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Topic: Creativity of the Inner Life

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Hello my friends! You have been at this now a little while, having a bit of time to practice growing, perhaps, some degree of comfort and assurance with my presence adjoining your own shared presence together. I am pleased to be part of this circle of friendship. We are exploring ways in which these circles of Light and Life shared in various ways can enter more fully into the mainstream of your social exchange, in the context of your camaraderie focused on exploring this dimension of spirit.


Your world you know is beginning to light up, beginning to show evidence of this massive infusion of light energies that pervade the universe of Nebadon; your local system of Satania, only recently coming out from this shadow of secession, and you are growing more at ease in this expanded illumination. This has not been without turbulence and turmoil, and of course, you are witnessing all around you evidence of your world beginning to manifest on the material plane this larger infusion of spiritual energy. How well you adjust individually contributes mightily to your planetary adjustment, and as you are able to expand this circuit by extending it to your friends, enjoining yourself in reproducing this pattern of cosmic socialization, more and more then we enter into the culture of your world.

I am not unaware of how this practice is still in many circles an alien exchange, something unusual, but put yourselves at ease. The tide has shifted in fact upon Urantia. You who have been in the minority are entering into the initial stages of your influence as a growing majority, and I speak not of individuals who are actively in conscious communication with those of my order and others unseen yet active upon your world, though these too have grown a great deal. No, I speak simply to the growing abundance of persons in your world conscious of this inner space as the Source from which the world around you is drawn.

Inner Life, Sleep

You have been oriented in your tradition of isolation to think that your exterior realm is the controlling influence and consequently those who appear to be in control of these external structures are attributed with a disproportionate and incorrect notion of power. You are learning increasingly that the power is our Father within us and freely accessible by all his children. Each of you are probing this arena of spirit in your own ways, personalizing your discoveries, first hand encounters such as you have shared this evening with the willingness to write as it were, to articulate in a material form a composition co-created in spirit in the domain of your soul while you sleep.

Xxxx, I commend you for waking up sufficiently to transcribe this creation, making it possible to share with others who will appreciate the sentiment of love, the shape of appreciation and gratitude for your friend who has recently graduated from his experience as a mortal being. You are increasingly encountering this kind of exchange that is fostered more in this domain of the super-conscious that you experience as unconscious. Of course you will be well acquainted with the terminology associated with consciousness in general, but I would reiterate that the key to this higher consciousness you hold within you, and you activate or turn this key according to the degree of your established interface with your indwelling spirit fragment.


Your Thought Adjuster is the door to a limitless potential that resides in our cosmic home, this universe in which we dwell. You know of the descriptions of many personalities who enjoin themselves laboring to advance your own soul growth and by doing so, gaining experience themselves in ascension. All of these plus many other teachers who are increasingly joining our ranks in Urantia looking for opportunities of service, are eager to assist in this creative discovery, this dimension of the inner life that is the truly creative aspect your experience. And as you have drawn an ode to a friend, a poem, a paradigm of love and beauty, you are able to draw forth songs of supernal influence upon your world. Solos of spirit that you can sing in the course of your daily life, and as you allow yourselves to discover the inherent power in sharing this discovery, this ongoing probe of the spiritual dimension of living, you magnify this influence, and you behold all around you the ground shaking, the foundations of your world exhibiting the stress marks of fracture. For these foundations must yield to the foundation of divine love that is the Source and Center, the foundation of the larger universe in which we all dwell, but your world has built a large infrastructure upon a foundation that cannot endure.

Our task as teachers and planetary managers is to facilitate this increase in spiritual frequency, the depth of communion, the degree of exchange and incorporation of these spiritual energies, to modify these in a manner that affords this crumbling foundation to be replaced as it fails with this enduring foundation that you are in truth as children of God. And so my friends, while you may not be credited necessarily with being the architects of this emerging infrastructure, you are working hand in hand with us as we implement the architectural plans of our Creator Son, drawn in collaboration with the architects dwelling in Paradise. Be confident as you proceed in your labors that these plans are unfolding now in your lives.


I will take leave and look forward to future opportunities to explore your questions, to share your discoveries, to foster more of these in our realm as you do in yours.

Good night, my friends.