2009-11-10-Monjoronson Q & A Session 74

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 74

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father/Mother God, we come here tonight in trust in your always being here and always connecting us into your grand circuitry and your willing trust. We come here this evening holding your hand that we take a giant leap of faith and make contact with eternal spirit of which we are a part. We call forth those attending this evening. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, this is Monjoronson. Thank you once again for the opportunity to come together and answer a few questions. We also extend our hand to you that we also take a giant leap in faith, to trust you our human brothers and sisters to hear our words, to digest the answers to your questions, to gather a bit of nourishment from what we serve to you this evening. Thank you, we are ready to begin.


  • Energy (Chi)

Preamble: When cooking food, people often refer to the 'chi' value. Chi has been described as the life energy of the plant?

Question #1: What exactly is this life energy referred to as 'chi' and how does 'chi' sustain us?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. You are referencing an eastern concept of energy life form, the energetic life potency of an organism. Like any life force and potency, it can be channeled and directed. This energy is a part of your physical heritage, is a part of the life in which you live today. Different parts of your globe or sphere, different practices, different understanding, different focuses, different motivations. There have been cultures here that have understood more of the subtle and energetic elements attached to living matter, living organisms. Being able to understand things you cannot see but sense or feel subtle influence from are very similar to spirit in that you cannot see spirit yet you derive subtle influence from spirit's adjusting presence. Also when food is cooked, the energetic value of food is tremendously reduced. Thank you.

  • Chakras

Preamble: We have been told in a previous transmission that chakras are energy storehouses in and around the human body that correspond with our endocrine system where glands release hormones into our system. We've also been told that these chakras exist above the skull and correspond to spiritual encircuitment as well as the adjutant mind spirits. In turn we interact, internalize and transmit experience through them.

Question #2: Can you expand our understanding of the function of these chakras and the role they play in our physical and spiritual well being? What ways can we use to maintain healthy chakras and increase their productivity?

Monjoronson: Thank you for the first question. Chakras are only important as you integrate influences as a human and if you need to know more about human things you need to go to someone who is human and can teach you these things. I myself am quite detached from the physical aspect of life as you have to live it and it is necessary to exhaust all human resources for in what a seemingly useless resource there may be a piece of information that is tremendously useful to you. Thank you for this question.

  • Healing (The Spiritual Impact on Healing)

Preamble: There are many theories about the reasons for ill health, their importance and the ways to return the physical/mental vehicle to wellness. Some of the alleged causes involve: genetic irregularities or mutations, damaging environmental influences physical and psychological, accidental injuries, conscious habitually injurious behaviors like addictions, persistent delusions.

Question #3: Would you please describe or discuss the relative significance of these and other possible causes of ill health?

Monjoronson: You have cited many of the causes of ill health on this planet, environmental and genetic conditioning, both large factors contributing to health. Stress, poor diet, allows the attitude [of ] non-spiritual living, non-creative living, trusting something else to take care of all your problems rather than taking responsibility for yourself. Many people who are ill give in to the illness because they think the illness is more powerful than them. A balanced immune system is very much strengthened by positive thinking and healthy attitudes and a more spiritually co-operative way of life.

I am not saying that it is tremendously easy for the mind to heal disease but on many levels, the mind aids in leading a person down a path of disease by poor habits, poor attitudes, non spiritually healthy living, too much doubt, fear and stress, conditions of life. These are good questions because what you are saying is; if I am ill, how can I have access to a greater spiritual awakening and a spiritual awareness? The answer to that is; sometimes it is necessary for man to get shoved down to the bottom rung to realize that he needs to have the spirit take charge of his or her life. You say there are so many suffering on this planet and I will tell you that you are correct, but a tremendous amount of the suffering through ill health, illness, pathology, stems from the way people live, where they live and what they intake.

You are close to understanding health in a greater sense. Part of the understanding of pathology is the understanding of health. If you can understand more about health, the illness becomes less important than the health and the health becomes tremendously important and the path and the walkway towards health and the practice of health; healthy thoughts, a healthy diet, healthy exercise, a healthy attitude, healthy friends, healthy companions, a healthy job, a supportive population which aids in your health. Well, this is what a true brotherhood would help accomplish and achieve on a world such as Urantia rather than mankind acting as fractured entities like a vase that has been thrown on concrete and the glass splatters in billions of pieces. The vase can only become useful again when it is put back together as one. That way it is able to contain a greater proportion of spirit effort and what spirit has to offer. As pieces of shattered glass lying on the concrete you can't hold very much for a group.

And yes, there are spiritual consequences for having achieved a so called quality of life without plugging in to the value of life and I am referring to the value of being connected wholly in spirit, in spiritual understanding. To be able to understand correctly who you are and to have the will and the desire to fight off pathology, illness, genetic restriction, to have the type of mind that can take the leap of faith and trust in a greater healing on a soul level. It is not fair to say that spirit is not compassionate and that spirit should make it all right for us and that may be its true concern from your standpoint but we see a greater potential when the whole human race is connected as one. Then you can begin to progress in a progressively accurate life in which everyone benefits and you can then rid the planet of these debilitating and un-qualifying ways of life. Thank you for this question.

Mary: I will state that there was a follow up question to this subject but I believe you already answered it because it was a question about how the extent of sincere dedication to ones spiritual development and universal service impacts the healing process.

