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Topic: Prayer

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: The Presence of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The love of God protects us. Wherever we are He is.

Greetings to you who are gathered today. I am JarEl. I am your Teacher. Happy am I at this occasion. You have gathered together in the Father's name seeking to do His will in this the Teaching Mission. Pleased are we on this side at your assistance; at your obedience to our directions to seek the stillness. To share God's love with one another and with your fellow creatures. It is our desire to fulfill Christ Michael's wishes. That the Teaching Mission will bring all to a greater understanding and unfoldment of the divine will and purpose. Happy are we that you are progressing. Happy are we that our messages are being received and understood in your individual lives and in this group setting. Give praise and thanks to the Father for your unity of purpose.



Our Lesson for today will touch on prayer. I say touch on prayer, because prayer is a great subject. It cannot be complete in this session, nor in a hundred sessions. Prayer is our link to the Father. Prayer is a vehicle to greater growth. Prayer enables us to receive divine understanding and guidance. When you pray, pray in the Father's name. Seek His presence and His guidance. In the past, we have been in the habit of praying only in our own self-interest. Since the appearance of Christ Michael on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth, He has taught a new prayer. One that encompasses all of mankind.

So, I, your teacher restate that teaching of Christ Michael. You are to pray for one another. You are to pray for all mankind. You are to pray and ask the Father's blessings, guidance, protection and understanding for yourselves, your loved ones and all of mankind. You must reach out in prayer; in unity with the same purpose and desire for growth and understanding of the Father's will. Through your prayer times in seeking the stillness you can experience first hand the Father's love and direct communication with your indwelling Adjuster.

Your Adjuster is a part of this mechanism of prayer. It will help you to reach higher consciousness in your prayer. When you pray and His guidance, your prayer are answered almost before you ask. Through prayer you must learn to trust the voice that you hear. Surely it is recognizable. You may perceive it as your own, but in truth it is the voice of the adjuster speaking through you, to you. So doubt not these communications. Have faith in the Father that He will lead and guide you on the path of righteousness. You must trust in the process. In so doing your prayer times will be rewarding. Think back to your last efforts at prayer. Did you not feel the guidance, and the urging, and the leading, of your Father fragments? Think on this for a moment, We will pause. 1. Do you find yourself saying: "Ah Ha! The guidance was there."This is what we mean. The Adjuster is ever present. Therefore, God the Father, is ever present in your heart and in your mind. He is there for the reaching. Reach with you heart to the Father. Allow Him space. Allow Him space in your heart and mind. It is His desire for your growth, continued progress and spiritual attainment.

Another aspect of prayer is to solve our problems. We have numerous problems to encounter while on the path. But if you diligently, daily seek guidance through prayer, these problem will not be the mountains that you initially see. If you earnestly seek through prayer, these mountains will diminish right before your spiritual eyes. You will realize that they were not so bad; they were not so big after all. This is a example of allowing the Father control. He is happy to remove all obstacles from your growth path. However, He will not override your freewill. You it is who must ask. Remember always the Bibles supplication, "Ask and it shall be given." Know this; believe this; practice this daily.

Stillness, Ritual

To continue seeking the stillness should be a part of your prayer service. After laying you petitions before the Father, rest and seek the stillness. Take this quiet time to feed your spiritual souls; to relax and bathe in the presence of God. Do not limit yourself to once a day. You may seek the Father and the stillness as often as you have opportunity. Do not get confused or caught up in a set ritual. You my utilize all free time in addition to taking care of your mortal needs. The object is to try and keep the Father ever in mind. So as you think in these terms, this is also prayer. Remember one another, your families and friends always at prayer. This builds the unity and love of your group.

I am happy and I desire each of you to feel this happiness of being part of this Teaching Mission during this Correction Time. Know that you are loved much by all. The Father, Christ Michael, your Teachers, your serving Midwayers, Cherubim, and your celestial friends. They are all in unity about this mission. They smile upon you and send their love. Be in receipt of their love. Let in radiate your beings. Thank you all. You may proceed with your questions.


Joe: JarEl. this is Joe. On behalf of the group, I would like to welcome you and all of our unseen friends. I personally for one thank you for the wonderful advice. I am still waging war with my dragon, and hope to slay it soon with your guidance and the Father's aide. Is that something that I can still do even further to accomplish my task of slaying my dragon?

JarEl: Welcome, Joseph. Thank you for your words. We are happy with your progress. Yo have stepped on the path, Joseph. Allow yourself to see your progress little by little. Daily your faith increases. Seek the stillness more often. I believe this will help you. As you become more God conscious your dragon of fears have less and less power. It diminishes as you seek more the presence of the Father. The two cannot coexist. As you allow the Father's 2. presence to fill that space, fear is pushed out and away. So I say to you, seek more often the presence of God through prayer; through the stillness and in your daily activities. Reflect and acknowledge God's presence in your life. This can be done silently. We understand that you have many activities in your mortal spheres. Go about your activities, but remember the Father. This is simple. That is all.

Dixie: Good afternoon, this is Dixie. I apologize for not completing the transcripts ahead of time so that they could have your messages from the practice sessions. I would just like to extend the welcome that if you would like to speak through me using automatic writing such as when I am on the computer, you may do so. Also, you're welcome to be with me when I am typing the transcripts also.

JarEl: Thank you, Dixie. And let me extend my welcome to you. We have talked, and you have received my guidance. No apology is necessary. Your efforts in this task are commendable. We desire that the transmissions be completed with all due human haste.

Dixie: I thought at times that I did feel your presence with me; that you were talking to me. I feel very comfortable writing your messages on the computer or on paper. I know that I have to learn to share them with the group.

