1992-12-06-View World As Michael Does

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Topic: View World As Michael Does

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Unison Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher, your friend. Wow! is what I must say to your dialogue and conversation before this meeting! For you to come together as a group and share openly is a sign of your growth and your turning yourselves over, indeed. You have all come a great length in the past year, the past few months, especially in your coming to terms with the relationship you have with the First Source and Center and your commitment to following Him. The time you spend in sharing should not be one that should cause any of you anxiety in reference to it taking a long time to go through the group, for when you do share you allow yourself to fulfill your humanness. Have you not thought that you are, indeed, human be-ings, you are becoming? Be-ing requires that you know what it means to be. In speaking frankly with one another, in allowing yourself the time to speak that which you are at any given time, lets you take another step in be-ing in your growing toward your potential. And so I congratulate you on your ability to be.


Rather than give a long lesson I am going to give you an assignment. This assignment stems from the words that B2 shared regarding viewing life as through the eyes of Jesus. I ask each of you this week to put on the vision of Christ Michael and start out slowly, for hours here or there, viewing the world as would Christ Michael. Hopefully one day you may be able to view a whole day as He would. If you are not able to do so, do not feel that you have failed, rather look at this as a way that you can take a path to the Father by emulating and becoming more aware of the reaction and the teachings of Michael; that as you become more aware of them, that you, too, will become more like Him.

And might I add that it is true that in order for you to provide generous, loving service that, indeed, there must be some completeness and wholeness within you. Know that the way you pray is in line with that which is correct. Often this week, many times you will find yourselves praying for the vision of Christ Michael, that it can become a part of you. And so, this is a great undertaking. Even though you may be busy, you may have many pressing moments, pressing engagements, much work to accomplish, strive to view life through the love of God. When you do this you will find that your actions follow suit. Grow this week so that you can be and become more of your potential. I will now accept questions."


Thought Adjusters

V1: "Daniel, I feel a little bit embarrassed that the last several weeks I have always been the first one to ask questions and here I am again. I do have one that came as a result of our sharing about the Thought Adjuster. And, of course, you heard our comments about the fact that I feel so protected knowing that I am indwelt by the Father Fragment. And yet in the discussion they were saying there was the possibility of the Thought Adjuster leaving us. And would you just give us some insight or wisdom on that? Does this happen to us mortals? And does it leave a void? I don't know."

Daniel: "On occasion Thought Adjusters leave the body of those with whom they are indwelling and pursue a mission of importance, during which time the ascending being is afforded much love and assistance from these other caretakers, other beings in the spiritual realm. The time that the Thought Adjuster is away is a time when what transpires in the ascending being's life is not daily recorded. However, when the Adjuster is again indwelling, that which has transpired that merits good is again given over to your soul growth. While the soul does not progress, is more dormant at this time, it receives its full merit once the Adjuster returns. Have no fear, any of you, if ever this should occur. There is so much help available for you and especially those who already have made it a firm commitment to follow the Father. Relax, and be assured in God's care you all are, and forever will be. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, thank you Daniel, very much. So, would we necessarily feel the absence of the Thought Adjuster. Would we feel differently or would we go ahead and know that God's care is there in a different form?"

Daniel: "For most there would be no noticeable difference. Those who freely communicate with their Adjuster would realize the absence. Those who freely communicate are not great and many as of yet. You, most, would live their life just as they did as a young child before they were indwelt, knowing and having the protection of others around them, indeed."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel."


B2: "Daniel, I have a question that isn't concerning what we talked about tonight. But I had occasion in Coeur D'Alene to talk with a friend who believes in reincarnation and I use my explanation that I have derived myself that we can possibly get fragments of information concerning another person's life. And it's so personal and it is packaged in such a way that it seems that it is our own memory. And in essence it is such a clear vision that it in fact becomes our own memory, even though we didn't in actuality walk that path. Is that valid or is there a better way of describing that concept or helping people that believe in reincarnation see other ways?"

Daniel: "All must answer this question in their own way. What you have put forth is very well stated, very well thought out. Know also that as you are a physical being, so also are you a spiritual being, so also are you part of the intelligence of the universe. Those thoughts that are part of one's thought pattern are projected into the outer and become a part of collective consciousness. And know also that there is the genetic code that happens from one generation to another, the imprint of the ancestors. Many ways of speaking of reincarnation have been put forth. Your statements clearly have validity for you and will help others also. Does this help?"

