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Topic: The Ultimaton

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Rayson, Michael, Coreli

TR: Ron Besser



This Paper supersedes previous Papers published on Ultimatons,

including Paper I of February 2010 and Paper II of December 2011. Material included in previous Papers is either superseded or has better

truth alignment within this Paper.


  • By Ron Besser

Perhaps, this Paper will make some groan; judging that it deals with subject matter some consider boring; or perhaps you do not understand a part of the universe you use but are glad it does not have to be studied in order to use it.

Perhaps, you will not groan so much if I tell you that while it is about particle physics, it does not read like a college textbook on the same subject. I think most of you will actually find it fascinating and maybe even fun.

This is not a Paper for beginners in spiritual psychology. More than anything; this work is for you, the reader, who at least understands the close relationship between God and matter; and there is no closer relationship in the universe than the ‘God Particle’, identified herein as the Ultimaton and the Unqualified Absolute - whose power is universal, but meaningless except to those who know of its existence.

It is too much to expect anyone to write a Paper that takes into account all that has preceded the introduction of the Ultimaton to the people of our planet, Urantia. Revelation and scientific discoveries (which impinge upon the future discover of the Ultimaton) as well as the documented trail of recorded thoughts which precedes any overt demonstration of the power of God to inform humanity (such as the Urantia Book) - all of these thing precede this Paper of only some twenty plus pages. Neither can it be done to even summarize what you know to add to this, dear reader, to accompany the disclosures this Paper sets out to inform. With that in mind, we must start in the middle of our accumulating knowledge in the ‘somewhere’ and end in another slightly progressed ‘middle’ - going with more direction toward the destiny of Urantia and its knowledge about the energy of God everyone dreams of finding and using.

I want you all to know that what we learn in this Paper is going to adjust some personal views about science. I do not see how that can be avoided when we learn the Ultimaton has a degree of divine will attached to it. Therefore, what happens in this Paper is to move the thinking individual away from the strict divisions of matter and spirit most of us see as mutually separate systems in the universe; such as church and state, pulpit and town meeting, rock and flesh. We learn too, that when we open up an Ultimaton to view its insides there are two glowing blue rods slowly burning their way through a sled-like projectile that holds the secrets of every universe in its ability to transmute power into force; and force into elementary materializations of the ‘Will of God’ into matter.

Urantia Science (as a system of inquiry) is badly distorting the truth about the universe. It tells you that the universe must obey every rule they can write a formula for and then it must do as it is told to do according to the principle that says; ‘the Universe is a true closed system of existence’. In accumulating evidence to the contrary of these philosophical premises actually behaving so well, then the reader must make up his or her mind what or whom to trust. Is it man who designs the universe with mathematical immutability, or is it a Creator’s mind which knows matter so well that its material flexibility can only sometimes be called the act of “willed” choice to do otherwise?

No one alive on Urantia can truly answer that question except for the man or woman who chooses the Will of God; whether through a profession of faith or by evidence of the Will’s presence and our own will’s choice to submit to its perfection, what the Will of God dictates will stand in eternity. There is no such thing as the infinity of matter, but it can be absolute and immutable to the wear and tear of time.

Urantia Science (as a system of inquiry) is in its infancy, and it must undo the suppositions that take it to an end it cannot resuscitate. Einstein’s unification dream about how creation came about to express itself by known laws that govern its behavior is a genuine aberration. There is no universe in existence that obeys E=MC2 every moment and in every situation it should be true. There is no one single string theory to explain it either. Nor is an understanding of quarks and quanta helpful or a determinate of insight to picture the Ultimaton and see its meaning relative to universe operations.

No one will ever want to look back at this period on Urantia with the slightest idea of pleasure. Urantia has been harmed, not by science, but by what science fails to comprehend about its own nature; about how to go toward the insights it craves without destroying the means that could make that happen. Do we not yet understand that God is primal, yet at the same time He is subordinated to material life? No one can touch an Ultimaton until they have seen the grandeur of Paradise and know that the Ultimaton leaves no trace of its existence, except as an electron which never stays the same nor remains in one place for long. Such is the material nature of God, and such is the problem in explaining who and what and where an Ultimaton may cross paths with the mind of science just long enough to say, “Eureka! There is God! I see His INTENTION!” Matter declines substance or definition when it is an Ultimaton, and like God it exists as an absolute quality rather than a mathematical certainty.

To those of you who do not pay much attention to the machinations of the terms used in physics, we congratulate you for staying out of the babble of code-speak. We do recognize that science has to talk to itself so everyone who knows the language thinks they understand what is being found and understood to some degree. But the noise of discovery is rarely comforted by the wisdom that not all things are made to know and use without caution. Science is like the present civilization in its quirky behavior in public and assists the worse nature of humanity to partially destroy the trust it deserves by its antisocial inventions of war.

The workers are in the forefront standing on the yellow platform at the laboratory construction site. The device is to get a picture of a muon colliding with a proton for study.

This Paper cuts through most of the specialized discussions science speaks with; to present what to science will probably be called ‘the layman’s view’ of the extraordinary disclosures that will come out of Fermion experiments at CERN. Yet, even what they yield will pale beside what is disclosed in the near future concerning the ‘God Particle’. We who helped to write this Paper know of the generosity of spirit of those who study particle physics, and we also know that the generosity extends to those who cannot understand what is talked about in the laboratories because of its unusual degree of technical knowledge required to obtain that language.

However, we too wish that the generosity of spirit which underlies these activities be also extended to the layman who MUST participate with you, or both the scientist and the layman will leave Urantia with themselves and the planet unfulfilled. The wisdom of God is to hold you both accountable for responsible caretaking of the resources of power and faith, and it is the Creator who declares all parties insane for attempting to do what the Power Directors are forbidden to do, and that is to change mass particles into the fusion of atomic weapons or the ‘God Particle’ into the death rays of war.

The Ultimaton features nothing more than the height of all folly of seeking false power that it can exist without the spiritual Creator; the Ultimaton IS because God exists, and in this creation one will never do without the other. It is indeed a God particle. It carries the energy of will, and if man could see it as it has been described to this author, the eye would behold the tell-tale blue plasma glow of the Trinity around two spinning rods deep inside the transport shell the Ultimaton travels to time with.

What diabolical or ironic coincidence occurred when the scientist ‘Oppenheimer’ declared the fusion of the first atomic bomb to explode over the Nevada desert to be the last act of God on earth?

How may he have inferred that “the bomb killed all hopes” for reclamation of the spirit of man for full redemption for everlasting life? What crossed through that man’s mind when he obviously and clearly saw the death of millions unknown to him, to us, to other Americans, and other Urantians, and then to declare the experimental explosion the code-word “TRINITY?”

The Trinity explosion, 16 milliseconds after detonation. The fireball is about 600 feet (200 m) wide. The black specks silhouetted along the horizon are trees. Country: United States Test site: Trinity Site, New Mexico Date: July 16, 1945 Test type: Atmospheric Device type: Fission Yield: 20 kilotons of TNT (84 TJ) Previous test: None Next test: Operation Crossroads

Sometimes meanings escape attention by the sheer force of horror the observing spiritual world saw that day when “Fat Boy” was hoisted to the tower and made ready for detonation. Inside that device were trillions of Ultimatons being forced to collude with the enemy of God to destroy not just Japan, but the immense good will of the spiritual Father of Us All.

Ultimatons do not arrive on Urantia clad in any armor. They arrive with the brilliance of spiritual light, too intense to be held by the eye of man. They glow within as a sun glows in the blackness of space with unabated splendor unappreciated by nearly all of the inhabitants of even nearby creations. Yet, they do so with the determination that their existence is as willed by a Creator who gives all without requiring recompense at any time. The Ultimaton is ‘God’s Will’ for the material splendor of the creation and it is never to be sullied again on Urantia as it was on the day the name of the Trinity was spat upon by the mind of man determined to survive yet another military holocaust.

This Paper is meant to begin to undo what so many do not wish to be done. Education sometimes has to undo the unhealthy ways of doing things, and this is part of our education as small a start it may represent. We need to understand that God determines destiny based upon the guidance by ‘legitimate right’ to information. And that information, so received, is to be used in the foreordained way of disclosure. Our means of disclosure herein is the only way the spiritual powers in Nebadon and Uversa (and even Paradise) have, at this time, as an opening to the freer minds on Urantia who wish to be informed of these views and of these changes being prepared for Urantia. Nor are these Papers in any way complete or perfect, but they are a snapshot into a moment of thought of the mind of Deity that determines the destiny of Urantia.

It is no fault of most who read these Papers that it has come to this. The disclosures of the original Urantia Book were meant to inspire man to recognize his responsibility as stewards of a beautiful and meaningful planetary existence. Yet the Urantia Papers have fallen into disrepute among the very people they were meant to inspire, and therefore they will be withdrawn sometime in the next century to rewrite even those Papers while the second volume exists to fulfill the Uversa mandate that such a book exists at all time on the shores of Urantia.

Before we disclose the end of this introduction, it should be mentioned that thinking men and women will begin to see the drastic truth of the scientific condition today. Science has become dangerous beyond all predictions made of what it would do and where it would go in the twentieth century. It has become muddled beyond all expectations because it lost sight of its reason to exist as way to improve appreciation of the creation and its Creator.

It is delusional that it can explain that which even The First Source and Center never releases for review or explanation. It is diseased in its thinking that it can produce invention and life through the horn of a cornucopia of material well-being without paying tribute to the God who made it possible.

