2004-05-16-Refreshment from Wellspring of Spirit

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Topic: Refreshment from Wellspring of Spirit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jessona, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you on this plane, this is Elyon. Once again I am impressed at your motivation to assemble whenever and however you are able in order to come to the well of spiritual sharing. We welcome each other on this level. This is where we meet, and it is not my soul arena and it is not your familiar arena, but we agreed to meet at this time under these circumstances to share this spiritual refreshment from the wellspring of spirit.


As you know, our Master spoke of this water of life and its refreshing qualities, its nourishment for the soul. It is what we seek when we come to gather around this well, to each one dip our container in and drink deeply of this well that we may be refreshed, that we may be energized, that we may be sustained in our spiritual journey. We have spoken to you of a spiritual pressure mounting upon this world. One of the manifestations of this spiritual pressure will be the increased thirst, the increased hunger, for the sustenance of spiritual rejuvenation. You will encounter more and more of your fellows seeking this refreshment of life and looking for this well wherein they may become refreshed.

Many are uncertain as to how to access these wells of spiritual refreshment and will require some gentle guidance as to how to access these eternally fruitful sources of spiritual refreshment. Likewise each one of you may be seen as a spiritual well of refreshment for your fellows. When they come into your presence they will seek the refreshment that you manifest. They will look for the source of your peace, of your refreshment of your sustenance, of your security. You will in your own ways express to them wherein you find your sustenance, wherein you are re-energized for your journey forward. They will be as those who have crossed a great desert and are in search of the nourishing qualities of water to rejuvenate their tired souls. You will be prepared with your canteen, as you now have the ability to draw deeply from a well such as we all gather around at this moment.

Take with you into your journey a supply of this refreshment, of this nourishment, to share with your brothers and sisters. At first this may seem as though a burden to laden yourself with heavy canteens of nourishment for those around you, but you will determine that the load is light and the burden is in reality a privilege. As you make your way through your journey carrying your canteens, many will approach you for a sip of what you carry. After they have experienced the refreshment and the satisfaction involved in partaking of your canteen, they will desire to know wherewith you drew this sustenance.

You are then privileged enough to guide them back to your source of regeneration, your source of refreshment, your replenishment of your weary selves, so that you may be about these tasks having been replenished and refreshed. All those who have experienced the satisfaction of drawing from this wellspring of spirit yearn to return and yearn to share this refreshment with others. While you may carry an ample supply with you on your side journeys, you desire on a regular basis to return to the well as we do now. Indeed, our master was so correct in saying that he who drinks of regular water will thirst again, but he who drinks of the spirit may have sustenance everlasting. You who have experience drawing from this well even now have sustenance everlasting. You know of a spiritual certainty of the existence of this well.

Those around you who do not yet experience this phenomenon will need guidance from ones such as yourselves to bring them into the understanding and to lead them to the well you have discovered. These wells are located in many different places and have many different characteristics, as they are provided [brief interruption].... The nature of these spiritual wells varies greatly, and you will come to discover that they are cropping up everywhere. You will find that you need not make specific journeys to specific wells but rather be open to the gift of many different sources of this spiritual comfort. Therefore will we all come to benefit from the increase of these avenues available to the mortals of the realm as they develop and as they are discovered. We enjoy the familiarity of this well, although I will point out to you, that the nature of this one that we now stand around and enjoy has changed from the physical environment to the telephone environment. Nevertheless, we all will concede that the fruits of this well are available to us just as they are as we assemble in the comfort of our private homes. That same difference will be experienced in the many different sources of spiritual nourishment we come to discover. We must not close our spiritual eyes to the presence of other wells of spirit, wherever we may discover them. We must be prepared for them to crop up anywhere and everywhere as we are on our journeys.

We will discover increasingly that it is not necessary to retrace our steps back to our long time familiar well, but we will discover that there are many such wells along our journey, each one with the capacity to provide the spiritual refreshment we enjoy even now. So, I will fill my canteen, and you will fill your canteens around this well we have come to enjoy. This particular one will be here for us to enjoy whenever we decide to assemble. We will discover on our journeys that there are many other wells which we may have reason to stop and pause and enjoy and receive the same refreshment we receive even now. That is my imagery for today. Once again I thank you for joining me in hearts around this well as we enjoy the refreshment we find in each others' company and in the avenue of expression of the divine that we encircle by our will choice. Those are my words for today. I now allow time for others. Thank you.