B2: "Yes, thank you very much. I have one other question. I had a really interesting experience, I don't know if you are aware or not. I believe it was on Saturday, a week ago. I woke up and had a conversation with B9 while she was making breakfast and we talked about the Native American culture and lore and how it is interesting to each of us even though it is not our path, maybe as an anthropologist would find it interesting to study another culture. But as I went through the day I thought about birds and owls being of special importance to me and as I went through the day I had four people talk about owls. And it just seemed more than way beyond a coincidence. Is there something more that I haven't gained from that experience? I mean, it was really fascinating that that happened."

Daniel: "Again you must realize that thoughts are real, as real as your physical body, as real as your spiritual body. And as you project, others who are sensitive are going to be open to perceive thoughts. Of course, coincidence could play a part. Four times in one day does not seem to go along with your science of probability, does it? And so must you in your own being come to terms with whatever lessons, whatever truth can be revealed to you by whatever measure."

B2: "Thank you."


N1: "Daniel, along those same lines, maybe not exactly, but I'm still experiencing repeating numbers everywhere. And it was interesting to me, too, because when W1 was here she told me that she had started seeing numbers. She didn't call them repeating numbers, she called them doubled numbers. And I gave her the word repeating. Is there any significance in both W1 and I seeing them? You have told me that they are part of my own subconscious and does that mean that my subconscious is just not resolved on certain issues and when I get those things resolved that the repetitions will stop? Or can you tell me anything more about that?"

Daniel: "It is likely that you will, when you have resolved your problems, you will not be relying on other outside input to help you to be focused on being or becoming, on growing and healing. Numbers are capable of repetition quite frequently. Often it is because of a person's inner vision and inner being trying to resolve issues that the inner vision triggers your physical apparatus or eyesight to notice these sorts of happenings time and again. Others view them in other ways. Repeating numbers happens to be one vehicle that you have taken further. Does this help?"(see 11:11)

C2: "Daniel, while we are talking about these kinds of phenomena I'm wondering about hearing the phone ringing?"

Daniel: "This is a good alarm for you, is it not?"

C2: "It certainly is a signal. I don't know if it is an alarm. I don't feel alarmed, but it says to me that something is going on in that it may be related to a relationship that has a spiritual connection. I don't want to get into that so I won't even pursue to clarify that because that takes me to places that I don't want to go. And if you don't want to get caught, you don't swim in the waters. But the other is that God calls. Certainly not an alarm but some kind of summons."

Daniel: "Yes, wording here is just wording, a signal will do, yes. And each individual in their own conscious and subconscious will have trigger points, so to speak, when they need to become aware, indeed. And the phone ringing for you is beneficial and safe, too, for you. As with all of these types of things, one must seek a balance. To go overboard and put all of your apples, so to speak, in one basket, whether it be a signal such as a phone ringing or repeating numbers would be error. You have been given thought, wisdom, and knowledge. Use these to help you to make any final decision or action. Utilize the other only as a tool in helping you to be more aware of that which is going on in your life."

C2: "Daniel, does that mean that that phone ringing may be generic verses particular? Do you understand?"

Daniel: "It can be often that, just the common everyday thing. However, to be able to decipher or to be able to utilize clues given to you, will be beneficial in the long run. What is important is that when you hear the signal, that you pay attention to it. Know then from your intellectual framework, the experience of life and etc., if it is indeed generic or a signal for specific action to be taken. Do you see?"

C2: "I see that the next task is to discern what that action would be."

Daniel: "Exactly."

C2: "And I am assuming that discernment comes with meditation and prayerful consideration and opening oneself up to the (?)."

Daniel: "Exactly."


V1: "I have written down in my notebook this week a friend's name, C8, who died several years ago now. And she made the statement that she wanted this life to end her existence, that she did not want to continue. And I can't help but ask the question if, indeed, a human being makes that kind of statement in this life, number one, do they really mean it and number two, do they get another opportunity to get more information? Is this what has happened with C8? I don't know if you know those things but if you could answer the first two, that would be wonderful!"

Daniel: "In this lifetime you can either choose to go on or you may choose not to. But it does not end with the decision made at this level of reality for you. As you go from one plane to another you are given more opportunity to make that choice. Those who are fully committed to transcending, to continuing on are, of course, viewed differently than those who are being more limited in their view. Of course, they will be given the opportunity many times to decide whether or not to continue. Have no fear for your friend. While the trappings of this life brought upon the mental outlook a desire to not continue, greater enlightenment and understanding changes the picture for many. Your friend is still in existence, still coming to a decision, is working well toward ascending."

V1: Thank you, Daniel. That's wonderful!"

B1: "That's wonderful!"

