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Topic: Straight Talk Discussions

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael McCray


Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for another beautiful day on Urantia, another day to work on our soul growth and to learn more about your Creation. We ask for Christ Michael and Nebadonia’s presence to enfold us in their light, as we humbly seek communion with Monjoronson. Amen.

MMc: Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: Good Morning.

MMc: Good morning and welcome! How are you today, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: I am very good, thank you; there’s never a morning in Paradise, and never a Monday. It’s always Friday, as you would think.

MMc: Very interesting. Is there anything that you would like to say before we get started today?


  • Straight talk discussions

MONJORONSON: Yes, there is. There is one of gratitude and appreciation for having the openness to speak to ‘adults,’ to have these ‘straight talk’ discussions, as we have had. Not having to hold our breath or guard our words, or the tenderness of young minds and young faith experiences. This allows us to be authentic, genuine and forthright and totally revealing. As with discussions with your children about sensitive issues, we reveal what you need to know at this time, and when you have a greater awareness of more potential to accept new answers, we will reveal new material to you. Thank you.

MMc: I believe that Charles contacted Daniel last weekend with the request that we prepare questions that we felt would clear up any misinformation and misconceptions that have come up while you were ‘off line’ with these special sessions. There has been a very positive response to your “straight talk” and your wish to clear up these misconceptions without creating controversy. I believe that I can speak for Daniel and Roxanne when I say we are in complete agreement with this policy.

Roxanne and I have looked through various transcripts and generated questions based upon what we have read and the questions these transcripts generated in the various venues to which we belong. These transcripts in part are in conflict with The Urantia Book and/or other transcripts that have already caused some controversy and confusion.

We hope that you will be able to clarify some of these issues. And, as always, we will respect your wishes as to when these issues can be shared with the general public, if they are of a sensitive nature.

MONJORONSON: That is wonderful. Thank you.

MMc: I realize today that I have already asked you some questions about some of today’s material, but as you know, humans sometimes need to hear the answers to certain questions several times before they will believe the answer, so I am asking you to indulge us, please.

MONJORONSON: We do, on an ongoing basis.<Clip>

Universe Broadcasts

MMc: Are there planetary broadcasts now being received on Urantia?

MONJORONSON: Planetary broadcasts are transmitted from Paradise and Havona to all of the universe. These are received on Urantia, much as water passes through a fishing net; those who can ‘hear’, hear; those who cannot, do not.


  • Use of the Three Concentric Rings seal

MMc: Did you ask that the Three Concentric Ring seal be placed on any document, here on Urantia?

MONJORONSON: No. Very much of our united policy dictates that there be be no insignia, no accoutrements of authority or the Deity Center, to any of our work. These are the same directives that Immanuel gave to Christ Michael before he came to Urantia on his seventh bestowal, that he leave no children and that he leave no written documents of any sort, that would be venerated. We especially do not provide any insignia or documentation, as the Urantian mortals tend to transfer or see themselves as ‘special’ for having that insignia. The three concentric circles are mentioned in The Urantia Book and are emblematic of Christ Michael’s reign and sovereignty throughout Nebadon, and it is in use of those circles that you identify that you are one of his followers. Use of these circles can be personal, but they are not organizational.

Second Revelatory Commission

MMc: I see. Thank you. I’ve seen several conflicting reports concerning the Second Revelatory Commission and their plan to issue another book, similar to The Urantia Book. Is there a book currently in preparation?

MONJORONSON: There is not a book, however there is a Second Revelatory Commission that is now seated and has begun its work. There is much to do and this book may not be revealed for centuries. It is a book of great knowledge and awareness and revealing to those who are preparing to enter the days of light and life. There is more than sufficient material between The Urantia Book, and the revelations that have come through in the Correcting Time and Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission and other sources, to provide enough work for mortals on Urantia for the next several centuries.

Second Coming

MMc: Will Christ Michael be joining you in the flesh, initially during your incarnation?

MONJORONSON: No, he will not be in the flesh. However, his presence will be evident, as he chooses, as he comes and goes to visit the ‘World of the Cross.’ His coming in the flesh, visible to humanity will not be made untilthis world has achieved the earliest beginnings of the days of light and life. When he returns, it will be in glory, majesty and triumph over the forces of evil and the reconstruction of this planet’s social and spiritual centers and institutions.

