1995-12-04-Embrace Mortal State

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Topic: Embrace Mortal State

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I am helping you to adjust to our mind to mind communication. I am attempting to not only speak with material voice, but also to each of you - mindally. It is my great pleasure to know each of you. I must say I find you easy to know and love.

You, my friends, are adorable in my eyes. I find it easy to love you each. You know little about how adored each of you are to us and to those on high. I would think myself a wise teacher to be able to educate you on your value as a child of God.


Human Condition

I have taught you on the negative effects of anger, how detrimental it is to the material body. I have spoken on anger directed outward toward others and the negative effects that escalate from that. One thing I have learned - much anger you perceive to be directed at another is in reality anger at yourselves. You can believe yourselves to be angry at others and tend to lay blame onto others, when in truth, this is a covering up of the anger you feel for yourself.

At times mortals tend to be angry at their own ignorance or thoughtlessness or rash decision making. There seems to be little room for self understanding. There seems to be no self-forgiveness. There is much self-debasement and chastisement, but very little understanding that you each are individually becoming. There is very little understanding that you each are a learning child of God.

There is much competition in this world today. Many believe - to be the most valued in society you must be perceived blameless, you must be looked upon as being ‘error free.’ Many believe - to be valued you must be the most knowledgeable. This is where an imbalance lies - within competition.

In this competition - one works to make others seem invaluable. This is unhealthy competition. And those that believe themselves to be invaluable are holding much self hatred and anger. Mortals that believe themselves to be inferior tend to beat upon their every human mistake they make, which is a negative cycle of self-abuse. One who tends to believe themselves invaluable surely does not envision themselves as a child of God.

I say it is wonderful to be born of the spirit - to believe there dwells within the human mind a supreme consciousness that encompasses all knowledge. To believe in this divine source is only one half complete. Without truly believing you are the created offspring of this Divine Source, you won't be completing the process of being born of the spirit.

Many mortals live their life as though they do not matter or make any difference. Once a mortal has discovered that Father in Heaven is real, and loves them more than words can express, then does this mortal long for closeness to Father. A mortal born of the spirit longs for this closeness to Father so deeply that they begin to detest their mortal state. They do not fully live and learn in their mortal state, they are longing for what lies beyond. They beat themselves for being mortal - making mortal errors. They may feel ‘without this mortal body, I would not make so many mistakes.’ They learn to be miserable in their mortal state and waste so much time detesting their time in the flesh.

I tell you here tonight, your mortal state is a gift. Your time in the flesh is something so personal and precious. To be anchored with your material body is to receive eternal lessons that otherwise you would not receive.

Many overlook their own personal joy they could receive while in the flesh. Many born of the spirit tend to say, I can not wait to see what lies beyond this mortal life, when in fact, if you are believing yourself a child of God - you can see what lies beyond this life right now in this life. Do not detest your mortal state, embrace it and believe this is a true blessing.

Once you embrace your life in a material world - a material body, you learn to celebrate, to rejoice in the knowledge that Father has placed you in a very honorable position. Once you can begin to believe your mortal state is a blessing you can make room for your own mistakes and know you are a child that is becoming. Once you can accept you are with error, and understand all mortals are with error, you can begin a process of self forgiveness which in turn can dissipate your self-anger and loathing.

I say to you, this is your only time to really feel what it is like in the mortal state. You will not be at this moment in time again. Must this moment be filled with self-anger and un-forgiveness? or can this moment be filled with self understanding and rejoicing in the fact that Father has blessed you at this moment in time?

Use this time wisely, because I say, this time will not be back. Waste not a moment longer on beating yourself with what you deem to be punishment for unwise actions taken. Don't waste another moment trying to atone for your errors. I say embrace your mortal state, and learn from your mistakes. Rejoice in the fact that you truly believe you are a child of God. Are there questions?


Healing, Parenting

C: Abraham, last night I remember laying by the fireplace and the thought came to my head, I was talking with a friend, about the short time since our birth in our existence - compared to forever. It is like a speck of nothing as compared to forever time, yet, how much importance we seem to place on these things that make us angry and stressful, and that ‘time is running out - we have to hurry.’ We have barely started. We are like less than babies in comparison of time. Yet, we somehow seem to think we have to get everything right and feel so bad if it isn't going right. That quite ties in with what you are saying here.

ABRAHAM: Yes, well said. Much time is wasted on self-battering when one could spend time in a positive state of understanding and love. To spend time in a positive state propels you forward to the next lesson. Time spent in self-debasement is like adding wood to a fire, feeding - keeping the self-loathing alive. Another question?

RO: Abraham, in the western psychology of discipline, much of the self-degradation, the patterns of self-degradation in our youth, is perhaps because of our upbringing; perhaps our educational systems; or perhaps our traditional religions. How is it best to release those old patterns of thought - to adopt a positive new way to our way of thinking?

