2023-11-27-Universe Romancing

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Topic: Universe Romancing

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Aurelia

TR: Simeon




My dears, I am Aurelia. Thank you for focusing your intentions this evening to receive us via the ever present connectors that are within each of you. We are focused on bringing about good communication. Your intentions are also focused to receive as clearly as you can. Recognize that as humans, there is always a degree of filtering that occurs when we share. And this is okay, for we recognize the inherent difficulties in making contact with largely material beings. I know sometimes you would like to have more concrete guidance and for us to provide detailed directions and instructions. The challenge with this, of course, is the inability to bypass the human mind and thus, there are examples throughout history of those who receive flashes of enlightenment and then take them on tangents that are not always productive and sometimes downright counterproductive.

So our main effort is in the realm of sharing values and has less to do with sharing specifics, for each of you have an inner guide that can prompt you, clarify for you directions you might consider in your lives. As the quarantine has been ending, the need for a saturation of values in the minds of the populace is prevalent, thus this mission is largely focused in this realm. This is not to say that more specific guidance does not occasionally occur, but that this must be put into perspective by the individual in relationship to their spirit of truth to determine its value level in your lives.

I share this tonight because it is easy to become distracted and focused on information that does not particularly provide value. As you determine what is worthwhile to pursue, we ask you to keep this in mind - that admonition from Michael that the kingdom of heaven is within and that it is not required to go chasing it over here or over there - so that as you consider the various communications you receive internally, personally, or externally from or through another, recognize that the intention should always be to augment your understanding and not primarily to direct you. This relationship is reserved for you by your Indwelling Spirit.


How are you, my friends? Are there any questions or concerns you have this evening?


Q1: Thank you to the T/R and the teacher. I have been thankful for them as I have been catching up on my reading. I had some questions for you but I think you’ve answered them. I had some experiences where I was in touch with a nephew that passed 28 years ago and his nephew is now his age when he passed and we both have felt communication with him. So how open are the circuits? I just feel they are wide open right now. Is that my internal wishing or what?

Aurelia: In general, the circuits are intact. They are open. The process of expanding circuitry is still underway, but there is no quarantine or residual sluggishness with regard to how communication can occur throughout the universe and throughout the system anymore. Did you have more to that question, my friend?

Q1: No, that’s good. Thank you.

Q2: Aurelia, it’s funny she mentioned this because I was going to bring it up. For me when I look at the Northern Lights I can’t help but think it’s an example of the circuits opening up. I don’t remember seeing them as much until recently. So I’m wondering if there’s any correlation with the circuits opening and how we’re seeing the Northern Lights get brighter, bigger and more multi colored?

Aurelia: I would say that there are agencies that are at work that might factor into this to some degree, but in general it is largely the phenomenon of how various energies are at work that are not being manipulated by intentional forces. But I am not privy to all of the work that is undergone by the various beings and agencies that work on this world, if that clarifies at all.

Q2: It seems like you’re implying that there was some manipulation of them to not show themselves before?

Aurelia: Less that and more that generally most things associated with this phenomenon are natural, but there are activities that can potentially influence the energies, as well.


Q3: I had something of a question formulating in the teapot of my brain. I was wondering if you could give us a perspective on how much the soul is involved, what part it plays, and what degree it is involved in the incarnation? Is this something being done by the souls as a matter of, say, an everyday chore or is the soul all in with the incarnation to the point where its attention is entirely focused on what’s going on with the incarnate being? Is that a question?

Aurelia: Yes, I believe so. Are you asking to what degree the soul is conscious in the activities that are being undergone by the personality in relation to spirit rather than being simply an evolution of it?

Q3: Right. I am assuming that as goes evolution, that is the degree to which the soul can be involved in the incarnation.

Aurelia: And your reference to incarnation, are you referring to the actual process of the human to become incarnated as a child of God eternally?

Q3: Not the process, but the worldly identity we assume as separate beings, as individuals, I mean.