Magisterial Mission, The Garden Project, Materialization

  • Will Adam and Eve accompany Monjoronson?

MMc: Will Adam and Eve be accompanying you?

MONJORONSON: Their participation is a matter of discussion at this time; that is a developmental decision that must be made for, and their presence be made known to humanity, at the right time, and at the right development of all events. My arrival may be preparatory to them, but no decisions have been made. Be assured that your world will, in fact, receive another pair of these Adam and Eve beings to assist your populations to understand and accept that the spiritual realm is an accoutrement of humanity, neither adjacent, but as a real, living entity that is palpable to them. These two beings will be majestic, they will be impressive and they will not be able to be forgotten, once they come into your presence.

  • Will Machiventa incarnate?

MMc: Will Machiventa Melchizedek be accompanying you incarnate?

MONJORONSON: No. He is already here on Urantia, and has been for some time.

  • Master Spirits

MMc: We have been told that several Master Spirits are in contact with humans here on Urantia. The names of the Spirits that have been given to us are… and there apparently is some question about how these are pronounced, so I’m going to pronounce them phonetically, as they are spelled. Is Master Spirit #1 Siraya?

MONJORONSON: We will not enter into naming Spirits at this time.

MMc: Is there a Board of Review at the Master Spirit level, looking into the Lucifer Rebellion?


  • Supreme Council of Paradise

MMc: Is there a Supreme Council of Paradise personalities, a board of approximately 35 individuals assigned to review the ABC summaries?


Life Extension

MMc: Is there a plan in place to extend the lives of humans, for a significant period, say 50-100 years, so that they may help in the Correcting Time and the Magisterial Mission?

MONJORONSON: Yes, there is, and no, there is not. These decisions have already been made, when individuals were approached early on in the mission, to select individuals who had natural longevity. There were some who will pass more rapidly, and their positions are necessary for completing their work for others’ works to continue. There is no selection for “special” individuals, whose lives will be lengthened. We strive, and we continue to tell you, we strive not to put a stamp of “special-ness” on any one individual who participates with us. It is a matter of personal selection whether you choose to participate or not. We have awareness in advance, [of] who will and who will not, who is capable and who is not, who is long-lived and who is not. These are all well known to your Thought Adjusters; your records of your life preceding your coming into existence, [was] well [known] before you ever arrived. Those records are kept on Divinington. Some of these aspects are shared by midwayers, who are working with us on Urantia with mortals.

MMc: As I understand what you are telling me, no one’s life is going to be artificially prolonged beyond say, 100 years or so?

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

Magisterial Mission

  • The assignment of third circlers

MMc: We’ve been told that upon your arrival in the flesh, you will “assign all mortals above the level of the third psychic circle to your personal command, in order to coordinate the cleansing of Urantia and the aforementioned circuits.” Is this a correct statement?

MONJORONSON: It is not my will to ‘command’ anyone above the level of the third circle, to my personal staff or my personal control. This too, is a matter of intention and commitment of each individual to participate in this work. The journey is to become a part of this, to listen and to hear, and to open yourself to direction and guidance from your Thought Adjuster. We see ‘this assignment’ or ‘that activity’ as supporting that development of spiritual growth within yourself, to live in accord with the Father’s directions, which come from within you. [If] you would, in participating in that with your Thought Adjuster, wish to participate in service with us, that is your choice.

  • Will the Council of 24 hold press conferences?

MMc: Are there plans for the Council of 24 to hold televised press conferences on Urantia in the future?

MONJORONSON: No, there are not.

MMc: Has the Magisterial Mission been delayed at any time? Once or several times?

MONJORONSON: No, it has not. The confusion of your thoughts about time and arrival, and coming or not arriving, or planning and not arriving, 2 or 3 times is not in our agenda. These things are seen as a continuum of development, which are only halted or slowed by the interference of humans and negativity on your planet. We have not said that we would arrive and then withdraw. The intention of Christ Michael was to bring this Mission here, as shortly to follow the development and advent of the Teaching Mission. A proclamation of God’s Will in the lives of individuals who choose to be open, is part and parcel of this.

