2003-08-23-Compassion in Every Vibratory Level

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Topic: Compassion in Every Vibratory Level

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Lester, Nebadonia, Aaron, Malvantra, Elyon

TR: Peri, Mark, Ginny, Jill, Daniel Megow, Jonathan

Session 1

  • August 23, 2003 Michael's Birthday Celebration


Unidentified (Peri): . ..by virtue of the fact that we are linked vertically to attune to our Father/Mother/Spirit, our one Parent, who exists in the eternal moment, who [faces?] our mortality, this line of life penetrates the rainbow, the spectrum of the different vibratory frequencies that are the codes of mortal existence. Because we have a clear center we are encouraged to extend our compassion into each vibratory level, each color, each sound. So, for example, the heart center is green and the tone [hums a note]. Feel that vibration extend out into your world to all the hearts that are aching, all the hearts that are lonely, all the hearts that have cut themselves off from love in the field of love, in the field of the heart. Allow the pure light in the center to wash into that center, into that vibratory field, cleansing, awakening, renewing. Any of the negativity is . .. the center, washed away. Each of the circuits, each of the adjutants, can be cleansed, each of the fields of your mortal existence can be cleansed in the same way. This is how you bring healing.


Michael (Mark): The Father hears the voice of the child. He recognizes the tones of his offspring. The parents hear the petitions of their children. The parents are aware of the beauty in the hearts of their children. This parent hears the petitions of each of your hearts individually. This parent knows the longings of your souls. This parent hears the thoughts of your beings. This parent feels with compassion and love. You as the children hear the voice of the parent. You as children feel the love and the nurturing of your divine parents. You embrace the tones that we approach you in. You know with certainty of our relationship, and this is the foundation upon which we build everything else, my little ones, this embrace of family that we share. Upon this foundation of love, of family, we build our relationships, we build Light and Life. On this foundation of love we will operate as on a stage in the theater.

It is with great joy that I witness the purity of your hearts as you come together to celebrate my contribution to your world and to you. I am as well very pleased to be involved with you, my children, who take up my cause so willingly and volunteer your services so freely. Indeed I say that this generation shall not pass before you behold the tide turn in this evolution toward the will of our Father. Great things are before us all, as I plan to enjoy every phase of this correcting swing with you.

I thank you each one for allowing for me in the space of your hearts. We each must make decisions where we allocate our space and how we spend our time. Each one of you here has shown and demonstrated to the universe at large the devotion of your hearts. I honor this devotion. I hear the petition of the children, and I promise you we will respond to your requests. The prayers of your hearts shall all come to pass. It is but to be about this business, the unfolding of this next stage. We should have much joy today that the Father hears our petitions, the sons, and the sons of the sons, and even you, the children of the far universes. Rejoice, our petitions have been heard. We should be at peace and of joy on such an occasion. I will remain in attendance to relish the fellowship and the joy that is among you as fellow believers.

Thank you, each one. Farewell.

Lester (Ginny): Greetings, I too join you as you gather to honor and acknowledge the divine presence in you all. Good morning, this is Lester. I have been madly tapping this child's shoulder, and she has been slow to awaken.

I always am happy to be with you in this time of great celebration and human connection. It is very important to relish these times of celebration and connection and joy. We are all gathered here in great numbers, and as you all know, I never miss a party. So, I will be here with you, encouraging you to be your true selves in all your dealings with each other and those with whom you come in daily contact.

It is time now to remove your outer masks and defenses that have held us up so far. It is time to stop the pretending and to act with the mind and heart of a divine son and Universal Father.

This planet is becoming more and more ready to acknowledge the divine, even though at times your troubles seem insurmountable. We are approaching a time when souls are ready and willing to acknowledge their true natures as children of the Father. Be bold. Be sincere. Fear not. As this TR has recently discovered, the two main sources of all your actions and thoughts can be narrowed down to fear and love. Choose to act out of love instead of fear, to acknowledge and to believe and to trust that you are assisted by many helpers who can lead you and keep you strong.

So, as you celebrate this weekend include me and I will hang around. It is a great joy and privilege to have this opportunity to keep in contact with you. I take my leave, thank you.

Nebadonia (Peri): This is your Mother, you beauties! When you hear me, when you sense my presence, it creates a ripple of warmth, of light, of hope that reverberates into the hearts of not only those orphans on this world but on the many worlds that have been so lonely, so hungry for knowledge of my embrace. I have to pour out so much. I am always there eager to fill your needs, to complete you, to let you know that always I am thinking of you. As with any mother, I do not wish to intrude on your autonomy but am so pleased, so pleased, when you reach out to me and ask and share your needs with me. Breathe me as I breathe you. I bid you peace and love to share this day.