Therefore, dear reader, prepare yourselves to read what the Ultimaton does and how it behaves as much as can be disclosed in one short Paper.


  • Understanding Why Absolute Zero Does Not Exist
  • (By Rayson, the Chief Scientist of the Magisterial Mission)

Space is neither a desert nor a vacuum. If it were either of those conditions, absolute zero would be possible. But space is filled with objects too small for the eye to see and too tiny to be read on any measuring device known to man. Yet, it contains this fine “grit” of the effects of material evolution that will always condition space to be a vessel of containment of things which move or have a thermal content so small only a vector force could find it and be heated by it.

Heat is produced several ways, but the most common is by the emission of radiation from hot gasses of the suns and stars seen twinkling in the night sky. Other sources of heat include the radiation from gamma rays, and even from molecules bumping into each other and fighting about who owns all the electrons about them. All of these things produce a thermal equation of energy which determines that; reaching the rock bottom of no heat, whatsoever, just is never possible. This condition exists in every square foot of space through a nearly infinite universe.

While the invisible universe of matter abounds in what appears to be empty space, there are the giant creations too. The reader knows a lot about the stars and the planets and the meteors and the asteroids, but often stumbles at the idea of a thing called a black hole. What is a black hole? Is it a hole really? Or can we call it a lump of heavy matter that is black because it emits no light at all? The answer actually lies somewhere in between these two conditions.

Black holes run the gamut of speculation even in the high councils of universe governance. That is because they emit no light, yet they hail from the source of light. Black holes carry no electronic charge, yet they bear down on moons and meteors like they own them and must have them as part of the inner sanctum of a black hole.

What then are we dealing with when we approach one of these material disasters waiting to consume anything that comes too close to it? The answer lies in the fact that a black hole contains more matter than a normal star, yet its size is about 1/10th the size of a normal star. So much matter gets packed into the creation of a black hole that it cannot push anything outside of itself and must always be “eating” to maintain its strength as a bastion of gravity dependence on no-one. Some galaxies are held together by a black hole at the center of them. Some moons get too close to a black hole and erupt in a thousand-trillion pieces of rock when the black hole strips them of the ability to resist the draw of its power to consume.

Curiously, the discovery of black holes in recent years has been found to emit gases without perturbing the surrounding space. Space itself is real and emits its own fingerprint or state unique to space. We suggest to readers that should they be able to compare different areas of space, and have the equipment to measure space density, the idea of space respiration and expansion would be noticeable and an inescapable conclusion of space motion was being observed. It is this expansion and contraction within space itself (space motion) that lends itself as a way to find space areas that will yield many Ultimatons. Some space areas will never be productive to mine the Ultimaton for energy needs, so becoming skillful at harvesting areas rich in Ultimatons becomes necessary in certain specialized uses of the Ultimaton.

Because space exists, its displacement can be calculated, and calculations can be made near black holes to show displacement of space even as the black hole absorbs all material near it. Black holes do not affect space itself, but just the gravity spectrum that envelops it. What then displaces space around a black hole, heats space slightly, and sometimes emits muons at an alarming rate? The answer lies in understanding the nature of Ultimatons when they reach near absolute zero. In this extremely cold condition, the Ultimaton “huddles” in pools of energy packets known as Muon Chains. This is a construction of energy that emits radium as a by-product.

Radium is slightly radioactive, and it likes to fold its elementary particle field around objects it enjoys juicing up with enough radio-activity to cause the object to either glow or emit gamma rays. Gamma rays are lethal injections of radium energy which cause the space around it to “jiggle” or cause it (in more refined terms) to “expand” in wave-like motions, not unlike what a mortal sees when tossing a pebble into a still pond of water. Space expansion on this level is not like space respiration, but they share one common element in their processes: both space expansion and space respiration carry a thumb print that can be identified by instruments of sufficient precision that they will tell the observer where the crests and troughs of space occur.

The muon chains cause space around them to almost “twinkle” - so fast are the appearance of the troughs and crests they cause in forcing space expansion near black holes. Radium forces the muon chain to jiggle and when it moves faster and faster by continued bombardment of gamma rays, the muon chain breaks and the Ultimatons are freed for momentary transposition into transitional particles not known to man.

Certain particles and compounds (and there are several varieties of them which come into existence when the muon chain breaks) vary in size, from several nanometers wide to over one millimeter in width. The work of a transitional compound is to disarm the muons which have retained a radioactive charge mixed into the milk of matter known to Urantia scientists as ‘atomic nucleons’ formed in the vicinity of the black hole. Black holes are intolerant about space disturbances or gravity waves nearby (however small that disturbance may be) and they often discharge Ultimatons in reaction.

The nucleon of Boron is resident in places in outer space that frequently contacts those same areas that radium pervades as well. When this happens, radium becomes active and holds two different forms we need to explain further.

When speaking about radium off hand we often distinguish between radium 135 and 124. In this case, however, we need to observe that not all radium is radioactive. Isotope number 125 is not radioactive. Isotope number 141 is not radioactive. Those elements containing isotope numbers 122 through 128 are never considered to be part of the descriptions we speak of in this paper.

Radium 135 is akin to nuclear radiation. Radium 124 is akin to hospital use of x-rays for diagnosis. We now speak of Radium 124 when we say that this is the element which finds Boron so attractive. Radium moves toward Boron just as one might expect a healthy body to want nutrients of its own choosing. Therefore, when Boron is approached by Radium124, it (Boron) gives off one electron in submission to the attraction radium has for the element. Boron now holds the radium atom hostage in its outer shell of electrons and forces the radium to move on by closing its outer most shell to all electrons. Radium is dispatched and flees the activated Boron and the whole process starts all over again to the detriment of radioactivity in deep space.

Radium holds the secret to universe heat relief. It does this by holding off from sharing electrons when an element is carrying a normal load of electronic charges. Radium will attack an element when its nucleus is shy a proton or nucleon spacer, and it attacks an element in this condition when it goes through nearby space and grabs the weakened element and forces it to submit to the gyrations of space waves described above.

We therefore must come to the point that some description of wave motion of space is necessary to understand how absolute zero is impossible due to the lack of space expansion as well as Ultimatonic activity which almost never ceases.

Wave Motions

  • Wave Motions of Space and their Affect on Ultimatons
  • (By Michael of Nebadon)

Wave motions of space have much to do with the Ultimatonic disposition of their presence in the universe. The motions of space are not the same as the motion in space. Briefly, the orbiting of a satellite around its primary sun or planet is an example of motion in space. Space respiration is an example of motion of space. Ultimatons deliver themselves where there are crests in the waves of space motion; they do not appear in the troughs although they can spill over into them as happened when the supernova of the 17th century was seen on Urantia during the daylight hours.

Ultimatons never leave their area of space unless they are driven by the solar wind. In the case of the supernova mentioned, the solar wind drove untold trillions of Ultimatons into the atmosphere of Urantia which in turn illuminated the night sky for over 200 hundred days after the explosion. While Ultimatons do not glow of themselves, they contain a transmuting element acquired by traversing Havona circuitry during their formative years after birth on nether Paradise. The “glow” is radium being ionized which the Ultimatons cluster with, and radium becomes super-excited when Ultimatons keep addressing their electrons in an attempt to form free muons.

Wave motions in space cause Ultimatons to slosh like water back and forth in a bucket while they remain in their original cloud of placement in space. But motions of space gather them into pods of release energy known as gamma rays which are emitted by certain types of stars and even by our own sun when it is disturbed by the changes of gravity in its own vicinity.


  • Radium and its Love/Hate Relationship with Muons
  • (By Michael of Nebadon)

Radium (atomic weights: 223, 224, 226 and 228) is the primary signature of atomic cohesion finding equilibrium in every atom above atomic weight of thirty-two (32). Atomic cohesion exists in every atom so long as the structure of the atom contains the appropriate number of neutrons and protons with the added benefit of one or more neutrino present and accompanying the muons spun off by decaying substructures within the shell of the atom. The atomic number of each atom also indicates how many neutrinos must be present to obtain atomic cohesion and indicates how many muons are produced at the same time radioactive decay occurs.

Radium loses about 12,000 Muons per millisecond. Blasts of gamma rays sometimes hit radium in the vicinity of black holes and collide with muons to create more Muon Chains, and in return, the black hole disputes the gravity waves impinging on its surface and ejects clouds of Ultimatons from deep within its structure.

Absolute zero cannot exist in a state where atoms are existing in equilibrium of their own internal charges. This is because heat is released by the internal dynamics of thermal structures deep within the Ultimatons, and while we cannot call it the act of cooling of Ultimatonic rotation, the heat escapes due to the atomic forces reacting to the motion within the atom itself.

Most muons contain heat shields in the form of radium gas in such minute quantities that the muon cannot be detected without using a radiographic device that measures muon activity in the range of seven (7) million Ohms per millisecond of exposure.

Muons are not protons, and they are not electrons; however, they do show themselves to be related to both particles by the fact that they run quickly between shells where the electrons orbit the nucleus. Muons rarely have a substantial growth rate and this means they do not proliferate before they are found being pushed out of the shells of an atom by the superior charge of protons.

Black hole300.jpg

Protons release their charge to become neutrons when heating elements activate due to radiological presences of certain elements such as Boron (or electrons from Iodine) bombard the element radium from an outside source such as a passing meteor or comet. Black holes contain no free element to share outside of the bulk of the material that has frozen up electronically. Because black holes are so tightly woven in their electronic infrastructure, they lack the ability to cause collisions with outside materials which would help free their constituent elements back to electronic activity and explosive health once more.

