2003-06-02-Do Not Fear Doing Father's Will

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Topic: Do Not Fear Doing Father's Will

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Michael

TR: George B.



Prayer Jim: All powerful goodness, bountiful Father and merciful God, increase in me the wisdom that discovers my truest interests. Strengthen my resolution to perform which that interest dictates and accept my kind offices to thy other children as the only return within my power where thy continuing favor tells them. Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be back to see all the familiar faces once again and to spend this wonderful time together with you. The time that we spend together is like being in a classroom when you were in school. For in essence that is what it is. You have recognized in your lives here on earth certain teaching tools that allow you to grow and you naturally gravitate toward these truth giving institutions. These classes are given throughout the entire network of the Teaching Mission and are free for anyone to join and for anyone to hear. We are here to teach, to help you grow and to help you to become familiar with the higher truths and concepts of the universe beyond and of the universe within.



Many of you have traveled a long ways before you found this classroom. Many of you looked hard and sought this sort of institution everywhere, but you were left dissatisfied, so you continued your quest. What I offer you here in this classroom is but a glimpse, but a taste which will not quench your thirst. It will only make you more thirsty for what is to come. There is more to life than just my words or my promises. Many years I have taught you, I have given you lessons and I have shown you other worlds, which at this moment you can only imagine. What I cannot give you is the experience that you must have for yourselves. I cannot give you the experiences that will unfold in your lives and, therefore, I cannot quench your thirst. The one that will truly quench it is God alone. I am only a messenger of my Father. I only bring his words and his wisdom and my experiences into your lives for you to learn from and appreciate. Ultimately your own experiences are what will qualify you to enter into the Father’s Kingdom. Your experiences alone are what will finally quench that long and dry thirst which you have had your entire life for the truth. Although it is important that you learn from the Teaching Mission, it is all the more important that you learn from your own experiences of life together what you can from the challenges that are set before you and to mature, to grow and to ask questions.

Think of the Teaching Mission as a guide for your life, for your spiritual well being. As all such guides you must take it as just that; as a guide and not allow it to control your life. It is not meant for that, I am not here to control any of you. You are all freewill creatures and you all are indwelt with Thought Adjusters which make you my brothers and sisters. From my experiences, my long life, I have learned to respect every creature in God’s realm. My respect for you comes naturally as does my respect for your free will. My words and my guidance are here to help you. God is helping and guiding you each day. He is there at every moment, not telling you what to do, but helping you and encouraging you and being one with your life and your experiences. It is entirely up to you to allow the Father to enter your life. It is entirely up to you to allow yourself to surrender your will to his will. He does not become angry when you decide to go against the His will, but He does become jubilant when you decide to align your will with his and to say Father, may your will be mine." The Father looks down on you with love and calls you a true daughter or son. This is what we all strive for in the universe, to align our will with the Father’s. It becomes quite pleasurable to do this.

On Urantia it may seem like a burden at times, but if you allow God to enter your heart and your mind, if you allow his will to govern your life, you will soon realize that things can be quite pleasurable when they are done his way. It is not to say that your will is completely obliterated, for it is not. You are simply doing his will because you want to. The fruits that arrive from such aligning of will benefit you and the Father, so there is much incentive to do the Father’s will. In many ways God takes care of his own and when you align your will with his will he takes care of you even more. He makes sure that your life is running accordingly. Yes, of course, there are challenges at times but when you learn about the Father’s will, you know that challenges are meant to strengthen you and to mold you into a perfect soul, for that is your goal, perfection. It is when you persistently deny these challenges or you hide from them, that they come back at you, not exactly in the same fashion but in a different form persistently challenging you. After all this is one big school and you are here to grow, learn and mature. If you were to deny yourself that experience of learning and growth then you are denying yourself the opportunity to truly know God.

I will step aside so others may speak.


Michael: TR, George. Greetings, it is your Father/brother Michael. It has been a while since I have addressed this group. Do not doubt that I am always looking in on you. I am always with you at every moment of your life. I love each and everyone of you and hold you in my heart. My love for you is deeper, stronger and greater than what words can describe. There is no symbol or container that can contain the love that I feel for all of you. I know that you have experienced my love and have felt my love in your heart, mind and soul. There are marvels and experiences that await you. The lives that you live here are full of love and meaning. You project out to the world, happiness and kindness. Please take my message of love to all of your brothers and sisters and present this gift to them. Recognize your brothers and sisters throughout the world. Allow their light to combine with your light. Allow your heart to meld with their heart. Allow my spirit to touch you tonight. The light that you project shall be increased and shall have more power for I have given it to you. Be good children and search for perfection, good night.


Donna: Good night Michael, thank you for your wonderful words, we love you.


Stella: JarEl, how do you know what the will of the Father is for you? Can you answer that JarEl?

