2003-07-21-Maintaining Simplicity

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Topic: Maintaining Simplicity

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am filled with gratitude knowing I can relax all into the hands of the Father. I am comforted by the fact that Father’s awareness and intelligence oversees all. Even in my realm of reality I become absorbed with my tasks and somewhat preoccupied to the point that I can at times lose focus. I sincerely enjoy my time out from my daily tasks to take in spiritual nutrition and regain focus.


Last week we discussed material responsibilities while living a spirit led life. I do remember how difficult the agondonter status was for me. I remember being caught up in emotion, drama and my own personal desires to the point that I had squeezed Father out of my thinking. In this, the world seemed to be bearing down upon me and I felt weak and stuck in a cycle of confusion.

The responsibilities of the material life are so much easier to bear when you believe Father is at hand in all the details. With a strong foundation of faith you feel not alone and weak, as if you must bare the world upon your shoulders. How mighty is our Fathers works! How beautifully orchestrated is His divine plan! This evening I would go a bit off the intended lesson in the hopes that all are well served.

In the days of our Master individuals felt quite comforted in His presence. His lessons were simple, and yet new and exciting. The people for the most part saw with new eyes. Down through the ages spirituality had become complex with the various interpretations of man. It was indeed imprisoning and shaming the masses into the hope of salvation. With this current awakening people are yet again viewing the spirit life with new eyes and are finding freedom. Individuals are finding again the simplicity in the Master's teachings.

Some of you have always believed in Father and the spirit life. Some of you have been born again with new awareness. For those that are in understanding of my words, think back to your days of awakening to the spirit, that feeling of broadened horizons, that feeling of safety and security, that feeling of being Father's child. Many of you are long time spirit seekers, and while this is all well and good, sometimes there is a tendency to lose sight of that childlike awareness where you see all things with new eyes. As mortals mature in the spirit or mortal life, there are sometimes tendencies to become set in the ways of old, thereby slowing the flow of incoming divine information.

You, as ambassadors for our Mission, need to maintain that ability to see the realities of life with new eyes. Remember the simplicity in the Master's message; remember His light heartedness. He was ever spirit led and always had the appropriate words for those He served, those He ministered to. For many His message was basic truths and for those who were ready, received more complex material. Those that I refer to as being ready are those who maintain the ability to see with fresh eyes. Those that dare to remain open minded and receptive to new possibilities.

This week think back over your spiritual career. Does the child within still have options in your everyday living? Can you accept comfort in maintaining simplicity? Can you take comfort in knowing Father is at hand and aware of any and all things? He ever toils for your path to Him. What is salvation? What is being born of the spirit? Are there questions?


SIMON: Well Abraham, simplicity is pretty much out the door for me, but I love the idea of simplicity. Short of that I feel like I have been spending a lot of time on spiritual things. I need to do more grounding, more reality type things. I would appreciate your assessment ideas.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Science is a wonderful thing. In this day and age of technology there is tendency to over analyze everything. The simplicity and joy become lost in the confusion. This is a new age of awareness, yes, and the mortal mind will be busy with many new concepts. However, the more difficult something appears to be--the more you feel overwhelmed, the more you feel the weight of the world. In this confusion there are feelings of loneliness and the simplicity of the Master’s message is seemingly hidden. Take time, my son, to refill your spiritual resources in a simple way. While you do enjoy perfection, forget not that this leads to anxiety and disappointment when your expectations are not met. Have not worry, but take joy in the simple things in living. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You’re welcome. Another question?

LUKE: Yes Abraham. Thanks for taking questions. I have lived here my whole life and I am moving to a new area. There is apprehension there, yet everything seems to be falling into place to do that. It is a big move to leave my home and there is no intention of coming back. Any words for me?

ABRAHAM: I feel if the path seems to be cleared, then it would seem you are meant to follow it. You are exhibiting courage in the face of uncertainty and this is always growth promoting. You can see life as ‘my reality is how it is always going to be,’ and then Father will show you different. Father's possibilities are endless and one who trusts in the spirit is always open to His direction. You are a spirit led son and where your present adventure takes you is a good opportunity to deliver the good news. Your ability for humor and logic is a good combination that will serve in your ministry. Have not worry. Be at peace. No matter where you go Father is always there. Another question?

DIANNA: Abraham, with the combination of Bill leaving I would like to ask if you have any words for this momentary end of our Saturday morning group and the growth and experience, camaraderie during that time spent and if you have any words for me?

ABRAHAM: Certainly, fellowship is always good. Together you built upon one another's understanding. The bonds of friendship will always be remembered and always be a source of meanings and values. The group is not particularly ending, but perhaps growing toward a new direction. There will be many changes throughout the Mission. Sometimes Father assigns us tasks and when they have served their purpose, they bring us to a new direction or a new door. Your willingness to share your faith has been uplifting for those who know you. Your opportunity to have this fellowship has assisted you in working out some of your personal struggles. New opportunities are abounding and your association with this group has strengthened you to meet these challenges. Your calm logic has a way of speaking to the heart of individuals. Your playful attitude makes people feel open to be themselves. You have served in our Mission and still have a great deal to do. This will be a source of joy, not something that is personally draining but fulfilling and spiritually satisfying. Have not worry and anxiety where each day may take you. Simply maintain your faith and willingness to be spirit led. You do well, my daughter. Is this helping? (Yes, very much. Thank you) Another question?

CALVIN: Thanks for your lessons and help. Sometimes I wonder if my experiences have crusted me to the spiritual life. Then sometimes I wonder if it was a good thing to make me face reality. Maybe your perspective or any words you would have for me?

ABRAHAM: Each of Father’s children are entrusted with certain talents and are given tasks to perform to uphold this Mission. Your experience has well trained you to help maintain balance in the overall purpose. You are not hardened by life's experiences, no. You were well trained to perform those tasks assigned to you to serve in this Correcting Time. Many individuals are driven by emotion and some prefer to receive the spiritual life through the intellect. Because you choose to live a grounded spiritual life does not mean you are hardened to receiving from those On High. While some receive the spirit through feelings, you can better receive the spirit through mind. Have not worry. Practice to be more accepting of who you are and understanding of how you are. Is this helping? (Yes Abraham. Thanks.) You are welcome. One more question?

ELASHA: Do you have any advice or insights for me today?

ABRAHAM: My daughter, I am perceiving you to be somewhat weary with how your life is moving. You are a daughter of faith, no doubt and your ability to share with others is indeed a ministry unto itself. The everyday living reality does seem to be what you have not expected, and while this is somewhat disappointing, you are a child of God with the power to change any of your present realities. Because some doors appear not to open, have not worry, for Father’s time and your time are very different. Many doors may open at a later date. Have not fear. Know that there are spiritual rewards in the efforts made toward living a good and well balanced mortal life.


With that I will take my leave. Know that I hold each of you dear and I will again be available for you throughout the week. Find time to enjoy the source of peace. Until next time, shalom.