1992-01-13-About Growth

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Topic: About Growth

Group: Woods Cross TeaM & Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St Francis

Daniel: "The light of God surrounds us, the love of God enfolds us, the power of God protects us, and the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, He is. Greetings, I am Daniel. I will be your teacher and will deliver the lesson this evening. I am happy to be given this mission opportunity and desire to thank you all for coming here tonight and for being my students.


Our lesson this evening is about growth. We are all of us growing. Life is constant growth. Some years we receive more spiritual food and water. We are in those years growing more rapidly. In times of spiritual drought and famine we grow more slowly. The tree is sturdy, nonetheless, and strong within, even in those times of spiritual malnourishment. You see, it requires nutrients and nurturing of the soul for its adequate, proper, and steady growth to take place. This is my mission to you, to provide the waters of hope, truth, life abundant, and the nutrients of wisdom, experience, and character building.

I come not for myself but rather for Him Who sent me, our sovereign Lord, Christ Michael. Our association, I hope, will be very fruitful and stimulating, growth enhancing, comforting, and beneficial for you and also be greater mission object. I wish to answer some questions from my new pupils now."


R1: "Teacher Daniel, we are very pleased and happy that you could appear with us this evening, and we do have some of your pupils here from Idaho. Three of them were presented in the meeting last week to father Ham, and also we have M3 who used to be part of our study group here in Woods Cross. The ones that have not been presented are B7 and Myrna Cobb, his wife. B7 has been studying the Urantia Book for nineteen years and Myrna has been studying for seven years. B7 is also the Area Coordinator for the State of Idaho and he has a study group in J8. And N2 Self here from Pocatello and he has been studying the book for one year. We have K4 K4 from Idaho Falls and he does attend the study group in Pocatello and he has been studying the book for fifteen years. We have L1 from Pocatello and he has been studying the book for one year. We have B1 and V1 K9, his wife, and they both have been studying the book for five years and B1 used to be a Presbyterian minister. And that is the lineup we have that have not been presented before. And thank you teacher Daniel."

Daniel: "Thank you."

D3: "Daniel, this has been quite a week for you and I."

Daniel: "Yes!"

D3: "I am grateful that you verified this for me. You've been through my struggles and I just want to thank you for the comforting thoughts you have been." Daniel: "Thank you. I enjoy you very much and am happy to be working in association with such a beautiful and intelligent spirit person."

D3: "Thank you Daniel."

B1: "Daniel, this is B1 from Pocatello. We understand that you are to be our teacher, is this correct?"

Daniel: "Yes."

B1: "Will you be able to help us with questions of logistics that we have been talking about such as how many meetings we should be having so we can deal with these problems? Should we concern you with these sorts of things?"

Daniel: "Yes. I will instruct you as to the best method that has been customary among these groups for weekly group gatherings and perhaps also some private meetings too, if requested. I am very willing to be easily available."

B1: "Thank you Daniel. I just want to say that I am very glad to have you here tonight. I was concerned that maybe something would happen. My wife tells me I worry too much and I am sure that is one of the things that I need to work on. I want you to know that I am very glad to meet you and have you here tonight."

Daniel: "Thank you."

R1: "I think your pupils from Pocatello seem a little backward here. They don't seem to want to ask questions."

Daniel: "They will." (laughter and comments about 'we will')

R1: "Teacher Daniel. I would like to ask, were you a mortal also on another world?"

Daniel: "Yes, I was also a birth being of material origin, yes."

B2: "Daniel, my name is B1 and I also would like to thank you for coming to guide us in our growth and I'm asking for D2, when we are to begin weekly lessons?"

Daniel: "I would like to begin next week if D3 is willing. You must all be considerate that she is only beginning to learn this method of communicating. R6 I know was slow at first and has since gained self assurance and confidence in this communicating. Be reminded that this is imperfect and requires time to develop like a... this skill. Even R6, right now, has stumbled over a word. It is all right to be slower, for we have time."

B1: "There are two B1s in our group. I am the first B1 that spoke and I have been making a transcript of Ham's transmissions through R6 from the tapes that I have; primarily at first to come to some sort of understanding of the veracity and authenticity of you teachers and I have reached that conclusion a while ago or I would not be here tonight. Would you want me to continue to do this with tape recordings of your teaching and your contact with us because I would be willing if you so desire."

Daniel: "Yes, you are appreciative of the importance of these teachings. I am happy, pleased to hear this and am pleased at your dedication. Yes."

R5: "Daniel, this is R5. While your pupils are preparing questions for you I thought I would ask one. Is that all right with you."

Daniel: "Yes, of course!"

