1992-11-18-Understanding TR'ing

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Topic: Understanding TR'ing

Group: Corvallis TeaM


Teacher: LinEl, Machiventa

TR: Thea Hardy



LinEL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God enfolds you and holds you close. Wherever you are, he always is . Greetings, this is LinEL, your teacher. I welcome you all this evening. I am pleased to see so many . This is an exciting time for us all. I want to speak a few words about the process, program, that I have in mind for you.


Teaching Mission

Many of you have studied the Urantia Book for a long time and your intellectual understanding is in some instances very advanced. This mission has a different focus. We are here to help you put what you have learned into practice in your daily lives. This is what Michael wishes and we shall surely see this through together. There is one here who wishes to speak briefly with you. One moment.

Second Coming

Machiventa: Dear ones, it is I, Machiventa. I greet you all in love and fellowship. We are here to do the Father's will together as Michael has bid us. We are preparing for his arrival on Urantia. We ask you to help us in this preparation by learning to live the life as Michael himself lived it while upon your world. We welcome you all to this mighty enterprise. Know that we will surely prevail. I give you my blessings and know that you are known by Michael and by the Father himself. I will come to you again and I thank you for your willing service. Farewell.

LinEL: This is LinEL. I am pleased to have Machiventa present with us tonight. We wish you to understand our mission is both serious and joyful. We would encourage you to begin now to try to faithfully practice what we are teaching. I would like to give you an assignment for this coming week based upon the instructions we received in our training. Some of you have read of this in other teachings. I would ask that each of you choose to bring a question next week. The question would be whatever you most feel you wish to know, need to know, to help further your spiritual growth at this time. You will see although this may be difficult, we will also have a wonderful time in discussion.


I am anxious, if possible, that as many of you as can receive us learn to do so as soon as possible. I do not mean to place undue stress upon you, nor should you feel guilty if this is difficult, truly it is difficult for all and what you perceive as your failings are often times difficulties on our side as well. However all of you who have asked for personal teachers have them at this time and they are contacting you. We will try to develop discussions of this process to help facilitate your reception. Please share with each other all the experiences you have concerning this, it will make our work progress more quickly.

Thea is not well this evening therefore I will progress immediately to questions. May we have a few?


Mark: LinEL, is there different kinds of love or are there different ways of experiencing the same energy?

LinEL: Again, this is a question which revolves around your English language's use of a single word to describe a vast range of experience and expression. Love in the true sense of the universe has but a single source. This is the Father. You experience His love and express it through your living. Sometimes this becomes contaminated by different motivations but the love remains. You will learn in time to recognize this feeling which is not exactly as you may have been taught. Do you wish to clarify the meaning of your question further?

Mark: No, that is fine, thank you.

LinEL: Thank you Mark.


Delores: First of all I would like to ask how are you tonight and that we really appreciate you being with us. My other questions are about the T/R process. It seems like the ten minutes with the Father is a real focus into the heart contact with the Thought Adjuster. When we were talking earlier with Mark, he got better reception if he let his mind flow so the T/R happens with less focus involved. I am trying to sort out those different ways to perceive. Is it better to ask a lot of questions so that I can get quick answers rather than wait for something long like what Thea and Janet seem to be able to do. Is it a matter of talent, trust and practice? That's all, thank you.

LinEL: Greetings Delores. Thank you for your question. It is long and complex. I appreciate your appreciation. The process of transmitting and receiving is somewhat different for all yet there are many similarities. The silent time is not however specifically for the reception of your teacher. This is the time for you to seek and foster your relationship with the Father, to receive His love and comfort. One way in which this fosters the T/R experience is by making you feel more secure and relaxed. Relaxation is an important part for both the silence and for receiving and transmitting. Sometimes it proves to be the most difficult. For when you are not relaxed in body and mind, it can be very difficult to hear the words from this side. I would encourage each of you to find, to experiment, to find those methods which best suit your individual personality and lifestyle. This will certainly not be the same for each. As to whether it is better to ask questions, I would suggest that many times we cannot specifically answer you unless you specifically ask us. It is in part because we must respect your sovereign will. Therefore, if you have questions, do ask. This is not a process meant to be saved merely for a particular time, although when you are beginning you will probably find a pattern that unfolds. In time you will be able to hear us frequently when you wish. This is because in the days ahead when you go into the world to practice what you will be learning you will have companionship and guidance with you all the way. It does not matter for now if your answers from us are brief or lengthy, this will all sort out in time. It does not matter in terms of value of the message, it is more important that you make the contact. Nevertheless, your first need is always to strengthen your contact with the Father, for if you succeed in this you will succeed in all else. Have I answered your question sufficiently?

