1993-12-05-You Are Made Sharper By Pressure

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Topic: You Are Made Sharper By Pressure

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



The presence of God be with you. The power of God enfold you. The love of God the Father surround your beings.


Challenge, Growth

Greetings to you dear ones. I am JarEl, your teacher who has great love and respect for you, the faith corps of our teaching mission. You are indeed progressing to the eventualities of truth "faith sons and daughters " of the Father. I applaud you . Perhaps not often enough in these sessions for the degree of faith, the belief and trust that has developed in you individually and as a group. It is true there are difficult times. There are troubles and adversities in effect for you individually and as members of this group. But let not these vicissitudes of our human mortal experience hold you back from your goal of seeking the Father and mortal ascension. These are he character developments of your lives. The difficult challenges that you must overcome while yet a mortal, subject to the frivolities of humanism. The spirit that you build will be a glorious one indeed.

The more one presses the knife to the rock, the sharper it becomes. The more value it has in its use and ability to cut. The more difficulties you are able to surmount with your growth and the Father's assistance, the more glorious a spiritual being you will be. The more value you will be to the Father and His total plan for all of creation. So drink of your cup with assurance that the Father is ever present and ever able to deliver you from all circumstances. Move forward happily with bright confidence as you meet your fellows, knowing that the Father is ever with you; That His love will protect you from all harm. Be strong in your resolve to know His will; To enact His will in your daily life. Continue in your effort to be better this day than the previous.

Allow the Father to walk with you. Allow Him to be your support. Allow His love to radiate your being and attract your fellows. To seek Him through their association with you. Be of cheer as you meet the difficulties of your human existence. We realize all to well that this is difficult on your level, but attempts must be made as you seek the Father through the stillness. Come away fulfilled and start your adventure of the day with smiles and ease your anxieties. Replace your anxieties about this life, with a surety of the next.


To answer your questions mentioned earlier. The Father is involved in all aspects of your beings. Your wants, your needs, your desires. Through the adjuster you are in direct contact and communication with Him. So be attuned to all of your circumstances. Your teachers are aware only through your permission and free will to allow us to communicate and be in receipt of your thoughts.

This ability is not wide spread, and is not a gift for all. But through practice and spiritual development, these gifts are acquired when you pray, and when you ask for specific gifts or needs of the Father. It is true the adjuster will receive them, but the utterance of the words represent these desires. They give shape to the request, and this shape is envisioned in your beings. So to utter verbally is to enhance your perception of that which you seek. It is to make clear to your being, that request. This existence of mortals is experiential, evolutionary. There is trial and there is error. You must allow for these facts in your life. To a degree you are the writers of the script; the scenario of your lives, through the choices that you make. Your freewill choices. I admonish you to call to mind, when you have doubts and insecurities, that you make freewill choices. The Father, nor any other being will not abrogate your freewill choices. If you choose incorrectly, this is growth in the experience that choice produces for you. Nothing is wasted. Everything you experience has value. These values increase your knowledge and your growth towards spiritually, on your path.

Fear, Assistance

It was mentioned earlier that humans fear the unknown. This is true. Fear as we have told you is the greatest hindrance to your spiritual growth. Fear has been the greatest weapon used against all mankind. So fear is the greatest thing that you must overcome. Faith and trust in the Father will remove fear from your existence. Your faith will allow you to overcome all doubts and obstacles that are fear caused. We are slaying these dragons that stand before us to keep us from the Father.

You do well, dear ones. Your growth proceeds. Interact and support one another through these difficult times. Know that the Father and Christ Michael are with you. Your teachers and guardians are ever by your side. Rely on us to assist you. If you call, we come, if we are not already in your presence. Often when you seek the aid of the Father, we are often dispatched to you. At those times we try to impress our presence upon you. It is easier to impress you when you are in the relaxed state of the stillness. When you have given over your conscious anxieties to the quietness of mind that seeking the stillness affords you. At these times you may address us with your request for enlightenment or assistance. Simply ask, and receive through faith and belief. The Father and all who do His will are working in your behalf.

I thank you for listening to our words this afternoon. I trust that they will address your needs adequately as you have expressed them earlier. I trust that your hearts are comforted. I trust that your minds are illuminated and stimulated to seek further enlightenment. Read the text and the transcripts. Improve your quiet times with the Father. Bless you dear ones for your Faith. I will receive your comments and greetings at this time.


GROUP: Greetings JarEl. We are most pleased to be with you again.

JAREL: I am most pleased and joyous to feel your presence and the love that you all generate.

Teacher Contact, Miracles

HAL: Thank you JarEl for answering our question we discussed earlier. It was most enlightening. The fact that you answered them without our asking you at this time. In other words you do sense our thoughts and discussions. The fact that you answered the questions. In other words, do you sense our thoughts, if we give you permission? Is this correct?

JAREL: This is so.

HAL: If we do not give you permission, you do not enter our thoughts?