R5: "About two or three weeks ago I started having the name Daniel come to my mind and it was repeatedly happening and I wasn't really sure what it was regarding. It was happening particularly here in our lessons, and I was wondering if you could find out or if you would know, did it have anything to do with you?"

Daniel: "No, not that I am personally aware of. It was perhaps your indwelling spirit speaking and maybe concerning me. I did not personally speak mentally to you, however."

R5: "Thank you. It's not.. I don't yet have very much communication with my indwelling spirit where I receive the answers...would it be possible for you to ask my indwelling spirit if there was something with regard to what you just said that I should be attuned to for future reference?"

Daniel: "There is nothing which I perceive as important."

R5: "Thank you."

Group member: "Teacher Daniel, this is the first time that I have asked a question at this meeting and concerning your lesson on personal growth..I realize that we may not see our day to day growth..we may see it more in month to month or year to year. What single thing would you perhaps suggest to us or to myself as most significant daily thing we can do to see a daily improvement in our spiritual growth?"

Daniel: "A noble and sincere question. You have evinced the desire for growth. Your desire of your heart is known by our Father. It is Him you must turn to or seek daily, Him you must wholeheartedly desire to know and this understanding is so deep as to become you. As your understanding grows your soul and character grow also, even more than your understanding. As you become more of God so are you made in eternity, your immortal soul. Seek first our Father's Will in all things and His Will will be made known to you. Yes, most certainly. Seek and you shall find, love and you shall be loved, yes."

AGM: "Thank you teacher, I perceive that as most fitting. As we learn to receive and understand the love of the Father that surely would help us to learn to love and understand those around us and the things our Father has to present for us. Thank you very much." Daniel: "You are understanding well."

D3: "Daniel, this is D2 again..I want to let you know..you do know.. what an honor it is to work with you and also a humble, a very humbling experience. My question tonight is how do I know for sure when its you coming through or when it's my own thought patterns that are interfering?"

Daniel: "Yes, It will be plain in time. At first it is not clear and is hampered by excessive worry and anxiety also. Be of the attitude.. that of allowance. Allow my words to be spoken clearly without interference from your thinking, if possible. It requires time for the relaxation of anxiety/fear, but you are coming along very, very well. I am perfectly content and happy with your progress and in time you will see how easy it is. I am (big interruption due to difficulty in turning the tape followed by laughter and apologies by group members)...they only get more complicated from here (more hilarious laughter at reference to technology on the 'other side')...yes, as I was saying I will come by appointment soon and will be clear when I am here and when I am not. Don't allow yourself to be misled by your own thinking when it is so easy to allow me to speak my own. You need not fill in or try to finish sentences. I will do so, just allow time. There may be gaps and time lapses. Do not let this be worrisome, just allow."

D3: "Thank you Daniel, that will help me a lot."

R4: "Teacher Daniel, this is R4. We have met before at my house."

Daniel: "Greetings."

R4: "Thank you. I have some questions for you which I had written prior to the channeling experience I had with you but perhaps you didn't have time to give me the answers to them, but it may be interesting, if its permissible, to know these things. As a mortal were you on a non-breather, light breather, medium breather, or heavy breather world?"

Daniel: "Is does not matter."

R4: "Except for our darn curiosity."

Daniel: "Yes".


R4: "Well, we'll drop that. I am wondering...another experience I had with our communications is that there is different qualities from different teachers, Arthur, Amster, and yourself. I am wondering if you use different kind of connective points in the brain and if that might be known?"

Daniel: "You always use the same brain matter for speech yet with different mental states or moods your speech can alter. So it is the same concerning these communications. We are all using the same technique and are perceiving and are perceived a little differently depending upon many factors, and among these factors are mental states. Also personality differences are manifest by the quality of your perception of us. It is still very similar in actual procedure. Is this answering?"

R4: "Yes, I'm wondering whether it is a physical..or are you in touch with our physical brains in order to stimulate to our minds or is it mind to mind to make communication. Does it have any con...."

Daniel: "Both"

R4: "Both? Then the other thing that I think is important just for my instruction. I recognize that you are limited somewhat by our vocabulary, in other words the things that we have learned over time. You use our vocabulary. If you have a particular thought to convey, you have to get that from basically our own..what we have learned in the past..is that correct?"

Daniel: "Yes it is and your vocabulary is well sufficient."

R4: "Well that's good to hear, that was the next question. And I too would like to welcome you and thank you very much for spending time with me. I enjoyed our association. I hope you will return."

Daniel: "I will not return, for now I have the assigned, I have my work before me."

B1 "Daniel, this is the first B1 again. (Group laughter) I guess we have our work before us too."