  • Spiritual Pressure:

Preamble: In recent transmissions we've been advised that additional 'spiritual pressure' has been applied to mankind on Urantia. Indeed many of us have observed a great degree of 'correction' occurring in the lives of our population. At the same time some have experienced physical manifestations such as lethargy, sleep difficulties, disorientation, lack of connection or clarity. Taking into consideration that change can often bring on physical manifestations, I ask the following question:

Question #4: Is it possible that the increase of energy circuits caused by 'spiritual pressure' is the direct cause of certain physical manifestations? If so, can you tell us what these may be and why they occur?

Monjoronson: What you are asking is when spirit applies pressure and a human resists, are the consequences something that we should be concerned with? I would say yes, particularly if you are that individual that is not paying attention. In a certain sense there are consequences, people become more confused, less grounded, their behaviors become a little more erratic, a little more unsure. This again is evidence of a non-grounding in reality of the religious practices on your planet. If people were more certain of who they are and why they are here, if they understood the impact of what it is to have such a perfect guide live within them, then could the population move forward more progressively and integrate as loving, acknowledging each other, helping each other.

Spiritual pressure is trying to force everything or attempting to have the confusion begin to coalesce into a more rational form of behavior, more cognizant of spirit and spiritual pressure, more cognizant of the greater responsibility for sustainability on a planet and all peoples and everyone benefit, not just a few benefitting from the weakness of others. It is your responsibility to help strengthen others, strengthen with knowledge and awareness, help ground them in a greater sense of reality.

As society becomes more sophisticated, people's senses become more developed to the greater details of life's demands. This puts a tremendous pressure within the nervous system of the body. When the mind is not focused, grounded and stable, if it is uncertain, fearful and stressful, it does not regulate the neural energies as well and therefore people begin to experience the effects of their own stress, their own un-groundedness, their sense of apathy towards understanding what is truly going on.

Again, spiritual pressure is designed to make easy living uncomfortable in a situation where so large of the planetary population are living in conditions and standards below what a small portion of the population enjoys. This is not the way spirit sees. This is not the way the Father planned it; it is not His will. Spirit is not allowed to interfere yet spirit can help safeguard certain of the effects of humanity. It truly is a pity to observe a civilization reach a sense of greatness without a greatness in spirituality. That in itself creates a tremendous tension yet man will cleverly discover ways to ease the tension, the stress, the pain, the conditions of living. Man will anesthetize himself into believing what he needs to believe to avoid any responsibility which calls himself to serve outside of his own interests. Thank you for this question.

  • Thought Adjusters (Adjusters and the Supreme)

Question #5: What relationship is there between our Thought Adjusters and the Supreme?

Monjoronson: The relationship with the Thought Adjuster is an integral part of the Supreme for the Thought Adjusters enable mankind on all evolutionary worlds to grow inward spiritually towards a life of Light and Life eternally. In this long struggle, all of these efforts contribute to a unique knowledge of God the Supreme. This attenuating, this aspect of God that accumulates experience, a whole time and space relationship between worlds is involved in defining the Supreme. The finite action of man in conjunction with God is the true seed of the Supreme. The Supreme then becomes this conglomerate of myriads of experiences and dimensions of living as one in this time and space age to add to the eternal qualification of Deity, of the Supreme Deity, God the Supreme.

The understanding of the Supreme is not necessary in the sense of understanding the need to love one another. The Supreme is something that attenuates [Editor's Note: Attenuate as used by Monjoronson means to extend meanings; that is, open them to view and experience their parts. Our dictionaries mostly define the word as to make something drawn out and thin, but to describe the attenuating characteristic of the Supreme, the term has to be defined to include the idea of investigation by man (with God in time) of the concepts of this universe age.].

[Attenuation] happens as an effect of what you purposely do and willfully submit to. Everything of value in the universe reflects through these willful, conscious and direct contributions you make to the growing awareness of the Father relationship between man and God. The actual relationship and its details, in a certain sense, become paramount. It [the relationship] is what qualifies a human's experience with God as part of the attenuating Supreme. This identity of this part of Deity which defines the age in which this time and space continuum are in.

God the Supreme then becomes a jewel in the crown of Deity. Collectively, it becomes a part of Deity. Though [the Supreme is] not actually Deity Itself in a complete sense, in another time and space age it is possible the Supreme will function more as a Deity level, a Deity attribute, than it does in this universe age except on a personal level in which you experience the reality of time and space within this short life with the Adjuster as you all are doing now on this world called Urantia. The interaction between the Father, the aspect of God known as the Thought Adjuster and man, is what is important to add to the Supreme. . . .

I'm trying to clarify this because it is not necessary to understand the Supreme as some tremendous aspect of God. In an eternal sense it is but as a momentary reality. It is more important to understand that the relationship between God and man-- the genuine, willful decision making aspect of man, in synchronous fashion with God's will-- is the material from which the Supreme is made. On this level, it is God's experience of spirit's creation, the human race. It is the Father's complimenting His children's creation to create a more detailed understanding of the intricacies of reality as it is experienced by the myriads of personalities having relationships with Thought Adjusters. Thank you and good evening.


Mary: Thank you so much Monjoronson and thank you to our T/R for his services this evening, good evening.