Aurelia: Yes. The soul is the result of everything you do in relationship to spirit. The existence of the soul develops from your experiences in life as conditioned by your both conscious and unconscious awareness of spirit participation. The degree to which your soul is becoming conscious of the larger existence is directly related to the degree to which the personality is becoming adjoined with spirit, for this is ultimately the soul vehicle that will become eternal. I don’t know if that completely clarifies, but the soul is the result and does begin to exhibit consciousness more and more as you become more connected within.

Q3: So it’s not as much a matter of the soul having a person as it is the person having a soul or creating a soul with this awareness.

Aurelia: Yes. The soul is the result of your life and all experiences of value are contained within the soul as you progress from this existence to the mansion worlds and beyond.

Q4: What about the idea of reincarnation, identities assuming various kinds of incarnation under the sponsorship of the soul?

Aurelia: Yes, I am aware of the idea of reincarnation. Unfortunately we are not at liberty to discuss this extensively, not because there aren’t answers, but because of the need to maintain your ability to discern this for yourselves in relation to your own understanding. Collectively we are not allowed to directly challenge beliefs, whereas when working with you individually we are able to be more free in expressing based upon what your understanding is. I know this might seem cryptic or obtuse, but that is how I can respond to this question at this time.

Q4: So it could be said that other incarnations aren’t germane to this one and that being so, they have no values as a part of the conversation.

Aurelia: Simply that we cannot confirm or deny the answers although there are certainly references to this in the papers and you can certainly ask for more information privately. Sometimes there are topics that are challenging to broach, such as your abortion issues, for there are no answers that can completely satisfy everyone in a collective group and they have more potential to divide than unite and so when there are topics that are challenging to this degree, we are limited in how we can respond.

Q4: Good thinking. Thank you.

Q5: Well Aurelia, you never cease to make me happy. Yet again, here is a moment where you and your particular personality has really said more in how you structured your answer and gave more resolution to that question to me than I’ve heard over the years. So share my appreciation for how you framed that. It gave me a lot of understanding and ability to read between the lines. So thank you. A lot of times, many who speak to us just flat out make a statement of denial which is very frustrating to me.

Let me follow up on another question brought up and that is the idea that the Father essentially birthed our personality/spirit/essence and how you answered that our experiences and development, alacrity and clarity and growing awareness then becomes the larger soul that carries those positive important meaningful experiences we take into the mansion worlds. Is that a correct summary or reflection of what I heard?

Aurelia: I believe so, if I am understanding correctly. The soul is the vehicle, the eternal vehicle. You and your relationship with your Indwelling guide take and mold how this soul is developing based on how you respond to everything that occurs in your life that is part of your consciousness. So how strong this vehicle is when you leave the mortal life and move on to the mansion worlds and beyond is partially determined by your ability to grapple with choice and the repercussions and then the future choices made as a result of your awareness. All of these help to form the housing, so to speak, of what you will be.

Q5: Excellent, thank you. That was lovely. It really takes my thinking and perception to a much larger level and I would also say it’s more nuanced in the how and the process. That was interesting. Thank you.

Aurelia: And let me say that sometimes how you ask the questions determines how we can answer and so thank you for your willingness, each of you, to explore, even if you don’t have all the ideas fleshed out, but as you grapple with what you want to ask,sometimes there’s an opening that is provided by this process that allows us to offer a different perspective than we would otherwise be able to.


Q5: I’ve grappled with my own particular personality issues, fighting and wrestling with myself. So there are aspects that are terrific and fierce, but lordy, I’m tough to live with, even with myself sometimes. I need to have a more nuanced perspective about it. It’s like your strengths can be a double edged sword and you have to be mindful of how you go forward because it can cut both ways with the sharpness of your own sword sometimes. How you shared that helped me a lot to consider this and how I can move forward. Now the question occurs about the morontia mind because that’s a whole different way of thinking, a much larger way to think. So the thinking also includes perception and that is another growing level of self awareness. The idea of personality. How then does the personality begin to grow and emerge into a morontia mind?

Aurelia: Yes, recognize, my friend, that you are doing just fine in relationship to yourself. The best friend you can possibly be to yourself is to be both gentle with your frailties and to be honest, a true voice, so that your information is activated and enhanced by your care and love. This goes for, obviously, not only how you would interact with yourself, but also with others and this is part of the process that each of you are undergoing in your lives, some for many years, some for less, but all ultimately moving forward together toward the destinies to come.