Protons and neutrons therefore are captive until released by internal gravity disruption, and that may take eons to occur. What protons and neutrons one may find near a black hole come about because of the Ultimaton’s ability to cohere with free radium near the surface of a black hole, and in turn, the black hole shrugs them off rather than attempts to absorb them. Muons develop outside of the black hole due to the interference of the black hole gravity with the electron spin of the free radium element nearby. This is important in our understanding how muons become the deliverer of radium destruction as they adjust the electronic organization in boron and iodine as these elements can eject radio-activity from themselves and other atoms by association.

Black holes retain about 1 trillion atoms per cubic millimeter. This means that the black holes have to lose about ten percent of their weight before they can become thermo-reactive. Thermo-reactivity is necessary to bring a black hole to the boil. Ultimatonic boiling is akin to destructive plasma waves and should not be considered a normal occurrence in the universe. Should Urantia ever leave the settled life of a planet, it could become a black hole if all of its material that composes the entire earth were compacted into the equivalent of a ten pound bag of potatoes.

Radium makes for an interesting study because it is the element which causes thermonuclear explosions on the sun in the solar system. Radium boils at a fairly low temperature, but it cannot be disassociated (i.e. the radium atom cannot be broken apart sufficiently so that it loses its identity) by thermonuclear blasts and therefore it can become a stabilizing element in an otherwise deplorable state of affairs known to us as Class-A explosions as we see on our sun from time to time

Since radium coheres so well with other elements, enough so to make them slightly or highly radioactive by associating with other elements, it therefore can spend a lot of time in a black hole and not be entirely consumed by the gravitational collapse of atomic structures found deep within the black hole mass. Radium can remain fairly viable within the black hole, but eventually the black hole returns to a state of thermal activity which initiates the radium coherence with boron, iodine, strontium, and cesium. Once these elements are reconstituted, the black hole begins to evaporate. So then, we ask: Where does the black hole go when it evaporates?

The answer seems to be tied up with the radium molecules formed with the element cesium in collusion with sulfur (atomic weight 32). Cesium rushes around the universe like a tadpole looking for a water hole to live in. When it finds a spot it can live, or actually be allowed to remain cesium, it will attach itself to other elements, and among its most favorite elements it likes to live in is radium. Because radium and cesium are abundant in black holes, or most of them, the black hole oozes a slight radio-activity that one of your scientists in particular, Stephen Hawking, has made note of.

Radium fails to provide much evidence of its associative dependence on cesium one (Cs 145). Together Cesium One and Radium (132) carry the ball for the heat that must be found in all thermonuclear devices because of their mutual dependence on radio-activity to remain viable elements. In other words, muon discharge (which is not radio-activity) accompanies the wave like manifestations of radioactive decay, and they are so intertwined, that the elements discharging them become close family friends and seldom is one found without the other.

Cesium One (Cs 145 and its other ionic relationships found by Cesium Bromide inter-association with other alkaloid elements) holds the answer to the leakage found around black holes which emit an electronic diathermic of Cesium One. The electronic diathermic is a cause of unknown origin in the universe, but it occurs whenever there are two elements of nearly the same atomic weight forced to closely associate with each other as happens in black holes.

Diathermic conditions exist when two different elements (which do not ordinarily associate) become closely packed to each other, and that triggers two separate heating elements to be enough to measure them when examining the thermic qualities of a black hole. Cesium One and its atomic weight of 145 and the atomic weight of radium of 132 are so close in Ultimatonic composition that the Ultimatons actually are activating their heat shields in attraction with Ultimatons in close proximity in the other element nearby.

The Mystery

  • The Mystery of the Unqualified Absolute and Cesium One
  • (By Michael of Nebadon)

In a theoretical black hole, Cesium One and Radium One are forced together to form conclusive evidence of the presence of the Unqualified Absolute. While we have yet to discuss this influence on atoms in the open universe, we may speculate that it is the Unqualified Absolute’s requirement that all metals, especially those like radium and cesium (and even calcium and sodium), that they must exchange electrons even when forced into a situation like a black hole.

Consequently, they fire probing Ultimatons at each other (that is, they emit high intensity energy waves containing Ultimatonic frequencies) even when they exist in a greatly weakened condition, but when there is enough activity in their outer electron shells they will provide the release of heat.

Both Cesium One and radium lose their heat shields enough so that they lose their ability to cohere as themselves. They then break down into constitutive particles, one of which is to free up Ultimatons, and while an Ultimaton is not a particle, it is closely related to the muon, and then from the muon decay, Ultimatons are again released in numbers equating to tens of billions into open space.

It should be understood that when we speak of “heat shields” we speak of the ability of the Ultimaton to cohere within itself and avoid thermal disruption. We explain later in this paper what an Ultimaton looks like if it could be viewed with its heat shield removed in a horizontal display of the interior of its construction.

While an Ultimaton is never viewable to the material universe, it does contain strictures viewable to high spirit. It is these views of Ultimaton structures that are graphically shown later. The shell we speak of as having been partially removed to show these structures, acts a thermal deflector that no linear gravity produced heat source can penetrate. See Page 12 of this document for the graphics discussed here.

Generation of Ultimatons

  • The Generation of Ultimatons from Cesium One
  • (By Michael of Nebadon)

Cesium One (Cs 145 and other cesium derivatives) relates itself to our world because it forms as a result of nuclear testing of superpowers of thermonuclear devices.

Cesium One exists nowhere in great quantities in the universe except on Urantia or sometimes in deep space where it likes to pool its presence near to the clouds of Ultimatons.

Cesium One hides itself in clouds of dense atmospheres because it is prone to water collection in great quantities such as over and in the Pacific Ocean and in other huge water bodies on Urantia. Because Cesium One can hide in water and never be detected (unless it is there in great radioactive quantities) it never is forced to ride the sunshine that evaporates water on a daily basis to cause rain on the continents.

Meanwhile, Cesium One in space does have a lot to do with Ultimaton collection. If one were to ride a sunbeam with Calcium, one would find that the heat of the beam becomes unbearable because the Calcium hides one of its electrons in a substructure deep within the photon stream. A sunbeam contains not only photons, it contains calcium, cesium, cesium one, protons called motto protons (a proton that carries one calcium atom), heart protons (protons that carry cesium and Cesium One, and priotary protons (protons that have one cesium and one Cesium One atom attached). It soon becomes obvious that a sunbeam reaching the ground on Urantia becomes a polluter of sorts because not only are the protons carrying radioactive elements, they are also filling reservoirs of water on Urantia with Cesium One in minute amounts.

Because this occurs daily, the heat of the sun can produce nearly ten million hydrocarbons of various structures that pollute the upper atmosphere, and with that pollution comes the storms of enormous strength because of the heat released by trillions of protons that leave no trace except for their enormous contribution to the water tables beneath Urantia’s continents and even under the ocean floors.

Protons make water collection possible, and by this we mean that a proton that is released by cesium becomes available to hydrogen and oxygen as deuterium (heavy water). Deuterium operates as a catalyst for providing ‘meals on wheels’ for large storms that are set in motion by the heat of the water they form over. Hurricanes are especially allowed to make huge imprints in the water they move over, and in this way the storm is able to provide cooling in deeper levels of the ocean than otherwise would be possible.

Since the discovery of deuterium in 1934, its biological effects have been extensively studied. One of every 6,400 hydrogen atoms is actually deuterium - a hydrogen isotope whose nucleus contains a proton and a neutron. (The nucleus of protium, the more common hydrogen isotope, only contains a proton.) Hydrogen atom and its heavier isotopes (Image: NASA)

Hurricanes, because of their pressure and their vortex-like construction, are what you might call “heavy”. They press on the ocean surface so hard they move tremendous amounts of water into the atmosphere where it drops back out as heavy rain. In the rain of a hurricane you would find extra amounts of deuterium because the heavy water is the result of bring the water out of the ocean rapidly and thereby pulling off a hydrogen atom thereby allowing an electron to reattach itself to the remaining hydrogen atom in the water molecule. When this occurs, the deuterium actually forms a bubble of water on the surface of the ocean and opens the door to folding itself into a land-like element known only to the higher universe authorities. It is for this reason we may not develop the entire episode of how deuterium moves water so fast it fails to obtain enough oxygen atoms before it collapses and forms one of two forms of cesium. We call one form Cesium One because it contains all of the atomic numbers cesium naturally appears as on Urantia. The second form of cesium, Cesium Two, is really a sub-particle which is not a known state on Urantia, and your sciences have yet to find one of these sub-particles anywhere. They exist in hurricanes and tornadoes and they form only where the vortex around a central low pressure area exists.

Their appearance is sudden and without note as they are instantly changed back to water vapor and hydrogen chloride. Hydrogen chloride is your acid rain, but this particular form of hydrogen chloride is without the usual chloride negative ion. This makes detection nearly impossible if it were not for the Cesium One that abides nearby in these conditions and which immediately grabs hydrogen chloride to make it into the form we may not mention at this time. This mystery form combines with oxygen to make Cesium Two and even that is dilated immediately by the forces of gravity introduced by the vortex of the storm.

The mystery form (the unusual sub-particle) does not cleave to any known substance, yet it is charged with a positive spin and has no relatives on Urantia. It exists as part of the mystery of the Unqualified Absolute. It is this association with God that makes it directly vulnerable to Ultimatons when they become frantic to join with something because they are being pushed by the Unqualified Absolute to form particles with Cesium One to dissipate heat and electrical charges that would otherwise destroy everything in their path.

