2009-10-09-Planetary Liaison Committee

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Topic: Planetary Liaison Committee

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Machiventa

TR: Jonathan



Monjoronson (Jonathan T/R): This is Monjoronson making this interface with you this evening. I am looking forward to our investigation of the truths you seek by way of your questions. I am happy to be of assistance to offer what guidance and information I am able to give and to cooperate with the divine spirit dwelling within you to advance your growth, to enlarge your comprehension of reality, and to enable you to be of greater service to your fellows. Let us begin.


Mary: We appreciate you being here. Here is the first question:

The Supreme

[The Existence & Development of the Absolutes]

It is my understanding that God the Supreme is waiting in the wings until this present universe age is complete as a result of all seven superuniverses attaining Light and Life. The next universe age will see the emergence of God the Ultimate and the next after that will see the rise of God the Absolute. The revelation of each of these deities expands the further revelation of our Father.

Are God the Ultimate and God the Absolute already existing as separate entities? Or does God the Ultimate become God the Absolute?

Monjoronson: I will begin our overview of these great universe events that are beginning to unfold and will expand on into eternity.

You mention the Supreme waiting in the wings. In some sense the Supreme is present already, but this presence is not idle but is actively growing. It has been born and, as the personalities of time and space experience and as the universe of matter evolves and stabilizes, the Supreme becomes more present. It is passive and therefore your comment of waiting in the wings has truth, for the Supreme is reactive to our personal growth and to the developmental processes of the universe circuits and spheres. In some regards the Supreme Being is a fabric of potential wherein experiences in time and space and events as well are woven in as a tapestry to create a unique time/space expression.

The God Ultimate may be likened to the DNA of the Supreme in that it provides the pattern potentials that is the Supreme as they are resident in the central universe of Havona. It is from this nuclear universe that the supremacy levels derive the potentials to bring about creation. So, while you are understanding about the process of evolution of God the Supreme, the eventuation of the four universe ages of God the Ultimate [will culminate as] the final, seventh-age of experience-- if I may use a Supreme term-- [as the age] of God the Absolute.

The nature of God the Absolute is such that this angle by [and through] which we comprehend the infinite I Am, already is [exists]. But it [the understanding] is not useful to a creature until it is experienced. And all the universe patterns that are displayed throughout the six preceding ages will converge upon the original pattern of the Absolute and express it fully in the seventh age.

If I may use a rather crude visualization, picture three containers, small, medium, and large, one within the other. All three containers exist. Now pour water into the smallest container within the medium and larger ones, and it begins to fill up. This is the growing stage of the Supreme. The Supreme era will end when all the potentials are actualized, when the maximum of time/space experience and universe development occurs. Then it begins to flow over into the medium sized container and fill it. Now, the distinction between the Ultimate and the Supreme is that throughout time and space you experience and evolve; energies develop and stabilize. The two integrate and become coordinated, and peace and harmony, Light and Life, is attained.

I said how the Ultimate precedes the Supreme, providing the patterns. In the four ages of Ultimacy events will occur which describe, philosophically speaking, which detail -- perhaps a more accurate word -- that which is the Supreme. These eventualities fill in until the revelation occurs of the full display and presence of [[God the Ultimate. You creatures of origin in time and space will be like the water in the small container that overflows into the Ultimate, and you will traverse these gigantic rings of universes and the water will fill that middle bowl.

Now my visualization fails when the middle bowl is full; because in the case of the Absolute, it will instantly be full. The seventh age of universe activity will be instantaneous, that is, referring to creatures who function through chronology, of beginnings and ends. The Urantia Papers say that when certain conditions are ripe sudden changes occur, and this truth applies to the consummation of the Ultimate and the revelation of God the Absolute. These beings are considered distinct entities as they emerge from Deity in the events of the universe. They are really one within the other within the infinite I Am, the original Absolute.

You will spend all of your universe career coming to a deeper comprehension and interface with these Deities. Be assured that you will not understand it fully at your current stage of development, for each of your stages of development contribute to the revelation of these beings to all creatures. I am pleased that you are investigating the nature of these evolutionary and eventuating deities. Thank you for asking.

Thought Adjusters

[Explanation of Sensing A New Closeness to My Adjuster]

Mary: In the past, this next questioner says, contact with my Thought Adjuster felt, for lack of a better word, distant. Now it seems something has been grafted inside me, like there is no more distance or walls between us. The presence of my Thought Adjuster is simply there constantly. This is more than a feeling or awareness. I don’t know how to explain what has taken place. Perhaps you could explain what has occurred.

Monjoronson: I will make an attempt to address this question, but I must first preface it with the recognition of the solemnity of the relationship, the holiness, sacredness, of this relationship between you and the divine presence of the Father within. I am merely an observer and a witness and take no part in the actual functions that go on between you and the inner God.

