worry about the future, for all is well and as it should be. Let go of your concerns and leave them to the Father. Let trust be your watchword, and everything will progress just as it should. Remember, always, that prayer is powerful. Rely upon it and continue to build your trust with the Father through dependence on prayer. Yes, all things work toward the good and all is well.

Q: Norbert would like a personal message?

Ham: Yes, Norbert my son, you do well. Do not allow fear to intrude upon your peace of mind. Fear is not the way to the Father and many well intentioned souls continue to believe that the fear of God is necessary and that fear in general is a promoter of good. Leave instead all fear behind as you move forward in the spirit. Fear will continue to plague even the most spiritual among you in tiny fits and starts. That is when you must extinguish the spark before it becomes a flame. Move forward my son in your searching for true spiritual experience. All things are becoming new.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes, my son, you do well. Your place in the universe is entirely secure. In this you must be completely certain. I perceive that there is still a small part of you which has great difficulty completely accepting the Father's tender love, some part which feels unworthy. But, let this not be a focus of attention. Focus instead on completely surrendering to the Father's love. Let go of fear that you may not measure up, that you will be found lacking some way, for these fears are simply a human reaction to divine love. Focus on a spiritual reaction of love for love. Let everything else go.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you also do well. Gradually, slowly but surely, you are coming to realize the magnitude of the Father's love for you. When we speak of words like infinite, boundless, eternal, these things are not really a part of human consciousness except as you relate to the Father. You cannot explain boundless love, you can only experience it and even then only partially at this time. Growth in the ability to love is key to all spiritual progress. For as you love, you demonstrate that you are loved. As you love, you make the Father's love real in your experience. Therefore, continue to expand in your ability to love and all is absolutely well.


Are there any further questions? Very well then, until next week once again my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.