Electromagnetism is part of this mystery and while we are available to discuss the edges of what science knows of this medium, we may not go further. We dare not explain that which still puzzles Urantia science to the point they become aware of their vulnerability to hear discussions that really have nothing to do with electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is a mystery to all ascenders until they reach the worlds of Havona (the Central or core universe which time and space spin around as a gigantic vortex in the shape of a near perfect circle only slightly extended in the north-south axis making the spin modestly elliptical). Even then the idea of electromagnetism is kept as a secret of the Deities mostly because of its extreme danger to life and the universe it appears in. Ultimatons are related to electromagnetism, and for that reason they are among the most potent and powerful forces in the universe, and they must be treated with great respect or they would fail to serve man and become rogue elements of disastrous consequences.

They can and they do explode if pressed into service that is against the will of divinity. Cesium One gathers no moss (like the proverbial rolling stone) and this is because it cannot become anything but cesium, as this is like Boron, indestructible, based mainly on its control by the Absolute of Matter, the Unqualified Force resident on Nether Paradise.

Cesium One fails only one test when it is free to locate itself in the atmosphere. There, Cesium One falls out of the sky as a dark grey substance found in rain water and can make the water taster bitter and unpalatable. Furthermore, Cesium One fails to fall decently to earth because it rides the water droplet as a separate component of the hydrogen atom in water. It is this strange quirk of Cesium One that makes it prone to being milked by Ultimatons. When water is hydrolyzed (an electric current passed through it), it breaks the hydrogen atom off and creates free hydrogen gas. Cesium is always present in minute quantities in rain water, and when hydrogen gas forms from hydrolyzed water Cesium One comes apart to make two forms to fill the rest of the resulting atomic combination as hydrolyzed zinc.

We add, as an explanation, that zinc is also present wherever cesium is present as they are natural partners in the world of atomic cohesion. The new zinc atom is electrically neutral and spills on the ground in rain water as zinc oxide. In zinc oxide there are two other elements begging for release which are oxygen and pure zinc. It is the zinc we wish to examine for battery reproduction of Ultimatons in the following section.

Zinc Batteries

  • Zinc Batteries for Ultimaton Formation and Storage
  • (By Michael of Nebadon and Rayson, the Chief Scientist of the Magisterial Mission)

Zinc is a metal that does not corrode. It refuses to bond with oxygen and it sits in the table of elements all by itself. If we were to provide a history of zinc from creation, we would note that it contains no element (above it or below it) that has the structure inside of its atom that zinc has. If the atom of zinc could be examined close up and we could see all of the particles in it, we would find that the proton in the nucleus falls out every few times the electrons make one complete circuit around it. This is because the proton has to balance the inability to freeze the motion of its outer electrons just enough so that the electrons can pull the proton lose.

The loose proton cannot sustain itself being separated from its nucleus, and it becomes a free agent temporarily enough to cause the outer electrons in the outer shell to collapse into the third shell. It is in the third shell that the electrons fail to hold their charge because there are too many of them in one moment of their cycle in one place, and when that happens, zinc becomes zinc trichloride which is so unstable it does not exist except for one millisecond of time. It is this feature of zinc that can be made to be used for the making of batteries that release Ultimatons in sufficient quantity to obtain a fuel source that is inexhaustible to run automobiles and anything else such as aircraft engines and the like.

Zinc trichloride is well known to battery makers because it contains an element they use to charge other batteries, which is known as zinc dichloride. Zinc dichloride hides in zinc trichloride by fusing its outer electrons to the inner shell of the trichloride. When trichloride falls apart, because of its electronic disassociation, the dichloride element takes it place and the battery receives an electrical charge which must be carefully controlled or it can explode with great force.

If a battery maker would fuse two separate sheets of copper together (the plates need to touch) and place one copper plate atop the other while passing the dichloride solution over the top copper plate, he would receive one large jolt of electricity because the process allows the Ultimatons in the top copper plate to become sensitive to the heat generated by the zinc dichloride dissipation into zinc trichloride. Of course this requires large amounts of copper and zinc and potassium cyanide as a catalyst. No one would use this method to provide Ultimatonic power since it is very expensive to produce. However, there are alternatives to using these powerful combustibles in the lab which would make electricity cheaply and abundantly by providing the use of electric dynamos on a large scale.

Physics of Untimatonic Shapes

  • The Physics of Ultimatonic Shapes
  • (By Rayson, the Chief Scientist of the Magisterial Mission)

In describing shape, let us prepare your mind for two different concepts about shape.

Concept One: In Concept One, amuse yourself with the idea that shape holds space.

Concept Two: In Concept Two, find yourself in that space held in some shape. In both cases, shape is the object of the lesson. When describing shapes, first be aware that Ultimatons face two different kinds of shapes they must deal with when entering the time-space regions of creation. In time-space the shape of the universe is minimally elliptical.

In space regions outside of time, these areas are clearly ellipses and the Ultimatons become nearly egg shaped and slightly flattened on the top end (north). The difference may appear to be small to you, the observer, but to an Ultimaton, the shape makes all the difference in the world to its becoming one type of Ultimaton or another. The 100 different kinds of Ultimatons in time-space have very similar outside shapes, but their interiors vary vastly depending on how they become atomic particles.

Figure Not to Scale.
The glowing white to the left of the word Havona is actually the size of the space areas residing outside of or to the right of the word Havona in the graphic. This figure introduces the important concepts of space and the idea of rotation around a core universe shown to the left of Orvonton. Ultimatons emerge out of this core universe and change function once in the Orvonton layer of space.

In the four outer space levels beyond the time-space continuum we find that the oblong space shape carries two more types of Ultimatons not found in the time-space regions. In the four outer space levels resides a different kind of Deity manifestation than is found where your planet exists in time-space, and that is because experiential Deity of the type found in time is quite different where there is no time to compare it to.

In the universes of the Supreme and time, we know of only one hundred (100) kinds of Ultimatons. In the four outer space levels there exist one hundred and two (102) types of Ultimatons. In the development of an additional space level beyond the four outer space levels, we are informed that there are a total of one hundred and four (104) types of Ultimatons. All of this is in preparation of a tutoring course in Ultimatonic shapes and why they are essential in universe development at this stage of universe destinies.

The physics of Ultimatonic shapes deals with an extraordinary story about creation about which we may relate the following:

Ultimatons as Pre-Electronic Elements

  • Ultimatons as Pre-Electronic Elements
  • (Remarks prepared by the Creator Son of Nebadon)

The Ultimaton exists from the stage of pre-electronic matter to matter itself when it reaches the universes of time and space. But Ultimatons must be viewed as existing in different states to understand how they become useful as matter in the universe.

Let us first examine the part of the Ultimaton that is reverentially called the ‘God Particle’.

It is called such because it contains two rods inside a shell, around which a membrane encloses the shell in a heat shield to prevent the Ultimaton from escaping the velocity it requires to clump with other Ultimatons to form sub-atomic particles in time-space. The Ultimaton is basically a time machine programmed to become a particular type of material element in the universes of time while they must remain potential matter in their ride from Upper Paradise, through Havona, to the giant space bodies that control the time universes as universe place keepers and as matrix forming energy davits unknown to man (we may not explain this much further). Ultimatons are energy entities that ride the force vectors from Nether Paradise to Upper Paradise for release into the cosmic stream as force vectors to time. Paradise itself has neither time nor space on it, although Paradise can be found by coordinates if man knew the universe system language of coordinate matter.

If we could examine an Ultimaton becoming, we would first notice that the shell referred to above is a brownish orange tinged with blue, not unlike the beautiful coloring of the Chesapeake blue crab sought for so enthusiastically in the State of Maryland of your country. If we were to examine the shell before we removed its top to view inside (Stage 2 of Ultimatonic development) we would see drab colors are on the outside of the perimeter of the shell, and the blue color becomes intense toward the central sections of the shell. The shell is really a heat shield, and the drabness is the result of having a membrane wrapped around its exterior so as to partially obscure the vibrant blue colors on the shell itself.

If we pry the top of the shell off we then could see inside two rods in an oblong ellipse that fit in small depressions on either side of a support membrane in the bottom half of the shell. These rods glow with a dark blue intensity known only to Creator Sons as the ‘Will of God’, and that the Will of God is slightly amiss only when the shell is opened to view, as it is a secret of the universe as to how the Father and the Trinity can place the Will of God into a semi-force object without causing collateral damage to the universe itself. Since existential will is the most potent kinetic energy the universe will ever hold, the Ultimaton is an amazing creation for its ability to carry that Will in such compact form and in such ways as to reduce its hazard to matter, and even to the authorities in time-space who must work with it to construct architectural spheres and other material manifestations.

The energized blue rods affixed inside are shaped like a small diameter seismographic display of an earthquake, as the inside is elongated while the outside appears to be slightly toothed. They sit within a small depression on the left and the right of the support wall (mentioned before) as though they were about to be released as running chainsaws (as their toothed outside construction is in constant motion). We think these motions are configured to press, push, or even cut the shell open when the rods extend the thread-like appendages which develop in Stage 3 of the Ultimaton, and that it is these threads which reach out from the shell to attach to other Ultimatons to either form chains, or plaits of matter that become the various sub-particles of atoms forming the basic elements of the universe regime of creation.