Jonathan: I appreciate your lesson. It puts in perspective that all religious forms, philosophical expressions, are like the variety of wells we have. Whether stone cylinders with a bucket or a modern capped well with an electric pump, it's still the same water being delivered; it's the living water, not the shape of the well. I often pass on opportunities to offer the water of life to someone out of hesitancy. From your lesson I see it's like, because I drank from the canteen, I slobbered on it; they won't want to drink from it. Do you have any comment on how to be more self-assured and bold in offering a drink?

Elyon: The keys to your effective manipulation of your hesitancy are found in your own statement, when you are aware of the nature of the fact that all this spiritual water comes from one source, and that every living creature requires this living water for their very survival. If in fact you were to use the analogy of real water and carrying a canteen, you would be less hesitant to offer your fellows a drink if you could readily discern the need on their parts, their parched lips, their dry scratchy voices, that they were in fact in need of water of life. You would unhesitatingly offer them your canteen, and they would unhesitatingly accept your canteen because of the nature of this need for the human animal.

Likewise does this human spirit require for its growth this spiritual water. If you are possessed of a canteen which has your personal spirit satiated, then when others around you present themselves likewise, you will find yourself with the urge to offer to share this water of life, and at that point your job is done. It is not up to you what your brothers and sisters do after you have made your offer to share your spiritual water. That is their freewill choice and subsequent decision. Your role is simply to offer this refreshment. If someone came into your house and you had a glass of water, you would offer them a glass of water. When someone comes into your presence and you have spiritual fulfillment, naturally it will come that you will offer this cup. Whether or not they choose to take this cup and how deeply they choose to drink from this cup remains their choice and their decision. If you do not offer this up to them, then you do not provide them with the opportunity to make this freewill choice. So, if you can see yourselves as playing the roles of making the choice possible and being unattached to the decision that is made beyond your control as to how much of this living water another will take, you will find that your burden of decision in this process is much lighter.

If you see yourself as only the one with the canteen offering drinks around and unattached to who accepts your offer, then will you be content that your role has been played satisfactorily. It is human nature to take personally the decisions of another, particularly in regards to an offer made by yourself. In terms of spirit realities, we all need to develop a refined sense of obligation in this case. My obligation to you is to present you with the truths I deem appropriate at the time. Therein my obligation ends. Your privilege begins there and goes forward; whether or not you accept these truths into your lives, whether or not you embrace these truths as part of your lifestyle, how much these truths impact your lives, are all up to you. I do not have control over the degree to which you are affected by the teachings. My obligation ends at the presentation of the lessons. Your obligation ends at the presentation of the drink from your canteens. Should another desire to engage you beyond that point -- as you do this very moment by your question engage me beyond the point of my lesson -- then am I free to go deeper, to provide more, to have greater latitude in the expression of this truth.

Therein do you give me permission to move forward and I do. Likewise, if you offer another a drink of this spiritual water and they desire more, you then have their permission to give them more; indeed, you may find you give them your canteen! Indeed, you may find that after they drink your canteen you lead them back to your well where they may fill it. But all of that is strictly up to them, not up to you. Your role is to be prepared, be ready for the questions, be ready to take the next step should they need another drink. But initially you can do no wrong by offering your brothers and sisters a drink. It is friendly, hospitable; it shows a desire to share, and all those are altruistic motives wherein you cannot fail. Your only failure perceived by you is that somehow your offer might be rejected or might not be accepted. The two are distinctly different.

Either way, it should not be seen as a personal reflection on the one who offers the water. Indeed, we know from your text that it was no reflection on our Master when those around him decided not to embrace his teachings but rather went their own journeys. Still, the desire to offer up is noble and good and right. Therefore you cannot fail in doing that. If you make sure that you are unattached to the result of your offer, then you have nothing at all whatsoever to fear in your gesture of friendship. Thank you for your question.

Jonathan: I shouldn't cave into being self-judgmental about what form of container I am offering. My container is just as worthy as anyone's of offering the refreshing water. A truly thirsty person will look past the container and beeline for that water.