The personality is changeless, so that is not the aspect of you that grows. It is what it is. But the relationship of the personality to the spirit is what creates the growth mechanism that you are probably referring to when you ask how the personality grows and again this is part of the soul process and will continue forward as you recognize, particularly after this life, the morontia realities you refer to.

You can deepen your perception now, but this is greatly enhanced after you transition. This process of superactivating insights that occurs when you are not bound by the material body - which is why you can’t completely understand morontia reality as a human - there are perceptions, as you say, that occur that superactivate the ideas you had before and transform them more towards the ideals.

Q5: Very interesting. I really enjoy speaking with you. What you said was that it transforms the ideas we had in the human experience into the ideals. Is that correct?

Aurelia: Yes, partially, to give a sort of reference that you might understand at this stage of the game, for again you cannot completely understand until later. This would be our best representation of what it is like to have your understanding and awareness become superactivated.

Q5: Great. Thank you for indulging my questions.

Aurelia: Thank you, once again. I know that there may have been comments or questions that may not have been able to have been heard due to muting of your devices, so if you had previously tried to share, understand you may have been on mute.

Q6: Thank you. It was me. I was answering your first question about how we are and I thank you for the question. I am feeling good and happy and would like to thank each one of you, both on this side and the other side for helping me to complete this first trip to serve our Paradise Father and our Father Michael in sharing the gospel of the kingdom. I could understand a little bit better than before about seeking first the kingdom inside and grow in relationship with the Indwelling Spirit, to let him lead my thoughts and sometimes answer questions. It happened when you were speaking in the introduction, where I had some questions, but they were responded to internally by my Father spirit. It was a comfort to me because sometimes I desire a straightforward guidance and answers, but I understand a bit more how it works. Sometimes I need to step back and ask Father and be patient and I will receive the answer partially or as I am able to understand that. Thank you for your support.

Aurelia: Thank you, my friend, for sharing your process for it is true that as you reflect, the ability for your Indweller to enhance and bring about awareness before you have even asked the questions, can occur.

Q7: Aurelia, I am a bit foggy on the relationship… this is about your response to Sonya’s questions where she was having a hard time with herself. By the way I’m glad we’re not the only ones.

Aurelia: It is an all too common reality for humans to be both difficult with themselves and not to always put things in perspective with the care and love they would even provide for others, but not always for themselves. Sorry if I cut off your question. Feel free to continue.

Q7: Well specifically that’s where I was going, to see if I could get some information about the relationship between being kind to your frailties and the honesty you made reference to. Anything else you’d like to share on that conundrum there?

Aurelia: This is part of the reason that there is a differentiation between what is factual and what is true, and although perhaps your scientists might disagree, being true adds in the element of mercy, whereas being factual is more of an intellectual approach to reality, thus the need for utilizing the combination of seeking what is real, what is factual, while also recognizing where the limitations might be and providing some care and concern for those elements in your pursuit. This is important, too.

Q8: Wow! You knocked it out of the park for me. My next phase in my court case is this art of this, the difference between the facts vs the context.

Aurelia: The letter of the law, and the spirit of the law.

Q8: Ha. Thank you. That was cool.

Aurelia: Yes, let us title this evening, “All universe romancing may not be fact, but much is true.” I hope you can understand the connotation.

Q9: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As humans we’re part, joining the collective. This is not really a question but a comment on my processing internally.

Aurelia: Yes, not all statements need to be questions. Sometimes you activate with spirit in your comments and it helps to bring about clarity, not only for yourself, but for others as you share, and yes, you may continue.


Q9: I was hung up in the earlier conversation on the soul, not necessarily stuck, but my mind had a difficult time moving on. But may I ask for a definition of the soul from your viewpoint as you’ve been working with this group Aurelia? How would you define it to help me pull it together?

Aurelia: Let me take this to a larger level and talk about the Supreme for a moment, for the Supreme is the result, in the time and space universes, of all actions of value and the Supreme is the soul of the personalities of time and space. Therefore, at the human level you are creating your own vehicle, much as the Supreme is evolving, that houses all things of value that occur in your life.