The name ‘God Particle’ is a slight misnomer in that they are of God, and they represent the Will of God as a material object, but God does not have just one particle in which His Will is expressed so clearly as it is in the Ultimaton. By this we mean that the Ultimaton is closer to the reality of a Creator Son than the particles of matter you know as atoms and sub-particles. While a Creator Son is a personality endowed with spirit, an Ultimaton is a material particle of mass distinction beyond the capacity of man to identify other than calling it divine. Divinity is able to see within all elements of nature, and an Ultimaton is the first step in becoming nature, but even a Creator Son has difficulty in seeing inside an Ultimaton as it really is. Our descriptions about its appearance are based somewhat on conjecture from the view of a Creator Son who must use them to produce material creations which the status planets we use are built from. If man would only understand that the work of God, while universal, is also individual, and when individual, it (God) manifests itself in the most personal of ways, and not in ways that would conjure up in the mind of man that which would destroy the universe if necessary to produce matter.

Matter is secondary to the creation of man and spirit personalities, and it is never produced without the work of God using compossibility to allow room for matter to overcome the vacant spaces of the universe, but neither does God produce that which is fatal to personality.

Life in the universe is never an accident. It is never brought into existence if there is a chance that it could be destroyed by a planet that cannot maintain its existence too. So, matter must be conformed to the ideals of what it is to be used for. Matter is what we call materialized God, but it is lifeless in that it contains no spirit and no provision for growth into something beyond itself. Man does become more than man. Life becomes something more than the sum of its evolutionary parts. But matter contains no use beyond serving as a platform for material existence and doings, while life becomes useful beyond material identities.

Illustrations of Stages of Ultimatonic Emergence

  • The Top Outer Shell Has Been Removed To View Interior

Stage 2.jpg

  • (Stage 2) Emerging from Force to Power U1timaton
  • Two glowing blue rods are enabling the Ultimaton to escape velocity of the Force Transportation Field.
  • This stage of Ultimatonic development is released from Upper Paradise after it receives the benefit of Force Transport from the Unqualified Absolute on Nether Paradise.
  • This representation is a force emergent Ultimaton and has not yet gained access to universe power.
Stage 3.jpg

  • (Stage3) Emergent from Space Centered Havona Ultimaton
  • Ultimatons emerge from Havona without the two blue rods. The glowing rods are displaced by a heat shield which carries the Ultimaton to time-space after it has gone through one more evolutionary step to becoming available for time-space materialization.
Stage 4.jpg

  • (Stage 4) Preparing to Materialize by Clumping with UltimatonOthers of the Same Type
  • This represents an Ultimaton in time-space which has lost its heat shield and has uncoupled from its interior membrane.
  • Little strings emerge from the two glowing objects in the center which now exists with reduced distance to its interior walls.
  • The exterior walls of the Ultimaton are now pinching in, and the two interior glowing objects are about to extend strings to and through the outer wall to wrap themselves into a ball with 99 other U1timatons to form an electron.

Ultimatons Transfer the Ellipse of Energy

  • Ultimatons Transfer the Ellipse of Energy into Power when Transferred into Time-Space
  • (Remarks prepared by Rayson, the Chief Scientist of the Magisterial Mission)

Ultimatons risk nothing by behaving the same way all the time. They can behave without harmful consequences by following the principle of cleaving when attracted to the high powered plasma of an emerging sun/star. Plasma is the declination of the art of symbiosis of elementary physics. We speak of plasma in the sense of it being a white-heat liquid, so hot it cannot burn, but it does irradiate and vector nuances of sun power to other bodies, as in other suns and other gravitational black holes. Black holes hide radium in huge quantities.

Therefore, they do not need a lot of perturbation to exhale radium out into the vicinity of the space around the black hole.

The black hole has no existing electronic activity except for the few Ultimatons that provide just enough motion that absolute zero cannot form. There are reasons we may not go into here for the lack of Ultimatonic activity in suns, but in black holes there are several reasons we can adjudge to be present that will spare no-one the art of learning how Ultimatons become liquid plasma.

Plasma is a consistent grade of Ultimatonic material that has no placement in the universe of time. When it appears then the art of Ultimatonic transference takes place to obliterate the heat necessary to obtain a consistent state of plasmatic obliteration. Ultimatons are necessarily broken into several distinct categories we may speak to briefly.

Ultimatonic Category Two: This is the state they rest in.

Ultimatonic Category Four: This is the state they are active in.

Ultimatonic Category Five: This is the state they prepare to become particles as parts of atoms and other matter unknown to you.

Ultimatonic Category Six: This is the state we believe you and others can understand what an Ultimaton can be and do to energize material systems. We therefore will discuss Category Six only at this time.

Ultimatonic Category Six

  • Ultimatonic Category Six
  • (By Rayson, the Chief Scientist of the Magisterial Mission)

We have spoken to the appearance of the Ultimaton becoming power, after force provides the impetus to produce these units at the edge of time. As a reminder, we speak of the horizontal cross section narrated above showing the blue glowing rods of God’s potential Will for matter creation.

We now wish to speak of Ultimatons and their appearance when they have achieved time-space, and then are ready to obtain substantive shape as some particle or other sub-atomic force affecting atoms unknown to us.

The final shape of an Ultimaton (Stage 6) is determined by the shape of the space it is placed in. We have already told you that the four outer space levels are longer ellipses. The space areas are longer than they are wide, and therefore space fills that containment shape and, in turn, affects shape of the Ultimaton’s appearance. The space areas around Havona are almost perfect circles, but the outer space levels beyond Urantia away from the Central Universe become ellipses and therefore Ultimatons require further expression as God’s Will for matter in universes sharing their orbits with the purposes of God the Ultimate. Although the time-space areas are nearly circular, they conform to a circle much easier than if we attempted to force an ellipse definition on them.

In practical terms, the four outer space areas contain one hundred and two (102) different elements. These are stable elements. We are well aware that in time, science can produce any number of elements above the atomic weight of one hundred (100), and this is done consistently throughout all of the inhabited areas of the Grand Universe. When the four outer space levels are to be mobilized into life forms and inhabited planets to house them, two additional atomic elements will be introduced. We will not name them here, but these two new elements are already seen to exist in the formation your scientists see in the wall of galaxies visible through powerful telescopes on Urantia. These two new elements are stable in the four outer space levels, but they are not possible in time because they are neither visible nor useable to man in his present state of molecular science.

Science produces anomalies in elementary physics by preparing elements that can lose electrons by heating or cooling the basic element and/or exposing them to some radiation. This is exactly what happens in the four outer space regions not yet inhabited by any kind of being that is spiritually led. We say this in due course of another area we wish to describe to you that contains the Ultimaton as a pre-pubescent family member of electrons you know as muon decay.

Muon Decay and Tachyon Appearances

  • Muon Decay and Tachyon Appearances
  • (By Michael of Nebadon and Mystery Guest we believe to be the Chief of Archangels of Nebadon)

Muon decay results when the electronic forces in an atom become disrupted by radioactive clouds containing radium and Cesium One and Strontium 90.

Tachyon emission from hydrogen cloud in deep space artist’s conception of this rare event

Muons carry a negative charge when released from the atom or just passing through space. Muons decay at the rate of ten trillion times of measurements we have no word for in your language, so let us call them “Trions.” Let us say that a muon can lose 10 Trions of its negative charge in one Urantia second. A Trion is a quantitative measurement of radiation decay we have no way of providing equivalents for Urantia’s radiational-loss-measurement quantities. We here are referring to Beta decay and it is your Curie that is most often used to quantify the amount of radiation escaping from the sample, and we may be close in giving the equivalent of 1,000 Curies per second as a close approximation, but we also feel this quantification may miss the point by being over concerned with dosage while we are really referring to the loss of hydrogen in the vicinity of the muon in a way similar to how a dustbin collects dust on its sides and not just on the bottom when capturing very fine material. We would prefer to stay with what is a meaningless unit to us (the Trion) until there is some ample evidence of being really able to convert this measurement to what you experience on Urantia, in the manner described with the dustbin holding discarded dust in several dimensions on the bin. Most Muons carry a charge sufficient to keep them available as an independent particle, but when they are in the vicinity of radiation, they become disrupted by the heat and gamma ray erosion of the radiation within the muon that is pulsing its discharge into space. The negatively charged muon falls weaker and weaker into a state where it fails to obtain ANY charge and becomes a native Ultimaton similar to the Sixth Stage described above which could produce immense amounts of power generation for man and his machines. Ultimatonic particles which are discharged out of decaying Muons may form additional other particles known to science as tachyons.

From Wikipedia: A tachyon or tachyonic particle is a hypothetical particle that always moves faster than light. The word comes from the Greek meaning "swift, quick, fast, rapid", and was coined by Gerald Feinberg in a 1967 paper [1]. Feinberg proposed that tachyonic particles could be quanta of a quantum field with negative squared mass. It was soon realized that excitations of such imaginary mass fields do not in fact propagate faster than light [2] and instead represent an instability known as tachyon condensation [3]. Nevertheless, they are still commonly referred to as "tachyons" [4] and such fields have come to play an important role in modern physics.

Most physicists think that faster-than-light particles cannot exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics [3] [5]. If such particles did exist, they could be used to build a tachyonic antitelephone and send signals faster than light, which (according to special relativity) would lead to violations of causality [5]. Potentially consistent theories that allow faster-than-light particles include those that break Lorentz invariance, the symmetry underlying special relativity, so that the speed of light is not a barrier.

