1991-06-13-Living Channel of Faith

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Topic: Living Channel of Faith

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Unknown



The living channel of faith and its transforming effects is an important subject in order to broaden and deepen your awareness of faith as a healing in all aspects of life. Faith is the priceless treasure which cannot be bought and sold.

It is free for the willing child of God. Faith is the living channel between the creature and the Creator; the soul and his Father; the son and daughter - and their all powerful, all wise, all loving and merciful Eternal Parent. This living channel is indeed an umbilical cord. It sustains and strengthens the child-creature in health, in mental efficiency, in life performance, and in the transforming ability to bestow the Father's love on one's fellows.

Only by faith is His love received. Only by faith does this love pour outward. Only by faith do we become a living channel of love. Only by faith do we grow and ascend. Only by faith do we ascend and are received. Only by faith are many truths understood, or, I would say, spiritually felt. There is no other technique. Only by faith are we saved. Only by faith do we know Him. Only by faith do we allow Him to know us.

It is faith which strengthens. It is faith which destroys error. It is faith which makes you perfect one step at a time.

By faith are you healed in body as well as soul. By faith is spiritual power known. By faith are small things made great. By faith is the mind brought to understanding on spiritual realities and truth. Faith is the living way, the way shown by the way-shower, Michael, when made flesh. By faith the door to the Kingdom is open. By faith we enter. By faith we are made safe and secure in this understanding. Faith is the wellspring of goodness which overcomes all evil. By faith we are brought into the light, light which cannot be darkened nor diminished, if by faith you truly desire.

Closing Prayer

I will leave you with the prayer that God's peace and His love be upon you always forevermore.