2003-07-29-Time for Spirituality

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Topic: Time for Spirituality

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: “It would serve you well to accredit a great deal of importance to the wise allocation of the waking hours of your lives. In your short human stay on this world, you have a multitude of chores to complete. See each of these chores through with loving care, and make it right. This is Machiventa.

“Those of you who show a keen interest in these Melchizedek University teachings are likely to make remarkable spiritual progress during your lifetimes. You will greatly advance, and far beyond the spiritual status of most of your kin in that you will become the valued teachers of this realm, and of the Mansion Worlds beyond.

“Although much of your time is now spent on your material needs, and with your unavoidable daily chores, it may be your well-chosen option to do much about the ‘improving’ of your spiritual lives, and for you to a degree, exchange the time of leisure you enjoy, for a spiritual pursuit you will grow to enjoy even more.

“Each one of you is on a journey towards the Presence of the Creator Father, and no journey quite resembles another. And yet you will doubtlessly chart your all-important course, and without exception you can all find your way with the help of the Pilot Light that so lovingly indwells you to inform you of God’s will.

“To attain that soul maturity, to acquire that spiritual energy, to become that co-creator with your Adjuster, and with each of the countless Creator Son’s children, you need to retain your focus on the end goal of your desire. You must set aside all doubt, to experience all you can and ‘meet your life’ head on.

“Indeed you require to experience, take in and absorb in full, all the lessons that may come your way to guide you in your personal quests. And as you proceed on your way, you will find your intuition quickens, and you will learn to use it and trust it more, as you soon find it to be very right (for) most of the times.

“You need not worry about the trifling problems of your ordinary daily lives, for the Creator Father will take care of all those. The big, although short and simple, answer to the enormity of our universal being, is Love. You will learn to evermore love a greater number of your sisters and brothers, and this then forms “that cosmic connection, that circle of oneness”.

“You can with trust hand over to God even your economic struggles for survival. Love the Creator Father of All, and therewith all other persons you come into contact with on Urantia. This, you will find, will build and strengthen your souls that live on beyond the physical.


“Your tasks are so very simple, yet so many of you have developed great talents for doing most things the arduous way. I will leave you now to consider this enigma.

“I am Machiventa.”