Race, Justice

N1: "Daniel, I've been reading about the dawn of the human races and as I've heard in other tapes I'm not the only one to be bothered by part of what I hear there. What I also read was that the different races are not equal in order for us to learn tolerance and all that kind of stuff. If you want to address my discomfort with the idea of evolution having better thans and worse thans..I guess that is what I am asking you to do. And this gets to some of C2's discussions of justice. I guess I'm having some problems with the idea that evolution doesn't seem to be very just on this plane. And, again, it is one of those things of waiting to see it unfold. Can you discuss why it is set up unequally to begin with?"

Daniel: "This is not within my realm of being able to convey to you with any more clarity than is already presented in the book. Part of this is involved with Life Carriers reactions and the work they carry on with their fulfilling the will of the Father. There are many, many areas, many reasons that these things have occurred. Know, also, that what appears, often is to you with limited vision, unequal; and given time and a broader perspective, a more thorough understanding would come about. Do not place upon the greatness of the Father any set of limitations, that He would place any ascending being at a greater advantage over another. It is most difficult to give these concepts given the limited understanding of Urantians at present. My thoughts, my words to you are this. I understand where you coming from in asking this question. Give over, if you will, to the Father's knowledge and greatness, that in time you will understand this concept more fully. Do not allow the thinking of the Father putting forth any injustices to hamper your spiritual growth. Trust and have faith in Him that as time goes by you will come to understanding. Do you see?"

N1: "Yes, I think I do. Maybe you could clarify for me how terms are viewed, and maybe not. Maybe it is an inappropriate question. I'm not sure I know what inferior and superior mean, and I am not sure what survival capability..what is being measured in survival capability. Can you tell me in what way the Urantia Book uses the terms superior and inferior and what give us survival capability? I know that I have been raised in a antisocial Darwinism where this idea of competition and ability to survive has been used to justify atrocious behavior. And so when I hear superior and inferior and survival capability, and I know you just said that you understood from whence I came, I guess it triggers a lot of that social Darwinism for me and the atrocities in capitalism that are done in the name of superiority and survival ability in 'the survival of the fittest' crap. And I know that the Urantia Book must not...it sounds like some of that is there but not certainly the social Darwinism and capitalism. I may just have repeated my question which you have already answered. If I did, I apologize and I will accept your original answer."

Daniel: "In one short lifetime or one long lifetime, depending on the individual and their life span, each is given the ability to choose their path. Their path is such that in following the path that they gain individual experiences. Know this, know what experience, however important or significant that goes into bringing forth more soul growth; and so despite the outward appearances of life you have within the man, the individual, it is the individual, himself, herself, no matter what the outlying circumstances may be that determines whether they will continue on. For you on this plane to try to understand the judgment, so to speak, capabilities or picture overall would be like asking a child of five years old to understand Einstein's Theory of Relativity. What you are asked to do is to work through your life knowing that you, the individual, are only capable of your own actions; that the actions of the many are not what are important in whether or not there is survival. The atrocities, the injustices are somehow minuscule in comparison to the individual soul who is far superior to any of other outward things. That you, because of your ability to choose are afforded that through all ages. The book's lessons are not meant to show any one person as superior or inferior. What the book puts forth is that various races had abilities that could help them to progress and move forward; that it is within each race, the individuals themselves, that count. And when the Spirit of Truth was poured out over the land then all who were capable of making a will choice of moral value received within them that Fragment of the Father that would insure progression if so desired. The Father does not look upon any as being inferior or superior, but as His child and creation. Do not try to sit with the Ancients of Days and figure out that which you are not in full understanding of at this point; rather, all of you, strive to live your lives in whatever place of your beingness that you are. Does this help?"


N1: "Yes, Daniel, that does help. Thank you. And a separate question is...last week I mentioned that I was having a problem understanding my humanness and I think I got an insight in what you said earlier after our sharing. Is being human and be-ing just being real? Feeling what we are feeling and sharing it honestly?"

Daniel: "What do you think?"

N1: "Yes!"

Daniel: "And so if one is being, he is real. Yes."

N1: "So even if we don't like our thoughts at the moment or our feelings at the moment, they are what is real and that is be-ing?"

Daniel: "At that moment it is be-ing. But also you know that you, because you are an intelligent creature, you realize that your thought and your feeling at any given time is subject to change and what you are be-ing now is not a total reflection of who you are inside, but rather a conglomerate or all those things. You are part of a chemical/electrical body which because of its makeup often triggers emotions, responses, feelings, and thoughts that are not who you really are in the total picture, but who you are at that moment. When you can understand this you will better allow yourself to understand your moment of just be-ing at any given time. It is amazing for us who have gone beyond the experiential plane that you have now of the physical, to see how when you are in any given moment feeling happy, joyful, and confident and full of hope, that you don't often realize that this, too, is just another state of being. And when you are in the opposite side how much harder it is for you to call forth that hope and realize that this, too, will pass! So what your overall agenda is, becomes more each day as you are in the moment of your being. Is this helpful?"