ABRAHAM: The best way I could tell you to release old patterns is to recognize they occur. One who has experienced these patterns knows the difference between them being experienced firsthand, or just hearing about these patterns secondhand. Once you have experienced them and begin to recognize their occurrence then can you begin to re-focus your attention toward a more positive way of caring for your soul.

It is our hope that parents, teachers, caretakers, and government officials know that self-loathing is not a correct form of education. To teach a child to be harsh and unforgiving towards their mistakes is to teach them that this is the way that Father in Heaven must be and Father does not teach with these methods. I say it is upon the shoulders of this generation of adults to recognize their self-anger and loathing and to correct their own mind patterns. It is also up to this generation to teach their young that all are valuable, all are acceptable, all require love. Is this answering? (It does help. Thank you.)

C: Abraham, is it permissible for Steve ____ to have a meeting with you on the 12th?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I am happy to meet with him. More questions?


H: Abraham, I have a couple questions. My sister-in-law in Michigan was asking us about dreams. I forgot about it until I was thinking about how much time..with your lesson, how much time we waste trying to understand things. She has been having this dream about this big old house and it is a reoccurring dream. She keeps having it over and over. It’s the same dream except each time there is more detail to it. She feels like there is something evil in this house. She has been reading the Urantia Book and your lessons, and she was asking Marlin and myself what this might mean. My understanding is that we shouldn't try to interpret dreams because it is kind of like in metaphors and we shouldn't waste a lot of time trying to interpret dreams. My understanding is sometimes they are communications that are trying to come through, but when they are coming through in the electrical/chemical manner through our brain it can be distorted and what-not. Can you shed some light on this?

ABRAHAM: That is correct. Yes, this dream is a rather common dream for all mortals. If she is not receiving insight regarding this dream then I would advise her to worry not. Positive insight from dreams is acceptable to take as correct messages from Father. If a dream has assisted you in human or divine ways I would say this is good. Does this answer?

H: Yes -- it helps. Then not all dreams should be disregarded? There are dreams that could have good information if they are in a positive way? And if they are not, if they are in more of a negative or confusing way - to be disregarded? Am I correct in that?



H: My other question - I was speaking with a friend and she is in a same sex relationship. She has been battling with this. I was trying to talk to her this evening and I was saying, in myself I believe that if your love is true, your love and intent is true that sex doesn't matter. As long as there are no hurtful or harmful things going on in the relationship that their relationship would be good. But more than anything not to waste a lot of her time and energy and efforts into trying to mask over or dwell on the negative from the social point of view. I feel a little reluctant because I am no authority. Could you shed some light on that? Am I correct in that thinking. Because I don't want to say that God says homosexuality is acceptable. I think it is more along the lines of He would like it to be opposite sex relationships for the reason of procreation. Its a subject that keeps coming my way and I am wondering why does it keep coming my way. Am I not thinking right? Am I having the correct information?

ABRAHAM: Your answer to that person was wonderful, very unbiased and correct. Love is most important, but this person also has to live in a society where different is not accepted. This person has to reap the ramifications of disclosing their sexuality. It is up to this person to know who would be accepting and who would not. I believe mortals like this are in a way tormented by their secrets and yet somehow kept from harm. It would be wise to focus on: a person is not their job, status or sexuality. People are first a child of God. Is this helping?

H: Yes, I think so.

ABRAHAM: One more question?


RA: Father Abraham, I would like to go back to the dreams about big old houses. Years ago when I was about sixteen years old I dreamed I was in a big old house. To this day I can still see it. I remember the room arrangement. I remember how many rooms we had to go through to where we turned to go up the stairs to the second floor. I remember the room arrangement on the second floor. I had never been through it at that time.

At a later date when I needed to borrow an old fashioned dress for a school play I was in, I went up to, what happened to be Aunt ________ house. (That is what we all called her. She wasn't really my aunt.) She took me through the house - through the rooms, up the stairway right to where I had dreamed, the exact spot, where she got the clothing.

That is still vivid in my mind today, Father Abraham. At that time I certainly didn't know anything about my Indwelling Spirit or who could be helping me, but I have had quite a few experiences like that in my lifetime.

ABRAHAM: This may seem strange to you, but I say, it is not strange at all. Occurrences as this will begin to happen more and more without any thought to the extraordinary. This is a part of the mind to mind communication. Mindal communications will be indeed up-stepped and thought of by mortals as ordinary occurrences. You see, a world receiving full spiritual benefits are accepting these happenings to be from Father for their good. Yes, more experiences of this sort will you all be witness to. Are there any more questions?

C: I take it you are still asking because my friend wanted me to ask you why she feels so insecure and maybe that is why you're asking. So if you have a answer for her I'll take it back to her.

ABRAHAM: She could answer this better than I could. She holds the answers within. She knows her life experience and she can very well trace the roots of her insecurity. Insecurity is also an avenue for Father. Tell her to ask for assistance from Him and I guarantee her a sufficient answer.


It is my time to leave. I would hope you all to attempt to embrace your mortal state and you will see what you long to see is right in front of your eyes. Until next week, shalom.