1993-07-13-Not Off Tangents Please

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Topic: Not Off Tangents Please

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: Our God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. Where ever we are He is. Happy are we hat are gathered with you today in this undertaking. I am JarEl. I am your Teacher.

Joe: We welcome you, JarEl. We are so glad to be here with you.

Betty: Welcome, JarEl. Good evening.

JarEl: Good evening to you both. I wish to establish that I will be with you for the duration of this mission.

Betty and Joe: Wonderful!


Light, Vision

JarEl: We have much to do in preparation for His coming. There is much preparation to take place within your group. You have wisely taken steps to ensure reasonable organization of your group with minimal amount of disruption. Feed your new charges wisely and they will become new strength and support to the whole. As we talked at last meeting , the foundation and each pillar that supports the structure is important. Remember that each person has value. Respect that value and you will not err. To each of you is given a task to be fulfilled in this mission. Your tasks shall be revealed to you as you progress in the circles. We are confident that each of you will successfully complete your obligation. If it were not so, you would not have been called to this undertaking.

I, your teacher, am charged with your care; with your growth; with your enlightenment. If you do not understand my message, then ask me for further explanation. Let not yourselves wander in darkness and ignorance when we offer so much light to you. Knock and the door shall be opened. Let not fear, doubt, distrust hold you back from seeking knowledge and that which is rightfully your inheritance. Speak the words as they are given to you. All are capable of these communication. All must try to perceive our presence and messages. Fear not to error. It is in the attempt that success will be found. See you not how Douglas has progressed? At on time he was filled with uncertainties, but through his daily seeking the Father, his uncertainties have been replaced with faith. His doubts have been replaced with knowing. Just as his fears have been removed and replaced with joy. See you not your companion? Be likewise. Shed the fear; Stand on your belief.

All is well with the Teaching Mission. All is progressing as planned. I thank you for your steadfastness. I commend you for your courage. It is not easy coming from so much error into so much light. The Light has a tendency to impair one's vision. But after a time the physical eyes become accustomed to the light and a new clarity and vision materializes. So it is with your spiritual eyes. As you awaken to this new light to truth , it can momentarily blind you. But as you become accustomed to this light you spiritual eyes take on a new vision. This vision has the ability to interpret anew, all knowledge that the Father desires to impart to you.

Take heed my children; slow yourselves; adjust your spiritual eyes to the light of truth. Envision the knowledge that we impart in this the teaching mission. It is time for your growth. We are prepared to assist you. However, you must be diligent in your efforts and dedicated to this Mission. Is this clear to all.



Betty and Joe: Yes, JarEl.

JarEl: Thank you for your understanding. Share this message with the others. At this time I bring you greetings from Aflana. She sends her love to all and says that she will be with you from time to time as her duties permit.

Before I entertain you questions, I ask that you keep them within the scope of what is relevant to you personally and to the group as a whole. I do not and will not entertain going off on byroads and tangents that will not lead to productivity in spiritual development. You must keep in mind that all that is important is your own spiritual development. Your development is essential; is paramount; is important to the success of the Teaching Mission. I cannot impress you enough with this fact. Please adhere to this. Remind one another of this. Am I clear?

Betty and Joe: Yes, JarEl. we do understand.

JarEl: Thank you. please proceed with any questions you may have.


Joe: JarEl, I've been having a little trouble even though I have heard your words. In the reference to the transmitting. I will, of course, need to just practice being with the Father and that will take care of it. But do you have some words for me as far as that's concerned?

JarEl: Yes, Joseph. You hear our words, but you block them from your speech pattern. It is not enough to hear . You must hear and obey. When we direct you to speak the words, you hear this clearly in you minds. You hear the words. You hear our direction, but that old devil pops up --his name is fear. You must slay this dragon, Joseph, once and for all. He stands at the door to devour you. You have the ability. You must choose to obey our command or to shrink in this fear. We shall respect your choice. We shall assist you by all means available to us. But you must make a step . Does this help you, Joseph?

Progress, Barriers

Joe: Yes, it does. Along the lines of what your telling me last week when we were together, I had asked a question that I didn't quite get clear answer. I wondered if it was possible to get a clarification today? As far as my feeling that I was able to funnel or my choice was made and that it was a lot easier to do the Father's will at an earlier age, and it is much more difficult for me now. And I sense that as a regression or can you speak to me to that effect?

JarEl: Think not of regression. There is only progress. There is only development. You cannot go backwards. You can only stop. If you stop, decay sets in. You must move forward from this point to the next point. To seek development; to seek spiritual growth ; forget the past.. It has relevance; relevance only in relationship to your growth now. Let not the past be a stumbling block in your path to your growth. You must get past this fear of moving into the future.

This stifles you. This holds you back as one holding your coat. As you trudge forward into this adventure, reach back and take his hand from your coat. Free yourself to move forward. This is all.

JarEl: Yes, Betty. You ask is this true of you also? It is so, but you have a different block. Your block comes from your uncertainty as to who you are. You seek your place in this world. Dear one, free yourself to be yourself. Take the step that allows you to be free in your creativeness. You have friends that will understand and will assist you. Reach out in love; accept their love. It is time to be about the Father's business. Let not these trifles of personality conflicts interfere with development to the path. Who will you trust in this endeavor? Your own guidance or the guidance that the Father has sent to you? Has not your own guidance, time and time again, put you in a rut of despair and depression? Has not your guidance set you apart from one another? Submit yourselves to the guidance of this Mission. Be wholehearted: seek His counsel in the stillness daily. We promise you, you will be successful. We promise you, He will hear you and guidance will be yours. Do you understand our words?

Betty and Joe: Yes, JarEl, indeed we do.

JarEl: This is good. I am happy to share with you all that I know of the Father. Know in your hearts and your minds that you are loved beyond all reason. Accept this love: be genuine in your thoughts and actions and your deeds. However you perceive and know the Father and His will, do that. I want to say take the chance, because this is the word picture in Douglas's mind. But this is not correct. It is not a chance in the sense that you know it. It is not a gamble in one that you can lose on. You cannot lose. Success is yours. It is for the taking. But you dear ones, must take the step in faith. Search yourselves; you know!. We will pause for a moment to reflect. I will pray with you and conclude the session.

Dear Father of Light, who knows all things. Our First Source and Center , in who we have our being. Bless these dear ones who come to you in faith among uncertainties and doubts. Bless them Dear Father to know Thee as we your teachers have found. Bless us Dear Father to impart to these children your light of truth. Bless us Dear Father to impart to them a knowledge of Thee. Help us Dear God to become mortal ascenders who are worthy to stand before Thee in Paradise. Father we thank you for your help in granting us this Teaching Mission. Praise be to you and our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. Amen.

Betty and Joe: Amen


JarEl: Dear ones, I will take my leave at this time. I trust that you will reflect on these matters and take them to heart. That you will join in the spirit of comradeship and love to assist us in bringing about Light and Life according to the dictates of our Creator Son, Michael. I thank you. I love you. Farewell

Betty and Joe: Farewell. Thank you, JarEl.