2004-06-13-Power of Truth

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Topic: Power of Truth

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings children, I am Ham and I am grateful to be here among you this evening. Let us discuss the power of truth.


In this life truth is like a candle in the darkness illuminating all that surrounds it. The great power of truth lies also in its living nature. Truth is growing. It has living power extending beyond an individual life, beyond an individual period of time. As truth lives in the lives of God-knowing men and women it multiplies and expands. Truth is a living supermaterial reality.

As you in your lives become increasingly attuned to truth you also become living conduits of that truth. And as you dedicate your lives to God and to service, also must your loyalty be to truth as well as to goodness. Truth can unite or it can separate. Truth can be a force for common unity, or it can be a powerful divider of people. When the Master said, "I bring not peace but a sword", he spoke of the dividing nature of his truth. This however, will prove to be a temporary historical condition as the truth the Master brought eventually will be a uniting power.

His most powerful truth was to declare men and women to be the sons and daughters of God, and the corollary truth that all men and women are brothers and sisters in spiritual reality. Make no mistake; the brotherhood of man will eventually triumph upon this world of the Master’s incarnation. Eventually peace on earth will come and this peace will be brought about through the universal realization of brotherhood.

The force of truth in the meantime can be very frightening and divisive indeed. The Master said, "Families would be separated", and throughout the intervening centuries we have seen many times separation in the family of man. But the Master also in requiring this hard road to truth requires of his followers loyalty to truth, loyalty to him at all cost. The way from darkness into light is filled with great upheavals, strife and individual torment on every planet in the material realm. And if you are given a difficult road, it is so that your light will shine more brilliantly as you demonstrate the power of truth over falsehood and good over evil.

Each of you has walked in paths of twilight. Not quite darkness, not quite light. How much more you appreciate the light once it is found. How much more will you defend truth, beauty, and goodness when you have experienced their opposites. How much more dramatic an example can there be than that of Lucifer born into light but who could not sustain the light. Versus Amadon who achieved a measure of light and would not relinquish it.

You are children of a material realm and as such you are born into a realm of twilight and you see as through a glass darkly. And yet, when you grasp the light you are tenacious in your hold upon it and you are fierce in your defense of it. As such, the Father will gradually entrust greater and greater elements of light to your hand, greater truth, greater spiritual awareness and responsibility, for you are proving yourselves true to the light you now have. You are using it and you are letting your light so shine as to illuminate the path of those around you, for it is not enough that you should know the way for yourself, but you must also point the way for others as well. As you walk in this life, you must increasingly trust in the power of the Master’s truth. It is through this trust that lives are transformed, for it is not enough to know truth or to speak truth but you must also live truth.

In each person life comes an appellation of sorts, a gradual integration of knowledge, faith and experience and as this evolution unfolds loyalty to truth becomes gradually more and more paramount in your lives. And truth is not simply an assortment of facts. It is not simply an assemblage of meanings. It is not a combination of cleverness and wit. Truth is the Master’s living body. It is also the way to Paradise as well as the courage to walk therein. It is hope. It is life and it is the living spiritual connection each man holds to the Master’s outstretched hand. It is not a promise of ease or abundance, but it is evident in lives well lived. It is what makes human beings more than flesh and blood. It is an eternal endowment for mankind and for each individual.

There is an eternal truth which acts to draw all truth towards itself and as you become conduits of truth, you become part of the Father’s drawing power. Truth is never a set of facts or opinions, but it can manifest through human beings in this manner. The God-knowing human being recognizes truth wherever its earthly source may be. Rest assured that truth will triumph over error, falsehood and evil. And though you may experience the evil deeds of human beings or suffer from their misguided and erroneous words or intentions, you each will contribute to the power of truth as you remain loyal to truth and you each contribute to the ultimate triumph of truth on your world as you live your lives guided and directed by living truth.

The Master’s living spirit grows stronger, more influential and more a part of reality each day. His spirit, his truth will prevail and a reign of peace will triumph in the distant future. Eventually this world will be so advanced as to be indistinguishable from the mansion worlds as they exist now. And all of this will come about through the power of the Master’s spirit in the lives and actions of his children.

Your lives must tell the story. Your lives will be raised up in dedication to him and to his truth. Accept his comfort into your hearts as you accept his many hard truths and difficult lessons. Love your brethren as yourselves. Love your brethren as the Master loves you. Be understanding with them as the Master has been understanding with you. Accept you humanity, but reach toward the realm of angels. Above all my friends continue to consecrate your loyalty to living truth. Actualize your faith and live always in the presence of God for this is the truth.

H: What are your questions?


A: Anything for Rebecca?