The Magisterial Mission is much more a team effort, by the union of those people who [are] evolved in their spirituality—if they choose to. One needs to precede the other; there needs to be those spiritually infused and enthused individuals, to participate in the work that we are doing. The primary work of the Teaching Mission is to prepare individuals for greater expansion and service. If they choose to participate in the Magisterial Mission, that is their choice. If they choose not to, there is nothing held against them—it is simply a matter of choice for one’s course in life. We thoroughly respect that. Once your decisions are made, they are inviolate to us. Should you change your mind, you would be welcomed with open arms to participate in our work with us.

  • Was Michael here in 2008?

MMc: We have been told that Michael spent most of 2008 residing on Urantia, to take care of a minor rebellion among the ranks of certain orders of celestials. Do you or Michael often meet with organized resistance to your plans?

MONJORONSON: No, we do not.

MMc: We have been told that in 2010, the Universal Father called a halt to further progress and closed down any more planning for the Correcting Time until all responsible could reassess with him, what Urantia had to do. Has the Father taken direct control of the Correcting Time for Urantia?

MONJORONSON: No, he has not.

Correcting Time

MMc: Who is/are the administrative heads of the Correcting Time for Urantia?

MONJORONSON: That would be Christ Michael.

MMc: So you are now, temporary Ruler of Urantia?

MONJORONSON: No, I am not.

Rebellion, Urantia

MMc: We’ve been told that Urantia suffered considerably more, due to the Rebellion than the other 36 worlds that were involved. Is this true?

MONJORONSON: That would depend on how it is measured. Various measurements for damage to a world: Is there more damage if one world has more population than another? Or is it damaged more by the deep wounds that are received by the individuals of that planet, even if it has smaller population? This question is ill-formed and must become much more sophisticated in its requirements for a definitive answer. As given, there is no definitive answer to that question.

MMc: Can you tell me how much the negativity, the anxiety, confusion, hatred and war was planned and programmed to persist by Caligastia and Lucifer, and how much persisted simply because we were cut off from the positive aspects and influences of the rest of the universe?

MONJORONSON: Not relevant.

MMc: We’ve been told that the Lucifer and Caligastia in effect booby-trapped Urantia with individuals and systems that would make it very difficult for Michael to clear away or correct during the Correcting Time. Is this a reasonably accurate depiction of the truth?

MONJORONSON: No, it is not.

MMc: We have been told that a significant number of low-level celestials that were loyal to Lucifer and Caligastia simply did not respond to the orders of those of the light and this resulted in delays and confusion. Is this correct?

MONJORONSON: What you must be concerned about is that your world has been cleared of those who have acted in traitorous manners. The history of this is not relevant to our current situation on Urantia.

  • Did the Nazis work with Caligastia and Lucifer?

MMc: Did the Nazis, Hitler and his henchmen, work hand in hand with Caligastia and Lucifer?

MONJORONSON: From your answer, yes.

MMc: Were all of the horrific plans to enhance the Nazi idea of genocide hatched first in the mind of Caligastia?

MONJORONSON: These are remnants in the thinking of many on your world, who have sought to aggrandize their own ego and the expression of that in their world. These thoughts are remnants of that nefarious plan.


  • Changing of the human genome

MMc: Thank you. Was Lucifer able to change the human genome to create humans who were more amenable to his beliefs?


MMc: Was this change in the human genome a conscious effort on Lucifer’s part or was it a consequence of DNA’s ability to adapt and evolve?

MONJORONSON: Yes and yes.


  • Validation of the spirits in the borderland

MMc: There are still many who cannot bring themselves into belief about those individuals caught in the borderland, as there is absolutely nothing in The Urantia Book to suggest such a thing. Some readers even attribute the concept as having come to the first TR through a TV episode of a similar nature. Can you clarify how this concept came into being and any other means of validation that can be used for those who have no direct experience with ‘ghosts’ or borderland spirits?

MONJORONSON: Simplify, please.