N1: "Yes, it is. I'm thinking about be-ing and I'm also thinking about the assignment that you gave us. It is overwhelming, really."

B1: Daniel, as I was listening to you answering N1's question about(at least this is what I thought I understood you to be saying)..about these inequities of our social situations in this world; that they, themselves, aren't the whole picture; that perhaps people that we would regard as less fortunate than ourselves may have experiences that will foster soul growth at a faster rate or more completely than someone whose life is easy and whose material pot is full, so to speak. And I was also wondering that some of you teachers are from planets that are advanced in Light and Life..(I think I have gotten this from other teachers's transcripts) that perhaps we should...it's difficult for us to know this but..perhaps we should regard our turbulent world as not quite so much of a negative thing as we tend to do in that perhaps we are able to grow at a much faster rate of soul growth. On that last one, now, is there some merit to that?"

Daniel: "Question number one, yes, very well stated and very well put, indeed. Question number two: often because of your having to accept so much on faith and yet the willingness to keep moving forward, to withstand the struggles and the trials does afford you many, many opportunities for more soul growth. On a planet with Light and Life there is much more help available, much more understanding, much more clarity regarding the process of life, that many of the opportunities that you on this plane must accept through faith are not available on a planet in Life and Light. And so the experience must be, again, attained in other ways. Do you see?"

B1: "OK."


V1: "Daniel, I just want to thank you for your teaching. It always seems to say the things we need. And I appreciate all the questions that are asked in the group. Somehow the answers are for the needs I also have. And just a thought, Mind Walk, the film we watched yesterday . .there were two things that I remember as a result of our conversation and discussion. Number one..'healing the universe begins within' was one of the phrases in the film and of course that is what you just said. And I couldn't help but think of some of the races that are treated inferiorly by our culture, the Native Americans in particular. In the film yesterday it said that [in their culture] they would do nothing that would have harmed the seventh generation. And of course we [white man] don't even think about the next generation. And so I am not sure which [culture/race] is inferior or superior as we look at those things."

Daniel: "Indeed. You are beginning to see. One cannot ever judge by appearances or judge another for what they appear to be as to their being. That is not any of your jobs. You have so much to do on this plane. Give up this baggage of judging, ever! For it is only the work of others, that the Father decrees to others in that regard. For you to assume a role that is not rightfully yours is taking on more than you can, is being self prideful. You are all coming into beautiful awarenesses of the poison that judging another brings into your life and into the society's life in general. Your awarenesses are indeed growing. I congratulate you all in this regard."

C2: "Daniel, I want to thank you for the conversation; and getting back to the justice issue...in working with the issue of justice there is a statement of God's preferential opinion for the poor and I guess I have been listening to the understanding of our not understanding justice in all of that, but perhaps that's another way of looking at God's preferential opinion for the poor, whether that be poor in spirit, poor in health, poverty that comes in fact for help in the midst of adversity, so that the justice part is God's closeness and one's being at oneness with God, helps balance that. Is that anywhere near an understanding that ties that all together?"

Daniel: "Yes, this is a good way of seeing this aspect. In one's life one cannot ever regard the creation of the universe, of the creatures within the universe as part of a much, much greater and grander, intelligent compassion than one on this plane can understand. It was spoken earlier that even God's will is not always what transpires, but because the First Source and Center has such love for His creatures, that He does give to them free agency, that even though by doing so He may lose them, He still loves them far more than the thought of losing them. And therefor leaves choice to them. And so, how can one begin to understand justice, begin to understand all that unfolds or transpires on any given plane at any given moment in history? The knowledge that all is in the overcare of the First Source and Center, the trust and faith that you give in this regard is the overriding matter. For when you give over to the Father, when you align yourself with Him, then you are taking those things which seem and are out of balance and you begin, because of your coming into balance, adding another pebble to the balancing of the overall. You must do what you can in your daily lives to keep and to heal and to balance yourself, so that you can be available to God's will for others in their life to help them. And with each person aligning themselves with the Father, that which is in disequalibrium will come back into alignment. Try, my friends, to do your most important work in aligning yourselves, that you can begin to help the overall picture come into alignment as well. Do you see?


And so my thrust to you this week, my challenge to you will not be easy. It is not expected that you will be proficient in all areas. Try, however, to walk with the Master this week, Him by your side, seeing through His eyes. I leave you now to spend the time with Him this week. My love and peace to you all. Good evening."