H: Yes my daughter. My dear you are doing very well. Your way will continue to open as you allow yourself to be of service. There are many times in the coming weeks and months when you will be called to serve your fellows. Orient yourself to serve truth as well as your neighbor. Take hold of each service opportunity and grant each human being the limits of your indulgence and understanding. You will be called upon many times and in this effort you must always refuse to take personal offense as well as refusing to give personal offense. Always does the Master say, "This is the way, walk therein".

Q: Jarad

H: My son you are doing very well. You are finding great joy in life and this joy is also linked to a profound peace which is growing in your heart. Do not worry or feel pressured rather accept each task with a genial bliss, with effort but without tension, with a love that casts out anxiety. Sometimes you forget the great truth the Master knew well, it is your simple duty to love each individual who comes into your orbit. It is not however your responsibility to ensure their love of you. Love without requiring love, serve without requiring service, give requiring nothing and keep faithful to the Master’s trust without concern for yourself or for the outcome of your task. Have complete peace my dear you have demonstrated great loyalty to truth. Have peace and be of good cheer, the way will open.

Q: Message please.

H: Of course my son. You are doing very well my son, better than you realize for you are quick to judge yourself and quick to condemn. Come to view yourself as the Master sees you. To him you are a child just finding his footing. You are growing in the spirit and this growth can cause unsettling anxiety and discord. But these things are temporary as you grow stronger your faith will continue to deepen and your groundedness will be more strong so that the winds of time will not move you from the security of faith. Your faith is strong and getting more so. Gradually you are growing in a loving self-acceptance. You are growing to embrace yourself. You are growing into the firm stature of manhood and all that it entails. Be strengthened in your faith, find security in truth, the truth of your sonship, the truth of God’s love. Don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the bigger cosmic picture. Do your work well in this life you have been blessed with. Be faithful to the truth you are entrusted with. Allow the fruits of the spirit to multiply. Notice I said allow. This is to show you that much of this process occurs simply in the act of being. As you orient your mind to truth you will gradually become more and more that truth, not through works or efforts or worry, but through being. Begin to find that place of refuge, that place of peace. Remember where it is, remember it’s available. Be comforted through this understanding for you are doing very well. The way will open for you my son.

Q: Where it is located is in the heart?

H: Of course.

Q: Can I have a message?

H: Of course my dear. Though you have been absent from the group, you have been watched over and I have known of your progress. Daughter you are doing very well and you have made great strides in self-knowledge and self-acceptance over the past few years. Gradually you are moving past a place where you where very consciously rejecting yourself. And are moving now to a place of acceptance of yourself in the now. This greater self-conscious self-acceptance is allowing for the actualizing of the fruits of the spirit in time. You are growing in inner peace as well as an awareness of a renewed inner freedom, a freedom that has been restricted and denied for many years. Continue moving in this direction, toward peace but a peace that is self-accepting rather than self-denying. Is this making sense? You do well.

Q: Any counsel?

H: Yes of course. My son you have made great spiritual progress over the last year or two. Gradually you are finding the great hope and peace which comes from purposeful striving. You are coming to understand the great peace that comes with spiritual surrendering and great advantage that comes from being broken and remade in the Father’s image. As a child of time, you have always sought to escape time, but now you are coming to regard time as an ally rather than an enemy. Think on this and now that you are doing very well and that your progress is exemplary. So be at peace.

Q: Personal message for Howard?

H: Of course my son. Have peace and be of good cheer for you are growing in the spirit and are attaining a greater measure of maturity as well as peace. Gradually my son you will come to truly embrace yourself as the Father and the Master now embrace you. At no time are you left alone without recourse to the spirit. The Master’s hand is constantly outstretched. It is for you to simply recognize it and grasp it. As you grow in the spirit, so does your faith also grow and your security of your place in the universe increases. That is all.

Q: Personal message for Wendaring?

H: Yes. My daughter, you are doing well. You are finding a greater inner confidence and joy that you have not allowed yourself to experience in some time. Have faith and courage as you move forward and make plans and expend effort in your life. Continue embracing the spirit. All is well.

Q: Anything for me?

H: Of course my daughter. Let me thank you for your conscientious and diligent effort doing transcription for me. You are greatly growing in the spirit. You have demonstrated your willingness to be led by the spirit, your willingness to take risks for the spirit. All these things are wonderful to behold. You are not likely to let go of the truth, you are courageous and completely dedicated to the spirit. Now is a time of growth. Allow the growth to flower and bloom into new awareness and change. Allow the engine of spiritual growth to be the thing that moves everything else. To one so dedicated to doing the Father’s will you must rest assured that all else will be added unto you. Simply live and grow without worry or fear for now. Allow the Master to lead you where he would have you go and take each step with confidence. You are doing very well my dear. Your heart will grow in peace as well as love. Be at ease. That is all.


Be at peace then my children. My love and my prayer are with you each. Farewell.