2005-01-30-A Lesson on Intimacy

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Topic: A Lesson on Intimacy

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “It would be good for us to have a discussion on intimacy, as humans on this world have difficulties with closeness as it relates to honest-to-goodness relationships.


A lot of relationships exist on the surface, and so miss out on the deeper meaning of the word intimacy. I am not talking about being intimate with someone, because that has become one of the most meaningless and downgraded activities even animals do not engage in. No, I desire to discuss the sincerity and the feeling of safety one can have when confiding in someone else. It is very difficult to develop such an intimate relationship with anyone, unless one feels safe and secure, and perhaps recognizes the other as a kindred spirit.

“As a rule, people learn from a very young age that it is not safe to bare one’s soul in public, and often spontaneity is thereby successfully driven deeper into the psyche, so the true self never has a chance to ‘come out and play.’ More is the pity, because then a great deal of self-development has to happen in isolation, so that even the nearest and the dearest around you, have not a clue of what you are all about. Another reason why true and sincere intimacy is missing is because many people have become so self-absorbed, that they have no interest in others. Even partners in marriage can live together as virtual strangers. Rather, they live beside each other, without knowing how innately wealthy the partner really is.

“And so we arrive at the real reason why I bring this subject to the fore, as it is important for it to be closely examined to see what can be done about it. Too many doors of innocent souls have been shut by well-meaning but un-thinking and un-feeling people. The human soul is a very fragile entity, needing to be recognized, accepted and nurtured. If one lives in virtual isolation within him or herself, the soul does not really expand, even though the owner is outwardly very active and busy with everyday activities, but still hiding behind his or her inner fears of having an intimate relationship, as the inner light has never burst into an actual flame of contentment in the heart because of this fear.

“This can easily be changed, although at first it will take a lot of willpower and determination. The truest intimacy you need to develop is with yourself, in the inner chambers of your heart. It is the daily time set apart to turn within, into the Stillness of the core of your being, to find that most important connection to the All That Is -- the Co-creator of your spirit-self. There is never any reason or need to hide in fear from this celestial intimacy, because everything about you is already known. There is no need to ever fear this connection, as this Spark has your highest interest in mind, so you can tell this Spark of God anything -- all your hopes, dreams and disappointments. It is ever ready to listen, but there is one requirement with this; you have to be ready to listen to It. The Spark of God requires two-way communication, true and sincere intimacy always does, and this will help you to gain insights into a greater inner growth, which in turn helps to nurture your trust in others.”