Elyon: A truly desperate person will not even use a container but their own hands if necessary to receive the necessary sustenance. Therefore no container is necessary in the strictest analysis, just the willingness to share this water of life.

Jessona (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Jessona. I make my contact today to offer encouragement to all who find themselves away from the well, burdened by struggle and conflict or confusion. It is of great value to the soul to experience such thirst, for it impresses upon you the beauty of refreshment. When one is in an oasis it is easy to forget the blessings, to take them for granted. Take note that you are all quite at home around the well, and that when you are filled full with spirit you are encouraged by those like myself to venture forward into the dry deserts seeking those in need. I consider the many of you as skilled in digging your own wells through stillness, through intense, sincere dedication to God. That sincerity and dedication is the sharp drill bit that plunges into the dry sands and finds that water when it appears unavailable. Each one of you is being trained to go forth to place within the possession of your fellows a new source of refreshment. Urantia is turning the corner. The new tide is sweeping across this planet of spiritual transformation, of dispensational adjustment. Everyone of you is a refilling station for those on the journey toward God. Each one of you is an indicator when those in confusion pass you by; you have traveled the roads they seek, and you can counsel how far to the next resting point.

You can alert them to perils along the way that they may avoid entanglement and distractions and the weighing down of worldly things. It will become more apparent to you how valuable your own resources are to your fellows.

While that which you have attained is of eternal value to you, it is also of great worth to anyone who comes into your presence. Be ready to go forth at any time at our urging, at the urging of the inner presence. We will support you. We are a part of your caravan. No one of you goes alone; always do you travel in company. Thank you for receiving my words.

Ginny: How do we reflect that certainty we have about the water in our canteen without arrogance while we are willing to and wanting to share?

Jessona: It is in the approach that the switch of track is made wherein another rejects or receives your expression. You come to another in humility to offer your source of truth, and when you are rejected it is projected upon you arrogance, which is really only a reflexive response from another who has yet to discern the difference between the water and the container. Also, great success is made by not so much describing the contents of your canteen but to jump into the well and become so thoroughly wet that they see that radiating, dripping from you. It is then undebatable what you reveal. It is that love saturation which is unmistakable, beyond words.

Do not be afraid to ooze the divine spirit; that will be detected. As Elyon has said, it is freewill that determines receptivity; it is their free will that gauges whether you have given a gift of upliftment or appear to be full of yourself and arrogant. Offer in prayer at those moments in time when you are in such an assignment, giving light and love, that it be spirit that moves. Then it will be the other's choice whether to receive or reject . .. no longer faulted for interfering with the transfer of energy, of spiritual enlightenment. It is through your humble passing of the cup that you are certain of not being one who is taking personal control of spirit wishes. If you have given the cup in gentleness and kindness you are not arrogant when it is thrown back at you. It is only a sign to you that another is not yet thirsty. I hope this aids you in your question.

Ginny: Thank you. There are so many hurt feelings when people's offerings are not accepted.

Jessona: That is the time to go back to the well yourself to drink deep of spirit healing and soothing power.

Mark: We aren't offended when we offer someone a literal drink of water and they reject our offer. They're not thirsty. When we offer spiritual water we are somehow attached to it. If we could see it more like a literal drink of water, no personal attachment, it might be easier.

Jessona: This is true, for it is far easier to possess personally the value of such a refreshment on a spiritual level, for it is so transforming in your own lives that how could it not be of desire to another when it is offered? To think of it as you have expressed, that it is simply offered to be taken or left with no personal evaluation of your worth, that you may be free to offer and offer again, seeking those who desire. As the Master said, those with ears to hear, in this case, for those with tongues that thirst.


Michael: This is Michael. I come before you today to embrace you, to give love, the love our Father bestows so freely upon all throughout His creation. I promise you ever and always to be the cloudburst of spirit refreshment, to rain upon you constantly, to give that life invigorating love. Nebadonia, my divine partner, is also your support, the wellspring of spirit energy that rises out of the hardness of earth to soften your troubles, to ease your pain, and to support you in all challenges. We pledge to be ever and always the water of life for each of you.