MMc: What kind of validation do we have that there are borderland spirits?

MONJORONSON: Many human beings have witnessed individuals who have not crossed over to the celestial realms and who are not sleeping survivors. The aspect of seeing ‘ghosts,’ as you call them, disincarnate beings, is a real factor of thousands upon thousands of human beings around the world, who have the capacity to see these individuals. This has been noted in the history of literature from time immemorial and has been a factor of all cultures throughout the world. There are individuals who ‘see’ and those who do not ‘see’.

The word “borderland” is not significant; it represents a word that can be used easily in this culture in contemporary times, to describe the venue, so to speak, of where these people exist in the vibrational frequency of existence. Mortals have a material vibration; those who are disincarnate beings have a vibrational level and those who are in the mansion worlds, or who are angelic or are morontial beings have another vibrational level. Because The Urantia Book does not mention this, as there is too much fear associated with these beings, there are now individuals who are objective enough to receive further information as to the existence of disincarnate beings, and yet remain unafraid. They are not in fear. The presence of disincarnate beings was well known long before The Urantia Book came into existence. The Urantia Book was prepared for individuals to accept a larger realm of the universe, but not all realms. That which was held in fear in human cultures, was set apart and was determined not to be appropriate for revelation at this time. There were papers and revelations that were provided by the Revelatory Commission, which were excised from publication.

MMc: We have been told that Lucifer was able to keep souls here after death. Was Lucifer able to keep them here against their will, or did these souls stay on Urantia out of ignorance because they had no real map of the afterlife?

MONJORONSON: Supply one question at a time, please.

MMc: Was Lucifer able to keep mortals here after their death, against their will?


MMc: Were Lucifer and Caligastia able to repersonalize those in the borderland so that they would be able to work for them?


MMc: We have been told that the Magisterial Mission cannot proceed until all those in the borderlands have come into the light and been removed from Urantia in their entirety. Is this correct?

MONJORONSON: This is not correct.

MMc: We have been told that “without removing these souls, it would be nearly impossible to recharge the grids.” Is this correct?

MONJORONSON: This is not correct.

Circuits, Collective Intelligence

MMc: I find myself confused because the way “the Grid” has been referred to in recent transcripts. You and I have discussed this and I have come to the conclusion that there is a consciousness grid or matrix made up of the collective consciousness and unconsciousness of mankind. Yet I find there is reference made in the transcripts to an Urantia energy grid of morontia energy and other spiritual energies used to maintain the midwayers and other morontia and spiritual life forms. Does such an energy grid exist?

MONJORONSON: They are different grids.

[This is Daniel: He’s going to force you to think this through. He’s not playing cat and mouse, and he’s not being coy. There’s a real intention behind his remoteness.]

MMc: I’m trying to figure out if the next question gets to that point, or if it takes us off on a different tangent.

In another transcript, we have been told the worldwide grid also supplies the morontia energy for the [captive souls] to remain on Urantia, those in the borderland. Has this changed their existence and it is Christ Michael who is to [determine] that they must continue to sustain those life forms until a decision to live again on the mansion world is received or until some final decision can be made to terminate their existence here on Urantia? Does this worldwide consciousness grid supply the morontia energy for those in the borderland?

MONJORONSON: No, it does not.

MMc: Does the energy grid that we spoke of earlier supply the energy for these morontia beings?

MONJORONSON: They each have their own source of energy to support their existence. This is apart and separate from the grid or collective human consciousness; one acts more as a library, an archive of all human consciousness, whereas the energy source for morontial beings is completely separate and apart from that.

[Brief pause while Michael and Daniel discussed moderating techniques.]

MMc: Shall we continue?

  • The reasons for seeking these clarifications

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is hard work I know, for all of you. Let us work through this so we can add clarity to the messages that others receive. We want clarity for all our work; we want continuity, so that all parts are contiguous and congruent. There will be times, as we are going through now, in the future, to do this again. As mortals, we ask you to be very patient and tolerant and to be above all, discerning. Discern what Christ Michael would be doing on your world at this time, were he present and could discuss this with you, and then you will discern more correctly. Please proceed.