Despite theoretical arguments against the existence of faster-than-light particles, experiments have been conducted to search for them. No compelling evidence for their existence has been found. (From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachyon)

Tachyons do approach the speed of light because they belong to a classification of photons not yet observed on Urantia and therefore lie quite far out of the scientific experience and are not even suspected to exist at this point. Again, this mystery photon is one by-product of a decaying muon and all photons are modified Ultimatons requiring restabilization to obtain their original Class Six forms. Those Ultimatons, aside from the mystery photon, are usable immediately for power consumption when processed by batteries containing zinc.

Tachyons are irradiated muons that have nothing left in them except the two glowing blue rods hidden deep within the protective wall of the tachyon. These protective walls are impossible to see or describe as they pulsate with the greenish-blue color of a tachyon which takes on the characteristics of the muon but is thousands of times lighter and carries no charge, just as a photon carries no charge. While they have a little bit of mass they are not especially reactive to linear gravity except in terms of a long-range view of their behavior. Then tachyons and muons and photons do bend slightly to the curvature of the spacial elements of pre-gravity which exists only in the central universe and is not related to the linear gravity of time-space in any way.

Tachyons are hardly ever observed on an evolutionary planet because such a planet rarely encounters force fields of the nature that prevents tachyons from forming other elements or particles. Tachyons carry no charge, but their elementary processes allow for the radical known as radioactive symmetry to portray it as a household gadget in the gravity spectrum surrounding all objects, much like the Peritoneum tissue in the body cavity of a human that protects the body from any foreign intrusion.

A common conversion of tachyons to something else (such as back to radium) is the idea of a radium burst. A radium burst contains gamma rays and is not available in the time-space universes, but it available in the four outer space areas where radium bursts are plentiful. Astronomers can observe them in quasars. Quasars**** do not exist in the grand universe for they would completely disrupt the time-space continuum because of the destructive quality of the gamma ray extrusions which tear into matter like a hot knife into butter, and such explosions or stars stand in isolation from other matter by order of the Ancients of Days and the Force Organizers of the Master Universe.

[Editor’s Note: Quasars are used for telecommunications timing devices and for navigation and even location of other astronomic objects on earth because they are so precise in the timing of their radio bursts that they are often referred to as “beacons”. A quasar is something other than described (in Wikipedia), but we are not in the position to describe how man’s understanding of a quasar is right or wrong. For instance, there is no accretion disc as there is never a black hole at the center. In fact the idea of a black hole in this region of space is not possible due to the thermodynamics of the four outer space levels being too cool and too large in a way that prevents black holes forming even should there be a collapse of molecular matter in the outer space regions.]

Quasar Definition from Wikipedia: A quasi-stellar radio source ("quasar") is a very energetic and distant active galactic nucleus. Quasars are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high red shift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that were point-like, similar to stars, rather than extended sources similar to galaxies.

While the nature of the quasar was controversial until as recently as the early 1980s, there is now a scientific consensus that a quasar is a compact region in the center of a massive galaxy surrounding its central super- massive black hole. Its size is 10–10,000 times the Schwarzschild radius of the black hole. The quasar is powered by an accretion disc around the black hole.

(From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quasar)

Quasars are the last remnants of a false idea of what radium bursts do. Man believes that radium is an electronic form of radioactive decay. It can and does act as such. But that hides another side of radium which holds a universe secret about Ultimatons.

Ultimatons leak energy from their purse-like construction alluded to earlier in this paper. The purse is nearly square as a rectangle can get and still be a rectangle, because it contains two rods that are elongated toward the north and south axis of the purse to cause the case to extend slightly and in a curve toward both ends In this elongation, the blue glowing rods have thickened and become opaque. They derive their solid appearance from the fact they can no longer rotate around their own axis inside their case. The glowing blue rods in emergent energy of an Ultimaton rotate around a central and internal axis in each rod. This is the characteristic of different kinds of Ultimatons man must learn to differentiate in order to determine which Ultimaton is to be used for what task.

Different Shapes of Ultimatons

  • Different Shapes of Ultimatons for Different Uses
  • (By Michael of Nebadon)

Energy tasks are handled by Ultimatons that rotate in axial fashion. Ultimatons in space around Urantia spin in sixty (60) different angles. Draw a cross on a piece of paper which represents four angles of 90 degrees each. If one amends the cross to show each angle to be six degrees to go completely around the perimeter of the cross drawn, then we have a fair representation that each angle represents one of sixty different types of Ultimaton.

The other forty axial spins are mathematically possible to define by adding additional lines around the cross drawing that would approximate an octagon all by itself superimposed on the cross drawing. This overlay of an octagon as stated is actually a representation of dimensional spin you are not familiar with and man could not replicate any use from these types represented by the octagon, for you have no concept of the function they perform by their particular motions.

Ultimatons which spin axially, that is, around a central focus which have no set central point established (the central radius can move), these are used for radio communication and are the result of many years of pre-established existence on Nether Paradise. In other words, these particular communication Ultimatons are AGED, and they gather their pre-emergence energy from Upper Paradise when the Unqualified Absolute transfers powers of regeneration to the Paradise Trinity.

Another type of Ultimaton is used for health reinvigoration of a humanized order of spirit life. These are the planets of released midwayers who will be given planets of their own to develop their life patterns in accordance with the plans of the Deity Absolute.

An additional type of Ultimaton is used for highly specialized radium guns on certain military bases on planets which fire warning shots across the bows of intergalactic space ships that have no intention of observing the protocols of off-planet species visitations. These things happen frequently when the two parties involved have no communication due to the lack of language skills or, in the case of certain cultures, no verbal communication developed in the species. The blast from these radium guns exceeds one trillion times the brilliance of Urantia’s sunlight falling on earth on a summer day without a cloud in the sky.

There are seven trillion types of armament that may be safely used to ward off unwanted observers between civilized planets where there are difficulties in expanding radium centralized planning elements which would allow for the presence of radium guns. Where radium armament is not used, another type of Ultimaton is used for what is called a ‘flypaper pole’ in your language. This is a device that actually shoots a ray that when it is absorbed by the target it gums up the navigation equipment, similar to making the legs on your Urantia flies stick so hard they cannot fly (as in trapping them on a strip of paper), and the ship so attached to such a ray then must find a place to land. These Ultimatons are of the type quite useable by all sectors of defense for energies that are tactile and non-lethal in application.

Ultimatons can be used for cooking as they supply a heat that can be modified down to a few hundred degrees, and they are much more healthful than your present microwave processors.

Ultimatons can be used as health rays that can do surgery without cutting the skin and can remove gall stones and kidney stones without heat or harm to the patient. We emphasize that each application requires a different wave length, and the wave length of an Ultimaton is determined by its ability to either be slowed down (or modified) from one of the several types of Ultimatons used for medical treatments.

Ultimatons as Exchangers of Heat

  • Ultimatons as Exchangers of Heat
  • (By Rayson, the Chief Scientist of the Magisterial Mission)

Ultimatons feed the universe a lot of things, namely the ability to determine and pre-address the way things or objects become what they are to be. Ultimatons carry a weight in their purse-like construction that is not quantitative, but it is qualitative. By this we mean the qualitative weight of an Ultimaton is nearly the same as the mass weight of the atom they will become part of so long as that atom-to-be exists in the universe gallery of basic possible elements.

Weight is a unit of measurement that carries the idea of mass. The Ultimaton does not have mass, but it carries with it another definition of weight, and that is the weight of the importance of what it carries. The Ultimaton’s importance is divided between its purpose and its destiny.

The destiny of Ultimatons is in service to God. The purpose of an Ultimaton is to fulfill the mandate that God proposed; that all things shall eventually become perfect. In this dissertation we have often stumbled across the idea that nothing matters except how something is to be done. But in this part of the Paper we are going to decide how we decide what is becoming well done and what is not becoming acceptable. Ultimatons do not join when there is nothing to propose in space that is necessary for it to become.

Let us examine the point above.

When an Ultimaton produces an electron, it has with it ninety-nine other Ultimatons assembled with it in a ladder-like string that multiplies its effect one-hundred fold. By this we mean the essence of one Ultimaton is unlike any other Ultimaton, for each Ultimaton is an individual creation without the necessity of personality or identity. Each Ultimaton carries the weight of its creation as though it was the only Ultimaton in existence and therefore it chooses what it becomes. The chains of Ultimatons (not yet a sub-particle for some atom) form clueless designs that can only be called geometric.

For instance, the geometry of a fifty Ultimaton-long chain looks like a parabola that has its feet dragging a load of coal. It takes all fifty Ultimatons to form that picture.

In a chain made of thirty-five Ultimatons, the picture formed is that of a child carrying a pail in almost stick figure appearance.

In a chain made of seventy-five Ultimatons, the picture becomes a cloud without a ray of sun, but the cloud has radiant rays coming out every forty-five degrees when placing the radius point in the center most part of the cloud shown.

A ninety-nine Ultimaton chain, that has not formed an electron, looks like it could be a beaver with a mouthful of sticks and this includes a somewhat flat tail, a head with whiskers and the longer strands near the mouth become the sticks.

In chains that form over one hundred Ultimatons that have not yet cohered into a sub-atomic particle, the picture appears as a donkey with a rider on it and the rider is drinking from a cup.

All of these observations are found in our book called “Riding a Cloud to Heaven” which we keep up here in our travel bag as a text book on Ultimatons we teach to advanced civilizations such as the Honeidar and the Varen and the Tenedin, of which have not been yet described to you. Our hope is that they too will join in on this dissertation about Ultimatons to a group of people who do know what it is to use them, but have no clue about how to do that. It is our hope that the Honeidar use this opportunity to write Felix Caro (whom they have chosen as their scientific contact on Urantia) about their uses of Ultimatons, all the while keeping secrets about uses Urantia has no need of.