Delores: Yes, thank you very much.

LinEL: Thank you Delores.


Terry: LinEL this is Terry. We are pleased for you being here tonight along with Machiventa Melchizedek. In the Urantia Book Jesus spoke of returning to this world on several occasions. There have been several comments made presumably by the midwayers who have brought these records together of their thoughts of Michael returning. Also in the Urantia Book there is a summary of the Magisterial Sons mission. In studying both of these subjects in the Urantia Book by superimposing one upon the other, my thoughts or my thinking is, I guess the question I am leading up to is the return of Michael soon here upon this earth? Will it be in the form of a Magisterial type mission?

LinEL: Terry, greetings. You may be frustrated in the future by my response to some questions. I am here primarily to assist in helping you all to live your daily lives as Michael has taught. Many of these questions are fascinating to us all and even on this side we are not exactly certain how the framework will work out. We ponder this ourselves because on Urantia, in Nebadon, things are happening which do not fit into the usual categories. For now, we will all have to remain satisfied to ponder this in our hearts. You will find I am not always forthcoming with particular questions. I do not do this to plague any of you, but because my mission here concerns your spiritual growth and I would ask if possible that the focus remain here. I know you have much curiosity, all of you on this planet. Sometimes we marvel at your curiosity because it seems more extreme than that of those of us who came up through planets settled in Light and Life. However, Please know your curiosity is a good trait even if we cannot always satisfy it and know that we love you and enjoy your questioning.

Terry: I understand and I thank you very much.

LinEL: Thank you Terry.

Thought Adjusters, Communication

Tom: Is it possible LinEL, to communicate with our Thought Adjusters in the way the teachers are communicating with us.

LinEL: Greetings Tom, this is an excellent question. I am glad you asked it. Indeed it is possible for you as volunteers to the corps to hear your Thought Adjusters voice if you persist in the silence. You will know this by messages of unparalleled love and affection for you. We would encourage you therefore to remember that the point of the silence is to hear the voice of your Thought Adjuster. So do not think when these words start to come to you that you must push them away, to remain silent. This is important. Please allow these messages of love to you to come into your minds and hearts for this is the purpose of the silence and you will find increasingly you can receive direct guidance from your Thought Adjuster. Yes.

Tom: It has been said that the transmitting/receiving is based upon electrochemical brain reactions. If one were to control their brain waves into the alpha or theta level, does that have an effect on the communication?

LinEL: It is somewhat related although there are differences. There are literal physical construction changes being made to enhance your ability to attain such states of appropriate brain wave function. This is indeed part of the process and some of you will find somewhat disturbing mental states occasionally result. Do not concern yourself if you feel occasionally, "spaced out" is the word I find in Thea's mind. This will become comfortable or pass in time.

Tom: Thank you. LinEL: Thank you Tom.

Delores: LinEL, Thea asked me to ask you about pain that accompanies transmissions and if there is anything that can lessen that, like a key or some breathing or some sort of relaxation thing that we could use if it is painful.

LinEL: Delores, your question is interesting. This has been one problem we have had with this process. Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that each of you is bio-chemically different. Therefore, we have not yet discovered any one method that will suit for all. This is why we encourage you to try different things because as you find ways which work it also enhances our understanding so that we may help others. Any relaxation techniques that seem to work for you that you may share with each other to try are suitable. Please discuss this amongst yourselves and know that we will be listening in as it were. Are there any more questions at this time?

Know then that we are all thrilled to be with you all. You have no idea how much this means to us. We are together brothers and sisters on your side and ours, trying to work as a large team. Believe me you have no idea how large of a team is on this side. You would be almost amused to see.


We feel strongly that this group is doing quite well in this process and feel confident that many of you will soon be recognizing your teachers who are eagerly awaiting you. We look forward to being able to sit together here and discuss our plans for the future. The most important things for the present still are seek the Father. We know this sounds like a broken record, but nevertheless it is the ultimate answer to all questions. Next, try to practice in your life being a channel for the Father's love towards all whom you meet. Do not be dismayed when you fail. Simply start and try again. I will await eagerly your next meeting and ask that you think about your assignment. Know that you are always surrounded by the love of the Father. Michael's presence is with you as well and we are all dedicated to helping you to help us to do the Father's will. I truly love you all. Farewell.