  • The lost sheep

MMc: Has Christ Michael declared that none will be lost? Has he declared that all former mortals of Urantia will go on to the mansion worlds, and from there they can make a decision on whether to accept eternal survival or not?

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

  • What keeps the cleaned grid from being re-infected?

MMc: In answer to a question about the grid, Malvantra said that the grid feeds off of the degradation, debasing and corrupted behavior from those stuck in lower consciousness. If this is so, will the grid ever be cleaned? It seems like there are plenty of [bad] behaviors to keep Lucifer’s old grid well stocked with energy, far into the future.

MONJORONSON: We continue to tell you that this is not a grid energized by evil behavior or evil decisions, or evil attitudes. The grid is of human consciousness; it is more like an archive that is the repository of the residue of all human consciousness, positive and negative. The focus upon negative energy and negative beings is not an aspect that is important to the maintenance or to the cleaning of the grid of the human consciousness. It will take conscious effort of light by humans and by us to clean the grid, clean the archive of human consciousness. This archive of human consciousness—you call it the grid—is hundreds of thousands of years old, and as there are more people on your world, it is more capable—we are more capable—of cleaning the grid in much shorter time than it took to build it that way. And in the future, this grid of human consciousness will be clear and accessible by every individual for right and perfect intentions. It is accessible by anyone and has a powerful influence on everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

  • Is there a new process for soul adjudication?

MMc: Has Christ Michael provided for a new and unrevealed process for soul adjudication without having the need to call an epochal dispensation?


MMc: I believe you are charged with “terminating the current planetary dispensation.” What does that actually entail?

MONJORONSON: That has been well described to you in your Urantia Book.

MMc: Has it already taken place?


MMc: I believe you are charged with “terminating the current planetary dispensation.” What does that actually entail?

MONJORONSON: That has been well described to you in your Urantia Book.

MMc: Has it already taken place?


  • What is our current universe age?

MMc: What is the current universe age called?

MONJORONSON: That is not relevant to our discussions.

MMc: I guess the question is actually, in what universal age are we, here on Urantia? We aren’t in light and life yet, are we?

MONJORONSON: This world and the other 30-some-odd planets are in an age of recovery and reconstruction, of healing at the individual level and at the social and global level. You have just come out of quarantine and you are now into recovery. You are much like a patient who has been under general anesthesia for a long time. Your recovery is one of awakening consciousness, a realization of who you are, a realization of where you are and your attendant responsibilities to participate in your own healing. It is important, as a co-creative learning situation, to empower the age of light and life that is to come.

  • The Melchizedek University

MMc: As I understand it, there is a Melchizedek University on Edentia, the constellation capital of Norlatiadek, that has been established to study the Lucifer rebellion and the bestowal of Michael here on Urantia. Is this Melchizedek University due to change its location to Urantia?

MONJORONSON: No, it is not.

MMc: Is Michael to be standing for election to the University’s new Viceroy?

MONJORONSON: No, he is not.

Corps of Finality

MMc: Is the destiny of the Universe Corps of Finality to become Creator sons in the next universe age?

MONJORONSON: That has not been revealed clearly—this is a speculation of the celestials in the morontial and even spiritual realm. It is something that is even discussed among the Corps of Finality. It is unrevealed, as it is developmental. There is always the revelation of information as it is needed. This is on a need-to-know basis and it is privy to those Deities on Paradise.

MMc: I see. So the information is strictly speculative at this point?

MONJORONSON: Correct. It may not be in error, however. Speculation is speculation. Its outcome or conclusions may be correct, but until complete revelation is known, it still remains as speculation and uncertain information.

MMc: Will it really take me something like 200 million years of Urantia time to become a Finaliter candidate?

MONJORONSON: It may; it may not. Your progress is your own. You may decide to take side trips, to experience another aspect of yourself along your journey. There are some who take this journey very seriously, and some who seem to have even gotten lost in their own detours. It is not important how or when you get there, but to have grown from the journey.

  • The Seven Absolutes

MMc: Thank you. Can the Ellipse of Infinity on Paradise be described as seven Absolutes?