We now turn to the use of Ultimatons that have exchanged their free and independent lives for forming into a sub-atomic particle in which they also play a major role in keeping the element Boron from being destroyed by its own electronic disposition to share too much of its gear with other arrangements around it in this universe.

Example of the Atom of Boron Gas

  • Let Us Take the Example of the Atom of Boron Gas
  • (Remarks by Michael of Nebadon)

Ultimatons associate with Boron because when it retires from the universe in a neutral state as an inactive gas, Ultimatons begin to flock to it. Why should this be so?

It happens that Boron without its two natural electrons in the outer-most orbit, cannot find two more electrons to refire its chemical identity without the presence of a single Ultimaton becoming associated with it in its nucleon. This means that the nucleus of inactive Boron is actually disrupted because an Ultimaton has lodged itself in the Boron nucleon and it is the nucleon in this state of Boron that has no control over the outermost shields of electrons spinning around the nucleus. The Ultimaton in question is not favoring any charge, but it is interposing itself between the remaining protons.

The reader will note that original Boron (as a reactive gas) has five protons, but when it loses the two outer electrons, it also loses two protons, and thereby becomes an inert substance in gaseous form. The Ultimaton figures in the Boron nucleus by inserting itself between the first two protons and the remaining third proton. Ultimaton is a space holder and that allows Boron to become active when it rises to the thermonuclear stage of existence as it is forced into space streams that take it toward suns and other extremely hot objects. If the Ultimaton holding the space open for the temporarily lost two protons were not there, Boron would cease to exist as an element in the universe, for without the Ultimaton saving a place for the missing two protons, heat would evaporate the gas before it had a chance to reload its missing electrons and protons. Why should this be important to know?

Simply stated, Boron resides in the universe as the conductor of heat transfer to objects that otherwise would fail to collide with other objects to remake matter in them available again to the universe for rebuilding it. A black hole would sit inert just about forever if it were not for the Ultimatons in its collapsed matter moving to obtain a place-holding role in the shattered Boron in the black hole. Ultimatons chose to remain inert, or quiet or non-motional, so long as there is no compelling reason to do otherwise. What compels an Ultimaton to move at all is the determination that protons have been lost in a nucleus and that this constitutes an emergency to matter. Ultimatons are not unlike paramedics who arrive upon the scene to stop elemental deterioration that would be fatal to the element having the emergency.

These proton emergencies are usually the culprits, but Ultimatons also serve as place holders when tachyons revert to forming within a compound that has little chance of surviving the sun it may fall into. In this case, the tachyon is holding places for removed elements of the nucleus that can be returned to the element once the heat threat is extinguished. These translations of heat, especially for the more common Boron are essential and most necessary for universe integration of heat with cold, so that one does not permanently displace the other as the dominant source of elemental decay.

This gets to the heart of what an extremely important role Ultimatons play in space. The reader already knows Ultimatons are the constitutive parts that make up the sub-atomic particles in atoms. But, it would not be intuitive knowledge either to know that protons are likely to become electrons when they shift from shell to shell in order to maintain the integrity of the atom in question. Protons lose heat when they are dispelled from a nucleon.

Electrons are stable sub-atomic particles, but they also are energy chameleons when they sense a charge disruption in the nucleon. That sense they have is found in the individual energy units that compose the electron, and it is the one hundred Ultimatons in that electron which force changes to electrons by becoming kinetically motivational within the electron structure to convert the negative charge the electron carries to a positive charge by reversing the electron’s spin. Electron spins are clockwise, but proton spins are anti-clockwise. We say anti- clockwise because they spin at an angle on their axis where electrons do not have an angular disposition off the vertical.

This is not especially or entirely the individual electron spin reversing to another direction either. What changes is the rotation of the electron in relationship to the nucleon which actually dictates to what degree the electrons convert spin, dialysis, charge, velocity, and attitude of its body. An electron which comes in contact with a disrupted nucleon (referring to charge disruptions within it) also begins to wobble and then retraces its trajectory from outside shells to inside shells.

Boron nuclei look like a pair of scissors that are half open in their disrupted nucleon. Between the two halves of the partially open scissors lies the placement of the Ultimaton and that Ultimaton stays there until Boron is reheated enough to regain its original protons. The Ultimaton then leaves the atom and becomes freely associable once again in the free clouds of Ultimatonic drifts in the deep reaches of space.

Muons are left to distill heat through the same process described above except they cannot become part of the nucleon. Muons must retain their individuality whereas the Ultimatons need not retain anything except their presence.

The Concept of Syllogism

  • The Concept of Syllogism
  • (By Michael of Nebadon and the Chief of Archangels of Nebadon)

Space combines two or more elements in order to bring into existence several kinds of units of matter. We can combine Cesium One with sulfur to obtain Cesium Sulfide, but at the same time we also get Cesium Sulfate, Cesium Di-Sulfate, Cesium Tri-Sulfate, and on and on. This is because space is not a closed system. If it were closed, a one-on-one experiment would always yield the same results, but rarely do we obtain the same results when making combinations of units of elements. This is because no-one can predict the ability of any one kind of element to actually be in one form or another all the time when two or more elements are brought together to form a molecule.

This condition (called Syllogism) exists because we are face to face with the Unqualified Absolute. This is an Absolute that Einstein postulated; such an entity or circumstance existed which could throw off calculations just enough to keep them somewhat conditional. The Unqualified Absolute’s space presence contain non-sequiturs to mortal logic in order to provide, provisional and/or auxiliary relationships between universe processes when primary relationships cannot work or would otherwise fail to work in certain unusual situations. To do this, the Unqualified Absolute provides for an alternate possibility which clearly underlines space conditions in the time quadrant of creation. Cesium One, (a slightly radioactive element) combined with a proton it stole from another element, is a good example of the Syllogism Principle at work. Cesium exists best in space conditions that are relatively quiescent, but also not too cold, in order to carry out its main task to control heat which would otherwise disrupt the whole chain of elements now existing in time-space. If the universe were a closed system, the work of Cesium One could be carried out by Boron itself so long as it never lost protons in extreme cold. The Unqualified Absolute sets the stage of creation in space to work within itself to provide dependable resolution of energy problems that do sometimes show themselves to be so extreme the normal operations to close them down cannot be provided for.

In our example of obtaining all the various brands of Cesium Sulfate and its long list of affiliated forms of the atomic combination of cesium and sulfur, notice that there is no determination of how much one obtains when the combination of cesium and sulfur are brought together. Nature, on the spot of the “right now” existing conditions, determines what amounts will become available and of what type they will represent. This feature of nature is called Syllogism.

SYLLOGISM: Its Nature and Its Proposition

  • SYLLOGISM: Its Nature and Its Proposition
  • (By Rayson and the Chief of Archangels of Nebadon)

Syllogism is an experts determination of just how much of what we can get out of any elemental combination brought together to form a compound, that have free electronic space within their atoms to be able to exchange electrons and even units of energy within their nucleon. Why we bring the concept of Syllogism to your attention is because it is Syllogism that activates Ultimatons to form chains of energy that can be tapped and used for what man calls the laws of physics.

Ultimaton Maturation Chains

  • Ultimaton Maturation Chains
  • (By Rayson, the Chief Scientist of the Magisterial Mission)

Chains of Ultimatons are also sometimes referred to as Maturation Chains. Ultimatons normally form discrete units of atomic particles and other forms of energy unknown on Urantia. However, Ultimatons sometimes form linked Ultimatons in string fashion like chains of carbon elements on Urantia, except these Ultimaton chains form only when the Ultimatons involved have less than the requisite amount of energy stored to convert into bundles of energy such as an electron. Ultimatonic chains are not bonded like carbon chains on Urantia and have no resistance to forces that could break them apart easily. Unlike carbon chains, the Maturation Chains of Ultimatons form exclusively in deep space and are never found on evolutionary planets unless they are purposefully brought into existence there by man himself in quest for energy sources.

Maturation Chains carry no charge, but they do carry mass, and this mass is known to your scientists as Tachyons of the Third Class. Tachyons of the Third Class fall into the classification of matter on Uversa as Mass Distortion Quanta.

Mass Distortion Quanta is important for one really good reason to know about. It is the result of Ultimatons being partially blocked in their ability to provide energy stability. Without Ultimatonic energy stability there is not conversion to other states that allow the Ultimaton to dissipate and reappear in their natural state or condition. If man can replicate the Maturation Chains of Ultimatons on Urantia, then he is capable of conserving energy indefinitely within a contained area for nearly three hundred thousand years at a time. In three hundred thousand (300,000) years of Urantia time the Maturation Chain becomes brittle, and begins to have individual Ultimatons fall off and thereby breaking the stability of the Maturation Chain. During the reserve life of a Maturation Chain, man can milk the energy coming out of the chain at prodigious rates. One horsepower of energy is released from the Maturation Chain every ten milliseconds, and in one second of your time it can produce over 10,000 horsepower to charge batteries or any other electric motor indefinitely.

Absolute Zero Again

  • Absolute Zero Again
  • (By Michael of Nebadon)

Ultimatons have become associated with the idea of absolute zero. Such a state of cold does not exist anywhere in the Master Universe. But extreme cold does exist, even to the point of only a few notches above the state of absolute zero which must be taken into account. When it becomes so cold, Ultimatons cluster in grand accumulations or clouds of gelid energy units that have no motion but exist in huge quantities in those areas of such extreme cold.