JAREL: We do not invade the privacy of your beings. This is the simple answer to our ability to answer your concerns this day; we were here amongst you, we observed and we listened. We seek our lessons to include always your needs and concerns as they are presented to you.

HAL: Your lesson today applied very much to the questions we discussed today. Was this because the questions were impressed upon us ahead of time because that was the lesson today?

JAREL: Not necessarily so. Forgive our pause. There is much emotion in this one today. Your questions are a natural development of your growth and experience. As you grow more spiritually and as you experience more in your lives, you naturally desire to know more based upon those experiences, interactions and circumstances that affect you individually and as a group. So you formulate these questions to address those needs and circumstances. But this is not done as a phenomena. There is a simple explanation to allow for the things that transpire in this setting and in your daily lives. Have you not gleaned this from the Jesus papers? Wherein many of the things that occurred in the lives of his followers were viewed as phenomena and miracles. However, the realities were that they were not of a miraculous nature. They were not occurrences that spiritual beings enacted for them. So be cautious in your thoughts that you do not attribute everything that occurs, that you do not have an immediate conscious answer for, to miraculous intervention.

HAL: Can I insert a question? Miracles are merely something that we do not understand? There are actually no such things as miracles, is there?

JAREL: There are miracles that take place in the human experience because you do not see the machinations that are taking place on the spiritual level. So for all practical purposes, for ease of understanding, the word symbol "miracle", does apply.


BETTY: JarEl, I have a question. We were speaking earlier about some channeling that is being don in Sedona AZ. The transmitters have been coming forth with answers that used profanity. I'm sure this was not a part of Christ Michael's Commission. My question is, can you explain to us what this is?

HAL: Yes, I'm sure you followed our discussion earlier about it. It was an intense discussion.

BETTY: Can you give me a answer to this?

JAREL: In part! As you noticed, I did not address that issue. It was intentional. We are not always informed or enlightened on all matters. As you view the grand universe and the beings that inhabit it, you become aware that the Father distributes knowledge on a need to know basis. If the knowledge desired is within the realm of a being for his functioning, then that knowledge is given. If that knowledge has no value for the function of that particular being, then the knowledge is withheld. You must understand that the Father guides whom He pleases and leaves in darkness and error, whom He pleases. Our trust is ever in the Father. Those who you mentioned in this area of the country will be manifest for what they are, as you will be manifest for what you are. You know that you know, and you know the truth as it speaks to your being. Your Thought Adjuster assists you in discerning the truth. He is from the First source of Truth, so His discernment is true. Listen to Him.

HAL: Then you would say that the persons involved are serving a purpose for themselves?

JAREL: We have mentioned to you on numerous occasions that there are those who would take the gifts of these teachings and use it for selfish gain. We will not identify those beings. We mentioned this to you several months ago, so you would be prepared for this eventuality, and it would not be a stumbling block to your growth, or your path. Christ Michael has prepared your teachers and constantly instructed us in how we should address you mortals. He desires that you not be misguided.

Urantia Movement

HAL: Along this line, the so called center of our Urantia movement has taken a position on the Teaching Mission which has put doubts in many peoples mind. Is this a realistic approach they have taken as leaders of the movement, or is it more like the Sanhedrin of Jesus's time, inhibiting the New Teachings?

JAREL: I will address this only to say that, the guidance that all receive is subject to the individual and his experience in this life. So those who guide your position are in effect working from their experience. From that foundation, you are working from your position. We must pray for correct guidance and interpretation of the Father's will. We must also respect the guidance that has come to others and allow them to use their best judgement for the benefit of all. All will be made manifest to your knowledge. Continue on your path and allow your path to guide you closer to your fellows. The Teaching Mission is not divisive. It is not given to divide the believers in Truth. It is given to enhance those who are ready and seeking further knowledge. Further knowledge from the Father. If this is not your experience in the Mission, then you should seek further, through the text and the Father who revealed Himself to you on your level of experience. Does this help you?

HAL: Yes, this is most reassuring to our concepts.


JAREL: We are pleased that we are able through the knowledge that Michael has given us to guide you adequately and accurately. Dear ones, I am aware of our desire to proceed to other obligations, so we will take our leave from your presence and allow your preparation for attendance to your other obligations. I would like you to know that you are loved by the Father, The Eternal Son, and The Infinite Spirit; By Christ Michael, your Teachers, Celestial Guardians and Midwayers. We have faith in your abilities to overcome all circumstances in your seeking to do the Father's Will.

Dear Ones, stay in harmony with your fellows. Seek not for contention. Be in harmony and agreement through love, fellowship and interaction with them. Remember you are all children of the First Source and Center, The Eternal Father. Treat you fellows with love and respect. You will win them over to your cause as long as your cause is to do the Father's Will. My love I leave with you. My peace and the peace of knowing, that comes only from the Father, be with you to protect and see you safely here again. Farewell!

GROUP: Farewell! JarEL! It has been truly inspirational.

JAREL: All are welcome! Farewell!

LUCILLE: It was most inspirational. I don't see how anyone could doubt the Mission.