MONJORONSON: This is not relevant. It is beyond your comprehension and is a question of an immature spiritual being. It is not a situation of being chastised for asking the question, but the answer would not be comprehensible to you.

  • The Seven Memorials to the Trinity

MMc: Is there a plan to build Seven Memorials to the Trinity on Urantia?

MONJORONSON: Not at this time.

  • Who are the ‘Oxygen spirits?

MMc: Can you tell me anything about ‘Oxygen beings,’ or ‘Oxygen spirits?’

MONJORONSON: Not at this time.

MMc: That completes my prepared questions for today. Would you care to add anything else?


Focus, Light

MONJORONSON: Yes, thank you. When one perceives ahead, inquiring about the negative, about evil, about those who initiated and then strove to perpetuate evil, it is as though you are going into a very, very deep cave, with a small flashlight, whose batteries continue to weaken as its use is expired. Soon, you end up deep within the cavern of darkness and you wonder why you have ever gone there when it serves no purpose in your journey to pursuing the light, to have examined the negative in the darkness so thoroughly. You do not understand the light by examining the darkness. The light is the source, the light is the way, it shows the way of your path and your journey.

Focusing your attention and wonderment, amazement and speculation upon the negative and evil is unproductive, in fact, detrimental to your spiritual progress. You become that which you aspire to. You do not aspire to God by examining the evil of others, or the evil that was begun on this planet so many years ago. We exhort all of you, each of you, all of you together to revel in the light of God, knowing that that source of light is in you and is only as bright as you let it shine. It is the light bulb; you are the battery. You will join together to make a bright beacon ahead of yourselves. You must, however, turn on the switch—that is your decision. If you want to go into the cave of darkness and examine that for a lifetime, that is your choice; no one will deny you that choice, however, your Thought Adjuster will continue to appeal to you to return to the light, to walk out of that darkness which you have engaged.

I say the same to you, that only the light is the way. Christ Michael was and is your primary model of the correct and perfect beacon on your world; assume his light, assume his model for a lifetime of service of dedication of growth and awakening of consciousness, to become ‘one’ in that consciousness with God. We strive to teach you to be in daily and minute-by-minute communication with your Thought Adjuster, the Source of all light within you, that which has the ultimate pattern for greatness within you. You must decide to engage that source, choose to do so and take action, therefore to fulfill that decision. This is what I have to reveal to you today.

I have answered your questions as forthrightly as I possibly could. Many of your questions are beyond your comprehension to ask or to have answered to you, with full understanding on your part. You do not accept that you do not have to be an engineer to build a locomotive to take a train trip from here to Chicago. You simply accept the fact that you buy your ticket, get on the train and proceed ahead. You choose the destination, you choose to buy the ticket, you do not need to be a locomotive engineer to build it, or to drive it, to proceed ahead, simply a passenger in God’s great train of ascendant beings of light, who [will] meet you in Paradise and will embrace you in the Corps of Finality. Thank you.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson. Certainly I think for my life, I need to be concentrating on the positives, rather than the negatives, on the light, rather than the darkness. The darkness still creeps up on those of us who live on Urantia and does hold some interest, [even] if that interest is only revulsion. Thank you for your indulgence today in answering these questions. I know that it has been difficult for you; it has certainly been difficult for me to gather them together. Thank you, again.

MONJORONSON: If you have any questions between now and publication of this transcript, you are most welcome to enter into another session, an interim session to accomplish the ends that you wish. Thank you.

MMc: Do you foresee a time when we can publish this material?

MONJORONSON: We wish you to publish this when you publish the full sessions of the prior ones, where there was only partial publication. Let us publish all of these simultaneously, so that the difficulty to those who brought this into existence is made in ‘one fell swoop’ after the conclusion of all the listeners and readers who come to the same conclusion that there had been errors made—many of them—in the development of the transcripts from which these questions originated. We do not want to prolong the agony of the readership, or those who brought into existence the differences which created the questions. Let us do that at one time, after it is apparent that I and Christ Michael will not appear by Christmas.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome. Are you ready to bring this session to a close?

MMc: I believe so, yes.

[Rather abrupt ending, but Monjoronson had already given his closing statement.]