2015-09-20-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Sensing Spirit, Making Harmony

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Toz

TR: Mark Rogers, Allene Vick



Charles: [Mark] Yes, thank you for the invitation to come out and play on the field. I would return the serve made of the expanding awareness of the many senses you have available to you in these attempts of yours to perform discernment based upon the use of various meanings you have available to you for assessing any situation and they are indeed numerous when you consider the many different avenues of approach that either begin with you or that you have connection to by virtue of your very being, your heritage and your nature.


On the one hand, you can be seen to not have the inherent senses of some of your animal brethren on the planet. You cannot smell what the wolves might smell nor hear what the whales might hear nor encounter the incredible colors available with those who have different eyes to see. But, you are endowed with a unique set of senses that are specific to your species and most of your spiritual exploration and career spent while here as an animal of the realm and yet a spiritual being of the realm, most of your time is spent trying to discover all of the senses that you have as part of your being.

You have touched on a number today, the innate sense your Mother provides you by giving you a very physical and real, even tangible method of discernment when your physical being reacts to the environment around it. This is a gift from your Mother and from your Father you have the Spirit of Truth that you might petition and ask at any point which will help define for your most appropriate compass heading once again. And from your Divine Parent above, you have an Indwelling Fragment of their presence, a homing device if you will, to bring you home, back to the First Source and Center.

This may as well be consulted by various spiritual sensations that you are developing and growing. This fragment of the whole may be referenced and consulted as you have been discussing and developing. So there are numerous methods one can use in this discernment process. All of these are separate from that part of you that you are referring to as the ego self. But all of these avenues of approach, must of necessity, play well with the self ego, that is, these sensations, these feelings, these intuitive flashes, these inspirations that are being discussed, all must be filtered through, even reconciled by this human aspect of self, this mind circuit which is in constant motion.

So one must work together with the aspects of self to be a balanced co-creative being. It is not that you are trying to avoid encounters with either one, rather you are looking to create a unity of position between them. This is why your text refers to your indwelling guide as your Thought Adjuster. There are constant attempts to reconcile and adjust not only thoughts but attitudes, perception, willingness, faith, all of these are in constant adjustment within your being, constantly being attuned towards greater perfection.

So while you are discussing the different senses and the distinctions between them and when you or your ego get involved, it is good to remember that part of the exercise is to strike a balance, a chord of harmony where truly it is your desire to do the desire of your divine counterpart. This is when you are in harmony with your component, when all of your parts come together in alignment to pursue divine values and all of these senses and attributes and parts of the self function in unison and there is health and there is peace and there is grace.

It is always a pleasure to join you in discussion of such worthiness. The human condition is desirous of defining its various attributes and this is all well and good for understanding the parts, meaning that you can have a greater affect on the harmony of the whole. So indeed, sage words would be to relax and let it all come together, let all of your aspects work for you. Remember that you are the author, you are the originator of what will happen and mind circuit, ego and even spirit will fall in line with your desire, will respect your wishes.

So therefore, knowing all this, what will your wishes be and how grand will your aspirations reach? Knowing that you have a universe behind you and that you are aligning yourself with that force, what would you not dream, what would you not envision? I say seize the moment, dream the dream and envision the vision because you are the center of the game, the center of your game, the designer and creator of your story, your version of truth, beauty and goodness manifest on your world.

It is a pleasure to join you this morning. I will withdraw unless there is any dialog at this time.


Toz: [Allene] This is Toz. In conjunction with your conversation earlier about healing I would like to share with you the value and the importance of working in tandem and in partnership in all your healing efforts with your Inner Voice, your Adjuster. We are always available and we can add a very powerful element to your healing practice. So please include us when you bring in the light and you go to Dr. Mendoza.

Your request, and by that I mean not only vocalized but the requests of all the hearts around this circle have been heard and have been communicated to all the Adjusters of those involved in the Middle East turmoil including the perpetrators, the fighters, and victims. We thank you for all your requests and, like Dr. Mendoza, we work best when we are asked. Sometimes we can only work when we have been asked. A simple silent request is sufficient and we will work with you. We especially thank you for your request to bring loving comfort to the victims of the Middle East at this time.