1994-04-19-You Develop Well With Mission

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Topic: You Develop Well With Mission

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Anitob, Aaron

TR: Simeon



Anitob: Hello, this is Anitob. I bring you greetings from the host of companions that watch over you all and are most pleased by your progress.

Since the dawn of man we've awaited the time for these revelations to become known to man. You are all most receptive. We could not ask for better. We know your concerns, and know that you all are capable of taking care of these. That is all for now.

Aaron: S., you extend well and perceive. We are appreciative of your willingness to outwork what is coming to you. Your enlightenment is coming along well. Continue to stretch your boundaries. Feel certain that your sincerity is in place and you are receiving the goodness that you have longed for.

Hello friends, this is Aaron. I'm here tonight to give you greetings and welcome.


It is a growth you have been involved in for a time now. This mission outreach continues to become a reality in your existence. Hold on to your learning and feel that you are being prompted, pushed, and stretched, because it is a glorious end we hope to achieve and your work here and now enables you to commit to the ministrations more aptly and with a higher degree of certainty.

This time you have now is a wondrous and exciting time, for you have at your fingertips the call of a number of beings that you could not even imagine. We are all engaged for a sincere purpose and this purpose is to bring hope and enlightenment to the many.

We have initiated our part. We have brought out the seekers, those open minded individuals who are more ably connected to this process. We had a list of many to enroll, knowing full well that the number who actually would accept the enrollment would be greatly diminished.

Believe that you are being aided regardless of any conscious preparation, because the advice and understanding coming to you in your action and in your pursuit is vast.

This ministry here of the conscious sort is not of the norm and it is through Machiventa's planning with your Creator Father Michael that this ministry began. This is the initiator to the larger, more open arena of the intraining of the masses to the belief in spiritual aid at their disposal.

Now that we have engaged this ministry, we look to you as individuals and as groups, to utilize this understanding in such a manner as to encourage and enlighten the individuals to believe in the possibilities for coexistence in the spiritual kingdom. You can greatly aid this outreach by your daily efforts at touching those around you, and you can also decide to go for your dreams at any level, knowing that you will be supported and have the full acceptance of this guidance here. We are in the process of motivation to bring you to your capabilities as you should see them.

So I would say tonight to continue out, branching your efforts, touching those who need to be touched, and linking with those who can accept. Grow from the heart, from the spirit, upward into your mind and allow yourself to become the voice and the voices would accept comment and welcome you.


B: Thanks Aaron. I was just thinking about a fellow in my upholstery class who has a real sad demeanor, and yet he seems so intelligent and quiet. At one point I thought he was in tears, but I didn't want to draw attention to it in front of the rest of the class and yet being in this atmosphere, it doesn't seem like the time to be bringing up angels, spiritual things.

I was kind of tongue tied, and let the opportunity pass to say anything, but I guess that's just an instance of how do we bring up spiritual things to people. I usually just settle for trying to be encouraging in general in worldly situations. So I'd appreciate your comments on that.

Aaron: Thank you. You are correct that you cannot always be forthright with the terms as you understand them, for this could create more of a barrier than it could aid. The general encouragement is the best approach, the touch.

You could risk to reach by asking if they need to talk. You could be generally supportive and inclusive of their personality in a way not threatening, from the how are you doing standpoint and the smile.

But as a whole you can feel that the approach of encouragement is good in situations that you cannot speak more freely. Just touch how you can.

B: Thanks.

S: Hello Aaron. The last six weeks there have been seven or eight phone calls in which the person hung up. I traced the calls and found out it was from the place of business of my ex-husband, yet the identity of this caller will never be revealed to me.

I really have three options. One, to ignore it and hope that it stops, two, to have the telephone company send a strongly worded letter to his place of business where the phone calls originated from, or three, to have that message delivered in person by the county sheriffs.

I tend to want to go with the first option, because I just want to distance myself from the situation. I pray that my Thought-Adjuster is in clear communication with the celestial beings that are communicating back and forth between me and my husband.

Aaron can you give me comment on this as to how I can deal with this situation and deal with it doing the Father's will?

Aaron: You know about turning the other cheek, and its meaning as it is generally applied to society would suggest option number one, but as you look truly into the meaning you can see that it is to approach the negative with the positive action, and therefore I would encourage you to respond.

Option three could be more extreme than is necessary, but you can in your discernment choose what you can do. In your approach be firm in your stance for the positive and if you feel it merits a discussion then you could, yet knowing of the possible outbursts. But don't be caught in a freeze. Make your decision and go with it knowing that you can let it rest from your mind, for you have shared the insight of your Father and that is all that is asked. This is my comment friend.

S: Thank you.

A: Aaron, its been more and more difficult to take care of my mother. She's been exhausting my father, taking a lot of attention. She refuses to recognize that she is at that point where she is growing old and she is at that point in her life where she is a burden to other people.

What is in her that is refusing to recognize it's okay to let go and go on to the mansion worlds? What is she still doing here that is her mission, that she still hasn't accomplished?

I am afraid that she is going to wear out my father to the point where he will go first. She wakes him up at least ten times a night. He's becoming frail and losing a lot of weight. He's weaker.

Aaron: A., you take the steps inside that are needed for your peace. It is not easy for one to let go of what has been so inherently theirs, that being life and its sustainment. Fear, uncertainty, cause a constriction.

Your discussion with your father is acceptable and you together can communicate on this. Your worries are noted, but ultimately the decision for personal welfare rests within each individual.

A: Thank you Aaron for coming and being with us tonight


Aaron: Thank you friends for your sharing of these situations you have encountered. I approach as best I can, but yet know that as an advisor I can only offer comment. Your choosing and your decision is fully yours with any matter. Believe in the power of prayer and in the relationship contained within you. This will ultimately guide you. Thank you.