You speak of, in times past, the sense of the presence being distant, and now are quite able to recognize God within you, and you have correctly addressed that it is not a feeling nor a sensation or even an awareness, for these are the levels of mind and body. That is the reason you felt distance in the past, for you were using detective instruments of mind and body to make the discernment. What has changed is the degree of the enlargement of your soul. Your spiritual experience is filling your soul up, enabling it to emerge from its potential into a fuller, stronger presence. This enlarging of your soul is bridging the gap between the divine prepersonal Thought Adjuster and the very personal human being. How you are sensing that, to be reckless with the term, is through your superconscious. That is the interface, the touchpoint, between your mind and the divine spirit, and it is largely capable of making that discernment because of the soul prominence. Some of you have referred to this as sensing morontia realities in the human existence, a beginning to live on a morontia plane while yet walking on Earth. That is because of the soul, and thereby your ability to conscious-ize your superconscious interface and allow the lower levels of your being to recognize what is occurring in the higher dimension of your self.

There will come a point where this, as you said, this non-feeling, non-sensing, non-aware presence will seem to disappear. That is when you are no longer coupled, the divine Father presence and the child of God, but fused into oneness. You will no longer look for the presence of God for you will be the presence of God. I recognize your development and I honor you for such discernment. Thank you.

Teaching Mission & Magisterial Mission

[The Urantia Liaison Team/Committee]

Mary: The last couple of questions are on the subject of the Urantia liaison team which coordinates the concerns of Monjoronson and Machiventa. What in general is the purpose and scope of the liaison team? Is there anything in particular the liaison team does that involves Urantia mortals?

Monjoronson: My ministry to Urantia may be likened to an ambassadorial visit, a function you use widely on your world between your governing bodies wherein foreign presences are allowed to remain in a country that there may be expedited communication with the two governing bodies and for there to be with this ambassadorial presence a better direct observation and encounter with the country in which it resides. No two people and no two countries understand each other from a distance. The more you directly interact with another, the deeper the understanding, the greater the compassion and the willingness to help one another.

I am here to do just that, to bring to the levels of the divine a greater understanding of the dimensions of the finite, and I am doing that specifically with you on Urantia. This is not unique, for Michael did it also in the attainment of his sovereignty as a Creator Son.

My purpose also is to advance your world and, that being the case, I must respect the native government, and that at this time is under Machiventa’s over care. Therefore I and Machiventa have selected among our staff of administrators and coordinators certain beings to work together in committee to better facilitate the planetary functions and my, as I have been putting it, ambassadorial functions. We do this with respect for one another in our goals; both of us have been applying the mandates given to each one of us by Michael. We are not a linear line of command of structures; we are more parallel. Machiventa’s role in some regards is more important than mine, for I will come and go, but the Planetary Prince will remain forever, at least the role and function will even if the personality rotates out.

Urantia mortals will have little to do with this liaison group; it is ably filled by archangels on my behalf, and Machiventa draws on many of his own compatriots in the Melchizedek order to supply his staff. We work behind the scenes wrestling with the complications of the present state of Urantia development. In so doing we hypothesize and then proceed to enact plans that we develop that might nudge the world toward Light and Life. This is where we are in a common goal. Machiventa will continue to push Urantia forward for ages to come. I will come and go at intervals to assist, to perhaps accelerate or to adjust. My Paradise powers are welcomed by Machiventa and his staff. While you respect the order of Melchizedeks as high local universe beings, they too encounter limitations in their abilities and welcome one like myself.

What you as a Urantia mortal can do to assist both of us is to live the gospel that Michael taught when he walked this world, for therein is the germ principle from which all unfoldments that take the planet to Light and Life come. If you on the physical level treat your planet with respect as if you were treating an angel unaware; you will assist the physical globe in reaching the stable state it needs to be in order to be a Light and Life planet. Likewise, loving God with your whole being and your brothers and sisters as yourself will advance civilization, will make the world ready to receive the morontia temple to open the spiritual gates to the incoming and outgoing of beings beyond your current vision and sensitivities.

I thank you for your attention to our work, and I know each one of you would be greatly fascinated by what we do. But I must say that much of it goes on beyond your detection because it would be more confusing and perhaps more overwhelming for you to witness. Trust your superiors just as when you were a small child you trusted your parents.


Machiventa: This is Machiventa, greetings, my friends. While yet I turn and look your way, I also simultaneously look into the face of Michael. To him I promise to be a good steward of his charge to take care of this world. I will with all my power assist every human being to realize to his full potential, to honor the Supreme Being by way of creating situations on this world wherein these potentials may flower, where the patterns of power and the purposes of personality can come to balanced fruition, a fullness of presence, a completeness.

We are turning the corner from a long history of confusion and darkness. At one time I would have said there is a glow on the horizon of a new dawn, but now the sun is actually rising over that horizon, and it is seen though yet still small. Let us all wake up to the new morning. I take my leave.