Aaron (Jill): When all else fails there is God. We watch with fascination your mental/spiritual evolution wherein you turn to everything human and material in your world first before you turn to God. We say this is fascinating because, while the majority are stuck at that level of consciousness, we rejoice in the heavens beyond your greatest ability to understand the fact that we have so many of our Father's children truly seeking Him, truly seeking their will to be His will. And the children such as yourselves can do this when the majority of the consciousness of your brothers and sisters is not even aware. It is truly exhilarating for us. We love teaching you. We love having you teach us through these transmissions.

My brief message this morning to you is to always see through the eyes of God so you can recognize the awakening of more and more of your brothers and sisters so that you may greet them, the Father within you to the Father within them. Each time you reach out with your Father's and your Mother's love you are potentially awakening another of your brothers and sisters. You may be small in number relative to the population of your world, but I assure you, you have a magnificent influence. The loving energy that emanates from each of your hearts is brilliant in light. Even if you do not always speak to the unknown brother or sister on the street I again assure you the Father's love through you to them is received. Know that those numbers will increase, the numbers of brothers and sisters awakened. Despite what you hear in your news reports that is negative, trust that there is an equal measure of the Father's positive love balancing that out. Know that you can choose to feel peace in every moment. Have faith, for that is what awakened you in the beginning.


This is your brother Aaron, and I am so pleased to join you this weekend. Carry on.

Session 2

  • Saturday Night Session


Malvantra (Daniel TR): Fortunate indeed are you who experience this level of family. This relationship, this companionship, that you each have with one another and with all of us is closer to the level of family that those in Light and Life are recognizing. You have attained this as agondonters who have not seen, yet you still feel the spiritual family.

Many of you have relatively recently experienced affairs or issues with your earthly families as well. You took with you into these endeavors your experiences of this grand and loving family. Family is the way of the universe, the ability to recognize one another as siblings with our eternal Father as the father of us all. This is the ideal; this is where Light and Life can begin. When you recognize another as a cherished brother or sister you have received a gift and given them one as well. When you love others as siblings this is what draws them also into the family. This is what the benign virus of love can do. It is infectious. You need not look for opportunities to love, for in every moment they are there already.

Embrace this family; it is wonderful to be with kindred souls. It is an opportunity for personal rejuvenation, strengthening, and encouragement to be about our Father's business. At this gathering you can be seen glowing in each other's presence. It is a universal love that you share in experience. You all share the same ideals and yet allow one another your own ideas. This is as it should be. This is the beauty of diversity. It is far easier for us to work with ones who have experienced this level of family commitment and cooperation. We appreciate your excited willingness. This is your brother Malvantra. I always enjoy interacting in this my family, as well.


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. I would like to address you tonight. I would like to use the subject "love saturation". To best convey my message I am going to use an analogy.

Imagine yourself to be as cloth. In the scale of a human being's desire to be of a certain character, to have intellectual qualities, emotional refinements, and spiritual standing, you have a gradient by which you gauge yourselves. We can compare ourselves to cloth as if it were burlap or compare ourselves as to fine linen. We may feel an imbalance which questions the accuracy of our weave. We may consider ourselves so embellished as to resemble macramé. However coarse or fine, however tangled or adorned, by nature cloth is receptive to moisture.

Michael has told you that he is the water of life. In your search for truth, in your longing for love, you have grown in your ability to receive this moisture, to let your cloth become wetted. As you mature you have discovered that you can wring this loving and living water out of yourself to bless another.

At times you become drier and require in-filling, wetting again, to rejuvenate you. Over time you gain the ability to receive more moisture than you are able to wring from your being. Soon the welling up of love so infuses you that as a cloth is further moistened there emerges from the fabric a puddle of water. Where once there was a cloth containing moisture now there is a puddle containing a cloth. This is love saturation.

Then will you give love and never be exhausted. Thank you for hearing my words.


Evelyn: We know that God and Michael love us all; we are dripping with their love. But we don't feel that way necessarily. Sometimes it seems like an emotional response when we feel love saturated, when we get in tune and appreciate it. It isn't something we have to earn; we are actually wallowing in it and don't realize it. I don't know if there is a question there.

Elyon: I return to the condition wherein cloth is merely moist and not overflowing with water. This you address. Love is present in quality whether you are feeling only dampened or whether you are saturated. When you feel the lack you are perceiving love as present but not love as abundant. When you grasp, as you have expressed, the ever- present, always available love, then you can return to the sense of overflowing abundance of saturation and not feel lacking.

In this universe at no time is the love humidity point zero percentage. If there is perceived a sense of dryness or slow accumulation of moisture then I encourage the creative eye in discerning help which will increase your rate of absorption and bring you to the sense of the overwhelming presence of love. It will be present; it always is. Your recognition of love as ever available hastens the recovery at any time when you are feeling less infused, for this is the first returning step to reaffirm that love is 100% present.

I hope this addresses your comment.


Malvantra (Daniel): This is Malvantra again with a short statement on that. If there is any moment when you cannot feel the love that surrounds you, you only need to readjust your antennas. It is always pervading. Father's spirit is always within. Michael's spirit is always with you, and Mother's spirit defines your universe. That is all.