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Topic: Stillness, Fusion, Mind Control, Enlightenment

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Brief 15 minute stillness time during which time Monmacion indicated that he was joining in and would appreciate an opportunity to converse with us afterwards.

Greetings Monmacion!

Greetings to you my friends!


Thank you for inviting me into this circle of light that you have generated. Though you cannot see this with your eyes, those of us on high are able to witness this luminosity that is associated with the presence of our Father. What we observe when you practice stillness, is a greater transparency on the part of the human personalities allowing then this brilliant luminosity that is our Father within you, manifest much more vividly. We see this light he is in you, as you are, because in truth, and to our vision, his light is more real than the light reflected from your forms that you are more associated with. However, in these moments of stillness, you magnify this light, and when you are joined with others engaged in this practice, this light is magnified many more times. And so, you can perhaps understand why it is that this practice is always at the center of all genuine spiritual teaching.

All things flow from this space that we create together by virtue of assenting to the direction of our Father’s spirit. We Melchizedeks do not see the personality of the Father in Paradise except as he is so vividly present in our Creator Son. You mortals, while you cannot see me or my colleagues, or, under most circumstances you would not see any spirit personalities: midwayers, angels, morontia students, teachers, all kinds of beings, and yet, ironically, you harbor within you the most sublime light to be known throughout the universes.


And so, we can’t help but love you for to us, we discern our younger siblings struggling to know our Source and Center; we see you wrestling in your mind making sense of much that you have learned and been apprised of regarding this cosmic home in which we dwell. Juxtaposed, and actually stimulating these questions and this act of wondering that is so prevalent in the human mind, is the very presence of the First Source and Center representing in fact the reality of your eternal identity that seeks in your human personality a means of expression. So while you seek the divine, the divine is seeking you, the human, and eventually you will bind these in a moment of fusion, but this itself will merely betoken the beginning in earnest of your ascension.

For well beyond the phase of fusion is the discovery of our superuniverse administrators and teachers, as well for you, the discovery of the Central Universe of Havona and the Paradise presence of the Gods themselves. And I would, being enjoined with you at this phase of your growth, seek simply to embolden you in claiming this identity – NOW. Because that is way we see you, your life stretching forward into an eternal expression – NOW – is fully present. You might say, well yes, it is fully present but only in potential, but to the perspective of eternity, all is present – NOW.

You are free beings, sovereign personalities endowed with the light of the Creator. We would encourage you simply to magnify this light as you have this evening enjoining others likewise to do so. The power that is represented in such a space exceeds what you can imagine. You have glimpsed this when seeking in faith the healing of a friend perhaps or the extension of this light to places in your world in need of the same. For as you are encircuited in this space with your Source, you become much more conscious of the sensitivities of spirit that knows where it is needed most, and you, the mortal personalities, become focalizers as if you were directing this force.

Mind Control

This capability has been exploited in a more limited sense already in your world. Unfortunately, it has been exploited all too often for selfish gain. You are aware of having entered an age where the mind itself is the territory in which many contests are waged as if to control the mind (of others). Now those who would endeavor to use their God given capacity for selfish purposes obviously find themselves self-limited, and sometimes these persons may be motivated by what they believe to be the best interests of all. However, controlling outcomes is not the signature of a spirit indited direction of its energy.


It is akin (rather) to the interests of genuine teachers. My order of Melchizedeks representing the teacher corps of Nebadon always endeavor to magnify what is present even if perhaps hidden at the moment, liberating what is suppressed and or yet to be expressed or explored, but we do not seek to control the outcome of such enlightenment. And I use the term enlighten in the same sense that you two with myself enjoined have constructed this evening. You have emboldened the light. Therefore you are rightly described as having enlightened your world.

You would do well perhaps in future sessions to experiment with directing this light as you feel directed from within, guided by your own indwelling spirit. For in these circumstances, you are working as one with the source of all things, and when the mortals of this realm begin to lay claim to the fullness of the power of our Father that is endowed upon you and within you, beings such as Monjoronson, upon this planet as your Magisterial Son, will be able to work much more effectively because you have laid claim to the Paradise presence in you that is the same as he represents, that he is in fact as you are in spirit.

The reliance upon external sources of power will no longer be so constraining in your mind. The disappointments of failure will not be as sharp, the gyrations of instability which are so profound in this sphere, while always present in a normal evolutionary context, will not be threatening to the very life of a world.

As mortals become more conscious of this capacity to enlighten their own world, all the gyrations and perturbations, these uncertainties of an ascending being, your experience growing increasingly like our Father, all these gifts will be received as such for your spirits thrive upon ALL of your experience. They may be challenged to an extent by some, and encouraged, and you would call it - enjoy – others, but to a divine spirit, human experience is an adventure that is highly sought and deeply coveted as a treasure. I would simply encourage you to assume more of this perspective, for this is the truth of every moment of your life, and especially those moments when you find yourselves upended perhaps, disoriented, seemingly lost. All you need to do is to revisit your light in confidence that this light would shine and illumine the way.

My friends, thank you for magnifying this light enjoining me in the same. Let us proceed in gathering as many as we can doing likewise. If you have comments or questions, I would be happy to hear them.


Student – I greatly appreciate your word and spirit behind them and feel moved by the message, so thank you very much.

Monmacion – You are most welcome. Let me assure you that you, in your own choice to be here, engaged as you are, have moved many things beyond the range of your vision. I look forward to joining with you in further adventures enlightening this world. There will be many opportunities, but remember it is your gift you are giving to your world as you pass by.


Good night my friends.

Student – Good night.