Cesium One, Boron, and Strontium 90 are examples of elements within their vicinity that should they become more closely associated, there is immediately almost a stampede of the Ultimatons to blend their unitary abilities with the free association of electrons and protons of those aforementioned elements. Frequently, the Ultimatons will form Maturation Chains in these areas of intense reconfiguration of matter near black holes. This is primarily because of the cold and not because of the effects of gravity.

It is to be understood that the going back and forth between states of particle expansion and returning to Ultimatonic condensation does not release quanta. Rather, Ultimatons release other than quanta (as in the case example of Boron) when two new electrons appear nearby inert Boron gas, the Boron atom seizes them to form a type of Boron unknown on Urantia that induce Ultimatons to portray the Maturation Chain. Man can produce this in the lab when he is prepared to experiment with Boron and the placement of large sheets of zinc alloy near the burners that heat the experiment.

Energy release is obtained from Ultimatons through the process of Synergism, but the capture of the said energy from Ultimatons is going to work best through the process of storage in batteries made of zinc oxide that have been treated with Boron gas that is devoid of three protons.

QUANTA and the Promise of Antimatter

  • QUANTA and the Promise of Antimatter
  • (By Michael of Nebadon and Coreli, the Chief of Archangels and following)

Quanta are not useable energies on earth. Quanta release is other than electronic applicable energy. Quanta gets absorbed by the use of quasar star systems as their production of gamma rays destroys energy produced by the production of Ultimatons changing state (as from Ultimaton to particle and back).

Antimatter is a precursor to matter and not a separate unit of energy that is supposed to be, in some way, opposite of the genuine matter it is supposed to replicate (as an opposite charge or configuration of normal matter). Rather, antimatter is based on real science and it has properties not coincidental to Ultimatons about which we have written extensively.

Antimatter is a proven freak of the apostolic world of Ultimatons. Ultimatons favor certain conditions of heat and light and are conducive to being led to formation of typical matter in the universe. Antimatter, on the other hand, comes into being as a response to the difficult nature of atoms forming in limbo. When we say “limbo” we are referring to the placement of matter that is stuck in black holes (or in suns) that are destroying their (the atoms) own nature to format continuing conditions that would otherwise keep them healthy and alive.

Antimatter is not a subject about black holes or dark matter, but it is a subject the Council of Equilibrium is deeply interest in resolving, as so much of it is found near the destroyed star Cassiopeia A. We ask the reader to page down to the next section to determine what else may be said about antimatter.

Star Death

The death of a star is no small matter. Those huge glowing balls of sun gases never die young, but they do die eventually, and when they do they are spectacular in their demise. If a star holds matter that is essential for the universe to reclaim, Ultimatons can and do chose to rewrite structures within the star that causes it to spew antimatter.

Antimatter comes about when the Ultimaton faces extinction of its own should the star favor another way of destroying the heat center of the globe of solar gasses. In this report we have often spoken of the ability of matter to transform itself when it comes under attack from extreme heat and cold. In extreme cold we have Boron and Cesium One to thank for explaining how matter can be returned to a normal diet of protons and electrons in a normal, and functioning, state of the average existence of elements necessary for universe building.

The distance one has to travel between extreme cold and super-heat comes about when we learn that no universe in existence can overcome the heat of an exploding sun, or as they are called on Urantia, the appearance of a supernova. Let us take the case of a supernova you are familiar with that exploded so that it became visible in daylight on Urantia in the 17th century .

The Remnants of Cassiopeia A today (Hubble)

The 17th century supernova (circa 1635) was from Cassiopeia A, the remnant of a massive star explosion - a supernova - that occurred about 11,000 light-years away from Earth. The light from that cosmic detonation was first visible on Earth when it arrived sometime in the 17th century

Cassiopeia A was a class “A” star by your documentation, meaning it gave off light equivalent to about thirty-thousand lumen per square foot on Urantia. It is noted that it blew up and was seen on Urantia sometime in the 17th century as observed in various histories and commentaries of the time. This means that actual event was sometime around the beginning of the last ice age on Urantia, and was not visible until the 1630's due to the distance of 11,000 light years away. It exploded when a device within every sun was triggered which reduces the number of Ultimatons in its mantle, and when it has reduced Ultimatons in the mantle, the sun in question feeds no more than a small percent of its revivifying gases back to the heart of the sun to maintain its health.

When Ultimatonic presences of this nature cease in the womb of a sun, the sun begins to collapse at the prodigious rate of one millimeter per one-thousandth of a second of time. If one could witness this collapse, it would be seen as a gas ball rotating faster and faster without getting smaller. Pressure within the center of such a sun carries no restrictions on its pressure gradient as it expands outwardly toward the collapsing sun’s surface.

Cassiopeia A never had a chance to reclaim its mantle which blew off at the rate of ten thousand million cubic feet of gas in thirty of your minutes. Such a reduction in force from within the sun (when that amount of gas was expelled) would then cause Cassiopeia A to bleed Ultimatons at the rate of nearly ten million billion units per second. This would cause the star in question to rotate without defining a true center to the orb, and with a dislocation of its center moving around the interior of the sun, it lost control of the superheated vapors (some of which you would classify as plasma and some which you would call Class A extrusions). Both classifications are well known to our star students on Uversa, and who claim that Cassiopeia A blew a hole in the center of the gravity spectrum the size of a baseball field on Urantia.

Gravity spectrums raise a question about the limit of revelation we may provide to you at this stage, but let us tell you that in the gravity spectrum resides a force you on earth call the strong nuclear force. The strong nuclear force holds matter together and holds it so well that the Ultimatons residing in the particles never have to re- associate themselves outside of the particle they have created. The strong nuclear force then is responsible for the activity of the atom to cohere within its mantle of identification. The strong nuclear force is only one definition existing within a whole list of forces that provide stabilization of the various Ultimatonic fields that operate in the time-space regions.

When Cassiopeia A delivered its final explosion, it briefly became a neutron star. Neutron stars throw out massive amounts of Strontium 90 into surrounding space, and thereby that area of space becomes off limits to spiritual development for ages. This in turn reciprocates as a warning to others, such as space travelers to stay out of the area of such a nuclear disaster and to avoid traveling in space even light years away from such a neutron star. Cassiopeia A fell apart within months of seeing the supernova on earth, and when it did, it left a residue of antimatter.

Antimatter is not a subject we easily broach to humans on Urantia because it is quite sensitive to the Father that such objective research yields so little understanding of the breach of protocol that the destruction of Cassiopeia A represents to the universe. Cassiopeia A was destroyed by an accident of nature (as an official cause to this date) but it has never been proven by universe intelligences that it was not a deliberate act of sabotage. Suffice it to say that the area we describe as a baseball field wide and long contains so much antimatter that should it be ignited it could destroy portions of the universe of Nebadon.

Cassiopeia A now resides at the center of a black hole that in fact represents its artificial entombment partially on purpose and partially by accident. If one were to probe the black hole it would leak antimatter at prodigious rates, and that is a worry everyone who knows anything about the event and what the investigation suggests; that cannot be resolved until the First Source and Center provides direction on how to clean up this area of space that once held a great monarch of light within its arms.

Antimatter is not a coagulant of matter that has pretensions of existence on its own. It is useless in building universes, but it does have its proponents who suggest it can be used for antimatter study by the universe star students in order to understand it place in creation. Man can and does replicate antimatter in the lab with great difficulty, but man is warned that doing this creates a small hole in the gravity spectrum which man cannot fill back in. It requires the act of divinity not just from the local universe, but from Nether Paradise and the inscrutable motions of gravity emanating from the inner districts that encircle the presence of the Unqualified Absolute.

Antimatter contains elements not seen in normal matter. It is not just a mirror appearance of normal matter, it also contains the seeds of universe destruction much like pulling a rip cord on a parachute should some intelligence find a way to undo matter within certain areas of space that are vulnerable to antimatter disassociation.

Dark Matter

  • Dark Matter
  • (By Coreli, the Chief of Archangels)

The state of the universe is never the same all of the time. Where there is matter there is also its equivalent in antimatter lurking somewhere in the recesses of the mass field of space.

Black holes are frequently confused with dark matter only because neither emit photons or other radiation. Black holes are made of collapsed matter; dark matter is neither matter nor physical constructions - such as particles or shattered matter or even shells of electrons, which are sometimes mistaken for muons.

Dark matter is without precedence in the universe since it discloses no known resource that creates its existence. Ultimatons do not contribute to what is being called dark matter. Dark matter contains no atomic particles and it does not contain earth elements which are familiar to evolutionary planets. Earth is called Urantia and it exists as one of the primary experimental planets to establish life in accordance with the mandates of the Ancients of Days (the Trinity rulers of the superuniverse) to establish new expressions of willed life. In their review of what may be told to individuals who disclose information about universe energy, there is no problem in providing information about Urantia and its environment. But they make a further distinction:

When it comes to energy elsewhere that does not impinge or is useable on Urantia, the rule is to forgive no-one for providing information that is useless to man. Man has discovered dark matter, and is concerned that it provides an opportunity to fold its existence into particle physics and other studies which may provide insight into the beginnings of the universe (primarily the space areas we refer to as time-space). But there is nothing in dark matter that provides such an opportunity.

Suffice it to say, that if dark matter were of interest to anyone on Urantia it would be disclosed. If it were of interest to anyone in the local universe, it would be made available to them as a matter of respect for its Creator, Michael of Nebadon. Dark matter has no application to any activity or future use in time-space. You will only find dark matter in the four outer space levels, and even there it will be removed when the creative purposes of the four outer space levels become active.


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