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly Stella, the answer is before you Stella. The answer is within your heart and it is within reach. You have known this truth for many years. The question should be: what can I do so I can stop being afraid of doing the Father’s will? How can I not fear to do the Father’s will? In your life Stella you have fulfilled many of the mandates that the Father has given you, although he has not ordered you at anytime. You have listened to his will and you have meticulously fulfilled every request that he has asked of you. You continue to do the Father’s will, but at times I understand how many of you have been afraid to take that extra leap of faith. God never asks you to do more than you can handle. He always knows what you can handle and everyday he asks of you just a little bit; a little grace; a little understanding. He may just have asked you to smile just for that day for someone who needs a smile. If that is the case, why should you be afraid to do the Father’s will? Some may believe to do the Father’s will is to give up your own freewill choice and go to a far away place and preach about the Father in heaven, but that is not the case. Each of you in your own life has your own requests given to you from the Father. Just because a brother or a sister travels half way around the world to present the truth, does not mean that you should do the same or that is your mandate. To know the Father’s will is to know yourself. Does that answer your question Stella?

Stella: I don’t know. I feel as if I am on a treadmill, treading backwards very fast. I am sorry, I guess I will have to get to the Mansion Worlds before I will grasp what you are saying.

JarEl: TR, George. It is OK to be confused Stella. For confusion is a sign that you are learning.

Norman: No wonder that you are so smart, Stella.

Jim: Now I know how smart I am!

JarEl: Are there any other questions?

Mansion Worlds

Stella: Yes, I have another question. Norman and I were talking tonight: there are certain people in this world obsessed with making money or controlling others or have a war career or all kinds of unsavory things. What do they do when they get to the Mansion Worlds when they can no longer do these things? Are they very upset?

JarEl: TR, George. Many people go through this life serving two masters, in some cases, one master, not being God. When these people graduate to the Mansion World they can no longer serve that master for it has been taken away from them and left behind in a world that is but a dream at that point. They can no longer serve money and they cannot start wars. They can only create a war in their own minds. It is contained in their own identity. When they realize that they can no longer affect others the way they did before, or control others, they start to asks themselves, who controls everything? Who is my Master? Who should I serve? That is when they start learning and growing. That is when they start realizing that there is one true Source and Center that governs all. For many it takes awhile, for they are not used to asking themselves hard questions. They grew up spoiled, learning that power came from money or from war. They find they are mistaken, they find they were mislead. In the end all that was wrong was right. All that was taught wrong will be taught right. Many of the misconceptions that people have grown up with in your world will be purged from their lives and they will be introduced to new and better ideas. We will introduce the idea of our Universal Father and of our brotherhood and sisterhood; that is what happens.

Stella: That gives me more insight as to what happens when they have no more power or control over others. They have to start thinking down the right lines. Good point JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. It is my pleasure to enlighten all of you.


Stella: I have another question. I spent the weekend at the Book Conference in Los Angeles and I talked to some people about my book, The Secret Revelation. I was kind of surprised, some people were respectful but others actually look forward to Armageddon. They look forward to this end time, the end of the world, and that surprised me. How can they prefer this death and destruction to God’s loving message? Would you care to comment on that?

JarEl: TR, George. Those who look forward to Armageddon are doing it out of a selfish point of view. In which they believe that only certain chosen people shall be saved and the rest shall perish in the flames. That is how they justify the evils of this world, rather than trying to fix the world or try to improve it, they settle with this idea that the end will come. Therefore, they selfishly throw away all responsibility towards this planet and only focus on their own lives and their own salvation. This is much of the mentality behind this. There is no Armageddon; there are no end times. The world shall continue as it has been. Your air may become dirtier, more population, more pollution, more crime, more wars. Things may get worse before they get better, but the point that am trying to make is that your world shall continue and it is up to you, up to the citizens of Urantia, to improve this world for later generations. It is not going to be improved by a miracle of God. He is not going to come in and destroy all of the evil and save those who are good. He is going to allow this world to evolve into Light and Life. For that to happen, a lot of you will have to put in your two cents worth. From my point of view your two cents are worth two hundred thousand and even more. That is my point of view.

Stella: Thank you, thank you very much.

Donna: JarEl, if I could comment a little further on Stella’s question, I would imagine that the people who are still looking forward to Armageddon are thinking that they would be the ones who are saved. I don’t imagine that the ones who are looking forward to Armageddon are looking forward to the death and destruction coming to them, but they think: now all the bad guys are going to be done away with, that is what I think is their reason that they don’t want to give up the idea, because it would be a quick and easy way to get rid of the supposedly bad guys.

JarEl: TR, George. Exactly, and not taking any responsibility to try and do something to improve this world. Are there any other questions here tonight?

Jennie: I don’t have a question JarEl but I do have something to say to you. I am going to be leaving the group. I am moving out of town. I have moved already. This is probably the last evening in quite a long time before I’ll come for a visit. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your time these past seven years and all the wonderful messages I’ve heard and all the up-bringing of the spirit that you have done for this group and I believe for other people who are not here right now. So I want to take the opportunity to thank you because I don’t know when I will speak to you again. I want to also thank the rest of the group here right now and I have a chance to blow kisses all around the room. God Bless you JarEl, I appreciate all that you have done.

JarEl: TR, George. I shall look in upon you from time to time Sister Jennie. I truly from the bottom of my heart enjoyed every minute that you were here.

Jennie: Thank you very much.


JarEl: TR, George. With that note I shall bid you all good night.

All: Good night JarEl.