V1: "Ask him if he knows you honey.

B1: "Well...Ham says that his teachings are prepared in collaboration with Melchizedek, our Planetary Prince, and I assume the same thing is true of you. My question is, 'Do each of you teachers have input so that it is a product of both your own teaching as well as Melchizedek or are these all prepared....do you do this as a group or do you do it in collaboration with Melchizedek?' If you can answer that question I would be curious."

Daniel: "Yes I can. We are given guidelines, subjects, and the depth of mental comprehension for each lesson. We are relatively free to embellish and make these personal for our own group. We are given a great freedom of expression and this expression is modified by our transmitter/receiver personality who is also unwittingly coloring the transmissions by the limitations of the human intellect."

B1 "Thank you for answering my question. I just have one more and don't want to take more than my share of time. Ham also conveyed in the teachings that I have heard that commitment on the part of each of us to attend your teachings is important and I am assuming that is also something you would expect of us, am I correct in that?"

Daniel: "Are you planning to miss any?" (group breaks up in uproarious laughter)

B1: "No, I don't think I am. (laughter continues).. I don't plan to miss any. I suppose that was maybe a foolish question but (laughter continues)..as a good teacher you would expect your pupils to be in attendance, I am sure. No, I don't plan to miss any. (laughter) You will see me there whenever it is physically possible." (more laughter)

B2: This is B2. (more laughter)..um, I had been asked by a friend to say hello to Ham if I could for him, and his name is T2. So if you could pass that on I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "Yes."


J2: "Teacher Daniel, this is J2. I have a question on humor. (more laughter) I would like to ask some guidelines on what you possibly consider as good humor, bad humor, possibly some examples of each, and what type of humor relaxation promotes spiritual growth."

Daniel: "Humor is buoyant to the spirit. Healthy and happy humor is always good. Unhealthy derision and taking pleasure in another's misfortune is not healthy and buoyant. It is like a weight, rather, a sinking weight. You can feel this difference within and should engage in the former humor type exclusively, if possible. I do not have time to elaborate."

J2: "Thank you teacher."

M3: "Hi, Daniel. This is M3. And I would also like to welcome you. I have a question concerning how Teachers are picked for specific groups. Are you perhaps more well trained to the group in Pocatello and are you our teacher to teach us a specific mission?"

Daniel: "I am matched to the mind of D3 very well and this is not accidental but the result of preparation of D3. Also I am well suited in personality compatibility with your general group atmosphere...personality types. You have all been scrutinized and evaluated for me and by me also, and I am prepared to be with you for some..some time, and have been prepared for some time prior so I feel ready to accept this responsibility and honor."

M3: "We thank you very much."

V3: "Hello Daniel. I am V3 and am with Ham's group. My question is have you been here before at our group..um.. and are you familiar with us. Have you been here before this evening?"

Daniel: "Yes, I have. I am somewhat familiar, but not to the extent as brother Ham."

V3: "Thank you."

Daniel: "I will receive one more question."

B1: "Just a tactical question Daniel. We have been in the practice of meeting on Sunday mornings in the Methodist church but we have to vacate that premise. And it occurred to me that when this all happened to us that it was probably for the best inasmuch as your teaching might not be comfortable or the experience of having this happening in the Methodist church might not be comfortable..and I am sure you know all this.. and we planned to meet instead in homes..and we planned at least..unless you want to make a change in this...we planned to meet this coming Sunday morning at 9:30 in D2 R3s' home. Is there any problem with that as our initial meeting as far as you can see?"

Daniel: "Wonderful."

V1: "Daniel, this is V1 from Pocatello and I can't help but wonder if you have been present in our groups and know us and our personalities...has it also been in the hands of other than humans that circumstances have reached the point where we were asked to meet in another place? Did super beings have anything to do with that move?"

Daniel: "Yes, if these circumstances had not arisen we would have asked you to relocate."

V1: "Thank you very much. I know you said there was one more question but...and I usually keep very quiet around strangers..should we stop now or is there another question, I don't know."

R1: "Teacher Daniel, while we are waiting for them with their microphone I would just like to say that I am thrilled with your answers as far as humor is concerned, for I would hate to stop all this fun we have been having."

J4: "Teacher Daniel, this is J4. Is father Ham, Abraham or anyone else present here tonight?"

Daniel: "Yes, they are."

J4: "Would you give them our greetings and our thanks for bringing about this wonderful opportunity to have you as a teacher up in Pocatello. This is wonderful. We are glad to see the work expanding."


Daniel: "Thank you. I will say good night this evening and will be present at your next meeting in Pocatello. Ham will be teaching next week and I am glad to be here with you all. Good evening."