JarEl: This is true. This should be a lesson for all. There are numerous teachers; numerous helpers and all are trying to communicate thoughts and ideas to enhance your growth. So be aware that at all times we are here to be of service to you. Allow our presence; allow our help and you will be rewarded in growth.

Dixie: I share these transmissions with my Tony, my husband. I feel better when talking with him. He had a question that I felt I answered to the best of my knowledge. He was concerned that you as a Teacher, if you have lived on another planet, how could you help us humans on this planet? Violet also gave him somewhat of an answer, that you were in training sometime before coming here and that you were mortals on other worlds. Is this a correct answer for Tony?

JarEl: Yes. This one needs to develop his own understanding. He is sympathetic with you and this cause. You have a saying amongst yourselves to the effect, "that each tub must stand on it's own bottom." This is a message for Tony. "Read the text a little at a time. You must begin." If he takes a step, we will assist. If he steps in faith, wherever his faith is at this point, it will increase. It is permissible to share with him. However, we do not want you to complete the roof of the temple before the foundation and pillars are there to support the growth. Do you understand?

Dixie: I understand that he has to assimilate this knowledge;gather his own knowledge as he progresses.And I can't 3. progress him from some point where I am now. That he has to begin from his point. That I cannot push him.

JarEl: That is correct. The foundation must be in place. The foundation in the text, The Urantia Book.Also in the Bible. Wherever he is comfortable with, let him begin there. Support and encourage him. This is all.

Dixie: Thank you very much. Stella: My I speak now? JarEl: Please, do.

Stella: JarEl, I am relatively new to this group, but I do want to thank you for your beautiful message today. Please extend my thanks to the celestial beings on the other side who have helped often with miraculous results for the past 15 years and before. And particularly that Sunday that I was stranded at 8:00p.m. And I also want to say I have often gone ahead with the Urantia Book teachings despite human opposition. Now, the fair Sunday in Whittier is that a most effective way to reach people or is there another way?

JarEl: Dear one, your faith is noted on high. Your practice and study of the text is commendable. Your desire to do the will of the Father should be obvious to your fellows as it is among us. We commend you and are joyous at your efforts to share the experience of the Urantia Book and this Teaching Mission. Your effort this past week has planted seeds that will yield great harvest. My message to you is to trust His process; allow sufficient time for the seeds to take root. Your program is correct. Proceed with trust. Trust in your efforts; in the ideas that develop with your spiritual growth. Am I clear?

Stella: Yes. Thank you. Is there anything else that I should particularly do in the future?

JarEl: Continue in your practice of sharing and seeking direction through prayer and the stillness. There are others who will seek you very soon. Prepare yourself to assist them. Share your love with those who are coming. That is all.

Effort, Practice

Violet: JarEl, this is Violet. I have sort of a question on the subject of prayer. When we pray or seeking the stillness, are we looking for direction? Is that basically what it is? That we just wait for some sort of creative thought or idea as an answer to specific problems or help that you are asking for?

JarEl: Welcome, Violet. I am happy that you asked this question. When you pray and seek the stillness, there is phenomena that takes place. You are opening your heart and your mind to the presence of the Father through your Thought Adjuster. However, most of you try too hard. You put forth to much effort and in so doing you block the receipt of His presence. You must let go and let God. You have heard this before. Relax yourselves. Try and think of nothing. This takes practice. Do not beat yourself each time you cannot attain 4. this state. Simply start over. Practice will eventually make perfect. Be sure you are comfortable and there are no distractions. You are used to listening with the mortal ear, so all sounds capture your attention and divert your thought processes from the stillness. When this happens allow yourself to regroup and seek anew. Practice this way and you should be rewarded with attainment of the stillness. Stillness may be perceptible on numerous levels. Just as we communicate on different levels, so the stillness can take that form. The stillness is attainable for each of you. The time in the stillness can be seconds, miliseconds, minuets. However, the length of time, the effect is the same. Look for the joy in the presence of the Father when you seek the stillness. Does this help all? Group: Yes. Thank you very much.

Betty: JarEl, this is Betty. I've been thinking about our last practice session. I would like to ask you, that during my quiet time I have been speaking out loud as to what is coming into my mind to say. And I would like to know if this is a practice I should continue or am I just talking to myself?

JarEl: Welcome, Betty. You cannot talk to yourself. It is impossible. You can only speak to your adjuster, therefore, to the Father. Speaking out loud has great value. You hear with you outer and inner ear. We remind you that you are all part of the whole. But you are all different. You receive differently; you perceive differently. Although, one or two, of you may perceive the same. There are various degrees of perception. There are various levels of understanding. You may understand a thing on one level and your companion my understand the same thing on a different level. The thing has not changed. Those perceiving it have perceived it on two or more different levels. So, continue in speaking out loud. Your celestial guardians and teachers, and most importantly the Father Himself, hears you. And whomever He directs will respond. Each of you take heed and set aside your fear. Step out in faith. Let your thoughts have voice. You fear being incorrect. This we understand, but you must try. There are many to assist you. Don't allow fear to keep you from your growth. Caligastia is no more. Do not give power to the fear that is a residue. I will repeat this often to you, all this week. Is this clear?

Betty: Yes. Thank you, JarEl.


JarEl: You are most welcome. I am most joyous. It is difficult to express the joy I feel for you all. It is equal to the love that I have for this Mission. In closing I want to impart to you the knowledge that you are loved and protected by the Father and all those who serve the will of the Father. These ones gathered here to observe this day send their love to you. At the conclusion of our transmission please remain in the stillness and receive our love for a few moments. Let this love carry with you throughout this week. Feel it; know it; share it. I will attempt to be with you all this week. Invite me in your quiet time. Anticipate my presence I am your guide in this completion of Michael's will. Peace be with you all. Farewell!