Q9: Thank you, thank you. I don’t really have any worries or concerns about my soul because I know whatever this is evolving to is going to be alright, but it’s helpful, the definition or clarification of your commentary. Thank you for that.


Aurelia: Yes, a sort of sidebar before I close this evening, as I know the contact is tiring, about the souls of Urantians. If you think about becoming an agondonter, this means your souls have a very different quality than the souls of those who have come from planets that have not rebelled and not had to deal with such struggle. Yes, life can seem torturous at times, when dealing with the things you should never have had to deal with, but what you will become, as a result of this, if you remain steadfast and faithful and keep moving forward, is so much more glorious than all of those evil machinations that came about to try and separate you from the love of God.

Q9: Thank you very much Aurelia. I appreciate it greatly.

Q10: There’s one thing. When you said that, I immediately had the human parallel example of someone who was born into a very rich family who didn’t have to struggle with survival, maybe they were healthy and everything was given to them. And the quality of their life experience vs someone who had come up from hardships, many generations of dysfunction and abuse, bad things and maybe even war. So thank you, again, you’re on a roll tonight.

Aurelia: Yes, my friends, you are on a roll too and the counteraction comment to your example of those with little conflict and, perhaps, having everything work out for them, is that if they remain true while doing so, they will evolve just the same toward their destiny. Those who have allowed their position to warp or distort their experiences to the level of exploitation, they also will have the opportunity to grow when they become aware of their actions, on the other side, if they choose, and hopefully they can recognize and move forward. There is always mercy afforded, even to those who do not always do good initially, if they can backtrack, realize, and move forward in a different direction.

Q11: So the life review isn’t something that happens as you cross over? It is something that repreatedly occurs?

Aurelia: Let me just say you will have the opportunity to revisit your actions throughout your mansion world experience, which is largely the bringing of souls into alignment with the plans and the purposes for progression, which, by necessity, requires understanding the results of your actions and how to manifest from there forward in the most positive way.

Q11: It’s kind of like we do here, as we think back about past happenings and thinking, “If I had that to do again, I’d do it differently.”

Aurelia: Yes, you are allowed to begin reviewing your life and doing things differently before you pass on to the other side. It is a sign of character growth to be able to do so.


Q12: And a wonderful opportunity, I might add. I joined a bit late, but this is salve for the soul, just lovely to hear you articulate things in such a revealing manner. I think we can all relate to it ourselves personally and as a group at the same time. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I don’t know if there’s any questions that have been asked about the holy land and its current situation yet, but I was wondering if you could answer about that situation?

Aurelia: Yes, my friend, much energy is being applied to this situation.

Q12: I can imagine. It’s astounding to me that people act in this manner and it must be very disturbing to Father Michael and all who are witnessing these horrors, when common sense and civility and a very heavy dose of unconditional love could have the region living in beauty and glory and peace. It’s just totally baffling to me that people who claim to be religionists can do such things.

Aurelia: Thank you for sharing your concerns. If you look at your historical record there are many precedents set for how people who believe they have God on their side act with people they believe do not have God on their side. It is all too common. And when you add in the restraints and confinements of geography and resources it becomes a powder keg.

The reality is that land is not holy; personalities are. They are the most precious commodity in the universe. To some degree, there is an inordinate focus by small groups of people when they believe they are chosen and have a mission to perpetuate that, rather than seeing the mission as the forward progress of everyone. The solutions to this situation are going to be manifesting very slowly until such time as the sense of being preordained is no longer a primary focus of either side and the spirit of truth from Michael descends into their hearts in such a way that they realize what you are all coming to realize, that the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man beckons all as part of this reality and cannot be obtained by conquest or victory, but by coming to acceptance and choosing to work together for the greater good.


Thank you for your insightful questions and thoughts. I know you give me credit for how I communicate and while I can both accept your love and appreciation, I can state that this information is a shared process from many of your beloved teachers and I simply am given the microphone, so to speak, to present the responses, although I know sometimes having a different voice can change how you receive or hear information. So I do not completely dismiss your statements about how refreshing it is to have this dialogue, but I also place it in context with the overall process and am glad, even if being a newer voice, to be part of the team with you. Good evening.